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  1. This is an excellent post. I can’t understand why people are hung up on the time it’s taking or the lack of communication. The Burnley takeover took about nine months, we’ve been in talks since May, so a similar timeframe. Maybe we adopted a slightly different approach in that Burnley went to the EPL for approval and it was completed within a week, suggesting that all the finer details, etc had been resolved. Not saying this is fact but maybe we thought we’d try to get EFL approval sooner before sorting out the details. Therefore, saving time as if we know the EFL wouldn’t approve it there
  2. One of the best and timeless because it doesn’t matter what era you grew up in the issues you had as a teenager are still the same. I’d moved into adulthood when this was on but me and my girlfriend (now wife) used to watch it. I remember an episode where Kevin was obsessed with the new girl in a French class and all he could say was “voulez-vous du beurre“. Me and my wife still say that when getting butter out of the fridge 😂.
  3. So many great ones here. I remember Pipkins at lunchtime, Thunderbirds, Grange Hill, Scooby Doo, Top Cat, We Are The Champions and many more. Anyone remember Superstars and Kevin Keegan falling off a bike? Imagine Harry Kane doing that now!!
  4. I thought was the idea from the title??!! But I agree, bring back the blue shorts and all our troubles will disappear!!
  5. Got mine @Lancashire lad. Great idea by the club.
  6. I have to say @loweman2 this is a classic!! I only have the modern day replica. I enjoy seeing some of these old shirts as they bring back many memories.
  7. Yep, it’s still there and you can scroll back on the web rather than the app. Also on the Twitter part of the DCFC App.
  8. I think it’s a complicated deal that it will be difficult to put a time on but I do think it will go ahead. My only logic for that is that the public statements, messages from local and respected journalists still indicate that to be the case.
  9. The club have never put a timeline on this or made any excuses publicly. they have only come from speculation and twitter rumours. The last statement clearly said “with a view” so not a definite will be.
  10. Fair point about Rotherham so they might be factoring that in which would make it 10 today. It would be unlike the bookies to payout if they didn’t need to!!
  11. I think it is 10 that they pay out on but today is his 9th in sole charge as Rotherham was postponed. A mistake or do they know something🤔?
  12. I’ve seen the same documentary - it’s a good watch. I think Doc had a problem with senior players as he always tried to get rid of the old guard and bring younger players in. I think it was Willie Morgan who he got on really well with, then as he became more experienced, willing to challenge, etc they had a falling out. RIP Doc
  13. Largely because a lot of people don’t beyond the headlines. But I agree, it sounds like it will be completed, most likely early next week.
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