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  1. GR - stick or twist

    I’d be shocked if he did to be honest. Call me biased but I’d prefer the challenge of getting a team up and keeping them up, than to manage a team with a top half finish at best as the overall goal.
  2. GR - stick or twist

    And to all the Stokies mentioning him for the job at them all over social media, politely **** off
  3. GR - stick or twist

    Even the blind faith Mac brigade must be warming to him now Rowett finds a way to get results against the teams around us, something Mac struggled to do. And this is a results business!
  4. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Another goal off the bench for Bakary Sako, wonder if the lure of game time would tempt him back to the champ!?
  5. After-Shave/Eau de Toillette (Fragrance)

    Have you been or planning on? On till 8pm tonight then last day tomorrow finishes at 12pm.
  6. After-Shave/Eau de Toillette (Fragrance)

    East Midlands airport have a christmas duty free sale on at donnington park, worth a visit for any fragrance fans.
  7. Callum Guy and Luke Thomas

    Agree loans are good but I still think Rowett could give more opportunities even if it’s off the bench. A good cup run with a few in would be nice.
  8. Callum Guy and Luke Thomas

    Got to disagree, If teams like Man Utd can give opportunities to the likes of Rashford when they’ve spent in excess of 300m why can’t we give ours a shot?
  9. January Sales

    I’d be looking to offload Martin, Anya, and Russell and use the money to buy a decent winger. If we had an Ince on one side and Lawrence on the other
  10. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Kenny Miller
  11. Do I dare to dream

    FA cup, league double!
  12. Do I dare to dream

    Already booked my hotel for Wembley I'm more hopeful this season than I have been for a while, we have players that can fill in if we get injuries we're not solely relying on one or two players as we have in the past. Gary seems to have sorted the soft underbelly of the team and we look a solid team to beat. I for one like the direct style, I got bored of the sideways passing leading to nowhere. You find a way to win and get out of this league however you can, Burnley weren't a "pretty" team the season they went up now look at them, sitting in 7th in the Prem a few seasons in.
  13. Live games 2017/18

    FA need to find a way to nurture our young lads and not coach the talent out of them as we see year on year with the seniors. Very impressive winning two world cups this year.
  14. Ledley or the Brum lad in Jan.

    Should be signed before others come sniffing, especially when he’s admitted he wants to stay.
  15. Norwich City V Derby County

    Big 3 points! Drifting nicely under the radar and keeping well in the mix, hope it continues.

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