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  1. yep 15 yard scuff imho one of my least favourite Derby days ever and to this day I still do not like Leicester much - I cannot believe I was one of few Neutrals who really did not want them to win the league lol
  2. true - still assault though
  3. Exactly - I mean isnt any one else posting from work Oh hang I really am not concentrating on my job .....
  4. Leicester and Luck - do not mention Leicester and Luck in the same sentance to me I still cannot for the life of me understand why Ewan Roberts was not sent off, arrested and done for assault 🤬
  5. Just me - or is that a lot of B's Next season Brighton, Brentford and Burnley to come down Bristol Rovers, Burton to come up Would that make it 11 ???
  6. I would take not being in the bottom half all season 🙂
  7. I love the cycling at the olympics but cannot get behind the tour de france and things that go on for days and days I love the tactics in the I guess about 100 mile race takes several hours and remember in particular the women who crashed in Rio 2016 - I thought she might have been dead - good to learn whe was back up and running (cycling) in a couple of weeks.
  8. I still think Lovre Kalinic on loan or buy from Villa would be a good shout
  9. good point on the creation of demand within UFC, by having women and men on the same card in the first place. and MMA demand versus football demand is hard to judge - certainly if it is 2am on Sunday morning I definitely favour UFC over MLS There is a whole other argument along side this though and that is the channels My wife seems to blame me if sport is on BBC and ITV and moving 'her' programs lol So BT using UFC as a bit of a flagship at 2am on a Sunday - versus BBC cancelling Antiques Roadshow for an FA Cup game - male or female - is a major dilution of my economics ar
  10. For merit - I think demand If the demand is there for it to be watched then the programmes should be scheduled as per the other post quoting attendances around the league 1/2 level then I would say equal coverage between those two things. In my opinion the UFC/MMA has achieved what it has because it is very entertaining and has created its own demand
  11. So same amount of coverage as league 1 or 2 should do
  12. This post is very good and it also supports my views which are different and are more in line with some of the earlier posts. Your MMA/UFC example is a really good case in point for my argument. My argument is if something is there on merit. I believe in Economics, if the demand is there then supply it. There is no doubt the male and female contests on UFC are equally exciting - and I watched that particulary fight it was unbeliveable and Ronda is up there on a mixed gender world list for pound for pound fighters. What I find slightly annoying is BBC and SKY pushing the su
  13. Great post - in fact to emphasise one of your points the bad season may bring the price down and make it more attractive. And to add another point, a global name like Wayne Rooney probably helps too.
  14. No No and thrice No And I was a massive Johnny Russell fan However if we could do a swap for Lawrence - I would take it
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