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  1. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    If Clough had money we’d of had 11 Sammons. He found better talent with less money.
  2. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    The dial up in Nottingham is working again then? Wonder if it will go off when we get our season back on track at the shi**y ground next Sunday.
  3. View from the outside

    Right cocky bunch on their friends of Fulham forum. Completely embarrassed and outplayed us apparently. Yes they pass the ball well, yes at times especially after our dissalowed goal until half time we were outplayed, but embarrassed? Must’ve had their eyes closed for the 18 chances we created. On another day it’s a different scoreline, I remember one save Carson having to make other than the goals which came from pi** poor defending. Hopefully their bubble bursts soon!
  4. George Thorne

    Poor mans Tommy Huddlestone
  5. what is the point of Lawrence

    I hope he does make me eat my words honestly do, struggling to see it though.
  6. what is the point of Lawrence

    For money paid yes
  7. Vydra and Nugent

    Not for me no. But who else do you play. Same at fullback it’s choosing the best of a bad bunch at the minute!
  8. what is the point of Lawrence

    In comparison to the prices paid he’s up there for me, yes we’ve signed worse players, but we’ve not spent £7m on them. You’d be lucky to get £1m back for him how he’s playing. Needs a rocket!
  9. Vydra and Nugent

    Nugent started lacing up two left boots!
  10. what is the point of Lawrence

    What does he bring to the team in your opinion then? I can’t see anything, other than the occasional good corner. Can’t cross a ball in play, rarely beats a defender, poor shooting, poor work ethic tracking back, awful positional play off the ball when our fullback has the ball. Not to mention the ludicrous price tag!
  11. We won't finish in the top six

    Bet Mels trigger finger is twitching some
  12. what is the point of Lawrence

    Bump. Worst signing since Claude Davis.
  13. Live games 2017/18

    Pressure on us too need a win! 5 point cushion doesn’t look that safe at the minute.

    It’s the gypsy curse returning...

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