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  1. How young is too young?

    My Dad would by loads of sweets for me and/or my brother at the train station before the game. I guess that helped keep our bums on the seats for the entirety of the game 😅
  2. How young is too young?

    I was taken to my first game aged 4 - the first 'official' home game at PP against Barnsley.
  3. Summer Transfers 2017

    I still can't see City going anywhere under Pep. Especially when he buys average players for top dollar. I very much doubt they'll even finish top 4 this season. I'll be glad to be proven wrong though
  4. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    With whatever's left over going to Olympiakos*
  5. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    I imagine a considerable amount of the fee will go to Peterborough
  6. Kaiserslautern Team will be massive statement

    Are Davis and Ollson new signings?
  7. Bryson, Butters, Bradders

    B, B and A in that order. I'd sell one of them if a decent offer came in
  8. Summer Transfers 2017

    Appearances in all competitions in the last 6 seasons (most recent first)... 29, 3, 22, 35, 33, 0 So that's actually an average of 20.3 games a season. Plus, 33 games for England since the start of 2011. Not quite as bad as 10
  9. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    And the deadwood aren't even good enough to get into a failing team
  10. The Wardrobe Watch

    Who said anything about last season? Which player has scored more goals in total for Derby than Martin?
  11. Summer Transfers 2017

    Bit slow He'll be worth 15m if he shows any half decent form this season
  12. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    Can't even beat Burton to signings now. We're doomed to relegation this season...
  13. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    "Gone backwards since the end of last season"?! When your outs are Hughes (hardly featured under Rowett) and Camara (hardly featured.) it's hard to go backwards. We've signed Davies and Wisdom who are massive improvements on who they're replacing in the first team - Pearce and Baird. Conclusion: Stronger now than the end of last season
  14. U21 Championship 2017

    Maybe Simpson will get a promotion?
  15. U21 Championship 2017

    Can't see the FA extending Boothroyd's contract in July.

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