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  1. He lives in willington so you’re partly correct, hopefully incorrect about him wanting the Derby job his football is tragic!
  2. Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue Corvette And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around 'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa
  3. Any suggestions of Frank leaving for anything more than the love of Chelsea are ludicrous. Now is the perfect time for him imo, transfer embargo gives him chance to blood the youth and I can’t really see Chelsea fans expecting too much from the next few seasons embargo and no Hazard, bit of a free pass for him. I for one wouldn’t begrudge him and I’d wish him the best of luck, he’s brought Derby into the limelight in his season here, made us a more attractive club to come to, and took us to Wembley. Hopefully we keep a good relation and get a few young gems here through Frank. ps put your money on Monk as his replacement.
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