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  1. Boring Sports

    Golf is the most boring to watch... and I enjoy playing golf! everybody saying darts clearly haven't seen it live... it's an utter drinkfest and is amazing!
  2. you are the landlord

    And it's partnered with help for heroes so you can do your bit for charity whilst getting smashed 👍.
  3. you are the landlord

    Peroni - they send people out to see if your pub is posh enough to sell it. trooper - iron maiden are one of my favourite bands and it's a decent beer I think. old speckled hen - my grandads favourite, so he would be in there lots and who doesn't like spending time with their grandad?! black sheep - have to have a derby ram/sheep reference for the pub. estrella - had a lads trip to Barca to watch a game and loved it ever since.
  4. We're coming after you Wolves

    Whilst it's still possible it has to be the aim surely? unlikely as it is it's still more than possible, let's go for it 👍.
  5. NFL 17/18

    What a game and what an advert for NFL! Well done to both.
  6. 19 to go...

    Said in brum accent.
  7. Long Distance Relationships

    The blue and gold of the rams is orgasmic in my eyes! it's a beautiful jersey.
  8. NFL 17/18

    Vikings are bossing it, my Goff and Gurley would have had them though!
  9. Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Game of thrones! never got it! peaky blinders I was the same with but my sister told me to stick out the first series and now I'm hooked!
  10. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Me and the Mrs went to see darkest hour with some cinema vouchers we got for Christmas today. if you like war films then you'll like this one, no blood and guts but really good to see a different perspective on it. Wouldn't have paid £12 each to go... screw you lincoln odeon but for free it was a really decent film.
  11. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    If it makes you feel any better I'm the same and I've only been off since Friday!
  12. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Newcastle? Tinpot!
  13. Vydra; could he end up being the top scorer in this division?

    Was a bit of running down the clock I heard, shouldn't be too worried, he will bag a brace on Friday night 👍.
  14. 19 to go...

  15. Long Distance Relationships

    I thought that until I sat and understood them 😉

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