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  1. It does to be honest, but not as noticeable from my experience. Saying that, with an 8 mile journey into work I actually gain a couple of miles of charge due to most of it being down hill.
  2. Cov have stuck to a form of 343 for most of the season. I expect Rooney to match them up with 523 (343). Marshall (or Roos) Byrne Edmundson Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Knight Bird Waghorn Kazim Sibley
  3. A home charger will take care of that by only running for the time required?
  4. Why go in for a player who didn't want to be here just 2 months ago? Paterson isn't the type of AM we want and is it worth spending those wages on someone just to compete with Jozwiak, Lawrence, Ibe and Sibley? Nick Powell, Mowatt would be high on my midfield options. I'd be tempted to get our Bradley Johnson back to offer short term cover for Bielik and add more experience to our team. Ashley Fletcher and Diedhiou options at CF dependant on wages.
  5. Next season, the fixture list won't be as congested. That means you can rely (barring serious injuries) on sticking to a fixed first 11 more often. To me, to means 2 CBs and a creative AM need to be signed for starting positions. It also leaves RB, CB, CM and CF open for new backups. Given the expected game time for those roles (fairly little) I'd be hopeful of McDonald, Solomon, JBrown/Watson and Stretton filling those voids. Of course, we won't know if they are ready to be backups unless we play them. Get to 50 points, give them a few games (one or two at a time) to make that judgement.
  6. Just to point out, the 4th could have easily been avoided if Edmundson tried to release the ball by passing sideways to Bird.
  7. Not including U23s... GK: Carson, Ravas, Mitchell CB: Davies, Wisdom, Clarke, Edmundson, Mengi LB: Malone CM: Baningime W: Jozefzoon, Roberts CF: Waghorn, Gregory A lot set to leave but at best we have a few in the maybe pile: Wisdom, Clarke, Edmundson and Waghorn. I doubt Brighton will let us have Clarke for a 3rd season in a row though. We also need to be pushing for better than Wisdom at CB and Waghorn upfront. Currently, that leaves us with a senior squad of just... GK: Marshall, Roos RB: Byrne CB: - LB: Buchanan, F
  8. Wasted energy looking at the defensive stats? He's a good squad player for this division. Nothing more. He'll help grind out results, but he won't typically have an impact in our attacking play.
  9. Ignoring Krovinovic's movement to always close the passing route down? In a number of the screenshots, all that was needed was a pass to Byrne who in turn could pass in side to Bird. Quick passes to feet and Bird is clear to dribble forward. Or we can blame Bird for not moving more than double the distance a Forest player needed to in the same period of time.
  10. Shocking stats from tonight... Shinnie was on the field 3 times longer than Bird was. Bird made more tackles than Shinnie. Bird made more interceptions than Shinnie. From the season as a whole, Bird is only marginally behind Shinnie for tackles. Ahead on interceptions and blocked shots. He also gives away half as many fouls.
  11. Got my HP laptop for around £800 about 8 years ago. Never had a problem until fairly recently, with black marks appearing in the top corners.
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