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  1. Dethorn

    The rebuild starts:

    Sorry not read the whole thread and someone else may have commented on this but I am wondering if GRdoes not see Hanson as the young fit mobile ankle biter. May I say good post though - I normally hate these throw this lot out and replace with z b and c - but you clearly gave it some thought 🙂
  2. Dethorn

    Sell George Thorne?

    I see Johnson and Huddlestone as the go to next season with Thorne covering for Huds and Ledley and Hanson covering for Johnson. Hopefully seeing GT return to former glories
  3. Dethorn

    v Fulham (A) - 2nd leg Predictions

    2 -2 Weiman FRGS
  4. Dethorn

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Marcus might ??
  5. Dethorn

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    https://ninetyminutesonline.com/derby-without-key-man-as-fulham-are-at-full-strength-for-championship-play-off/ I did not know he played for us ? Hope we can manage without him though.
  6. Dethorn

    Question on The Derby Evening Telegraph

    I use newsnow - for Derby News and if the link is DET I do not click on it
  7. Dethorn

    Playoff experience

    One of the advantages of an older squad - more experience .....
  8. Dethorn

    Scott Minto on the P' Offs

    Thanks - good read I have a sneaking feeling he might be right to - but did not want to say oooops
  9. Dethorn

    v Fulham (H) - 1st leg Predictions

    3-2 Johnson
  10. Dethorn

    Squad Age

    My maths head loves looking at this kind of thing and looking for flaws - no offense OP This makes it look like Sunderland Florist and Norwich are all well balanced and they must be some of the most disillusioned fans in the division. Barnsley and Fulham are short on experience - go figure Burton look like they are all at their peak. Preston are far too young. I think this stat is missing one important qualifying identifier .............................. "Ability" ????
  11. Dethorn

    Jacob Butterfield

    Bit unfair Seth's knees are shot now !!!
  12. Dethorn

    v Barnsley (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 Barnsley Lawrence
  13. Dethorn

    How far short or not

    HE was in my get rid list
  14. Dethorn

    How far short or not

    I think a lot depends on whether Thorne and Forsyth can get back to somewhere near their pre - injury form in the preseason but apart from them I would be looking at it like this - Definately keep Carson, Wisdom, Davies, Johnson, Vydra, Winnall Probably Keep Pierce, Lowe. Weimann, Lawrence, Huddlestone, Anya, Jerome, Hanson, Roos, Mitchell Get rid Keogh, Ledley, Olson, Nugent, Butterfield, Shackell, Baird Welcome back Bryson, Martin Which give GK's: Carson, Roos, Mitchell Def's: Wisdom, Davies, Pierce, Forsyth, Lowe, Anya, Mid's; Johnson, Huddlestone, Thorne, Bryson, Hanson, AM's, #10's or wide: Vydra, Weimann, Lawrence, CF's Winnal, Jerome, Martin Which leaves us a defender or two and an attacking midfielder short of a good squad I think Not sure whether we have the youth players for those but with a couple of signings or loans I think we should be there or thereabouts. Personally I'd start Carson Wisdom, Davies, Pierce Anya Thorne Johnson Forsyth Vydra Weiman Martin
  15. Dethorn

    let's not get carried away

    Last night I for the first time ever I did not feel like watching a televised Derby game, but with great trepidation I did. At half time I felt like we were lucky not to be two down (AKA BJ Handball) but I still felt like the performance was better. One move down the right which ended with their keeper coming out to intercept the ball through to Weimann was sublime. Second half up to 67 minutes I had complete hope that we would get back into it. We were bossing it. When the third went in I was delirious. Glad I watched it.

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