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  1. One of these... not sure why anyone would call it a butty though.
  2. Lawrence spent most of the game on the left wing, but switched with Bennett for a short period.
  3. He’s probably sat on his sofa at the moment. Someone said he was working on his handicap at around 3pm though.
  4. Not just that, but the entire team were sat ball watching. Despite Roos juggling the ball, if everyone stuck to their man we probably wouldn’t have conceded. Malone must have looked at Medusa in the stand the instant Brayford touched the ball - he didn’t move again until the ball hit the net. Dowell (who was meant to mark the eventual goal scorer) did similar
  5. Based on how Cocu wants us to play I absolutely cannot see Carson playing for us next season. He’s just not comfortable enough in possession. I can’t see Cocu sacrificing his desired playing style so drastically. Mitchell’s distribution was good when not under pressure, but panicked a bit when pressed. Maybe he needs more first team experience to gain some confidence. Roos is probably as good as we can get at this level in terms of playing the ball out from the back. Great ball control, consistent at finding a teammate and can be trusted with the ball at his feet. But, he needs to invest in some super glue for his gloves. I imagine if someone does come in, it’ll be to compete with Roos for the GK spot rather than replace him.
  6. Slapped a bit of fake tan on too? 🤪
  7. More than just two (we’ve won it a record 18 times) 😂 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bass_Charity_Vase
  8. I did say we have to score 5 otherwise I’ll be asking for a refund on my ST
  9. Looks like 433 now Mitchell Bateman Davies Buchanan Lowe Sibley Bird Knight Whittaker Martin Anya
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