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  1. Hard to disagree with any of the player comments based on what I've seen of them previously. Aghatise struggled with the step up previously and has finally started to get going over the past few games.
  2. Involved in a lot of our good passing play too. Easy to miss when doing radio commentary as it's already passed on to the next player before comms can say who had it.
  3. Ref was very poor for both sides. A couple very odd FKs early on, but didn't notice a lot of obvious fouls, not least the penalty handball.
  4. Aluko chose not to wait a little bit longer to come here. I imagine Gregory didn't want to come here, likely because of wage demands
  5. Lawrence is excellent at retaining possession. Very underrated in that regard.
  6. And one of them was tying his shoelaces for 1 minute
  7. Clearly not a penalty but I'm not sure how that was a Preston FK 😂
  8. Not sure how thst was a foul against Davies. Browne backed into him and fell over 😅
  9. Ivan Calero. Forging a reasonable career in the Spanish 2nd division now. Somehow become a RB. Tom Koblenz. Had to check this one. Scored 4 in 37 games for our U21s over 2 seasons. Been playing in the German 5th tier ever since he left us. SCore 34 and scored 8 in 143 games for them. Not bad for a DM
  10. https://ukfootballtrials.com/success-stories/377
  11. This but Allsop and Buchanan starting, Kazim on the bench for an ill Forsyth
  12. You've made me look into how Preston setup... usually a 5212/3412. Average positions roughly like this: I can't make up my mind if a 5 at the back with 3 up top would be a better counter (spare CB picking up a runner with our 2 CFs expoliting the gaps between their CBs) or 4 at the back with 3 up top, man for man all over the pitch
  13. No McDonald either so Festy will be starting, unless we plan on something extreme such as Knight or Jozwiak at RB instead. Predicted lineup: Roos Ebosele Jagielka Davies Forsyth Bird Shinnie Knight Ravel Lawrence Baldock Subs: Allsop, Stearman, Buchanan, Williams, Watson, Sibley, Jozwiak
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