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  1. Totally agree. I think he’s self-aware enough to know he could have done some things better. And, importantly, not too arrogant to think he didn’t. And a good point about progress - small steps is far more sustainable than a giant leap.
  2. Good post. I think he’s done a cracking job. The main reason Italy won in my view is match know how and a bit of nous. That all comes with experience. They knew how to take the sting how the game, make little fouls when needed or win a few free-kicks to take the sting out the game and disrupt the flow. This will come for our boys with experience of these scenarios. If anything, we were too nice and need a bit of nastiness in there.
  3. 44 goals for England and not a single penalty. The best striker this country has ever produced. Cracking documentary about him on BT Sport.
  4. Spot on @Alpha. Southgate has a squad where everyone knows they have a chance of playing. He picks the best team for each match. Sven picked the best players regardless and that doesn’t always make the best team. Forgetting the Nations League, we’ve been to the Semi-Final or Final six times in our history - Sir Alf had two and so does Southgate. That’s no mean feat. For the first time in many years we have a team we can be proud of.
  5. An interesting debate. There are times in the past when I’ve thought about not renewing but I have, not necessarily because of the football but, as others have said, the day itself. Meeting your mates, few beers and a bit of a laugh. I’ve renewed for this year and will get excited once August comes round. That said, the last year has made me take stock a bit. I guess I’m becoming a bit disillusioned with professional football at the top levels - champ and prem. It can be difficult to get to some games, particularly midweek and Sky mess about with so many moving games to Friday night and Saturday lunchtime, which is also a bit tricky. And when you see the money in the Premier League and the struggles lower down it a bit disheartening. We all know the situation we’re in and chasing the dream and spending big back in 2015/16 hasn’t helped that. And situations like Macclesfield, Wigan, Bury and there are probably many more too show that it’s quickly becoming unsustainable, if it isn’t already. And the gap is widening. There’s been lots of debate about the relegated clubs and the level of parachute payments making it easy for them to go straight back up and it’s a valid point. Before too long it’ll be a virtual closed shop - the three coming down will keep going back up. I am seriously thinking I might enjoy watching my local non-league team instead. The quality and atmosphere won’t be as good but it won’t be about the money, it’ll be closer to a level playing field, 3:00 kick off on a Saturday afternoon and I might feel like I’m helping out where it counts. Will that mean I’ll care any less about The Rams? Absolutely not!! Will it mean I won’t go to some games I want to and know I’ll be able to attend? Of course it won’t. It’ll just be a personal choice based on my frustrations with how the game is run. Sorry for the long post!!
  6. The decision notice spells this out. I can’t remember the years in question but they accounted for the sale in one year to comply with P&S. It actually took place the following year which meant they breached for the previous 3 years. It also states that the principal is fine and, in our case, it was the valuation questioned not that it or was done or when.
  7. Exactly these points. If the EFL appeal the decision and the final - I assume appeals can’t go on forever - the surely it will apply next season. The text below is from the original Sheff Wed so anyone with common sense and a half decent lawyer would refer to this precedent…
  8. Excellent post @BucksRam. Particularly the point about ignorance. We’re seeing cases growing with some restrictions in place, if they were lifted completely then they would grow even more. Also, the more it spreads, the greater the risk of another variant coming into circulation. Personally, whilst nothing can be guaranteed, it’s better to wait a month rather have a lockdown in a couple of months time.
  9. With you there. And he seems that desperate for publicity he’d turn up to the opening of an envelope for the right fee.
  10. Top left was always my favourite. Although you’ve never played though unless it’s with one of these. Proper stung your legs!!
  11. Agree. And it not being the season finale. We need Cup Final It’s a Knockout, Question of Sport, etc. Marvellous!!
  12. Fair play to Leicester. They’re a really well run club from top to bottom. Some of my mates are Leicester fans and there’s a real connection between the owners and the fans. It’s also nice to see different name on the trophy. It was good to see fans in there celebrating too. That’s what it’s all about and what we’re all missing.
  13. Like your style!! I first came across Joanne Whalley in The Singing Detective. Particularly the greasing scenes!!
  14. Not sure if it’s relevant but I found this from the Sheffield Wednesday case. This states that it’s unfair on the club to apply a deduction in the current season when it is late or has just finished. Surely the same logic applies in our case IF the decision is a points deduction. Earlier in the decision it also states that any points deduction would be applied to the season following the breach. In Wednesdays case that was 18/19 and they wouldn’t have gone down. In our case as the last season in the case of a breach of P&S was 18/19 then a points deduction would have applied last season. We were 16 points clear of the bottom 3 so it’s extremely unlikely the penalty would have relegated us.
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