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Congratulations Bradley Johnson


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Good for him but I wouldn't want him here, he doesn't suit our style, has a donkey touch and makes reckless tackles that can cost you (see first goal in playoff final where he dives in stupidly). Would take Bielik over him once he gets back to fitness, as he can control a ball well and has a good football brain. Like most players that were poor in half their games for us, people can only remember their better performances when they leave and they suddenly become better than anyone we have. 

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1 minute ago, Pearl Ram said:

Would that be the same Bielik who’s reckless tackle deprived us of his services for so long ? ? 

Yes, but on the whole he doesn't make the stupid fouls Johnson made still a weakness of Bielik though. On the Ball Bielik is better and he has the potential to be way better.We probably used Johnson wrong because he's not a holder he's a number 8 and we tried him at CDM and on the left wing under Rowett. 

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8 minutes ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

His qualities have been more apparent since he left. Shinnie has a bit of the same, as does Bielik but bradders was the proper old school second division wreaking ball. 

I liked him, although I got frustrated with him a lot.


Always rated Bradley. Just play players in their best positions ALL the time. 

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Just weird imo. He's a nice guy and all and a hard worker, but he's won an award on the back of scoring a couple of goals against us in a humiliating defeat, and there's a whole thread congratulating him.

In about 30% of the games he played for us he was terrible, another 30% considerably average, 25% good, 15% quite impressive.

That wasn't just because he was played in DM or on the 'wing' (which was not out of position, it's essentially where he played for Norwich when he scored 15 goals) 

His biggest problem wasn't the position he was played, it was his dearth of footballing intelligence. He was, for us, a player who didn't understand his own limitations.

He constantly tried to do things above his level of ability which usually lead to him losing the ball in stupid areas.

Once in a blue moon he'd play a defence splitting pass or something, but that's like pointing out all the times Conor Sammon showed exquisite control - it did actually happen now and then but it was a shock whenever it did rather than an expectation.

Most of the time though he'd play a really stupid pass with hardly any chance of success instead of taking the sensible option.

He often got closed down on the ball and lost it, a lot, not because there were no passes on but because you could see the cogs in his brain ticking slowly along while he dallied on the ball unaware big players around him. Like recent Rooney performances except in reverse, Rooney's body let's him down, Johnson's brain let's him down.

He also cost us plenty of goals by not following his runner at corners, similar to Hendrick in that regard.

Yes he had a bit of a rennaisance under Lampard, largely because he was the only midfielder we had with an ounce of physical presence, but as per the start of this post, for large swathes of his time here he was crap. Nothing to do with the price tag either.

There was genuinely a point where I was sick of the sight of him. I had warmed to him a bit by the end, but it doesn't overwrite all the memories of him being a liability.

A couple of long rangers, in masses of space, against us, and suddenly he's being bigged up as twice the player he is.

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He was a warrior against Man United. Liked him a lot. Silly price we paid, but we’ve done a lot of silly things in the transfer market. 

I still remember him exchanging a telepathic nod with Martin who then scored a brave header from one of his loopy crosses

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Proper quality player, vastly under appreciated by our fans because of his hefty price tag - which wasn’t exactly Bradley’s fault. Gave everything on the pitch for us, and despite not being massively technically gifted, he always had an impact breaking up play and providing that defensive shield in midfield. Could really do with someone who can do the basics right like him right now, and provide a bit of bite (pun intended), but alas, he’s another one we let go. Shame, what he brings to a team in underrated.

Fair play to him for finding somewhere where he is appreciated, he seems to be performing well there. Might make some fans realise how good a servant he was to us over the years.

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Championship teams need players like Bradley Johnson.

Yes he cost us a fortune but that isn’t his problem. We often looked a worse team without him.

We've had plenty of nice players over the years but we often turn our noses up at the grafters who are just as important.....probably more so!

Good luck to the guy. We could do with a player like him in our current midfield lineup. Shinnie is the closest we have but he’s not quite at BJ’s level!

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