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  1. First rounds of the cups are usually against lower league opposition. £500k bonus for progressing through one round of the League Cup and another for the FA Cup?
  2. Good question and one I don’t know the answer to. If I had to guess, I’d say they can only remove players from their ‘registered list’ during transfer windows
  3. There is zero chance either club will be spending that sort of money on a single player at this moment in time. Forest - gambled last season and need to offload players to meet P&S requirements for the upcoming season. Us - risky spending so much before we have the verdict from the EFL charge.Doubtful we can spend that much either way without a sale of equal value.
  4. The proposal was to 'assign' a salary to players at relegated clubs of £720k, unless they earn less than that already. This figure stands for 'x' number of years, or until the player signs a new contract (whichever comes first). Obviously if a club makes a signing after getting relegated, they have to register their true salary.
  5. L2 wage cap is £2.5m Rooney's salary is rumoured to be more than that. Lower end estimate of £50k per week = £2.6m
  6. I think EFL clubs are having a vote today regarding the introduction of a wage cap
  7. Surely the advantage still remains with the bigger clubs? They'll have more funds to spend on transfer fees
  8. Not joiners' gate again? 🙈 @reverendo de duivel mentioned a page or so back how it works. The EFL chose 1 person, we chose 1 person, then a truly independent person is the third. We should, as per Birmingham's 9 points penalty case, see who the 3 people are/were, and how they reached their decision.
  9. Surely you should be disappointed in Mel's early years as owner rather than "the last few seasons"? Even then, only specific parts of the club haven't been ran well, with others (such as the academy) being ran exceptionally well. Most of our financial problems stem back to the 15/16 season when we must have spent at least £30m on transfers. Since that season signings have been funded by sales, and since Rowett left wages appear to have dropped significantly.
  10. I thought the size of the parachute payments being handed out are to be slashed as a result of covid? At least for the 19/20 and 20/21 seasons anyway
  11. It's logical that some of the teams on parachute payments will be in and around the playoffs - they came down with stronger squads than the rest of the league. If they're well run, they'll be able to hold on to those players. There's also typically 8 clubs on parachute payments each year... a bad year will see only 2 of those on the top 6. The poorly run clubs end up struggling, with Sunderland a classic example. The average finishing position for teams in the first season after relegation (since we came down) is 9th. Only once have all three finished in the top 6 (11/12, Birmingham, Blac
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