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  1. Yup, i can tolerate £5/month for the audio commentry but i would not tolerate more. And yes, you need to keep on top of things. I recently paid £59.99 for a year's subscription to the Athletic which I dind't mean to do at the end of the 30 day trial period.....it's my own fault for not cancelling and the auto response of "we do not refund subscription fees" wasn't very helpful. D'oh! Oh well, i might have to get my petty revenge by telling Ryan Conway I don't think turtle necks don't suit him all year.
  2. I think RamsTV get the money, but the pricing is set by the EFL across all championship clubs so there is no undercutting/price war going on and there's probably some other flimsy moralistic reasons why they do it this way. It also means RamsTV will have to be the same price as the EFL's own "i-follow" service. I also suspect it had to fixed as part of the contractual agreements to stream matches. And yes, this is exactly one of the things that brought Mel to loggerheads with the EFL - Mel and i think Leeds as well were of the opinion that DCFC (and Leeds and a few others) could get
  3. They can happen, and obviously, false positives are less of a problem than false negetives (from a disease control point of view) but I'm not holding out too much hope on that one.
  4. They're all in a covid bubble (as are all the teams/coaching set ups) so will be testing and preying and preying some more and testing some more. I short, though, that's us ducked. Apparently no worries in the England camp, they didn't get near him.
  5. .....I'm just glad this contrasts so well with the balanced and unbiased views of the pundits of the English game.
  6. We now know why. I hope someone takes him for look at the centre circle before the match on Tuesday so he doesn't develop a curious fascination with what's over there during the croatia game....
  7. "If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, you obviously don't appreciate the situation." At the moment they are all fears of what might be. I will remain calm until I see davie marsall more than six inches out of the area.
  8. Terrible race from Ferrari, good for McLaren. Alonso and gasley both did good jobs, as probably you have to Aston Martin did, particularly stroll. Russell gets a shout out for p12 I think to.
  9. Bottas "why did no one listen to me when I said it would be a two stop race?" Checo 😉
  10. You're getting closer to coming out as a Scouser aren't you. "I know it's might not be something everyone approves of, but, I just find myself attracted to Liverpool football club...I tried to fight it but...I can no longer deny it. Liver birds and Scouse birds just do it for me....ferry....cross the Mersey....."
  11. But the point is, how wonderful was Gaza's goal in Euro 96? A topic that has been severely under punditted and would benefit from another pundit discussion.
  12. We have no money to pay him off and that's a cost Mel would rather the new ownership have to take. Or perhaps 1 win in 15 is considered good? I'm not sure.
  13. Well, good qualifying from Merc, P2&3 but really good by Verstappen. Perez P4 Good effort from Sainz to qualify P5. Have to say, the track sucks no matter how many stripes they paint and how despite miles of run off are they all in the wall causing red flags..... Be an interesting start to the race even if the rest is likely to be boring.
  14. If Davie Marshall is the hero tonight, I think you all should support Scotland on their run to the last 16 glory. 1-1 draw for Croatia and Czech republic, so, Czechs have 4 points and strong chance of going through. Croatia have 1 point but have yet to play Steve Clarke's Caledonian warriors. Leaving England, who despite a 1-0 win over Croatia giving them 3 points, in a precarious position where they really need to get something from the Scotland match before facing group leaders Czech republic in their final group game. Will Gareth Southgate's plucky underdogs get another stroke of
  15. It was always going to be a struggle. Let's just hope everything thing is in good spirits and no one does anything dangerous or gets hurt. On the flip side, if the match was at Hampden there might have been one or two England fans without tickets come up just for the craic. The plank walking in front of the motorbike yesterday was very lucky.
  16. I really don't like the format with 24 teams and the 4 out of 6 third placed in groups go through just seems such a clumsy mechanism. Even having 8 groups of 3 teams with 2 going through to a round of 16 knockout would be better. Personally though I'd just have it as 16 teams for the Euros. by the time it's 32 teams it's a crazy amount of games. Although 32 teams might allow more regular participation from Scotland.
  17. But won't anyone think of Steve Gibson? He's still pacing around his box at the riverside talking to invisibe people about the upcoming play off matches and how Boro are going to have to make some smart recruitment during the 19/20 premier league season, but Tony has got the x factor that a thrusting dynamic side like Middlesbrough need. He keeps asking if it's confirmed to be Leeds utd, about catering arrangments.....it's all very sad.
  18. Yeah ...."slim fit" is really not a helpful idea
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