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  1. I always think I should post more on here... then I read some of this stuff and realise why I tend to just lurk rather than engage...
  2. Absolute legend. Not the best we’ve ever seen in a rams shirt but certainly one of the hardest working,committed and honest. I’d love for him to stick around. 👍
  3. This is a guy who has obviously struggled recently with his mum passing away but a lot of what I see is football related. He made a mistake with what he did and has paid the price... let’s get behind him and support him. Someone that has struggled mentally WILL NOT perform to their best abilities being scrutinised and judged every single minute of every single day. Footballers are people not robots. Give the guy a break and ducking support him... like supporters should do.
  4. Is that why they’ve been reported as being ill? Recovering from the surgery? also explains the delay if they have to change all the contracts from the male name to the new name! Should take about 48 hours to correct it all.
  5. Sorry to be boring but I’m guessing it’s to do with the whole coronavirus stuff and the ports getting backed up? There’s a lot of foreign produce unavailable or in limited quantity at the minute.
  6. Sounds like it, don’t be sad you’ve missed out mate, Rooney was class in his day. surprised you didn’t make the bench though!
  7. Thought I’d bump this with Jordon Ibe clearly struggling at the minute. How’s everyone doing during lockdown? luckily I’m at work all week and the majority of my stress/anxiety and depression recently has been to do with my daughter Clara who is absolutely smashing life now. 💪 anxiety is pretty bad at the minute as her condition means she will struggle to eat and we have just started purée feeding which is terrifying. hope everyone is doing well. 👍
  8. He’s always welcome in the anxiety and depression thread 👍 takes guts to talk about mental health... hopefully he gets back on track and plays some football and more importantly feels happy within himself 💪.
  9. Margot Robbie... but only as Harley Quinn. 😍😍
  10. If it’s you he won’t see this 👀
  11. 1) leeds 2) forest 3) Man City 4) villa 5) Newcastle
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