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  1. It was an optional year which could be added on to the existing deal. Wages will be unchanged. Considering we will now have Huddlestone, Evans, Thorne and Bird for the DM role(s) for next season, it's unlikely we'll get another in without one going out.
  2. Should have gone for some Dark Fruits
  3. The U23s will play Newcastle away in the Quarter Finals of the PL Cup. The game will be played between 29th March and 1st April. Other ties are: Burnley v Leeds United Everton or Sunderland v Blackburn Rovers Nottingham Forest v Swansea City
  4. Ireland U19s - Knight played the full 90 in a 5-0 win over Romania. Ireland play Azerbaijan on Saturday England U18s - Whittaker played 75 mins and scored 1 in the 4-1 win over Japan. England play Czech Republic on Friday https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/03/whittaker-shines-for-england-under-18s
  5. Only way around it is to select your preferred seat, then if sales are low, the club move you to somewhere suitable. It could cause issues with posting the tickets on time though
  6. Accrington - Not all seasons were in the Football League. No longer exist Stoke - Weren't part of the football league in the 1890-91 and 1908-19 seasons
  7. "Championship clubs will lose a total of around £400m this year. Only three go up and the prize for them is a basic of £300m in broadcasting rights. They can't all go up. They're mugs." When it's put like that....
  8. My memory of it was along the lines of someone stating the club was massively in debt and if Mel walks away we'll be in trouble. Ramblur stated the debt didn't belong to the club so it wasn't and issue. 2017 accounts (10 month period) Turnover - £29m Match receipts £8.675m TV and Broadcasting £7.918m Merchandising £275k Programme sales and related activities £200k Commercial and Hospitality £4.082m Sponsorship £5.014m Other Income £2.866m Total staff costs - £34.6m Overall loss - £21m FYI academy costs are approximately £6.26m Interestingly, we were shown to be owed £20,388,185( £20,104,843 being receivable within 1 year), and we owed £17,219,135m ( with £8,077,925 being payable inside a year). I agree with this. But, looking at Burton, I remember seeing they posted a c£500k profit last year. They went down (just) but if they had a turnover like ours they would have done pretty well for themselves and finished much higher Vernam and Hanson sold and Rawson released last summer, Thomas released in 2016. Guy was loaned out in the summer and sold in Jan. "setting us back" is a bit harsh. Hanson was a valuable squad player during Clement's season (18 league apps) and provided decent emergency backup during the rest of the time. Guy spent a large portion of his time with us out on loan. They were in and around the U23s when we didn't have other prospects ready for that age group. It's what we should expect. A few players go out on loan and if they don't cut the mustard they're sold on. The odd player skips straight in to the first team picture (such as Bird). Some are released before playing a competitive game (either at Derby or out on loan). Sheff Utd - spent smart but still splashed £4m on Egan and £2m on Norwood last summer due to receiving £10m for Brooks. They also spent £5m the previous season despite not receiving anything from sales.
  9. Only if they're Romany Gypsies or Irish Travellers apparently
  10. That's what gives me a lot of hope for next season if we don't go up this time. With a couple of additions and tweaks in the summer, we should be right up there
  11. I’d expect him to return to us next season. He should be targeting a full season injury free, more goals and more assists.
  12. 3 teams with different FFP rules. Ebbsfleet are in the National League - there is no financial regulation of clubs at that level. Macclesfield are in League 2 - wages are capped at 55% of turnover with spend monitored on a monthly basis. Owners can donate as much as they want and count it as 'turnover' Bolton - in the Championship and most of us are aware of the financial rules FYI, clubs in League 1 have wages capped at 60% although newly relegated sides can spend 75% and spend is monitored on a monthly basis. Owners can also donate cash.
  13. Figured he was due to the references to their club in the article
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