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  1. To be fair - thinking of Dunk Knobaert and Bruno makes me think a lot less of Hughton lol
  2. Hughton - I would be happy with this Gerrard - love it but can't see it Arteta - The pick of this bunch for me Phelan - no thanks Henry - Hate him Warnock - not a chance, love the character, but anti football for me Of those I have heard but not on this list - I am intrigued and think Eustace would do a good job, always seemed to be an intelligent player while he was here. But for me I would take a punt on Frank Lampard - I know he has only had one season, and we might struggle to get him - but what a coup!!!
  3. Maybe Chelsea want Jody and a more experienced manager - Jody being there during the transfer embargo would make good sense. Definately not ITK just speculating on what I might be thinking if I were Roman.
  4. My contribution to the Call to Arms to get to 200 pages. I really do not have a clue I like to think I am a glass half full patient kind of guy Bu I am finding myself checking tinternet every ten minutes for the news I feel is inevitable. 1) I hope not 2) If he is going - just do it already so we can crack on
  5. I think (if you believe the majority of what you read) with the task of bringing down the wage and average age while not dropping too far down the table. I think in making the playoffs while under those constraints, not to mention the play off final and great cup runs that he has overachieved in his first year. Imagine it were you going into your annual appraisal and he says to you "WHAT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED ? NOTHING" If it were me I would walk out. So I think he would be completely sane to go to Chelsea after overperforming in his first year. Teamed with Jodie Morris and Chelsea's recruitment ban, and legendary status at the club I think he would possibly be given more time than most other Chelsea managers And with the likes of Hudson Odoi, Abraham, Amapdu, Mount, Tomori, Loftus Cheek, Zouma, Kenedy, Palmer,Batshuayi, Brown not to mention Morata, Willian, Pedro, Azpilucutta, Higuain, Kante, Jorginho, Giroud, Pedro, Luiz, Alonso, Rudiger, Barclay, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Cabellero I know I probably missed some but with all those I reckon most people should be able to get top 4 I am confident that Frank will think he can. I really really hope he isn't offered it. Because if he is he would be CRAZY not to take it. IMHO
  6. I think Hilda is winding you up Owd, Pickfords is not self drive as far as I am aware
  7. OMg I read new 'pearson' do not do that to me
  8. The Premier League demands its teams pull out of the champions league due to a row with UEFA over VAR after in week one of the prem 8 goals were disallowed for not having the ball in the D at corners. UEFA insist that the top teams from the Championship go into the Champions League, Norwich, Villa and Sheff U refuse due their new premier league status. Bogle is signed by Man City for £25m and loaned back to us for the season. We get Mount and Ampadu on loan for the season with buy out clauses should we go up With the £25m we buy Harry Wilson, Turnbull, Kane and a top centre half David Nugent retires and becomes player coach at fylde Xmas we are 4th 8 points off of second, scrape through our champions league group in the last game away at Gent, Rams fans have a great away day, months later loads of babies born with Derbyshire accents in belgium. January FA Cup in spite of Bogle and Ampadu's horrific collision Derby come good with Kane and a revitalised Thorne to beat Liverpool 3-1 after extra time. Bogle and Ampadu out for the season. The Rams go on a 14 game winning streak in the league the last of which condemns Forest to be bottom of the table. The following game we beat them 8-0 in the FA Cup Quarter Final, Chris Martin bags five in his first start this season after 30 goal Waghorn is rested. Derby are Top, in the semi's of both the FA Cup and the Champions league when Waghorn dislocates his shoulder and is out for the rest of the season. Chris Martin comes in and forms a lethal partnership with Marriott. FA Cup Semi we roll Arsenal over 4-1, forums go into melt down because of Roos error for the Arsenal goal, despite his 28 clean sheets this season, some even questioning Lampards ability as a manager. Derby lose 3-1 to Juventus in Turin and Keogh and Mount are booked and will miss the return. However with Sibley in for Mount and Ethan Wassal in for Keogh Derby are majestic. 3-0 after 20 minutes. Then taunt them for 70 after we go through on away goals, Ronaldo loses and assualts the ref and gets a life ban from football. Derby are Champions of the Championship, and looking forward to Man U in the FA Cup Final and Leeds in the champions league final. We do Man U 1-0 in boring but energy sapping FA Cup final and then a tired Derby fight out a bore 0-0 versus Leeds and win on penalties 11-10 Roos scoring and saving the last two penalties. Waghorn goes on a 48 hour snapchat bender in full kit. For those who are interested - the champions league Final team is Roos Kane Keogh Evans Lowe Thorne Wilson Turnbull Mount Martin Marriott Not to unrealistic I think apart from Leeds getting to that final maybe PS Villa finish bottom with 7 points in the prem 🙂
  9. Personally I love it Think Mason rocks it better than Keogh though 🙂
  10. I am not pointing my point over well To be honest I am not really offended by it, but and here is my point to an extent that in todays culture, I feel like I should. Apart from that lol lol and thrice lol at your last paragraph - But I am not sure that is PC either
  11. In my fluffy world we can all go in all the pubs and all get on disappoints me that it is not all like this.
  12. good point well made - made me think
  13. So this means one does believe they are ?? Just checking
  14. I think Stones last night could be classed as unlucky on the first one, but ultimately he tried too much and then lost his footing (fair play to Pickford, so close to getting him out of jail) The second one imho was worse he just landed someelse in it. A truly quality centre half would still know when to put their foot through it, it just wouldn't be very often. But that would be partly dictated by their teammates.
  15. No it is not because I think there is no group for us but object to other groups feeling like they should get some kind of special treatment. Have I been beaten up for one of those characteristics? No.... but I have feared for it, being a white person who walked into the wrong pub. I left quickly and decided not to go back there I did not create a protest group to suggest I and people like me should be allowed to drink there. Sometimes Life is hard, celebrate the days that it isn't, do not expect happiness and easiness to fall in your lap whatever group you are in or not in
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