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  1. Stuck me ‘ead in a bass bin at an Edgar Broughton Band concert at the Kings Hall when I was about 16 🙄 Seemed a good idea at the time. Deep Purple at Coventry Theatre were loud as flip but standing underneath Concorde as it took off near terminal 4 probably tops the lot. And I wonder why I’ve got permanent tinnitus. 🤪
  2. I disagree. (@Charlotte Ram) Particularly when Sky were doing Premier League and Championship games for 18 quid last season with lots of red button options chucked in as well. Now, I know red button coverage isn’t the best but to me it’s preferable to paying 25 quid a month for what, nine months ? Not great value to me by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. I’ve had a look at this channel 3 or 4 times at different programmes and I couldn’t help thinking if, say, Kilburn had it’s own news channel it would be similar to GB News presentation - wise. I thought it was pretty amateurish, low budget tripe. And this obsession with calling shows by a presenters surname seemingly thinking it lends more gravitas to the content...it doesn’t. A two bob channel that I won’t be watching again any time soon.
  4. Mel’s reaction to the state of the average Rams fan.
  5. Let’s not start this again lads. 👍 Today, my feelings are it looks bleak for us next season but I’m hoping for the best. Anything more than a 3 point deduction could be disastrous I fear and I’d snatch your hand off for a 15th to 20th place finish right now. What a legacy Mel’s leaving us with, never, ever saw that coming I must confess.
  6. Ah, you’ve not quite got the hang of this forum yet have you islandram ? You’ve got to sort out the wheat from the chaff, that is you’re kind of wheat from you’re kind of chaff. For example, our two resident contrary Mary’s, who appear to scour the forum for content to contradict/ play devil’s advocate and the forum attention seeker are my kind of chaff so they’re on ignore but there is a decent amount of wheat which makes the forum much better for me. Hope this helps because I do believe it’s a well run forum so worth sticking around for. 👍
  7. Due to Brexit, our new kit supplier, Primark, are disappointed to report the container that our new kit is in is stuck at Felixstowe docks awaiting customs clearance. They hope to have it cleared in the next 48 hours however.
  8. Bugger... I thought this was going to be a thread for those of us that have DCFC tattoos to swank about. Oh well, I’ve got some right old tat, I’ll dig it out and post it later in the thread. BRING OUT YOUR TAT PEOPLE. 👍 Ah, beaten to it, at least I wasn’t the only one thinking along similar lines.
  9. I briefly thought of Lampard then remembered his play off final selection and some pretty bad performances from us during his tenure. Not recommending this fella but I’d rather have Dyche from Burnley in charge than Southgate, at least we’d see some graft.
  10. I think Joz is starting for Poland. 👍
  11. Aye, and when some celebrities sadly pass away, they bravely fought a battle against...us mere mortals succumb to...
  12. I always thought Rod Stewart’s You’re In My Heart, You’re In My Soul could be a good anthem for us. Not being much of a lyricist it would need someone more accomplished than me to come up with the appropriate words mind.
  13. Very good save from Johnstone there. 👏
  14. I’d be ‘avin’ words with her with the bikes mind, spoiling a beautiful view. 😉
  15. Got to say, I think it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing VdMH, though I couldn’t do it myself...I’d get too attached. My old line manager at work retired and did a similar thing to you, he got a “hearing” dog to look after. Edison was his name, he is a black lab and like Miekle, a smasher of a dog. Keep posting the updates, it’s good to see his progress.
  16. Whenever I see Steve Gibson I just think custard pie.
  17. I thought I was reading about myself and our house/her car. I often say her car’s like a skip. It has black alloys...mullered, and of course because they’re black the kerb scuffs stand out more prominently. 🙄
  18. Jono, it’s a Citroen C3 Picasso, I wouldn’t be seen dead in it never mind drive it, straight up, it wasn’t me. 👍
  19. Don’t you believe it one_chop, I reckon people will be so up for seeing the team in the flesh last season’s poor finish (on about the last 15 or so games) will be pardoned. Look at the atmosphere those that turned up at the ground to wish them well against Wednesday generated...I envy anybody that can get back to the ground for a live game, I hope they have a blast.
  20. Ruby our Rottweiler was four yesterday. Don’t normally give her sweets but if you can’t have one on your birthday...
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