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  1. Chill out mate, never said I did or wanted Rooney sacked. it wouldn’t be unfair to say that if we did want to we couldn’t on the basis that we probably couldn’t afford to… coupled with the fact who would come. take the rose tinted glasses off and go to bed.
  2. all jokes aside at least they’ve got the money to sack their manager if they want to!
  3. Looking at getting the kids kits for Christmas (the poor sods) both home and away don’t have age 5-6 available. Does anyone know if they just don’t make that size or it’s just sold out for both at the minute? I just found it odd that I’d wasn’t greyed out as an option at all. If I can’t them all one then the lucky buggers get a reprieve this year!
  4. That Roos chap isn’t too bad is he? 🤔
  5. I once had a girlfriend who supported forest, we split up after the 2-1 fielding sending off as I was relentless in taking the piss
  6. Today’s the first time I’ve thought ‘uh-oh’ barely anything going forward. the passing round the back gives me heart palpitations every time, we basically gave birmingham the 3 points tonight. we need to be more creative, smarter and not pissarse about with the ball. it’s going to be a long old season. COYR!
  7. My favourite album is brave new world but hell on Earth is a masterpiece… Steve Harris sure as hell knows how to write a good song 🤟
  8. Senjutsu - absolute quality Maiden. Released today 👍
  9. A very valid point, more needs to be done as a whole about this though. The pathetic fine coming Hungary’s way won’t deter or stop this behaviour. This really shouldn’t be happening in this day and age!
  10. Horrible behaviour from Hungry… I know as a nation we aren’t perfect but we would be put to the sword if it were us…
  11. Luckily for you he didn’t see your players handball it will actually be quite funny when your crap keeper doesn’t even get save of the season!
  12. Depends on the child for me, my Nan and Grandad ran a pub when I was a kid… I knew how to behave and was never a problem. it’s not so much the kids but the parents with the kids, control your children and nobody will have an issue.
  13. It would take absolutely silly money for a sane club to even entertain selling a player like Sibley… free transfer imminent.
  14. dragging on a bit isn’t it?!
  15. Between 3 of us we managed to get a pair to each 👍. Drew out of a hat who got to go to both, I’m off to the Jets - falcons game 👍
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