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  1. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is worth visiting the Leeds-Bradford area for...
  2. Never liked points deductions... punishing fans and players for something they've had no part of.
  3. It's been that mental this season even the writers of dream team wouldn't have come up with it for Harchester United!
  4. Average... not too bothered with it. Loved this years away though.
  5. The pub just outside tatershall lakes is great for food. Theres also tattershal farm which depending on age of children is good. You can feed the animals and it's quite reasonable. Wood hall spa is just round the corner and they have a cinema in the woods which is really good too.
  6. He got stabbed in the arse and head apparently... I'd assume he won't be playing any time soon.
  7. Vernam is at Grimsby who by father in law and brother in law support... they say hes one of their best players. Pretty sure Rawson was let go the other day though?
  8. Didnt realise Mitchell is 25! Should imagine him and Carson will be off.
  9. Expect him to be sold for 2 marshmallows and a half eaten cheeseburger in the summer then... theres plenty of clubs that could afford him and we have a history of selling for less than they are worth. Lets hope a)nobody comes knocking and b) we get value for opening the door.
  10. Just for sentimental reasons I'd be up for keeping him as backup... didnt he play over 100 games for us at 18? As for the coaching side I'd be more than happy having him as a youth coach. His passing ability is second to none.
  11. With teams using fake crowds to create a bit of an atmosphere can we just have 'duck the EFL' on repeat for 90 minutes?
  12. Seeing an old chap get shat on by a seagull outside queens medical centre... wasn't that funny but him shouting at his wife 'we're nowhere near the effing sea' proper tickled me.
  13. This is disturbing... although Pep looks alright! 😂
  14. Thank you everyone... shes doing remarkably well all things considered... she is also our new good luck charm! We are 1 for 1 since shes been alive 😂. This was her face yesterday when I told her we had beaten snakey's Milwall 3-2. Shes still not registered for coronavirus purposes do I'm arguing with the wife that we should call her Louise... then I'll 'accidentally' miss the s out on the forms. 🐑
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