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  1. Past caring, give it tea lady for a season!
  2. YouRams

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    When he lets them play no, when he makes them sit back and not go for games yes.
  3. YouRams

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    The worst part for me is if we knew we’d have to cut again next season if we didn’t go up, why did we loan all our youth out? They should’ve been in and around the team if we’re rebuilding on a budget, we’ve just put ourselves further back with poor decisions again!
  4. YouRams

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    One of the best defensive displays I’ve witnessed at PP by Davies last night, wall! 👏
  5. YouRams

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Back to 5 at the back for me, Anya was brilliant when he came on. We’re still being written off even with the 1-0 advantage by most, I for one love the underdog tag. Fulham are there for the taking on the counter, let’s knick one and **** house our way to Wembley!
  6. It makes our yearly failure to even get to the Prem all the more depressing!
  7. What’s the rules on returning loan players being used for playoffs? I’d be tempted to get Bryson back for a bit of energy in midfield even if off the bench. Edit: just jinxed us congratulations to Barnsley on the 1-0 win and last day survival.
  8. YouRams

    New singing section confirmed

    Good idea but wrong end of the SS! Be better next to away fans. Could do with one in east corner too.
  9. YouRams

    Aston Villa F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    A Boro win then it’s just a point Sunday, all in our hands. All feels a bit similar to the Reading game a couple of seasons ago 🙈
  10. YouRams

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    Anyone notice the excited little skip on the touch line as the ball dropped to Vydra followed by a little smile as he scored, don’t worry Neil were all derby aren’t we!
  11. YouRams

    The Ref Bashing Thread.

    He didn’t miss/give any game changing decisions, we’d of lost either way, but he was shocking and wanted the game to be about him.
  12. Credit when it’s due Lawrence had a good game today, great work ethic off the ball, shame some of the others were happy to just watch Boro run past them.
  13. YouRams

    What an awful chant

    Bet you’ve got a right good collection of half and half scarves haven’t you.
  14. YouRams

    Has Rowett lost the dressing room?

    I do wonder if some of the players genuinely don’t want us to be promoted. The majority would be sold if we did make it up. And you have to think most would have families settled in the area, they’re sitting on a healthy wage playing championship football. I know it’s part and parcel and players move on throughout their careers. But the complete lack of ambition on the pitch does make me question it. Mac 1 we had a hungry young team that unlike the current crop majority would’ve been kept, and you could see the willingness to win in that team.
  15. YouRams

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Harry Wilson on loan at Hull from Liverpool looks an exciting prospect.

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