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  1. I think we have a team... Poole Grenet Albentosa Davies Anya Moreland Feilhaber Jozefzoon Blackman Dickinson Camara Bench, Bragstad, Blastis, Caskey, Beck, Earnshaw They might give some pub sides a run for their money at their peak ....
  2. Docherty did this - one brilliant signing in Billy Hughes and then after three months.... "His Sunderland career ended in September 1977 when Derby County paid £30,000 for his signature.[5] In his time at Sunderland Hughes amassed 332 appearances, scoring 82 times.[9] Leeds United manager Don Revie had tried to prise Hughes away from Sunderland at one point, and spoke positively about the Scotsman saying he "is one of the most exciting players I've seen. He loves to go forward. He runs straight at opponents forcing them to commit themselves and can shoot with either foot."[4] His stay at Derby County was brief, he lasted just two months before being allowed to join Leicester City for £45,000 in December 1977.[4] He had made just 19 league appearances for Derby County, scoring eight goals.[10] " I felt at the time it was almost like he accidentally signed someone good and panic'd to get rid
  3. And to be fair it was worse than that
  4. We still are recovering from what Tommy Docherty did to us,
  5. dunno but if Cocu is picking he is bound to get it wrong !!
  6. One of my proudest moments - going into a tackle with the opponents enforcer and we burst the ball. I ran of with it on top of my foot...
  7. Brilliant thread guys - keep it up Boredom is really kicking in
  8. I am sorry but I almost totally disagree with this post. I think having our own song - Steve's Bloomers watching is so much better than using some poppie chart song - Blue Moon, Deliah, etc.etc. with an extremely tenuous link. "very few other clubs ir football fans generally, won’t have a clue who he was, or be interested in finding out about him." So What !! I do not care about other clubs, and even less will be interested in finding out about this Derby Legend if we do not sing it ... Personally I think a purpose made song about a Derby Legend puts us in a lucky position - I just wish more would learn the words - or put them on the programme get the whole place singing it ... Nothing personal just a totlly opposite point of view lol
  9. I am sure my phone just flashed up all efl postponed until 4th April but now cannot find it anywhere
  10. I was a bit piddled too
  11. I know exactly what you mean - but I sort of bought into the tactics of it and the suspense was palpable
  12. I concur The Adesanyo v Romero was good to - great night for UFC
  13. I also think that everytime we get a result we are condemning one of our 'rivals' to a poor result - more 6 pointers if you like
  14. Great - I think we agree then 🙂
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