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  1. Had a busy day with the wife and kids... only just catching up on the forum, nice to know it’s where I left it yesterday 👍 for the record I voted no... like I said Ona different thread, you don’t win league titles (empathise on the TITLES) without being a good manager. You could argue someone can fluke one but not 3... some people on this forum must be borderline sadists. I honestly believe there are people who are on this forum who aren’t happy unless they have something to be miserable about!
  2. No... there’s going to be a lot of pressure on whoever fills this role, quality wise he may be up to it but I wouldn’t want to subject a young player to the abuse when he misses a 1 on .
  3. Disappointing to lose right at the end for the rams... you win some you lose some! Nice to see them put up some fight though. The 3rd and 22 killed us.
  4. Didn’t like little Britain back in the day? He’s good at writing children’s books too... my little girl loves them!
  5. You don’t win league titles without being a good manager. We are in a rough patch but comparing him to clement is disrespectful... I don’t think there’s a manager in the world who wouldn’t have struggled with the crap he’s had to deal with since he’s been here, the fact he hasn’t quit is a testament to the man in my opinion.
  6. After reading a lot of posts tonight I felt I needed to say this somewhere and rather than post a new thread thought I’d drop it in here. Every single person on here, no matter what their background is has one thing in common... Derby County. We all want us to do well at the end of the day. In an age where people are encouraged to speak out about their issues, it’s disappointing to see posters ridiculed by others. for me this is just a forum I look at passingly but for others it’s much more than that. This can really be a toxic place... especially after a loss! i guess I j
  7. I’m all for opinions but this forum tonight is toxic. Have a debate if we have differing opinions by all means but the little jibes and digs are horrible. How can posters feel the need to leave here?! We are all Derby County 🐑
  8. Think both need it! There’s some very horrible people on this forum! I genuinely feel sorry for them.
  9. This is only a forum and at the end of the day football is only a game... keep your chin up and look after yourself 👍
  10. Do you like snickers? I think you need one mate...
  11. A forest fan working in the Derby County scouting department... it all makes so much sense now! All jokes aside top notch 👍 football is just a game at the end of the day. He will be missed.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54193770 Sounds like something the EFL would make us do...
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