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  1. On SS news now doing an interview from Derby, glad to see he’s still around.
  2. Corner flag pending…. ITK Not really ITK
  3. Thank **** for that. If we get points deducted on the refile then that’s what we deserve, end of argument from both sides, clean slate between the EFL and the new owners and let’s finally get back to excitement on the pitch instead of constant bad news off it!
  4. He’s looking in great shape and been back at it with a PT since mid June going off his social media account, big season needed from the big man!
  5. Wycombe can **** off the dirty opportunistic rats, they’re a nothing club and can disappear back into nothingness. If our “fiddling” of the accounts affected anyone it was the relegated teams from the 3 seasons in question not last season, hit your heads on the way back down!
  6. So we won the first appeal, only a 100k fine on the second from the independent panel, you’d hope the EFL just drop it now or they’ll clearly be touching on victimisation and vendetta territory. We’ve been punished enough with the embargo and having our name dragged through the mud by them. Have no faith they’ll drop it though this will roll on and leave us with a very thin squad for next season.
  7. One no conscience I’ll take the money from wherever it comes from vote for me. PP would be lovely and toasty in winter with that roof.
  8. Ibe will be back, he’s done the hardest part opening up about his demons, he’ll be getting the help he needs, he has a young family to support so he’ll get the hunger back. He wasn’t a £15m player for nothing just a few seasons ago so when he does come back healthy in body and mind we’ll see a proper player.
  9. Davies gets a new deal for me, even if he’s brought off the bench to see out games his experience is priceless as seen in the Wednesday game.
  10. Celebrating possibly sending his boyhood club down, who have given him the platform to play professional football, deserves a bag full of abuse.
  11. Would he have ties to Glick he went to City a year after he left? If so Tepper could be in 🙏🏻
  12. If you’re going to give stick to fans on the pitch expect it back on social media that is modern day life, apparently deleted his account because he’s another snowflake that can give it but not take it, see you next season for a bit of proper good old fashioned vocal abuse. Poor mans Mason Bennett.
  13. Stayed injury free for the season and still only 29 if he’d take massively reduced wages I’d have him here 100%
  14. If he is at least we don’t have to hear sky say “Shay Given has been working with the team on special set pieces” for us to do absolutely nothing with said set pieces.
  15. I know he’s got more to his game, Barnsley were horrible to watch in the semi the other night mind you! Id like him and Pritchard If there’s anyway we could afford them both.
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