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  1. Got me so excited so much for Monday night I’ve got a semi! We played awful tonight but we could be on a 100 game losing streak and I could watch that and feel confident of beating them. 🐏
  2. It’s a day I’ll never forget... we don’t get many good days but that was up there as the best!
  3. As much as I like that game surely any video against them lot has to be the legendary 10 men? I watch it every time before we play them, it’s lrobably my favourite ever game.
  4. I can handle losing... but losing like that is just embarrassing! why did it take until the 91st minute for us to start playing football?
  5. That’s not negative it’s realistic... just look what they did to Chelsea is 25 minutes the other week!
  6. As reasons go that’s a pretty damn good reason not to go... I’m not going purely because I can’t be arsed to travel the hour and a bit midweek! Hope it goes well for you both mate. All the best 🐏
  7. I must be in the minority, I know all the words and I love it! yes it’s a bit rubbish but not many teams have their own song! It may be rubbish but it’s ours and it could be worse! Imagine singing about blowing bubbles...
  8. Ramslad1992

    Coming Home

    Was hoping this was going to be three lions related... disappointed! in all seriousness whenever I go away I’m always glad to come home! Nobody has a sense of humour quite like us brits.
  9. The girl I was seeing officially became the Mrs on Valentine’s Day... still not too sure how it happened, she basically declared me as hers and I went along with it...
  10. I was thinking about this earlier... maybe we have? But he might want guarantees of being number 1? Too good too be a back up at his age.
  11. Love little touches like this... every club should do it in my opinion, doesn’t take much.
  12. And talent... take Celtic and rangers out and the rest are bottom league 1 downwards in my opinion.
  13. Last week somebody got stabbed outside my place of work... as an on site first wider I gave first aid and had to give a statement to the police about what I did etc... they arrested the person who did it with ‘intent to wound’ surely if you stab someone it should be attempted murder.
  14. I’ll give that a go... if it works I owe you a beer 😂
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