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  1. Nah, we’re building bridges now, following the straight and narrow. No more loophole exploration for Melly Boy. 👍
  2. Aye but when you think of some of the howlers from the great and the good from last season alone...He gave me some good memories bless him.
  3. You surprise me Roy, being a man of a certain vintage I would have thought the late Les Green (RIP) would have reminded you you don’t have to be overly tall to be a decent goalie.
  4. He’s appealing to all fans of championship clubs to email the EFL to complain about their leniency regarding us now being able to sign players. The bloke’s hatred of us knows no bounds. 🤣
  5. I did consider him for CEO due to his vast knowledge of all things financial and EFL rules but then I remembered he hates us and wants to see us crash and burn so he might be a tad reluctant to any overtures. 😉
  6. Got to be angieram, who could have a pop ? Knows her stuff about the academy and under 23’s as well as her general football nous. Rev as assistant for the laughs and lighthearted bants to keep the players spirits up. 👍
  7. 🤦‍♂️ Ridsdale is to integrity what Sarah Millican is to comedy.
  8. Apt post it next to the cup and saucer...risk management (abbreviated I admit).
  9. Used to have a passing interest in The Boro... ...Then they dropped the Borough and are now just Stevenage FC. (Nearest team to where I live)
  10. Jeremy Kyle has a lot to answer for. I swear morals and standards slipped during his tenure on daytime television.
  11. Surely positivity has to come from the club first, to give us something to be positive about. But seeing as they are keeping their powder dry at the moment and 16 months of feel bad factor re Covid, a high percentage of posters are at a lower ebb than usual. (Me included) Chin up, nothing a couple of good performances won’t put right. 👍
  12. I quite like that gold training kit, wouldn’t have minded an away kit that colour but between the leaked away shirt, if that does turn out to be official, and a gold training top, I’d buy the latter.
  13. Rooney should have made him captain. 😉 Seriously though, from a football point of view I think he’d be better of staying put but money talks and Celtic will probably offering a damn sight more than he’s on at the minute.
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