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  1. It jis on some sky channel at present, omw
  2. Common sense says maximum one point from next two games and chances gone by weekend but since when did common sense overcome being a Rams fan. We did need to win last weekend for sure but a point is a point.
  3. Florist have a very good team with some Premiership quality players, including Lolley.
  4. Oh yes indeedy, RW. One thinks it would have been a tad easier with Andre, Waghorn and Lawrence available.
  5. My boy Lolley pop. Good goal, youth. You deserved to win but we were the better team throughout the 97th minute.
  6. 97 mins. We were the better team in the 97th minute.
  7. If you cannot beat them, fluke them. We took two points off Florist. We completely outplayed them for three seconds.
  8. We were all over them for 3 seconds in this game.
  9. Never saw that coming on a million years. Brilliant but totally undeserved. Could be vital yet.
  10. Waghorn off. See you in the Championship next year probably.
  11. No Derby player over a 6 today, most a 5 or below.
  12. Shinnie for Sibley to keep it down to one goal perhaps. Men against boys really.
  13. We need players who will run into the penalty area. I suppose bring Waghorn on. Cocu called exactly this before the game but not enough urgency anywhere on the pitch. Treat it like the Cup Final, a must win game. Get some tackles in. If we lose by two goals so be it but not more of the same until 60 minutes please.
  14. Big test for Cocu to see if his tactics work. Run at the defence and get a penalty. Lacklustre in all departments so far.
  15. Big test for Cocu to see if his tactics work. Run at the defence and get a penalty.
  16. No closing down. We let Lolley have a free shot. Hamer out of position for it. May have taken a slight deflection. Look tired to me.
  17. But won the first of their 6 last night.
  18. Just plain brilliant. Andre and his family must be so thrilled by this.
  19. But we had 5 young players in the team and 2 more on the Bench.
  20. I would accept a short term victory every game.
  21. Strange mixture of wanting this match to go ahead and not wanting it to go ahead. In reality, I only want it to go ahead if we win, which I think that we will. I hope that there will be no nasty fouling or Injuries today. COYR
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