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  1. By which time there were fewer than 200 confirmed deaths after contracting CV - a minute sample size. Just over 1000 in the rest of March (just over a week) still has little impact when comparing with usual deaths in a month. However, 2000 CV related deaths in the first 3 days of April can be compared with peak flu-season ‘flu related deaths’ of 3000-3500 per week. Whereas 2000 flu-related deaths per week at this time of year is typical. So we’ve already hit the point where CV exceeds usual fly related deaths at this time of year and matches peak flu season, with signs suggesting it’ll still get worse for the next week or so. All of this is in spie of being in lockdown - just imagine how bad it could have been!
  2. When it became obvious I’d be facing a lockdown I opted to brew some cider. I’ll have 50 pints ready to consume at the weekend. It’ll be a while before I can pick some apples and pears from my garden, so I may have to buy some apples/juice from the shop instead.
  3. Dally earned 14 caps for Scotland, scoring 7 goals. A few years BC though.
  4. She’s probably hoping for this coronavirus to last long enough to blame the cancellation on that.
  5. It wasn’t until 8pm tonight I realised my fiancée has an embarrassingly bad clap - slow and out of rhythm with everyone else. She didn’t seem overly pleased when the neighbours could hear me laughing at her.
  6. Over 400,000 volunteers already! Information regarding pay for the self-employed will be revealed tomorrow.
  7. The wife of someone at work is a dental surgeon. From the sounds of it, all appointments with her have been cancelled so she can provide some sort of help for the Covid crisis.
  8. Don't you think it's better for those who can work from home to do so?
  9. It can't be much clearer. STAY AT HOME as much as possible. Work, shopping (for necessities), and occasional exercise are the only exceptions. The number of people leaving home for work is gradually decreasing as there's an increase in the number of people capable of working from home.
  10. It may just be a generic one from your GP practice? Mine sent me (and others registered with them) a few texts saying to stay away, before deciding to close down completely.
  11. You seem to be in favour of the government immediately announcing full lock-down. Norman's point was you can't do that without riots and suicides occurring in his place of work (and probably on the streets as well). It's obvious that we need to slowly transition towards a full lock-down and provide the relevant people time to set-up for such a scenario.
  12. I don't know about that. With so much more spare time, I'm actually spending more due to decorating/furnishing the house and garden
  13. Some estimates say Covid is 10 times less deadly (1% vs 10%). However, Covid spread much more readily. After 1 month, 5 died from SARS, whereas over 200 died from Covid. After 8 months of SARS there were 7500 infected. 8 weeks of Covid resulted in more than 75,000 infected. As SARS had a shorter incubation period and wasn’t spread as easily, it was easier to restrict the outbreak from being too serious.
  14. Other clubs have specifically recruited esports players for this competition!
  15. Moving the goal posts once again. @86 Schmokes & a Pancake claimed a decline in the numbers of staff, whereas the facts show the numbers have actually increased. Even when you bring spend per capital in to the equation, the assertion of 'cuts' is proven to be incorrect.
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