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  1. Excellent first peace of coaching - coaching by example And if you insist on not turning up at all you should do it like this.....
  2. At least Cocu's win rate is much improved on his last job where it was 20% I believe. I also think points per game is a far better stat than win rate. For example P5 W1 D0 L4 Pts3 Win rate 20% pts per game 0.6 or P5 W1 D3 L1 Pts6 Win rate 20% pts per game 1.2
  3. I would love to see this tried (we seem to be trying lots of different things) 3 at the back Bogle and Lowe as wing backs Hudds and Bielik as DM's Rooney as CAM Marriott and Martin up top I see Hudds and Bielik both covering the back 3 - Hudds spraying out wide to the WB's and pushing it through to Martin or Rooney and Marriott feeding off Martin lay offs and Rooney through balls - I am in a contract until the end of Jan - but available after that - Thanks
  4. Been a year since I have been on this thread - so I did indeed rewatch Hateful 8 and like several Tarantino films (I am a massive fan) I prefered it the second time. up to 8.5/10 Watched Green Book was very surprised thought it was not my kind of film by the synopsis but I loved it - Vigo Mortenson was awesome 9/10 Once upon a time in Hollywood 10/10 I think it is Tarantino's second best film ever Looking forward to the Irishman over the holiday period
  5. Oh damn, I seriously thought that when I was talking about what I think I might be an expert Apologies for the error
  6. Maybe my definition of a million miles differs from yours - what I was trying to say was take last years playoff finalists - remove Mount, Wilson, Tomori, Keogh and add Davies, Martin, Bielik, Shinnie, Clarke should not equal potential relegation fodder therefore I think Cocu has some of the responsibility on his shoulders. Thanks for the feedback - glad you agree mostly 🙂
  7. Good point - but I am more of a Lowe fan than Malone and for once he did not annoy me, in fact in a very poor display he wasn't bad and he saved a goal to push it up a little, so I tried to put my (what is the opposite of rose tinted glass) for Malone aside, maybe I have slightly over compensated - but to doubt my whole credibility seems harsh.
  8. I feel like putting in some effort and posting despite not seeing much effort on the pitch last night. I feel we were outplayed and humilated by a poor team - A thought crossed my mind that this whole match was not Championship standard but League 1 at best and we were not even the best team there albeit as the home team too. Here are my more detailed thoughts Hamer 6 - do not think he did anything wrong which may make him our player of the match Bogle 5 - An average performance from supposedly one of our better players Davies 5 - did what it says on his tin, defends, does not offer anything else either motivationally or going forward Forsyth 3 - I loved him several years ago, bombing down the wing - whipping crosses in but unfortunately he is not that player anymore through no fault of his own. Re-inventing him as a centre half seems like a good idea but it is proving it isn't - he just has too many mistakes in him Malone 6 - One of my less favourite players but did not do too bad - saved a couple of goals too Whittaker 4 - Really, I was quite hopeful for this kid but I think he was out of his depth or overcome, maybe going from such a successful team to such a dire one as a front player is also very difficult. Knight 5 - I have liked what I have seen of him in the past, but at least there was effort tonight, but very little quality. Evans 3 - A good CDM bosses the game, breaks up the oppositions play, sets our tempo, makes decisions and gets us going. George did none of these. I think he maybe be a Centre Half but probably not at this level. Holmes 4 - Ran about a lot - tried to make things happen - can throw it a long way for a little guy. Too many bad decisions, has to take some responsibility for being slow to react after Forsyth's dire pass. Lawrence 2 - where do I start...... I can't be arsed Martin 6 - For keeping going with virtually no intelligence or support or service Waghorn & Marriott at least looked like they wanted to change it - got the penalty, ran about, looked interested which should be enough to guarantee them a start. Cocu - I do not know what to say because I really want to like and I really do not want to be the kind of person who objects to a manager in a short space of time, but I am beginning to wonder why he did not last long in Turkey. At the end of the day - as some people on here have said - he cannot be responsible for every detail that happens on the pitch but he is overall responsible. I do not think the squad is a million miles from what we had last season, Davies, Forsyth and Clarke in for Keogh and Tomori, Shinnie and Bielik in for Mount and Wilson, Martin rejuvinated, Whittaker, Sibley, Knight, Buchanan etc all a year older and nearer the first team. I think Frank used to get more out of them as individuals and this all combined to create a team spirit. Was Frank a better coach under which 'Forsyth' would not have made that mistake ? No - but it would not of been the same kind of blow, because of the belief in the payers and the crowd that we could get past it and still win. Around 80 minutes I thought to myself if we get a draw here we will have robbed them of the win and to be fair they were not great and we were at home. I am not sure that Rooney will be enough to make significant changes. From riding the crest of a wave to feeling like drowning might be the best option in only 8 months Gutted
  9. Great read - one of my favourite biographies
  10. Oh I do agree - That is why I said I am surprised to feel that bit calmer in general, genuinely surprised.
  11. Very Sad news, probably my favourite time as a Derby fan, gave so much to so many people. I was by chance at the Jim Smith Cup final in (I think) 1986 where his new QPR team lined up against his Oxford team - I think therefore he is only one of two or three to have a final named after him. As others have said some of the players he brought in have become Derby legends - Stimac and Poom in particular. To try to lift the mood a little - I remember a bit from his book. He was complaining about fines and touchline bans for calling out the refs as duck**g cheats when his daughter said why do you not keep your calm and just say "I do not know how you sleep at night" So with this in mind after another occasion where his team had lost points to yet another refereeing decision he approached the ref and said "I do not know how you sleep at night " "Cos your a duck**g Cheat" Brilliant RIP & Thanks Jim
  12. I am surprised to be not missing him - despite how many goals we are conceding I think I am a little calmer when the ball is approaching our back four without him there. I used to think the 'always has a mistake in him' was cruel but I think by my relative calmess maybe there was a lot more in it than I thought.
  13. Thanks I thought so - but good to check 😉
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