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  1. I agree, the forum, well no, a couple of threads in the Jim Smith room, have vexed me in the last couple of weeks but hey, I’ve got a quick fix for it. If those with their superiority complex (and you know who you are) leave it elsewhere before logging in, voila...the bickering and sniping will disappear. Happy days.😀
  2. Bravo Angie, there’s load of bands/singers don’t do it for me but if they float somebody else’s boat that’s fine by me and better still, if that music/lyrics inspires someone to sit down at or pick up an instrument and learn how to play it it’s got to be a good thing. I think music is good for the soul whatever genre strikes a chord with the listener.
  3. Hope you’ve got a right mild dose Juan, all the best for a speedy recovery. 👍
  4. That’s my birthday...3 points please lads. 😉
  5. Overrated U2 Underrated Fleetwood Mac (the Peter Green era, not the Rumours line up)
  6. Furthermore we can influence who finishes where in the top 6, (well, 3rd To 6th) I think we have to play 6 or 7 teams above us currently. Make the buggers earn their top 6 place if we can’t get there ourselves.
  7. The quality of the pictures coming back is marvellous. 👏
  8. Happy Birthday @FindernRam, 👍🎂🥃
  9. If old Cummings reckons he knew a pandemic was likely, how come he was so slow in advising the government to either shut the airports or to organise screening those getting off aircraft, ie the temperature gadgets they point at the head.
  10. Just seen it, watched for a minute or so, took my eye off it for a second and it disappeared. Good to see it mind.
  11. Aye but it’s supposed to be quite low on the horizon to the south west isn’t it ? That’ll scupper my chances of seeing it. Still going to have a look though just in case. 🤞
  12. In the year 2525 if man is still alive... (you have to be a certain age)
  13. Ay up, has G Star changed his name ?
  14. I thought the word of the year was “utterly”. Just about everything in the Jim Smith room is utterly this or utterly that. I’m utterly up to my back teeth of seeing the word. Just sayin’.
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