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  1. Yes. So the issue is about adequately disclosing the details of the amortisation policy in the accounts and to the EFL. The original hearing concluded that the policy (once detailed) was acceptable.
  2. You want us punished for sticking to the rules, and when unsure about the rules to ask the EFL for guidance? All the club has been guilty of as far is not accurately stating the amortisation policy to the suitable financial standard. That is in no way cheating and should only mean a fine (covering all costs?) as a worst case scenario.
  3. Iirc, if we had used a standard amortisation policy, we would have only failed the 3 years to 2018 by about £2.5m.. that's equivalent to something like 4 points. Still, I find it extremely unlikely based on the evidence from the original hearing.
  4. 18/19 figures were stated in the original EFL decision document. A massive £25.1m figure was stated for the amortisation iirc
  5. £10m less revenue for the year, cancelled out by sales such as Lawrence, Jozwiak, Byrne, and if absolutely necessary the academy graduates. I've shown my workings out for cash flow many times over the past few months and I struggle to see how it results in administration. That remains the case until we no longer have assets (players) to sell. To keep us going to the transfer window, Mel needs to find about £500k pw - he has stated he will cover that.
  6. We have always been the one tonpay him. However, our sponsorship income increased on the back of Rooney joining as a player. Who knows what, if anything, changed when he became manager.
  7. Show me where I said we're bigger than Leicester
  8. Rogers, Davies and Ryan (U18 debut) came on for Mothersille, SThompson and Aideyan
  9. 2-0. The 2nd scored on the stroke of HT Roberts Brailsford Solomon Jinkinson Maloney* Hawkins* Aideyan* SThompson Kelly Mothersille Cybulski Subs: Ryan*, Brown*, Davies*, Rogers * = U16s
  10. To add some perspective... Foster, Idem, McDonald, Ebosele, Minkley, Wassall, Cashin, JBrown, Archie, Dixon, Watson, Hutchinson, Shonibare, Wilson, JML, Trialist and Stretton were all unavailable for one reason or another tonight.
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