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  1. Although I was only following the game on here, I feel the same as you. Still, it’s one more point than Mr Plop’s lot got today.
  2. Oh, I’d got him down as folk music fan or maybe even The Wurzels.
  3. Sorry, you are correct, I thought that was a black and white scarf he was wearing. How wrong can one be ?
  4. And he’s already got a black and white scarf so he ain’t got to buy one, it’s a sign I tell you.
  5. I love cake me, cake is even my favourite word. I’ve got cake envy.
  6. Pearl Ram


    I just sat watching it in disbelief. I never thought we’d witness an atrocity to top Lockerbie, seeing the picture of the cockpit of PanAm 103 lying on its side for the first time will stay with me forever, as will seeing the second plane hit the tower. Hope none of us will see the like of that day again.
  7. I had never heard of the expression before and wrongly concluded it was a typo like the aforementioned Judy. I apologise. Everyday’s a school day.
  8. Oh ! Thank you. What’s American for What a load of baalocks ?
  9. You also mentioned the colour commentator and I’m like what the duck’s a colour commentator? Stopped reading the rest of the post after that. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Four games in a week’s a bit tough on Gibraltar. 😉
  11. Good to see you back on here stoners. I did wonder what happened to you. Hope your absence was through choice and not health stuff. Dawnie needs an ally due to Eezzee currently experiencing disciplinary turbulence. Y’ain’t missed much, nothing ever happens to us. 😉
  12. A pint of O’Hare of the Dog please.
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