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  1. Square steering wheel model Owd miner ?
  2. No, no, my comment was fact, you are the smart arse comment specialist.
  3. I was sticking up for you, you daft t**t. Oh and it’s 50 years this season for me following Derby so take your puny 45 years and shove them up your arse. 😆
  4. Don’t give him the time of day mate, all he does is scour threads for posts he can contradict/ leave a smart arse comment to.
  5. Stoke 1 Rams 2 FRGS Keogh, bullet header, goalie never moved kind of thing.
  6. Bet Rowett’s got his application in already. 😉
  7. This is good to see John, hope they’re having a great time. 👍
  8. If you snooze you lose, on the bright side, you can get the hoover out tomorrow afternoon instead. 😉
  9. I was telling my lad about this app as he’s going to the Reading festival next week, thought it could be handy if he’s in a huge field of people and he sees someone unwell or something...I got the rolling eyes treatment. I still think it’s a great idea.
  10. If William Shatner married Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, would she be Stevie Shatner Nicks ?
  11. Alright lads, which one is it ? Struggling or competent ?
  12. I believe that is the modus operandi, after a loss, first in gets the privilege and keeps it until another loss.
  13. I quite enjoy it when Curtains goes off on a tangent, when he slips in an “Eh ? Where did that come from” ? moment.
  14. Oh yes, you can’t just go starting match threads willy nilly.
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