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  1. Leeds United V Derby County

    I still remember when Kewell dived against Carbonari! The arse.
  2. NFL thread

    I was in the upper tier for the rams game (back bloody row!) and I'm there this Sunday too... the seats are decent just getting to them that's the tiring part.
  3. upcoming gigs

    Was a good night all round. Went to the hop merchant for a few decent beers, then off to slug and lettuce (half price food on Monday.) warm up act was decent compared to others and Greg Davies was a great laugh, I'd never seen any stand up but liked some of the shows he was in and love comedy. The teddy bit got me too as did the et joke.
  4. Derby County V Forest...more than just a game

    Cracking video that! Relived some great memories and brought back some I'd put to the depths of my mind. As much as a dislike them I wouldn't be without them, it's such a special fixture and means the world when we win.
  5. upcoming gigs

    I'm off on Monday!
  6. NFL thread

    Go to all the uk games with my dad... we are both into it (I've been into if about -0 years he started about 3 years ago) but love the rams being here as it's our team... I enjoy seeing all the teams play but have a soft spot for the rams ❀️
  7. England v Slovenia

    Turned it off at half time... we are so boring to watch!
  8. NFL thread

    U.K. Season ticket holder πŸ˜‰
  9. halloween when play hull city

    Could all dress up as derby supporters? I'm up for that!
  10. NFL thread

    Amazing to see the rams doing better than our home rams! McVay has really got them going this year, season ticket holder here so been to the last two but can not wait to see them beat the cardinals.
  11. NFL thread

    I'm watching it... they were the first team I backed in the U.K... I'm a rams fan but a season ticket holder now in the U.K., I always pick a team I'd like to win over here. Picked chiefs and they did πŸ‘
  12. NFL thread

    Rams smashing it so far πŸ‘ Can not wait to see them in a few weeks... Chiefs looking solid too.
  13. Come on Palace

    Christmas time absolutely killed us that season... we were down by then I think but we dropped points late on in nearly every game. Newcastle scored a very late equaliser (about 88 mins) 2 points lost. Boxing Day Liverpool scored a last minute winner, 1 point dropped. Bolton scored in stoppage time to win, 1 point dropped. Don't get me wrong we were awful that year... buts that's 3 games out of 4 over Christmas/new year where if we hadn't have conceded so late on we would have at least been the joint worst team! still... wouldn't change it for the world! Nothing will take that day at Wembley away from 15 year old ramslad! Still the best day of my life.
  14. Las Vegas

    Does she want 4?
  15. Las Vegas

    Yet another tragedy which could have been prevented with gun laws... read it was the 200th something mass shooting THIS YEAR! 'Merica... greatest country in the world πŸ€”

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