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  1. And was the freekick given against Malone for the foul or for picking up the ball - looked to me like the latter !!
  2. I am not a prolific poster, I am a glass half full type of guy usually, but I feel I need to make a negative post about this game. Maybe because I was severely hung over from a wedding the day before but the whole team performance (with maybe the exception of Roos) was about as lethargic and not bothered as I was. They did nothing to get me up from the horizontal position I was taking up on my sofa let alone the edge of it. The first goal was well taken but I cannot believe the space he was afforded, he seemed to be in a gap that either Huddlestone, Wilson or even Bogle (given where he had come from ) should have filled. For me Huddlestone was filling for Tomori who was dragged out because Malone and Holmes were incapable of dealing with the wing play of Brighton. The second goal goes down to Huddlestone losing the ball and then being beaten easily before Tomori was completely asleep being beaten to the rebound. I still think the hype around us improving in the second half can be largely put down to the fact that Brighton had a 2 goal lead and were prepared to let us try and break them down. Even the every ready battery Bryson seem to not be at the races. Unfortunately I am completely underwhelmed and think that at the current form we are showing the playoffs seem a million miles away. Am I wong ? Try and cheer me back up please. Seeing the draw makes me even sadder, whats the betting the two Manc's meet in the semis too.....
  3. I think it is worrying, we are no doubt a better team with TH in it. In fact TH with Mount and Wilson is imo the best we have looked. But we could be without all of them next season. The worry is, is how hard can it be to replace Tom ? My thoughts would be that on past form Thorne would be made for it but we all know what has happened to him, I see BJ as more attacking but he does have the bite (no pun intended) but not the coolness in possession, Ledley seemed to defend positionally well but little else. Bryson is a completely different kettle of Fish and I have yet to see what Evans is all about really. Not seem King yet. I still desperately have my fingers crossed that Thorne can storm back to former glories but he is hardly getting in the Luton side at the moment. If we go up we will need £30m spent on the midfield and that scares me
  4. Not sure if this works or if it is worthy of its own thread but it does show what our manager has had to come through https://dms.licdn.com/playback/C5605AQF-fPYawBcdlg/6be7d61be55f49f9a8179a63047d46ca/feedshare-mp4_3300-captions-thumbnails/1507940147251-drlcss?e=1549382400&v=beta&t=H7J5Fy6GyC7eJ7yxrMslraaJD_k5JJmt5iz6tAiho2A
  5. I think you are right - would still be awesome if it did happen
  6. 9 would be Ok 10 would be good 11 is what I hope for 12 is great 13/14 is awesome 15 - world beaters bring on the FA Cup and Prem and Europa next season !!
  7. Heh no i mean the other Macdonald obviously skulks off sheepishly (always have been bad with names)
  8. I think since Soton - Waghorn seems to be a better player Do not forget young Bennett I think Frank sees something and Is Macdonald not a goal scorer ? But I do agree with the point in principle
  9. I think we are in a win win situation Great day and atmosphere with money and development - Man City Man Utd Chelski An oppurtunity to benchmark ourselves - Palace, Brighton etc An oppurtunity to progress in a weak line up - Brentford, Wimbledon Doncaster Millwall etc
  10. Preston 0-1 Derby Marriott
  11. I was thinking almost exactly the same but I had the winner of Donny and Wimbledon in the quarters after despatching Palace at home
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