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  1. How many times will Savage say they should be down to 10 men? 🤣
  2. 442 Roos Wisdom Davies Forsyth Malone Knight Bird Rooney Sibley Marriott Martin
  3. Leeds/Forest fans: "Derby are dirty cheats and should be relegated for failing FFP [P&S]" Leeds in 2015: Transfer Embargo for failing FFP Forest in 2015 and 2016: Transfer Embargo for failing FFP
  4. There were barely 10,000 left with 20 minutes to play
  5. Straight from the accounts, but I can’t imagine They’d have more excluded than our c£6m per year (Academy expenditure)
  6. It looked like he was running through treacle
  7. Not too bad on paper... Earnshaw - a goal every 178 minutes in the Premier League before we signed him. 19 goals in 30 Championship games in the 06/07 season. Davis - A key player under Billy when Preston reached the playoff final. A regular for Sheff Utd in the Prem in the 06/07 season. Miller - prolific in his final two seasons in the Championship with Wolves before his move to Celtic. Scored 3 in 2 SPL games in the 07/08 season before we signed him. Feilhaber - promising young player from Germany. One of our few 'good' players in that season Todd - a regular squad player in the Premier League for Bolton (95-98), and Charlton and Blackburn from 2000 until we signed him. Price - Young backup to Bywater Lewis - A key player under Billy when at Preston (4 goals and 13 assist in one season, and a key player at Leeds Griffin - A regular squad player at Newcastle and Portsmouth during most of the 10 years previous. A regular for Stoke as they pushed for a playoff spot
  8. Davies and Clarke will be starting at CB, Hudd at DM, Martin CF.
  9. Davies is too unreliable playing out from the back. Wisdom, Forsyth, Huddlestone and Evans are either emergency cover at CB, won't be chosen at CB, or injured. A right sided CB is the one position we need to recruit this month.
  10. Contenders for the worst Jan 16 - Blackman, Camara, Olsson (£5m+ loss) Summer 15 - Johnson, Ince, Butterfield, Shackell, Weimann, Bent, Pearce, Baird, Carson (£14m+ loss) Jan 08 - Villa, Savage, Sterjovski, Stubbs, Carroll, Robert (£3m+ loss, and we sold Howard, Oakley and MJohnson) Summer 07 - Earnshaw, Davis, Miller, Feilhaber, Todd, Price, Lewis, Griffin (£9.5m+ loss, Seth retired, Grant and Peschi released) Summer 05 - Huddlestone and Rasiak sold for a bag of chips Contenders for the best Summer 13 - Russell, Forsyth, Martin, Grant, Eustace Summer 11 - Shackell, Ward, Bryson, Fielding, Legzdins, Robinson all on low fees Summer 04 - Idiakez, Bisgaard, Smith, Rasiak all on frees Jan 04 - Peschi and Reich on frees, Osman on loan all on low fees I think I'd have to choose Jan 16 as the worst (at least we got some use out of most of the Summer 15 signings). The best Summer 13 due to the time they spent at the club compared with Summer 04 signings.
  11. In their defence, they had to leave early to get to the airport on time
  12. To get out of Derby when you have the chance?
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