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  1. Bet you’re fun at parties mate... hardly a ‘saga’ it was completed quite quickly Thorne was a ‘saga’ also doubt only our CEO aid involved in negotiations I’m sure there’s a team that deals with it that he manages. Rooney has nothing to do with who we signed... you can’t make players you want sign for you or the teams they play for accept your bid, it’s football these things happen.
  2. I’d rather have Bennett... I’ll take players playing for the shirt thanks. I actually don’t rate Paterson that much, he’s ok but I’d be disappointed to see him take Bennett’s place.
  3. Agreed... I was born there and turned out alright.
  4. I’m having the exact issue with my nearly 3 year old girl... we’ve been told it could be coeliac disease so have been feeding her gluten free for about 3 weeks now whilst we wait for an appointment but no change so far. Hope your little lad gets better 👍
  5. I can’t go due to work commitments but just wanted to jump on this and say it’s nice to know I’m not the only ram in Lincoln! Far too many forest fans about for my liking. 🐏
  6. I’m from a place called sleaford... there’s a river slea and some where there’s a ford in it hence sleaford. Quite boring really!
  7. I’d usually be inclined to agree but imo their value of him is a lot closer to his true worth than what our value of him was.
  8. Probably waiting for the international clearance to confirm it
  9. When people ask me if I like football, I say yes, I do like football. But not Burnley. Burnley can eff off.
  10. Nowhere near as bad as some people make out, try and make a square peg fit in a round hole it just doesn’t work.
  11. It’s times like these I’m annoyed they took away the eye roll... 🙄
  12. I’ve never lived in Derby and my family are from Shropshire originally (I now live in Lincoln) but my grandad was in the forces and had no interest in football whatsoever... in the late 60’s he met a mate who was a Derby fan who asked him to go with him and the rest is history, he was hooked my dad was born to be a Derby fan, I was born to be a Derby fan and my 2 year old daughter can already say ‘come on Derby’ 🐏 Also sorry for your loss... I’m currently on a weekend trip to LEGOLAND with mine and the thought of losing her is my worst nightmare, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  13. I’m on holiday for the week with a 2 year old... this is all I’ve got!
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