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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Has the guy mid-left white top just realised he left his pizza in the oven?
  2. Only on weekends and the occasional Tuesday
  3. Not a fan of the new food in the SS, Who wants just a portion of roast spuds? Or a tin of beans with bacon? What's happened to chips? And why cant I order a normal burger without loads of fancy **** all over it?
  4. US or UK Comedy

    Watched some on youtube over the weekend, he is very good still don't think he tops the Brits though.
  5. US or UK Comedy

    UK for me, I like my dark humour Frankie Boyle Jimmy Carr etc etc, don't think the Yanks are quite as twisted as us Brits.
  6. Fast travel in open world games ok or cheating

    Depends how different the travel is throughout the game, I usually start games by manual but if its the same every time (GTA driving for example) I soon get fed up and just want to get to the mission so use it.
  7. Can he take the rest of um with him wherever he is going?
  8. FIFA 18

    Read an obvious tip online that has changed the game for me, holding standing tackle instead of pressing it, the defender doesn't dive in, not getting done half as much. Still got AI defenders running out the way of oncoming attackers but the bits I can do I'm enjoying more.
  9. FIFA 18

    Possibly, but its something I've seen complained about by a lot this year. I actually enjoyed 17 more when they patched and turned off the auto defence, but this year just seems completely different. Let me know what you think
  10. FIFA 18

    The "computer controlled" defenders don't seem to move, the few times they do they run out the way of the attackers. The "player controlled" defenders are too slow and attackers rarely get knocked off the ball just glide through. High press, fast wingers and a strong striker is all you need no skill to it this year whatsoever.
  11. FIFA 18

    Hopefully they sort it out with the patch, worst fifa in years for me. Passing is painfully slow, defenders and goalkeeper might as well not be on the pitch. The whole game feels "arcade". If I wanted arcade id of bought pro evo. I play mostly online, even games I'm winning I'm not enjoying. 17 had its flaws and anyone who plays enough would know how scripted it was. But you could do more than just through balls and sprinting with fast players which is all you need in 18.
  12. Questions you'd ask Rowett

    What do you think to Mels team choices?
  13. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    Because nobody pulls off a jumper shirt combo quite like him.
  14. Time to go !

    I don't want him gone but I am fearful for him, some tough fixtures coming up, we shouldn't be getting outplayed by the teams that we have been, and that's without playing some of the "big boys". With Mels track record I can see him losing patience very quickly.
  15. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    If he continues like that he won't be at Sheff Utd long, unless they get promoted of course which based on the few times I've watched them this season you'd say they had as good a chance as any.

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