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  1. Ramslad1992

    just giving rams fan

    Absolutely disgusting... one of my best mates is a red and showed me it, he felt that bad he put £20 quid in... banter is one thing but that’s just pure cruel... hope the lad gets everything he deserves and the twits that did it get what they deserve too.
  2. Ramslad1992

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Something me and my dad were talking about over a few beers earlier... the need for people to be offended. Three key examples came about which were: 1) Kevin Hart resigning from hosting the Oscars because of tweets from 10 years ago... surely someone has taken the time to scroll through 10 years of tweets to try and get some dirt? Why?! 2) the petition to remove the work ‘faggot’ from a rather famous Christmas song, the song and it’s lyrics have been around longer than I have, why be bothered about it now? 3) there was actually an artical in the daily mirror saying Santa should be gender neutral or female... can’t wait for mother Christmas to come on Christmas Day!
  3. Ramslad1992

    Preston game brought forward for Sky

    Been to Preston once... still get flashbacks, it was like visiting a 3rd world country... almost as bad a Burnley!
  4. Ramslad1992

    NFL 18/19

    Teams with temporary homes have to give up a home game for international series so it’s always going to be the same few... Rams/chargers for example until the new stadium is built
  5. Ramslad1992

    Christmas shopping

    I’ve done my Christmas shopping 100% online for about 5 years now... I even look for gifts that come ready wrapped to save even more hassle.
  6. Ramslad1992

    NFL 18/19

    That’s the worst we have played in a few years... better to play like that now than in the playoffs though! Every team has an off day, when I started following them it was like that every week!
  7. Ramslad1992

    What American teams do you support?

    What a player though! reckon next one might have to have Donald on the back especially now he’s committed!
  8. Ramslad1992


    She’s my 3rd, the other two I had from a puppy, it’s definitely difficult and hard work rescuing, but I’ve given her her own space and waited for her to come to me rather than trying to force it. She’s 13 months old and this is her 3rd family, safe to say it will be her last too!
  9. Ramslad1992


    Al about showing an animal respect... she’s still vary wary and timid with strangers but she now knows we aren’t going to hurt her 😊 a lot of treats is also key!
  10. Ramslad1992


    Charity muggers!
  11. Ramslad1992

    What American teams do you support?

    Bradford yeah, watched it for a few years before not having a team then decided whoever was the worst I’d pick, although I do have 2 rams Jerseys both with Goff on the back 👍 would have had Gurley on one but it’s not worth the abuse from mates.
  12. Ramslad1992

    What American teams do you support?

    Strangely I support the rams but it’s not because of derby... when I first got into NFL i said whoever had first round pick that season (the worst team) I’d support... (I like an underdog) just so happened to be the rams! And all those years are finally paying off this year!
  13. Ramslad1992


    Rescued Ruby 2 weeks ago and she wouldn’t go anywhere near me... now we are best mates.
  14. Ramslad1992

    3rd Round FA Cup Draw, Monday 3rd December

    The mum... every time.

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