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  1. It was a bit of levity, you know humour, the kind of stuff that’s been lacking on the forum of late. You wouldn’t have given it the “really” treatment if I was one of your clique would you ? Nah. 🙄
  2. Oh God, Tom’s not driving is he ? 😉
  3. Just looked at our September fixtures, some tough games there. Anything over 5 points for me would be a bonus.
  4. An on the case mod would have merged this with either of the other Will Hughes threads. Just sayin’ 😉
  5. Lawrence gave us a decent platform to go on and win the game but for that first home win the fans are still waiting, room for improvement I think.
  6. Still nervous. I never think a one goal cushion is ever enough for us. Judging by what I’m reading on here the ref’s had his orders from the EFL. Thanks for the updates all, keep ‘em coming second half please. COYR 🤞
  7. Oh my word...that’s what we want to see Tom, take a bow son. 👏
  8. Good morning Mostyn, it’s certainly a glorious day for a kickabout. 👍
  9. Soz Moz, I thought this was the matchday thread and posted then deleted idle chitter chatter. 🤪
  10. I’m not so sure they’re playing tonight. @Crewton
  11. TopTips #24 Instead of quoting yourself and replying to said quote ( in essence answering yourself) simply edit your first post adding what you posted in your second post.
  12. Those two twits on SSN’s transfer show. Twit 1 (Referring to Ronaldo) “ His preferred move was to Manchester City” Less than 10 seconds later “And now he’s got his dream move back to Old Trafford” 🤔 Twit 2 With the urgency of an announcement of Covid being a thing of the past and everlasting world peace declared “I got a text, I got a text yesterday afternoon at 15:44 saying Manchester City was his destination” I’ve never seen two people so full of their own self importance as these two. Oh for the phantom flan flinger to appear out of nowhere.
  13. Don’t forget having the temerity to pip Gibson’s Middlesbrough (on the final day of the season ?) to sixth place and subsequently deny them a place in the play offs in 2019. Boy, did he not like that.
  14. Oh well, disregard everything I’ve posted everybody, nothing to see here.
  15. I get what you are saying re the public interest angle. There is also the Internet speculation angle which we saw recently with an Everton player that was arrested for an under age offence who was not named publicly but was widely named on social media. I’m unaware of the Tory MP you refer to but wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, some people have friends in higher places than others. It’s a difficult one alright and I’m in no way attempting to defend this man, I would just feel more comfortable if he (and all others accused of this kind of crime) remained anonymous until the legal procedure has taken it’s due course and has determined his/their innocence or guilt.
  16. Can’t you make out to plod he’s kerb crawling and you are concerned he’s trying to entice minors ? No mention of drugs, your conscience will be clear on that issue, he gets a tug for suspected kerb crawling and the issue is solved. My work here is done.
  17. If he is guilty, by all means it should be made public but what if he is innocent ? Should his name have been put in the public domain ? I’m not sure. It’s not shoplifting we’re addressing here, it’s one of the most serious crimes a man can be accused of and so I wonder if anonymity should be the name of the game until proven guilty, that’s all.
  18. You know that and I know that, so does the rest of this forum but it bugs me that halfwit from OTIB for one is making a life’s work out of making us out to be the bad guys in all this. And he will not be the only one. I can’t believe a decent journalist from a national newspaper has not tried to get to the bottom of this and put their findings out for fans of other clubs to understand the EFL are on nothing more than the face saving exercise you mention. Their incompetence really should be laid bare for all to see.
  19. I don’t do random solutions. ☹️
  20. Yeah, I knew that. Was just testing y’all 😞 Don't know how that happened, don’t remember touching anything I shouldn’t have but thanks Tyler, I was quite perplexed.
  21. *I was able to post the above by going into my notifications whatsit and making out I was replying to my last notification. Otherwise, can’t access the forum at all. 🤷‍♂️ POPODOPOLOUS...IS THIS YOU ?
  22. This might appear daft but has anyone else “ lost” the forum ? This all I’ve got.
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