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  1. 4th July striker
  2. I'll be going 👍 Love German football!
  3. that's a pretty big list that is highly unlikely, I can't see that many going personally simply because I can't see people wanting to pay for a lot of them and I can't see us wanting to let them go for nothing, we will probably get some out on loan for a minimal loan fee and wages paid if we are lucky
  4. Absolutely bloody awful
  5. Position Derby will finish: 4th Player of the season: Bradley Johnson Young player of the season: Elsnik Top goalscorer: Nugent Scapegoat of the season: Keogh (even if he leaves) How many managers: 1 Biggest player to leave the club: Hughes Most bizarre story to come from behind the scenes at the club: Mel Morris argues with Rowett because he's not allowed a squad number What will happen to Nick Blackman: plays and does quite well Your unique prediction: we go unbeaten at home all season
  6. Relegated all day long for me... because it would be funny. I like the derby days but laughing at them losing to gillingham on a Tuesday night away would be just as good, I'd love for them to go down, it would be hilarious.
  7. Worth a gamble if that's the case... that's naff all these days.
  8. We've had more bad luck than Harchester united had in Dream Team! Every year there seems to be something that de rails us.
  9. We could have a GNEISS time with rock puns... (finally after 7 years a-level science has become useful!)
  10. These puns are off to a rocky start...
  11. James Wilson is an unfair comment... not saying he would have been any good but never got the chance, completely agree with De Sart though, don't understand why we got him
  12. 4 pages in and nobody has said it... dissapointed! 'Pearce, we scored mate '
  13. Highly recommend 'the wellington'! went there before (and after!) the West Brom game, its about a 5 minute walk from new street station and was amazing for real ale.
  14. Never liked him because of all the stuff he does... now he's doing it for us I guess he's alright. Loved the commitment last night, throughly deserved the ball.
  15. Absolutely fantastic buddy! Brinkhoffs is the beer to drink. We stayed near Dortmund university, was only about 10 minutes on the train and not once did we have to pay as there wasn't a machine at the station and nobody came round. wenkers was packed but brilliant food and beer, we pretty much stayed there talking to other English folk and a couple of Germans too (every one we came across was really friendly) the game itself was a cracker Dortmund beat Leverkusen 6-2. There's a bar at the ground which is definitely recommend. They have the best club shop I've ever been in and after buying myself a Dortmund scarf we went into the ground. We got the tickets from viagogo and due to lack of understanding turned out we were in the Leverkusen end... so back in the bag the scarf went! went to the football museum on the Sunday which was brilliant and part of the ticket included travel back to the airport. Flew with Ryanair to Stansted, both flights were fine and only cost £30 each. 10-10 would do again and recommend anyone to try different cultures of football, the Germans were so passionate and the flags are amazing. Best part is they have podiums behind the goals where people stand with megaphones to start songs to get the crowd going.