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  1. heh absolutely the same here ....
  2. I did get mine on Friday at tea time - thanks for the help. Yesterdays results helped COYR
  3. Cannot bring myself to vote for a loan player or I would go Mount. I went for Bogle - but agree with an earlier post not much to chose from - especially without the loaness. Davies has made very few errors !!
  4. Lol yeah that is it you got it, I give up 🏳️
  5. Thanks for that - do we think they will get to general sale and if so any idea when?
  6. I have not seen enough of the academy but what I have seen I do not think we could build around the likes of Sibley, Bird, Elsnik but I am starting to feel great hope from these responses to my post. Thanks I was being purposefully pessimistic to emphasise the job I think Frank will have on his hands.
  7. I only said sell two - the others I personally feel are not good enough. I am glad transfer fees are not an issue - I thought we might need to raise funds but if this is really the case I would take it back and not sell anyone.
  8. I was thinking to fund 10 players we might need to raise some cash In an ideal world I would keep Bogle but I do think that his potential could increase his value to the extent we could buy several other youngsters If Mel dips into his pocket again then we could just go with that and Keep Bogle
  9. In the selling pile I was thinking of some who we would get something for. Selling Malone and Keeping Forsyth was based solely on that - If we could get more money for Forsyth than Malone I would reverse that decision.
  10. GK: Carson/ Roos RB: Bogle/ Wisdom LB: Malone/Lowe/Forsyth/Cole CB: Keogh/ Davies CM: Huddlestone/ Bird/ Holmes/ Evans/ Thorne / Johnson RW: Thomas CF: Bennett/ Marriott /Martin / Waghorn LW: Lawrence/ FloJo Strike out = not good enough Underline = sell Bold Italics = keep in youth (IMHO) So I think in cheap transfers and loans and youth we need 2 RB 2 CB 3 CM 2 RW 1 LW Oh my 10 players that is bad
  11. I am ever the optimist and love the playoffs even when we don't make (with the exception of QPR) but even I am begining to think there won't be any playoffs for us this year.
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