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  1. We shouldn’t have put ourselves in this position but we did and went to the EFL and said we’re in a bit of a pickle and this is what we propose to rectify the situation, can you see any problems with this proposal? We were told to tweak some figures which we did and asked for confirmation that would suffice and were then informed everything was in order. We would not have done what we did without express permission from the EFL. They were our authority and we acted in good faith throughout.
  2. This is the road I’m going down an’ all, I can’t fathom the EPL’s apparent compulsion to placate Middlesbrough/ Gibson. Has Gibson got them bang to rights about something ? 🤔 Changing the subject, SSN are reporting Marriott’s still unavailable. Where’s that rolls eyes emoji?
  3. I concur and like your analogy, to me, we’re only in bother if the independent panel isn’t as independent as we think/thought.
  4. I fear this Investment Close is about to turn into a cul-de-sac ☹️
  5. If the EFL were pushed by Gibson, and I believe that he has influenced them, I just can’t think what he must have on them for them to backtrack on their initial approval of our plans, it makes me wonder just exactly how independent the independent panel looking into this fiasco will actually be.
  6. Middlesbrough 1 down after 6 minutes at Fulham. Oh dear how sad never mind.
  7. Don’t under any circumstances start smoking “to keep in” with lads at school, you’ll move away from Derby when you are 18 an never see them again, so duck ‘em. Don’t spend 10 years “out to lunch” you will regret the time you wasted and the money spent. Get yourself a Rottweiler, you will get one when you’re 58, and wish you’d got one years ago.
  8. BOOM...Mel Morris fires broadside at the EFL. EFL’s credibility sunk without trace...
  9. And on top of all this, bloody Lawrence is probably gonna start on Satdee. ☹️
  10. @eezzeetiger & @Red_Dawn not logged in yet ? Maybe somebody’s nicked Nottingham’s Internet. 😉
  11. The smug smog will no doubt be very pleased with himself this evening.
  12. The agent is not right Curtains, all he’s thinking about is lining his own pockets, if the Euros weren’t on this summer where Bielik May have been in the shop window he probably wouldn’t have said a thing about him playing against Tottenham. Here’s something to ponder, if Bielik hadn’t lacked discipline and got himself sent off, he wouldn’t have missed three games and more than likely not played in the under 23’s.
  13. https://www.pearlram.news/news/pearlram-tells-krystian-bieliks-agent-to-shut-his-trap-and-keep-his-beak-out-of-what-doesn’t-concern-him/amp/. twitter impression=true
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