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  1. Answered your own question there by the look of it, oo . 😉
  2. Some might say he’s firing a shot across Mel Morris’s bough, “ The important thing is how we recruit in the next 12-18 months” And good for him by the way, letting Mel know if he wants him to stick around he’ll want want the appropriate investment. Me personally, I’d give him what he wants but I would add “ Here Waz, you’ll laugh at this, I thought I was watching a Cocu team on Friday night, lol” just to let him know we don’t want too much of that passing back to the goalie Shiite. 😉
  3. So, if I’ve got my maths right, the 8th game of the 22/23 season will be our 5,000th league game, wow, that’s really something. Wonder if the marketing men will create a special souvenir shirt for that game...I’d buy one. 🤔
  4. Bit of a common denominator there, needs to be addressed, that could have been a Cocu team out there on Friday, forward thinking and positivity is the way forward. Fine ‘em a weeks wages for passing back to the goalie unless it’s necessary.
  5. Sure is, I’d be well pleased with four points out of those games. 🤞
  6. My suggestion would be to the tune of Chelsea’s Super Frankie Lampard CK CK CKR CKR CKR CK CK CKR SUPER KAZIM RICHARDS. (or COLIN KAZIM RICHARDS, whichever you prefer) Now, I wasn’t up all night thinking of that and am aware of its lack of originality but I’m not all that in the chant composing department. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Imagine having the state of mind where you honestly believe there is nothing wrong in posting this bile on the Internet. You can’t reason with a sick mind, or can you ? Can these people ever get to see the error of their ways ? And that’s a genuine question because I don’t know if these people are capable of regret or shame. ☹️
  8. Did we have a bad Peter Stringfellow tribute night ?
  9. My my, you put some effort into that, still bitter per chance ? You really shouldn’t be, your goal came from a goalkeeping howler and you offered very little else on the goal attempt front.
  10. Oh I agree, not naming names, I wonder if a couple of them hide a bit, and not want to take responsibility to build attacks. We need our midfield to play without fear and be forward thinking a bit more. I was actually wondering what/who Rooney has in mind to address this in the summer and if he’ll be given the funding to accomplish this about half an hour ago.
  11. I concur, the amount of times Wisdom passed the ball back to Marshall prior to his acute shame attack did my nut in. Yet somebody on the forum had a go at Shinnie for passing to Clarke. Funny how we see things differently innit ?
  12. Well, would’ve preferred a draw between Luton and Wednesday but really, I don’t like relying on other teams but needs must when the devil drives I suppose. 🤷‍♂️
  13. See, I don’t buy into this free hit business Jimbo. Not looking for an argument or anything but the way I see it is because we couldn’t deal with the Rotherham’s, Wednesday’s and Forest’s and the like, we have to make games against the Cardiff’s and Barnsley’s count. I quite like how Barnsley are going about their business actually, under the radar and all working hard for each other, they’re on the cusp of the play offs so that’ll be another tough ‘un. That written, anybody that thinks along the same lines as you is fine by me, we’re all Rams aren’t we ?
  14. Tough game this, a point would be a good result for me. I’ll be happy if we come through with no injuries, McCarthy teams are no shrinking violets when it comes to dishing out the rough stuff. I’d keep Roos in goal an’ all and try to accommodate Edmundson in the team, thought we had one or two passengers last night and we don’t really have the luxury of that.
  15. Aye , so poor you didn’t get the win. We play shitly and you still can’t put the game to bed. What does that say about your team ?
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