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  1. Why would anyone conduct a deal when they do not know which division we will be in next year.
  2. Rotherham need 4 points from their two extra games to catch us and have a better goal difference. Mathematically it is in Rovrum hands.
  3. That we not be mathematically true. Rovrum have 18 points to play for this season.
  4. Thank you for the update. Rovrum or Rams appear to be going down. Would help if we beat PNE and Boro beat Rovrum but hey who knows. The teams above us have upped their game but we have not.
  5. However they are winning one nil after 42 mins.
  6. Bowyer has won four out of his six games at Brum.
  7. If Coventry lose today then they are still catchable. I would settle for a fourth bottom finish right now.
  8. Rovrum need four points from two games to get past us now. We need to beat Wendies and Brum or Swansea or PNE. Will look a lot better if we can beat PNE on Tuesday.
  9. If Birmingham and Coventry win today then it will probably be a two horse race. Rovrum v Rams. Looking bleak unless we can get 7 more points imo.
  10. More possible than probable. I think that we need 7 points.
  11. PNE 0-1 Ramshackles FRGS Lawrence.
  12. 4 points from 11 games is not a blip. We are relegation material. We need Rotherham to lose three in a row, which is not going to happen. Other teams with players not as good as ours on paper are doing better than us.
  13. If we continue the form of the last ten games, then we will get two more points and probably be relegated. I do not fancy our chances against Brum or Swansea which leaves three games. All to play for however.
  14. Could be decided by goal difference on the final day. We must play like we must win tonight from the kick off.
  15. Wayne is looking to get 8 points I think.
  16. They would stay up with five points if we get no more points. We have four points from the last 30 I think.
  17. They have the games to get past us. We are second bottom in the form table with injuries to key strikers. How many games do you think that we are favourites to win. Rotherham may not need four wins to finish above us. At the moment they need four points from their two extra games to get past us and then only need to match our results.
  18. Being as objective as possible, I reckon that we are in massive trouble now. We need to beat Blackburn. Inability to score goals is the issue. We need 7-8 points in my opinion.
  19. We must get at least a point from this game, ideally four from the next two games.
  20. I played a guy on a par 3 eighteen hole course who told me that he had scored 19 holes in one. He played two rounds a day pretty much every day. He was so close so often that after nine holes, I believed that he had indeed scored 19 holes in one.
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