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  1. Only way they’re going to combat this is make an example of one of these keyboard warriors with a prison sentence, they’ll soon think twice when they have to mix with people from all backgrounds and races on a prison wing.
  2. 9 & 10 points clear of Rotherham and Wendies that point last night looks a good one today.
  3. His bitter face has made the point all the more sweeter
  4. If I caught him in bed with my wife I’d tuck him in, stick kettle on and make him a brew
  5. What’s happened to our back 4 today they’ve been all over the place
  6. GET IN CKR!!! Massively undeserved so it’s even better.
  7. It’s almost like they’re playing to the state of our pitch that patch in front of the goalkeeper is bad, be nice if we get at least one shot that end second half...
  8. How has the linesman not seen it and HOW has Knight just missed that!
  9. We miss Bielik so much in that midfield, nobody can find pockets of space and create as much time while still going forward like he can.
  10. That pitch really is shocking and not helping our play, Waghorn and Jozwiak both have lost control when trying to run with the ball you can see it bobbling up.
  11. Waggy spoons one over from two yards and normality is restored
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