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  1. Don’t think we could afford him even if Chelsea wanted to sell... makes more sense for them to loan him to a premier league club next season and double his value as he would probably have an England call up by then. Even if we could afford him I dare say a few lower league premier league sides/bundesliga sides would be in for him and a better draw. Enjoy him whilst he’s here! 😊
  2. Winding your Mrs up about the fact you’ve never seen game of thrones is a fun activity for me at the minute.
  3. I’d rather have you at CDM mate 😂.
  4. I honestly didn’t see the issue with spygate... again there was no rule against it... frowned upon yes but not against the rules per-say.
  5. We’ve found a loophole and exploited it... a new rule will probably come in to force to stop it happening again but if we hadn’t have exploited it another team would have. Pleased it was us personally.
  6. Only last year? 😂
  7. He meant it... what else was he trying to do? One of the best goals by a derby player ever!
  8. Ramslad1992


    I don’t know much about rats but that looks like a happy one. All joking aside knowing a lot about dogs he isn’t bothered in the slightest. Whilst I’m not a fan of dressing dogs in stuff he’s quite happy with it by the looks of it.
  9. Hate the pats but what a player he was... such a shame injuries have taken their toll, will go down as one of the best and a future hall of famer for sure.
  10. Never seen a single episode of game of thrones... just haven’t ever got round to it or there’s something else I’d rather watch, if is on the list to watch at some point though
  11. The 10% makes it worth it, whether they make it with you or someone else it’s always good to see a derby player do well. Once a ram always a ram!
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