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  1. Clough and Burton

    Irvine had a good game, got great vision, like his work ethic when he loses the ball.
  2. who to start upfront tomorrow

    Conor Sammon, got a point to prove think he's got goals in him.
  3. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Due to his off the field issues, still a good defender there given the chance to play. Wages dependant of course.
  4. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    One mentioned a while back, Caulker hasnt signed for anyone yet, if we could offload Shackell and Pearce be a good signing on a free.
  5. Euthanasia

    Everyone likes a good kip, and a week long kip sounds a dream, but unfortunately when you wake a week later your problems will still be there so the ideas a bit flawed. On a serious note, "healthy" Euthanasia is a big no no. You could be in a head space not capable of making that decision even though you're deemed as "healthy". Hopefully whatever your "friend" or anyone for that matter is feeling now, go's in weeks, months, years and they can look back on the thought that dying was the best option as being daft as ****!
  6. Steve Bloomers watching?

    Did you not know we've hired Eyeball Paul for the pre match entertainment?
  7. Confess your unpopular opinions

    I relate to this my first thought when I see an overweight person with a good face is "you've let yourself down". Unpopular opinion 5.0 a good face on an overweight body is a waste.
  8. Jason Shackell

    Wasn't there talk of him going to the MLS a while back could've been lazy journalism with his wife being American.
  9. Nearly 300 pages deep, surely that qualifies him for the "there's only one Tom Lawrence" chant. Can't wait to hear the SS sing it!
  10. Jonny Russell

    Personally I'd try and sell before the end of the window, he's in the last year of his contract and if we're playing him in hope of him finding form from 3 seasons ago, id rather us invest that game time in the development of Bennett.
  11. Hope Lawrence knows our whole season is pinned on him and due to one good season he must perform straight away or he's getting boo's.
  12. Repeal and Replace

    With how Rowett was talking pre season I don't think he's going to get time to rebuild. Talking up a top two finish with additions, were miles off that. Maybe MM just sees the money spent and expects miracles, stability is needed so I hope he gives him time.
  13. Away fan friendly pubs in Derby

    Neptunes alright as long as he's wearing colours though.
  14. Matty James

    Overrated, didn't want him anyway

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