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  1. I’d rather drag my testicles over a cheese grater than have the Cowley brothers... great guys that have done well but the football is enough to send you into a coma.
  2. Being from Lincoln I have a lot of friends who go every week and I’ve even been myself a few times... I can safely say I’d rather take a hammer to the Crown Jewels than watch a team managed by the Cowleys... they’ve done great for Lincoln and I’ve even had the pleasure talking to them a few times through work and they’re great guys but Christ their football is boring!
  3. Gave us 6 out of 10... if we had played the whole match like we did the last 15 minutes it would have been an 8 or 9 out of 10... oh and we would have probably been premier league now.
  4. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/Derby-county-in-mix-sign-2905043 26 year old Croatian keeper
  5. Everybody thought it was a big call starting Bennett against the scum (it was) but he put an absolute shift in.
  6. After last night they’ll be a lot of dads in 9 months I reckon 👍
  7. This is my mates nephew... apparently we looked at him last year and he ended up going to chesterfield on loan, Norwich were after him at the same time as us but he didn’t want to move.
  8. Just out of interest who were the other two?
  9. I have no recollection as I was a sleep but got a right telling off from the Mrs when we woke up because I was ‘fidgeting a lot and murmuring’ when I told her it was probably because of the football I was met with ‘for Christ’s sake Chris your 26 years old, it’s just a game’ looks like I’m in the market for a new one then. On the plus side I’m already on the train to Derby and will be in the Brunswick by 11 👍
  10. I’m alright at the minute, going to be in the pub at 11 for some Dutch courage tomorrow morning though, probably won’t sleep very well tonight either, it’s like when you’re a kid at Christmas... all you can do it wait!
  11. My first away game ever that... should have known from them what being a Ram would be like 😂
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