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  1. Surely the electronic turnstiles just count how many people come through?
  2. I hate us starting games without a striker on the pitch. Stretton playing the other night for U23’s seems like a mistake to me knowing full well that Baldock would be sitting this out and CKR is only just back from a decent amount of time sidelined. Hope Joz scores 15 tonight
  3. What's a number less than zero
  4. Mart Poom's header will go down as one of my favourite memories as a Derby County fan.... shame it was against us. Seem to remember we, as a fan base, took it quite well at the time with most of us standing up to applaud.
  5. I was all aboard the Mike Ashley hate train thanks to media portrayal but had to stop and think what has he actually done that is so terrible.... and it turns out I can't find much, apparently the biggest issue was the Pardew eight year contract, which is bonkers but not head-chopping-off-other-owners comparable. Ok, Newcastle got relegated under his tenure (twice was it?) but straight back up they went, he allowed Rafa to leave whilst they were in the Championship (I mean come on, keeping Rafa in the Championship would surely be an easy task??) and has run the club on an even keel....... Geordies to me seem to think they're self entitled to a top 6 finish every year.
  6. Obviously other things to be taken in to account, but how do our results stack up against the other nominees?
  7. Arsenal have inserted a 1838573726483672% apr clause into the remaining transfer fee
  8. Gary Teale and Eddie Lewis on the wings, Nathan Ellington up top
  9. Sorry but you’re forgetting the absolutely threadbare squad made up of ancient players who will tire and pick up knocks, and academy grads who have barely played first team football - we still need to protect and ease these in gently
  10. “Derbyinterestedparties” hahaha what a fantastic email address. Obviously aka for the junk folder. Absolutely no way that is real, clearly a spoof to filter out all the “I’ll buy Derby for a tenner” bozos
  11. I’m currently overseas at the minute, is the game today available on Rams tv?
  12. Apart from the Mikkel Beck stuff I did genuinely think he was going to be an Ivan Toney or Ollie Watkins but no, we always get Danny Devito’s cousin
  13. ..Also as @RoyMac5 says, the potential. Marriott seemed to be that look lower league striker, banging in the goals, natural finisher with a bit of pace that we'd been crying out for since Mikkel Beck.
  14. Starting a play-off final without a striker is what irked me
  15. Nigel Pearson stamped on our old drone
  16. Have we finally discovered the culprit in the Leeds dressing room ‘present’??
  17. I do wonder if we are now (unofficially) owned by Dell. Default on the loan and the club is ours?
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