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  1. try signing it with your left hand and winging it? Or just sign your own name and be like "...and you'd better be greatful!" I don't know, i don't have signed stuff or kids.
  2. He did well on Friday. I suspect after a lot of just going up and up as a young player this is the first time he's really had to fight to get in a side and with a manager who needs more from him than his talent and agression. If he works hard at doing the right things, he'll start to flourish.
  3. Cardiff 0-1 CKR Kaz, obviously. Much improvement from last night.
  4. He didn't play any minutes for us did he? Was lampard just using him as some sort of motivational tool? If you guys don't do you jobs I'm putting him in the team and it'll be your fault!
  5. I think someone aid they knew each other from Celtic.
  6. What's he gonna be saying? "I say my dear boy, if you wouldn't awfully mind, would you feel able to play the football to this area in between the defender and myself so I could perchance have a bash at Kicking it into the goal?"
  7. Lawrence in for Joswiak. Perhaps the welshness will inspire him to his one in ten performance. Apart from that, tough match but i do expect a reaction after last night's efforts.
  8. I think they had two or three, but similarly we had two or three apart from the goal. Overall it was poor, us slightly the poorer in overall play about even on chances.
  9. Started OK until the goal, but old too slow habits were there. Then completely lost confidence as forest gained theirs. CKR brilliant goal. More even towards the end. Overall poor, some shockingly bad passing, dissapointing lack of urgency. Basically once we conceeded they all looked scared. But not Colin Kazim-Richards. Glad we got a point but for a very large part of that we just weren't showing up at all.
  10. Well, since the goal we completely fell apart. Need a big second half. Need more decisive attacking. Frustrating as hell.
  11. Please no stupid red cards. Looking at you waggy. And you Sibley. And you Shinnie.
  12. You don't get the hero you want, but the hero you need. Gotta love the bloke.
  13. Most forest fans don't live in West bridgford as any quick investigation of indices of multiple deprivation will attest.
  14. Exactly. Like a hidious worst in humanity ying and yang. I know and chat to fans from both sides, vast majority are prefectly normal people. Part of the old firm problem is the reasonable and normal fans from each side are very reluctant to call out the nutters on their own side.
  15. Because we're not in a good place, it'd be hard to write a news article putting DCFC in a good light. And if we were in a good place, newspapers wouldn't be writing about us. Misery shifts more newspapers than life being good. It's also probably someone noticed us v forest is on sky tomorrow so someone said better put something on them in the paper. Don't be surprised if an article about forest appears as if by magic tomorrow. There's nothing in terms of actually new information in the article and it even concluded we're ok until a new buyer is found.
  16. It's a "slow news day" article which contains nothing new to anyone who is paying attention and it's written as "oh isn't it dire straights" because if it's "championship club is muddling through" it's not really a story.
  17. If the jobs he just couldn't turn down are man u and Everton,and neither of them look likely to come calling, then it's probably up to Derby to match his ambition. Some solid investment next season and I think he'll stay. If we're just going to middle in the championship and a prem team who aren't a basket case come calling I have no doubts he'd rather be in a big league.
  18. Derby 0-2 Gumpen hoards of evil awfulness. A miserable day. Waghorn gets sent off and we lose shinnie to injury.
  19. I imagine there's 3 scenarios being planned for: "tickover" - little investment, selling to fund, expectation of lower midtable, but not being in danger. Rooney would probably have an open ear if that's the way it's going as his manager credentials are rapidly solidifying. "building" - there's some funds available and less pressure to sell to buy, top 6 being the stretch target but solid midtable and tangeble improvment being the main target. This is the scenario i most expect. I'd bak Rooney to stay and succeed. "going for it" - kid in candy shop time, a la Clement. it'll all g
  20. Good for Waghorn. Hopefully that'll bring him some confidence.
  21. Oh the sod. Yeah, in that case I totally see the stokies point of view. Should've been apologising to shawcross in that case but didn't....
  22. Prime development land, nottingham's need for afforable hovels, council already are a stakeholder, viable alternative venue already exists..... Frankly I'm surprised it's not blocks of flats already....probably the flood risk assessment puts off serious intrest.
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