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  1. Derby County Tattoos

    Always wanted a Derby county tattoo but been to chicken. Some of those are shocking though!
  2. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Linkin park were a band I could really relate to during my darkest days, I remember a stage when I was 13, getting bullied at school that I really did think about suicide. Linkin park amongst others offered me a release from it all, it was almost like the songs were written for people with depression (after the sad news today maybe they were) Listening back to the songs tonight the signs are obviously there yet I was oblivious until it was too late, talking and being open really is the best policy people. ive said it before on here and I'll say it again if you feel you can't talk to people you know about it then I'm here. I've been there. RIP Chester 🀘🏻
  3. RIP Chester Bennington.

    Grew up with hybrid theory... I had depression as a child through bullying at school and music was my getaway. Really sad day πŸ˜”
  4. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    I've always disliked a few teams, man united because when I was a kid they were the best team and everyone supported them. Leeds because my brother in law supports them. Hull because it's a dump. Middlesbrough because I think I've been there 3 times and we have lost all 3. Liverpool because when I was 9 I went to a football training camp with my goalie kit on with Poom on the back and some kid in a Liverpool kit laughed at me and said if you take the m off your shirt it will say poo... never forgot that! honourable mentions to teams I have a soft spot for... Lincoln city are my local team. Shrewsbury town are where my family are from. Rangers because of their support in the two friendlies they've played at pride park. And sleaford town (united counties league) because I used to play for the youth teams.
  5. Summer Transfers 2017

    My local team Lincoln have signed Michael bostwick from posh... was their player of the season last season, all my mates are buzzing. Good signing for them tbh.
  6. Holiday Plans 2017

    She loves it mate.
  7. Kevin Stewart - Signed for Hull

    Nope 😊 Horrible when it's you but funny when it's anyone else... also I can't put my finger on it why but I've never liked hull.
  8. Holiday Plans 2017

    Off to Paris in a couple of weeks for a romantic few days, going to try and sneak in a stade de France stadium tour whilst we are there πŸ‘
  9. upcoming gigs

    Forked out Β£88 quid each for me and the girlfriend to go see Ed Sheeran next year, could feel myself crying as I clicked order.
  10. upcoming gigs

    I've got Metallica in Manchester coming up in a few months... can't wait!
  11. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Ritchie would cost a bit surely?
  12. Mason Bennett

    Grimsby in the cup would be a perfect game for him to play... tell him he's got the whole 90 mins and see what he comes up with then take it from there. Whilst doing well in friendlies is great it's completely different to competitive football.
  13. mahamadou habib habibou

    I want this to happen so much just because of that name... I've never heard of him but I say we start a crowdfunder to get him signed! That's the best name ever πŸ˜‚
  14. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    It's the derby way!
  15. Tom Lawrence

    Will be too busy trotting round the globe to come here.

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