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  1. At least in public / negoitating position DCFC are still of the "done nothing wrong" noises. In private, we don't know.
  2. In theory yes, but it's only likely to be rejected at that stage if the agreement is not in line with the rules or there is some sort of legal problem with it. If for example a club loses too much in FFP terms and by standard tarrif should get -7 points deducted, but "agrees" with the EFL no points but a fine (for very flimsy reasons) then it might be rejected - i think it's there in terms of "checks and balances" rather than to interfere in the process.
  3. Still think this is ongoing because we've done something clever with the revised accounts and the EFL are not buying it - in which case you'd assume DCFC did that on the basis that they think DC3 wil clear them. Any excuse
  4. My suggestion for new manager at forest: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Brent
  5. That's a good question - i don't think it goes to a vote (or I can't remember such a thing being voted on at an EFL meeting) so I don't think it's ratified by the other members (who would not be independant). My guess is someone sufficiently qualified to give an opinion the agreement is in line with the rules and fair to both parties (i.e. prevent a club and the EFL coluding something not very fair or the EFL bullying a club into an unfair agreement). So it's probably a case of a QC rubber stamping the thing.
  6. Terrible decision if true. It's been an incredible start from them, historical even and they're going to throw it all away for the sake of pleasing a few loud mouth misery guts fans. Stay firm forest, Chris is the man.
  7. All can think is Hugtown funk gonna give it to you Hugtown funk gonna give it to you
  8. I am looking forward to the part where they sack Hughton and then figure out he wasn't really the problem.
  9. Rowet fishing out a red and white tei from his Stoke days as he thinks "ker-ching" #snakie
  10. C'mon Boro! You love Warnock when he's on your side. EIEIEIO down to league one forest go! In other news, Chris Hughton Manager of the month for September surely?
  11. Never go on a canoe based holiday. You think you're going down the Wye valley from Symonds Yat to Monmouth..........next thing you know....
  12. It's hard to see the upside. We'd have to assume a DC would give us 12 points, possibly extra for aggravating steve gibson, but we could also the appeal it. I can't help but think if the EFL case was that strong they'd have just charged us. I'd also assume that in some way accepting the deal allows other things that are in a current limbo to be resolved. Is the upside perhaps that any potential knock on effects are not going to be "new charges" where it's plausable a vengful EFL would be "gotcha" on a bunch of other stuff. I don't know. I'm kind of annoyed though, I can't see us surviving on -9. -6 I think we'd have a chance.
  13. I think we need a poll! Is the proposed agreement with the EFL (9 point deduction + 3 suspended) more like: The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact; or, The treaty of Versailles
  14. From a PFA point of view, presumably if they're not of professional standing they're not of concern to the PFA?
  15. Lets not get carried away with Forest's bad start, they've had to play football against teams of footballers and that's a pretty hard ask for anyone who has been exposed to nottingham forest football club. The unit of exposure is the "Gump" and professionals estimate a total exposure of 6mG/year is sufficient to to render the average human devoid of critical reasoning skills, degraded motor functions, and more prone to injury. Accute effects such as open sores, puss, fluid discahrge and uncontrolable urges to defacte on internet forums are associated with exposure to high gump rate environments. A gump rate of 15uG/hr is considered potentially dangerous. Monitored levels at the city ground have peaked at 232uG/hr during matches. It is understood that the severe gump rate combined with the prolonged exposure is the primary cause of the poor performance of the notts forest team. Measures to contain the problem have been discussed at the highest levels of government, including deep geological disposal, re-processing facilities and containment in League 1.
  16. Drone when Mel likes the manager: Drone when Nigel Pearson is the manager: Drone now:
  17. Oh no, they're not going to redevelop the inner ring road are they?
  18. Was crucified last time out by Roma, but on the plus side he is prepared to die for all our sins, or more specifically, Pearce's accounting sins, and that is the kind of commitment Rooney respects in a player. Points wise, i think 52 would do it + whatever deduction we "negotiate". Having got 7 already that leaves us 45 (+) to get. Certainly do-able provided we don't negotiate something daft.....however, it's not how many points you have, it's having more than three other teams that counts.
  19. Give him some love. Tonight he deserves it.
  20. In the end, Mel was happy to hand the club to Erik Alonso and chums. So, I'm not that convinced about the direction even after we get out of the current mess.
  21. Translation: For the love of all that is holy I have a brand and reputation to protect so please never mention my name in the same sentence as notts bleeding forest ever again. JT.
  22. We were ordered to submit accounts complying with frs102 - not ordered to restate them using straight line ammotisation only. So we've probably changed a few things...
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