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  1. I’m very fortunate with where I live, I can be in the woods on a lovely walk within two minutes of leaving my house. We have two dogs and although they are down to one walk a day now, we can be out for an hour and not see/pass anyone. On the rare occasion we do see other walkers we just pull to one side exchange brief pleasantries from a safe distance and carry on. It’s good for our well being and it’s good for the dogs. The rules are not hard to understand and if you adhere to them I can’t see any problem with a walk a day.
  2. Well have a look at this This beautiful lady is one of two nurses that died yesterday after contracting the Coronavirus while looking after patients in the hospitals they worked in. She was a mother to three daughters. It seems to me you don’t get the severity of this virus and it’s all a bit inconvenient to you, we all miss the football mate, it ain’t coming back any time soon so please, think of others for a bit, I know you’re a good bloke who loves the Rams but honestly pal, some things really are more important than football. Take care of yourself and your mam & dad. 👍
  3. Aye, the dark haired Phil Parkes, not to be confused with the fairer haired Phil Parkes that played for QPR and West Ham.
  4. Tell us Fabiana, what exactly is it you find attractive about the 89 year old billionaire Bernie Ecclestone ? 😆
  5. I would argue if the NHS is run along the same lines as the public sector organisation I work in, it’s not any government running it into the ground but their very own management and policies. For example, my old line manager was a qualified electrician and offered to put new lighting in a cupboard we were going to utilise, he said he’d come in on a Saturday to do it so it wouldn’t interfere with his day to day running of our department. No, it had to be carried out by our “preferred” contractors at huge expense. I am privy to a lot of what we spend with preferred contractors, some of whom I believe “grease the wheels” of those on already handsome salaries to keep any prospective competition at arms length. I could go on at length about wasting of the public’s money but at best you would think I was exaggerating or at worst just plain lying so I’ll leave it there apart from saying of course this government should have questions to answer when this is all over but a revue of how the NHS is run wouldn’t go amiss either. Too many middle/upper management having the easy life while those at the coal face go without and it boils my piss.
  6. And Trump signed a lucrative deal with Walmart yesterday for PPE so it seems to be a global shortage. Maybe global complacency regarding this kind of thing will be a thing of the past, if it isn’t, we’ll have learned little from this current pandemic. On a totally different note, can anyone shed any light on what Shammi Chakrachuffinbarti did to be made a Baroness ?
  7. Back to 1980 for me and I would be outside the Dakota Building in New York and able to put a stop to the murder of John Lennon. I get he won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but for me he had a lot more living to do and subsequently a lot more pleasure/enjoyment to bring to a lot of people Suppose you’d have to be a certain age to appreciate his contribution to music but I’ve missed him over the years.
  8. Pass our best wishes on to Joel, I know those can come across as shallow words John but I feel sure there are many people on here who read this thread feel helpless and our thoughts and hopes are all we’ve got. You, Mrs Cone and Joel’s brothers are also in my/our thoughts, that goes without saying...even though I just did 🙄
  9. I see a 13 and 19 year old both with no underlying died in London in the last 24 hours. All deaths from this duckin’ virus are sad obviously but reading/hearing about youngsters being victims of it get to me that bit more.
  10. @Tyler Durden https://mobile.twitter.com/MartinSLewis/status/1244931531807825920 Don’t know if that will be of help, hope it is.
  11. 1 Van der Cone Head. 2 Dark Fruits Ram7 5 Sparkle ?
  12. Kent. 😉 Dairy Milk crunchie Tate & Lyle. Edited just in case anyone thought I was being offensive. 😁
  13. I don’t know who you are, ie if you work for the club or what, but I like the cut of your jib, anyone posting positivity in these uncertain times is alright with me. 👍
  14. You’re lucky he didn’t tell you you’d got German Diesels. 😉
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