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  1. But likely to reclaim some from Lib Dems and Labour too
  2. Derby academy Twitter has the OG for Brown instead of Minkley 🤷‍♂️
  3. Bird just equalised to make it 1-1. Whittaker earlier missed a penalty
  4. 5-1 FT. Second half goals from Stretton and Brown
  5. Live on RamsTV. 3-0 up vs Man Utd with about 25 mins played so far. Cybulski (11, 18) and Brown (13) the scorers. Edit: Man Utd scored just as I posted
  6. Warnock isn't happy (again)... He's upset Bacuna didn't get a rest on international duty and didn't/doesn't arrive back until today. Whereas Giggs rested Lawrence on Monday.
  7. I predict... Starting XI: Roos; Holmes, Keogh, Clarke, Lowe; Dowell, Bielik, Knight; Waghorn, Marriott, Lawrence Subs: Hamer, Davies, Malone, Huddlestone, Jozefzoon, Paterson, Martin
  8. And it's understandable as to understand why it was changed... people easily interpret "base case" as the 'middle ground 'prediction, whereas in this case it's closer to just being the absolute worst case scenario.
  9. Marriott CF, Waghorn RW, and with no Bennett available that means Martin will be sub
  10. Too many players had a bad game today. Pickford should have done better with the penalty. Alexander-Arnold and Chilwell offered little with the former lazy in his tracking back and the latter didn’t have a single half decent set piece. Keane too slow on the ball and a really daft give away for the first (full pitch was visible and should have cleared it or passed it back to Pickford). Maguire did well bringing the ball out of defence but it was a silly foul for the penalty. Rice obviously idolises Keane and copies him. Too static the rest of the time offering little help to the team when under pressure. Barkley not clever enough... harsh to fault him for their first as Kosovo presses quickly from the start so could have been risky to ask him to turn. Late on should have passed it out wide but continued to dribble (and ended up losing it) - happened a few other times too. Sterling should have scored instead of hitting the post, and should have stayed onside late on to poke one in instead of trying to power it in to the roof of the net. Kane should have scored his penalty and didn’t seem to offer much to the game overall.
  11. Too sloppy and too complacent in the defensive 3rd all game
  12. Lazy defending by Alexander Arnold
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