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  1. Thank you very much everyone, safe to say I’m excited beyond belief but also petrified! Thank you for all your advice (both serious and funny) 👍
  2. Ramslad1992

    New parents

    So whilst I have my lovely step daughter who I met when she was 2, me and my fiancé have recently found out we are expecting. Whilst I’ve learnt on the job per say and feel I’ve mastered toddlers I was wondering if anyone has any hints/tips when it comes to Babies that they’d be willing to share? The baby book says to look for ‘online dad forums’ but as they’re going to be a future ram I’d rather trust you lot! 🐏 thanks in advance!
  3. Anyone going tomorrow? I’m travelling down with my dad and brother in law for his 40th birthday present. He’s a panthers fan so I hope the buccs do it!
  4. They didn’t kill anyone no, but they put themselves in a position where they could have and just because luckily they didn’t it doesn’t excuse what they did. I had Leeds mate of mine say how silly Keogh was for pretty much ending his career my reply ‘he could easily be dead, I’d take that’
  5. When I was 11 I told a kid that used to hit me if he hit me again I’d throw a brick at him... he hit me again so I threw a brick at him. His mum phoned the police and they came to talk to me. Ironically about 6 months later his mum and dad had an argument and she hit him with an iron!
  6. No, I won’t support Keogh, Lawrence or Bennett anymore but I’ll always support Derby.
  7. Tom and Jerry, scooby doo, the simpsons and futurama were my go to as a kid... now I have to sit through Shaun the bloody sheep, hey duggee and Sarah and duck with my 3 year old.
  8. Whatever fee (if any) we receive for Wisdom will be nominal at best. I’m not saying he’s rubbish but if a club wants him they will know we don’t and will know getting him off our wage bill will be incentive enough, I’d be amazed if we got over 500k.
  9. Bet you’re fun at parties mate... hardly a ‘saga’ it was completed quite quickly Thorne was a ‘saga’ also doubt only our CEO aid involved in negotiations I’m sure there’s a team that deals with it that he manages. Rooney has nothing to do with who we signed... you can’t make players you want sign for you or the teams they play for accept your bid, it’s football these things happen.
  10. I’d rather have Bennett... I’ll take players playing for the shirt thanks. I actually don’t rate Paterson that much, he’s ok but I’d be disappointed to see him take Bennett’s place.
  11. Agreed... I was born there and turned out alright.
  12. I’m having the exact issue with my nearly 3 year old girl... we’ve been told it could be coeliac disease so have been feeding her gluten free for about 3 weeks now whilst we wait for an appointment but no change so far. Hope your little lad gets better 👍
  13. I can’t go due to work commitments but just wanted to jump on this and say it’s nice to know I’m not the only ram in Lincoln! Far too many forest fans about for my liking. 🐏
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