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  1. I am already a shed head - get to more Gloucester RFU games and DCFC Games nowadays (precovid) 6 miles versus 113 miles So no more football for me if that were to ever happen I cannot abide diving, feigning injuries, VAR, handbags, endless appealing, Bamford, Leeds, so much that I struggle to watch a neutral game nowadays
  2. Is that £3 or £4 Million or £750k
  3. I agree it is looking like this to me too at the moment 😒
  4. What the hell do we want old Jim Smith for 🤬
  5. My main Marmite Manager fo a long time has been Cocu I was impressed we got him - worried about his turkish record Immensly impressed with his playing career Liked him as a man thought he had some good ideas liked his view of youth then there was watching the games then there was the points we weren't accruing but what a nice bloke - part of me still sad when he left - dunno why though - the other part of me was calling for it for a few weeks Akin to a really good looking girlfriend with no personality who is not great in bed either
  6. That is really funny because I remember everyone loving Tom and Slating Johnny, which I didn't understand then or now lol I guess that is real marmite lol
  7. Well done to Rooney. This appointment is a big one. If Rooney gets the job I'll back him. I don't want to be negative and I apologise if I am but we will not get promoted with him as manager. Some of you may disagree and you are entitled to your opinion but he is a rookie and he will make mistakes along the way. This appointment will show what the new owners want. With his name prepare for the links to Man United or other Prem teams in a year, if he actually does well. Someone said it perfectly the other week, when we had Clement if we had gone for Warnock or Allardyce or Dyche then we w
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