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  1. Only problem being our players couldn’t beat an egg at the minute...
  2. Favourite beer from my favourite band 🤟 going down a treat as always.
  3. Or maybe a Rooney? Changing managers now would be football suicide.
  4. You joke but remember that big announcement from Theresa May that was put back because our game against Southampton went to extra time?
  5. Went to the local co-op earlier where these two kids (no older than 10) were shopping with a healthy living voucher of some kind. Their shopping came to £9 something and their voucher was for £10. Because they’re shopping wasn’t more than the voucher the shop wouldn’t accept it... ended up throwing some apples in and paying the £1 extra for them but surely it’s in the interests of the shop to accept vouchers for more than goods given?
  6. Ramslad1992


    Still remember this goal... I’m 28 now but the joy I had as a 7 year old from getting that home kit with Carbonari on the back will live with me forever.
  7. That tweet is 1/2... is 2/2 ‘April fools’?
  8. VAR is just disgusting...
  9. That’s genuinely impressive 👏🏻 The wife got me the camper van set last year for Christmas but I’m saving it until the girls are patient enough to help. All children should play with Lego... it’s great for the imagination.
  10. Without meaning to go all ‘Liverpool’ next year will be our year! #Dcfchampions 2022 😉
  11. My Aunt gave me 2 £50 notes for my 21st birthday and absolutely nowhere would take them, I ended up changing it at the bank in the end then went out and got spangled with it. as for cash these days I barely ever use it. Even the kids pocket money is a running total on a whiteboard and she tells me what she wants.
  12. I know a lot of them are playing first team premier league football.
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