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  1. I really think it is a no but .... ... we have it in our own hands - I mean if we beat all those top teams we must go past someone surely
  2. I just cannot believe we can keep this form going - something like a stupid sending off or mugging will end it - oh hang on !!
  3. MoM for me last night - consistently in the way of their attacks - what defending is all about in the first instance
  4. Watched Tom walk into Pride Park near the start of his career - I think he was dropped off by his Mum or Dad. He looked very shy and nervous. With respect he was only 16 Watched the game and he was bossing it, I was in awe of him and thought we had the new Gerrard. With more mobility he would have been as good/better than Gerrard... imho would have give Hoddle a run for his money All the best Tom, I feel it is not goodbye but see you later - in some guise.
  5. Great news Love him especially going forward Hopefully over the next two years he can be a valuable mentor to Max as he passes over the Nish baton
  6. The life of a rams fan in one game Morning - Excitement/anticipation Team announced - Content - looks almost like what I would have picked Kick off - Excitement Excitement Excitement Millwall goal - Blah same old Derby - absolutely rubbish - write off the rest of the season 1-1 - whoop whoop good stuff - build on it lads 1-2 - Come On - 3 points could be ours - but a nagging feeling we will still concede 1-3 - get in there - jumping round the living room - going above them on GD - Sibley is god 2-3 - pants not going above them - but the play-offs are bac
  7. I wonder if he was thinking - "replacing Pep - now thats worth coming out of retirement for ..."
  8. Flo plays well and scores and no one sees it...... bit like when a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to here it ???
  9. Would interesting to know the two line ups? do not suppose anyone had any idea?
  10. To be honest on two counts 1 My tongue was in my cheek at the time but I am not a fan of great goals being one strike prefer team goals or individual brilliance like some by eg Le Tiss 2 its overrated by Derby fans but I feel underrated by others when you take into account the opposition
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