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  1. Dethorn

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    I am an early Tarantino Fan but thought his mojo was waning. Last Xmas I rewatched Django unchained at it went from a 7.5 to a 9 for me. This Xmas looking forward to watching Hateful 8 again, on my brand new set up 🙂
  2. Dethorn

    January excuses early

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POoad9r9dfA&feature=youtu.be Anyone?
  3. Dethorn

    January excuses early

    I think you bring up a good list. However I do not think Pearce will go without us bringing in someone else after Davies injury. If Wisdom went who would cover RB? Could Anya be cover for LB now ? (that one seems a bit scary, I do like him though for his effort and attitude) The Thorne thing makes me sad but I think you are right, but personally I think Johnson will stay he is good cover all round the midfield and Frank seems to like him, personally I would keep him as he adds bite (no pun intended) but it would be good to see more of Evans too. Nuge is good cover/sub/squad man too. So realistically without bringing in anyone I reckon loan out Thorne, sell Butterfield and Ledley But with replacements the others you mention are probably those that are earmarked
  4. Dethorn

    Rams Trust

    Don't you mean the popular peoples front of Derby ?
  5. Dethorn

    v F*rest (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 - 1 Forest Wilson
  6. Dethorn

    v Wigan (A) - Predictions

    Wigan 1 Derby 4 Marriott
  7. Dethorn

    v Swansea (H) - Predictions

    Derby 4-0 Swansea FRGS Lawrence
  8. Dethorn

    Which Derby player made you feel old?

    For me I think I have to blame Lampard, I do not know why Rowett was younger than me but Frank is considerably younger and he is the manager !!
  9. Dethorn

    v Stoke (A) - Predictions

    2-2 Marriott
  10. Probably a bit of a collectors item David Nish put us 1-0 up against Coventry at Highfield Road but we lost 3-1 August 1978 I think !!
  11. Dethorn

    v Sheff Weds (A) - Predictions

    Owls 1-2 Rams - Marriott
  12. Dethorn

    v Villa (H) - Predictions

    3-1 Marriott
  13. Dethorn

    In a Nutshell: Derby County v B’ham City

    Ok I will bite I got 9 Beatles references - is that all of them ?
  14. Dethorn

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    I would add Even if we could afford to improve on him would it be the priority? No
  15. Dethorn

    v Brum (H) - Predictions

    5-1 Marriott

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