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  1. Fixed it for you. Come on lets get a sense of pride and support back (at least in the few days prior to getting battered by Cardiff)
  2. I'm hoping his comments are ambition and he wants to get to the top with or without us by playing well. You'd expect that to have made it this far as a professional footballer he's got more drive than you or me
  3. I have massive hopes for this guy and really don't wish to slate our players; but has anyone else noticed there's been a few occasions he's switched off and just let the opposition drift by, showing no real urgency to get the ball back? I'm putting it purely down to a lack of match fitness and hopefully playing in midfield will resolve it naturally but i must admit it does concern me a little at the minute.
  4. Can we just give him a season at least please???
  5. Anyone else get the feeling Rooney will never play a single game for us and things will all go boobs up before Jan?
  6. Anyone giving odds on Sibley getting sent off before halftime?
  7. any news on George? He’s yet to even get on the bench for Oxford, hoping it’s just a short-term injury and not anything else
  8. Always happens, impresses so much during a trial/loan and we hand them a massive 4 year contract on astronomical wages then they turn turd..... (tongue firmly in cheek)
  9. What we don't want is any of our youngsters getting caught in a crossfire hurricane if Phillip doesn't work out
  10. Bristol, red kit, Tuesday night..... Ruby Tuesday.... something?
  11. Ho Malone was pretty good
  12. His post-match interview was ace, calm and reserved as usual but you could see he was absolutely livid just under the surface. Pretty sure a few of our lads got a good old talking to and I think our days of going behind before starting to play will be a thing of the past.
  13. Genuine question, and not one I pretend to know the answer to - how much of us being better with three at the back was down to Bristol sitting back on a two-goal lead? I thought Bristol were unspectatular, but at the same time extremely well organised and managed the game well. Three at the back will be fun to watch though!
  14. I love this man, come on George! Ideal move for him hopefully playing week-in-week out, it's all in his own hands now, really hope he can regain a bit of fitness/form
  15. I want to see the build up to every shot we have, not sure how they’d fill the remaining 25 seconds?
  16. Ban betting ads in football or don’t. It needs to be one or the other not this middle ground of what’s morally acceptable vs what isn’t.
  17. Christ I hope it's midfield, we're absolutely crying out for a defence to attack link-man, Bierlik in midfield threading goregous through balls for Marriott to run on to please. Or we could just play him in defence, he could probably still do those through balls from there. The guy can play anywhere, if it was Sensible Soccer i'd put him upfront. He's going to take us up. *perhaps i'm slightly carried away by one performance against League 2's bottom side and a League 1 highlight reel but i enjoy a bit of positivity
  18. Question is do we nickname him 'The New George Thorne' or 'The New Igor*'?? For me I'm hoping he's everything we knew/wanted George to be and hoping for an impact/influence like Igor. *not positionwise, he'll be a DM/CM permanently I'm sure
  19. On face value you are completely right, we only just scraped through and the lack of goals/chances does concern me a whole lot; BUT, on the flip side we were a team where 7 youngsters got on the pitch and the rest (pretty much) were playing their first competitive game this season with players they’ve never played with before. We’re alright.
  20. I’m loving this selection, gives some of the lads a chance to show what they can do
  21. I'm in Birmingham and it's fine on DAB through the telly
  22. I agree with this, I live and work in Brum and know a few people that know Jack/Jack’s family, by all accounts he does so many little things for charity/fans with special needs etc, most of which are off his own back. It’s fun to pretend to hate him tho
  23. Clarke, Bierlik, Shinnie, Dowell all cracking signings at our level, I just can’t understand the wristslashing, Christ what more do you want us to do? go and sign Wayne Rooney?? The only place I would have strengthened would have been RW but decent ones certainly aren’t ten-a-penny, I’m also kinda thinking a fully fit Marriott up top and Waggy out wide will be a go to this season
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