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  1. Yeah, but he only just turned 17. If it wasn't for Archie leaving in the summer, he'd still be deciding which position to play.
  2. Thought we can only offer 12 month deals under embargo, whether registered or not
  3. WWRD (what would Rooney do)? The current squad... GK: Roos, Marshall RB: Byrne, McDonald, Bardell CB: Cashin, JBrown, Solomon LB: Buchanan, Forsyth, Williams CM1: Bird, Bielik, LThompson CM2: Shinnie, Knight, Dixon AM: Watson, Hutchinson RW: Jozwiak, Sibley LW: Lawrence, Ebosele, Wilson CF: Kazim, Stretton There's arguably enough quality in the squad with 2 players in 7 of the 11 positions. CB (x2), AM, and possibly CF being the exceptions. No matter which CBs we choose, we'd be taking a risk to go into the season with just 2 of them, so 3 is necessary. #4 will then be between AM and CF. The versatility of Knight, Sibley, Lawrence and Jozwiak means that we should sign a CF.
  4. The Chelsea fixture appears to have been removed from the official site. Ryan is the CB - has the tall gangliness of Tyrone Mings 😅 I agree on Robinson. Always looked to get on the ball. Plange plays RW and CF. We'll probably see him more on the wing this season due to having Duncan and Cybulski as CF options, whereas only Wilson and SThompson on the wing. Team at the end was something like this, although I'm not sure on the actual arrangement of the attackers: Roberts Brailsford Christie Ryan Moloney Matthews Robinson Eze Ebosele Nicholas-Davies Dixon
  5. A penalty was the difference between them and our slightly under strength U23 side - JBrown, Williams, Dixon, LThompson, Wilson and Duncan all missing for one reason or another, but all would be strong contenders to start. By age, Ebosele should only just be a 1st year pro alongside the likes of Solomon, Plange and Cybulski. Which left Cashin as the only player involved who is a 2nd year pro (don't forget he missed the first half of last season due to injury) and highlights just how young this U23 actually is. Ryan, Moloney, Robinson, Nicholas-Davies, Eze and Dixon all finished the game, playing the last 20 mins, yet are only first year scholars (16 year olds)
  6. @richinspain and @Spanish moving to Gibraltar would solve most of your problems (just not the price increase one)
  7. 'A' Bardell Solomon Cashin WGP ADG Clarke Plange Aghatise Festy Cybulski
  8. Oops. Yeah, we have more depth at CM than anywhere else, so he'd have to miss out I'd sell Marshall, which allows us to have Davies, Jagielka and Wisdom. We'd be able to sign an emergency keeper if Roos picked up an injury.
  9. 4 from: Davies, Wisdom, Jagielka, Stearman, Mengi, Aluko, Baldock Aluko - we're short on wingers Baldock - we're short of CFs CB is a tough one - Davies and Jagielka The sell Marshall and keep Wisdom
  10. That's how I first interpreted it. However, it's very clear what the terms for Profit & Sustainability rule breaches result in. As 1 & 2 aren't Profit & Sustainability rules, I don't believe they will fall under the 'soft embargo' rules.
  11. 1, 2 and 3 need to be cleared for us to be out of a hard embargo, which will allow us to sign frees and freebie loans. 4 also needs to be cleared for us to no longer be under any embargo
  12. I'm struggling to see any resemblance between those two players 😂
  13. Not sure on how they're lining up. My guess: 'A' Brailsford Solomon Christie ADG Aghatise Matthews 'C' Fapetu RND Cybulski
  14. To be fair, I believe they've increased the cost of iFollow too, so it isn't targeted against non-iFollow services.
  15. It's good to see Sebagabo back on the teamsheet - I was begining to get a bit worried. It's also interesting to see him in a more advanced midfield role as he's mostly played as a DM when I've seen him in the past 5 first year scholars (16 year olds) in that U23 side. 'A' Moore Bardell WGP Maloney Robinson Clarke 'B' Sebagabo Dixon Plange
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