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  1. It’s my plan as a punishment! 🤣 if they misbehave they have to go and spend the day in Grimsby!
  2. Our 2 daughters went to stay with the wife’s mum and dad for a week whilst our son was born last week... the eldest who’s four was telling every one who would listen (and many who wouldn’t) that her and her sister were going on a ‘beach holiday’. The in laws live in Grimsby...
  3. That takes wearing a mask to the extreme! You’ve had a mare there.
  4. If we are favourites to go down it won’t be because our wingers are the very recently Wales capped Lawrence and the currently playing in the Euros with Poland Jozwiak. Every football forum in the championship will be saying the same thing about their wingers being frustrating...If either had got 15 goals and 20 assists then they’d be in the prem! we barely have any players it is, wanting to get rid of the ones we do is madness.
  5. Haven’t had a player like that since this guy I think...
  6. I played it at that age and didn’t do me any harm 🤷‍♂️
  7. Just got to meridian. It’s one of the best games I’ve played. It has a touch of skyrim about it which I think is fantastic.
  8. Horizon zero dawn was a great shout mate 👍 played 15 hours in the last month (thats a lot for me) what a fantastic game. Even better that it was free!
  9. I’ve always really liked Edinburgh and York. London is alright too, I live in Lincoln and there’s enough to do here for a day trip or a weekend.
  10. Would have been easy for him to say he was still injured. the fact he didn’t and played in that game is a testament to the guy. I’d 100% give him another year as he’s the sort of player we need right now. nice to see he was happy to take a photo with you and your lad too 🐏
  11. Very nervous and apprehensive. Clara’s birthday is next week which is obviously a joyous day but is scary too. Topped off with her little brother is due in 3 weeks which again should be joyous but I’m somewhat dreading. apart from that pretty good. Pleased to be able to see distant family again and pleased I can play football and pool with my mates. Definitely happier now we can socialise a bit more (for now)
  12. He’s only worth what somebody will pay though. Clubs will realise some money is better than none for us. I’d be amazed if we even got £5 mil for him.
  13. The two idiots making the most of the bank holiday sun yesterday.
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