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  1. Anything other than a Rotherham win today. Rotherham win then it doesn’t look too clever, you’d think they could pick up a point from the 2 games in hand. Plus they’d have a bit of momentum. A draw is still tricky though.
  2. Exactly how I feel. For the first time I’m starting to think we may go. Whilst Rotherham have games in hand results like tonights will give them a lift.
  3. Fair point. My caveat would be he’s trying to sign players from the championship or premier league reserves that he thinks can make it due to his budget. Tough challenge in the PL but there’s lots of Championship clubs that would snap him up. Perhaps he’s the modem day Warnock, McCarthy, etc......
  4. Interesting debate. I was never a fan of Rooney getting the job. Partly because I thought his attitude as a player was poor and partly because I felt we needed an older head to get us through the season. He won me over with his purple patch that pulled us clear. This coincided with a fit Bielik. This was a luxury Cocu never had and I think if he’d have stayed our position may not be that much different. Rooney has been hampered by the takeover talk, transfer embargo’s, etc so that cuts him a bit of slack. If we stay up then Rooney deserves to start next season in charge. The Wi
  5. Ordinarily I’d agree about the home games but as we know, this isn’t an ordinary season. It is still in our own hands and I’d rather be in that position than Rotherham’s or Coventry’s. I guess we’ll know a bit more tonight - and I really don’t know which result is best.
  6. I think we’ll stay up - just!! Let’s not get too carried away with Rotherham’s win last night. They’ve still got a game roughly every 3 days and their last 3 games are all tough. I think they’ll run out of steam. In my view, we’ll stay up because of Sheffield Wednesdays points deduction. I can see them getting to within 6 points of us.
  7. It’s not that bad. Warms your hands on a cold winter morning!!
  8. I’m not a fan of this but it does depend on the individual as well. Some will rise to the challenge, others it could put the fear of God into and they regress further. Part of the issue I have with Rooney doing it is he was hardly pulling up any trees when he was playing. His performances were below par but his attitude and leadership on the pitch was lacking and I called it at the time. We’re couldn’t buy a goal, never mind a win and a young team was looking to their captain for leadership and it wasn’t there. I wonder if some of them have that in mind. It also seems be a regula
  9. The chopping and changing doesn’t help at all. I think Rooney looks at who we’re playing, what formation they use, their style of football and thinks “I know, we’ll do that”. The players are confused and you can see why.
  10. I feel similar. Like you @Bearwood Ram for several seasons I’ve wondered whether I would renew and I’ve often done so because it’s become more of a social event - the pint before the game, the craic with your mates. That’s what I’ve missed more than the football. I don’t know if that’s because it’s been available on the website but I guess I’ll find out come August.
  11. Not strictly TV but Olivia Newton John was my first crush 😍
  12. Good poll @IslandExile. I think we stick with Rooney. I’m not one for changing manages on a whim and I was a Cocu in man but change happens. Question 2 is a great question. One of the things Rooney and his coaching team said when they took over was they were giving the players simple messages and they felt that sometimes things had been over complicated. Now we seem to change formation, style play, team selection every week based on the opposition. Surely that’s over complicating things? Decide on a style of play, formation, etc and then work on it. Get they players used to it.
  13. There a few things I don’t like about how teams defend corners these days and we’re guilty of of all them. Zonal Marking, no men on the post and every defending player in the box and no one on the half way line.
  14. @Ghost of Clough- Jason Shackell about sums up the craziness of our recent transfer windows, or at least the first couple of years of Mels tenure. Nigel signs a 27 year old(?) about to enter his prime years for approx £1M. Clement (or Rush) signs a 32 year old with his best years behind him for approx £3M on a 3 year contract. Madness - thought it at the time and it seems even more bizarre now.
  15. The opposite to that is Liverpool were the first to win it without fielding a single English player in 1986.
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