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  1. The Green Man you refer to is near the stadium. The Green Man I’m going to is down the road from Euston
  2. Played the full 90 against Villa. Seems strange to keep him on and bring Bennett off if he was the “one particular player” to receive the flack. He started the next game (Wigan) and was subbed off after 57 mins. Then dropped to the bench but Came on after 35 mins for the Injured Bennett against Wednesday. He then had to wait a month to come on in the closing minutes against Bolton. Hasn’t played since.
  3. My first guess was Evans, but I recall someone saying he was subbed at half time due to injury. - Wisdom’s hasn’t played since - Evans didn’t play for the next 8 weeks - Marriott started the next game
  4. Take whatever is available? Even if it means you’re opposite sides of the stadium or your mate is waiting outside for you
  5. Took my dad to the first leg... not taking him to Wembley
  6. There'd be no stopping this (half injured) team...
  7. Not much of a surprise Villa's 1st choice is being picked more often than our 3rd choice LB
  8. The whoscored team is something like this...
  9. A few tinnies on the train, followed by a pint or two for breakfast after we pull in to Euston. Then a short walk to The Albany and/or Green Man (supposedly they have a good range of ciders @BurtonRam7). A quick tube trip to the Porterhouse in Covent Garden before heading to the pubs around Wembley
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