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  1. Ramslad1992

    A Rams fan in Norway

    Absolute quality that! 👍
  2. Ramslad1992

    Derby shoot for moon

    That's the spirit!
  3. Ramslad1992

    Derby shoot for moon

    Reckon we will win the World Cup next year!
  4. Forest to win and then get kicked out for fielding an illegible player?
  5. I work with lots of united fans too... loads of them in Lincoln! They'll be city fans. Adore you know it.
  6. Chelsea... just for the media storm it would cause
  7. Ramslad1992

    Feeling strange

    My local Indian knows to swap the lime pickle for extra mango chutney 👍
  8. Ramslad1992

    Feeling strange

    Must admit... wasn't expecting to be reading about biscuit sandwiches on my lunch break!
  9. Ramslad1992

    Mason Bennett

    So happy for him... imagine what his career would have been like if that chance at Middlesbrough away had just sneaked in... keep it up lad!
  10. Ramslad1992

    Favourite TV Commercials.

    The current bud light adverts... the fact that every morning with out fail we turn to each other as we clock in and say 'to the pit of misery, dilly dilly' gets me through the day haha
  11. Ramslad1992

    Your celebrity crush...

    Elisha Cuthbert in the film 'the girl next door'
  12. Ramslad1992

    Facebook videos.

    Really enjoying this new thing, 3 best goals against the team we are playing, makes me look forward to the game a. It more hoping to see one like them! also... does anyone know the song? Quite catchy.
  13. Ramslad1992

    Recent Ex Derby Managers

    You and me must use Reddit for different things...
  14. Ramslad1992

    My son's new chant...

    I come on to this forum for adult discussions and this is on here... there's no escape!
  15. Ramslad1992

    Carabao Cup Round Two Draw - Hull (A)

    Lincoln away as it's just round the corner

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