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  1. Frank will take Bennett with him and send Tomori to us in a straight swap.
  2. Keeping on , here’s mine.
  3. I don’t think Rob Dorsett reads the forum you know.
  4. Black and blue hoops, our away shirt next season. Mel’s all over it, Frank’s not said much admittedly. 😉
  5. Pearl Ram

    Farewell Brys

    Have you got a link to that ? 😉
  6. ...and he’s said duck all about the new shirt either, bad form.
  7. Really like the QPR shirts, ok the sponsor could be better but I think the shirts would go quite well with a pair of jeans & DMs
  8. Wouldn’t surprise me if Cameroon get a fine after that, brought the tournament into disrepute for me.
  9. I’ve got a feeling Aidy Boothroyd might be looking for a job in the near future...
  10. Pfft, don’t even go there. It was my 60th yesterday and the Mrs and my youngest are really quite unwell, spent the day looking after them and no night out either. Might explain my being a bit down on the Lampard thread yesterday. But it’s not my birthday today so I can look after them without being down in the dumps. 👍
  11. Lads, I’m touched, thank you for your messages and Rev, thanks for doing this thread. 🍻
  12. That’ll be me you’re referring to I suppose, I can only apologise, it’s very inconsiderate for my mood to fluctuate over this saga and for me to have the temerity to post on one of my down days. I’ll leave you all to it. All the best. 🍻
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