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  1. Can’t the club use that then because that’s exactly what it is and what’s happening?
  2. Chris Martin, even when he was scoring I thought you lazy ****womble casually strolling round not chasing defenders down. Then I watched him properly and realised that’s not his game and his hold up play was pivotal in our free flowing sexy football which I miss dearly!
  3. First task he’s building a wall across Brian Clough Way to keep those pesky lot wrong side of the boarder out of Derby.
  4. I think it will be the highest points and £ they can “legally” do us for, too many other clubs are sticking their ore in and their vendetta against Mel, they’ll use us to make a point coming down hard.
  5. I doubt he’d of been “in charge” and was off duty so to speak but as a grown man he should’ve known better. They’re lucky it was only a post they hit and not another car or person, he’d of been looking at a prison sentence then not just a sacking. “a passenger may be guilty of contributory negligence if he rides with the driver of a car who he knows has consumed alcohol in such quantity as it is likely to impair to a dangerous degree that driver's capacity to drive properly and safely.”
  6. An accident that could’ve been avoided if a responsible captain took his keys off him and ordered them all a taxi...
  7. How can you deem a grown man, a captain of a football club and supposed role model, not only allowing a younger team mate to drunkenly drive his car but getting in that same car as “not bringing the club into serious disrepute” utter garbage!
  8. Fully understand he’d be annoyed that out of the three he’d be the only one to get the boot, but as captain and a 30+ year old man he should’ve known better than to get in the car that night. He knew the trouble the club was in and he was offered reduced wages which he turned down, the mans an absolute **** in my eyes, even after costing us a place in the Prem the fans still got behind him and it’s us fans that will ultimately suffer when we’re struggling for another season or two on the back of all this. If he had anything about him he’d of dropped the case when he was back in employ
  9. Not at all it’s obvious to everyone what the EFL are like even before this, with what they’ve done to other clubs and they’ve had it in for Mel the past few years. How can an independent panel deem the books to be ok on first look but not on the appeal it absolutely stinks to me.
  10. Shows just how much of a shoddy organisation the EFL is, rather than hold their hands up and say we have a flaw in our rules that rightly or wrongly has been taken advantage of, and we should now adjust those rules, they’d rather try and save face and take not only a club but a fan base down. I hope the lot of them stand on a plug then stub their little toe.
  11. This calls for a protest outside the EFL offices club 84 where you at.
  12. 1-1 extra time then penalty’s int’it?
  13. You’d hope if we have new owners the first thing they’ll address is the recruitment team, but I agree we’ve let too many ok players go for worse and much more money, that’s one of the reasons we’re in the trouble we are.
  14. For those who want him gone, who would be happy for him to stay if Mac “who’s already been having an input” would be at the helm with him? Obviously would have to shift around the coaching team as there seems to be way too many chefs in the kitchen currently. I think Rosenior will move on to a lower league team as a #1 personally.
  15. Been a good servant and on his day a great player for us but Id say it’s time for him to move on. We need to be ruthless in the rebuild, we have too many “ok on their day” players and need consistent performers.
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