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  1. My prediction/expectation is We will be below Huddersfield and WBA Above Stoke and Florist Close to Leeds and Bristol City The one I cannot call at all is Cardiff could be top could be 18th for me
  2. Carson Bogle Keogh Davies Forsyth Holmes Shinnie Knight Marriott Bennett Martin Controversial no Waghorn, Lawrence but they would be pushing that front 3 for me. What this highlights to me is Lack of cover at CD Weak Midfield
  3. IS it me or does Martin start to celebrate before that actually goes in !!
  4. Not sure if this will work but .... if it does meet Hector
  5. thinking of our loanees Wilson works (but people will think your a Tom Hanks Fan) Tomori works but Mount the dog no no no no
  6. I think there might be some truth in that
  7. Does flying Anya all the way out there to not even make the 2nd XI seem like an expensive way to drop a hint to you guys ?
  8. I was so close to going with Igor -
  9. Others I considered (Colin) Todd Bruce (Rioch) Wife wanted Frank - too soon I told her But I have to admit I quite like Frank as a dogs name
  10. Complete my preseason project later today Picking up Hector our new puppy hoping he will give our little old Terrier Archie a new lease of life. He was nearly going to be Igor, and Archie was Charlie for the first night home with us. Anyone else with Derby names for pets ?
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