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  1. The record was 1m30.... but the slowest was just over 6 minutes.
  2. Describes you perfectly
  3. Above our pay grade I'm afraid.
  4. Over the last two seasons we've relied upon our first choice centre backs covering those positions for the whole season... with the third choice covering for the odd game here and there. This equates to around 10-15 games over a two year period where a youth can be filling in with 'negligible' impact on overall performance for the first team (in my opinion). This is where I'd prefer to see someone like Rawson, Hanson, 'other', etc, filling in and claiming a place in the first team, rather than the likes of Buxton (however much I love him), Shotton, etc, playing 400 mins over a season. Never taken any drugs... not sure if that make this worse or not 🤷‍♂️
  5. New app for Wetherspoons. Sit down order your drink. Drink arrives within 5 minutes. About to finish your pint? No problem. Order your next pint... it arrives just as you're ready for your next one.
  6. When you're stuck with carp like Smalling, Jones, Valencia and Young, then have to field them on a regular basis, it's no wonder he set the team up so defensively throughout the season. Jose isn't as naive as other managers in the league like Guardiola It seems very much like a case of setting up the best way possible with the available players, and building off that over the following transfer windows. Rather than shoehorning a group of players into his preferred system and hoping it clicks.
  7. Over the course of the season we used 3 basic formations (or slight variations of) - 442, 433, 4231. The following information relates to a base formation (below), where number 8 becomes an attacking mid or a forward depending on the formation. GK(1) RB(2) CB(3) CB(4) LB(5) CM(6) CM(7) CM(8) RW(9) LW(10) CF(11) I've said this a few times in the past - you can roughly judge how many games a player will be available for next season, by looking at past seasons. Below I've listed the minutes played and the percentage of the maximum for our players last season: 1: 4140 (100) 2: 2606 (62.96) , 2151 (51.96) 3: 3739 (90.31) 4: 3489 (84.28), 629 (15.19) 5: 2507 (60.56), 717 (17..32), 256 (6.18) 6: 2664 (64.35), 2056 (49.66), 102 (2.46) 7: 2825 (68.24), 633 (15.29), 251 (6.06) 8: 2985 (72.10), 1834 (44.30) 9: 3608 (87.15), 238 (5.75) 10: 2441 (58.96), 1409 (34.03), 495 (11.96), 239 (5.77) 11: 2001 (48.33), 989 (23.89), 302 (7.29), 233 (5.63), 23 (0.56) We used 28 players last season, but only 2 are under the age of 21 playing a combined 740 minutes. However, 8 in the squad played less than 10% of possible minutes, with a further 5 playing less than 1000 minutes. These are the games/minutes I'd prefer or youths to be filling. You can feasibly argue that we only need an 18 man squad. GK, RB x2, CB x2, LB x2, CM x5, RW, LW x2, ST x3 So where do I see our youths featuring next season? GK: possibly a couple of games if Carson picks up a knock. Mitchell CB - as 1st choice backup. At least one of Pearce and Shackell must leave, maybe both if we want a new first choice. Looking at 5-10 apps (some subs). Rawson LB - Lowe is already featuring here. If Olsson or Forsyth go out (transfer or loan) another could also play the odd game. MacDonald RW: Replacing Ince for a few sub appearances. Bennett/Cresswell ST: Depends if Bent leaves. Could get a few sub apps. Jakobsen/Vernam/Zanzala Others: Elsnik - only if we suffer injuries and suspensions to our current 5 mids Hanson - Utility player, covering midfield and all defensive positions. Stabana - the least likely out of all mentioned to breakthrough this season. Dependant on if we sign a new right back, as well as injuries and suspensions going in his favour.
  8. Nice touch from the two Manchester clubs. A joint 1m donation to the Manchester emergency fund. Yaya Toure and Rooney each donated 100k themselves.
  9. Ssshh... it doesn't look as bad when you class him as a mid
  10. Would have liked to see Maguire in there. Surely we must have better options than Livermore as well
  11. That squad looks incredibly unbalanced to me 4 keepers 3 right backs 6 centre backs 3 centre mids 3 wingers
  12. Even though he has been one of their better players this season, I feel they need an upgrade at right back. Shaw should be kept. RB: Coleman (depending on injury severity), Hysaj, Mario CB: Van Dijk, Acerbi CM: struggling for suggestions here. A more permanent switch to 4231 would mean Griezmann would fit. Alternatively Alejandro Gomez. CF: Lukaku, Belotti. Could Morata be a viable option?
  13. Ever heard of the team being greater than the sum of its parts...? Barca are a team on the decline. Then there's Bayern who look like an ageing squad with too many players on the wrong side of 28. Those two teams may currently have some of the best, but they won't remain as the best for much longer. Madrid have a great mix a players. I fancy them to remain as the best team in Europe for the next 5 years. I believe Utd will run Chelsea close for the title next season. Spurs may struggle to begin with whilst they adjust to Wembley. I honestly think they're only a few players off competing - a couple of top class defenders and a forward. I can't see Liverpool or Arsenal closing the gap too much and I don't have much faith in Guardiola learning from his mistakes.
  14. Starting lineup is £15m. The entire squad is £40m.