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  1. Pearl Ram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Oh, and your opinion is fact right ?
  2. Pearl Ram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Or rather you were hoping Bryson was completely anonymous, correct ? Afraid you’re going to be disappointed.
  3. Pearl Ram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Second half a bit disappointing, Blackburn will be pleased with point. Fine margins though, Mounts free kick goes in as opposed to hitting the bar, might we have gone on to get two or three ? Happy with that first half though. 👏
  4. Pearl Ram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Kinnell that ref’s quick to give them free kicks int he ?
  5. Pearl Ram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Well, if old Curtains comes on here bemoaning that first half performance I’ll have to take him task. Yeah it’s not been a cracking performance but I really feel we’ve been a smidge away from a textbook move and goal on a couple of occasions, I’m enjoying what we’re trying to do and think with a little bit of luck one of these moves are going to pay off. Well played lads. 👏
  6. Pearl Ram

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 Rovers 2 FRGS Nugent
  7. Pearl Ram

    Rotherham Security

    I’ve no doubt DCFC have been brilliant, they’ll know and understand Joel’s history and the urgency in getting him away from the ground, and while I applaud their support, and feel a little pride at their compassion for your family, it’s not their place to be brilliant in this instance, it’s chuffin’ Rotherham Uniteds place and they chose not to step up to the plate. Big up to Michael Johnson mind, speaks volumes about the man. 👏
  8. Pearl Ram

    Rotherham Security

    The injustice of this would boil my you know what, making you out to be a bucket mouthed aggressor to save his lying skin. There ain’t much you can do when ranks are closed in order to sweep something under the carpet, it ain’t right but they’ll never look into it properly. The only consolation I can offer you is a lot of people on here believe your version of events and are not surprised Rotherham United chose to deal with this unsavoury matter in a halfhearted manner and apportion blame in your direction. We know what’s what John, eff ‘em. 😉
  9. Pearl Ram

    Few idiots spoil the day

    Can’t see what you are apologising for Premier, you asked them to stop or they would be enlightened, they chose to abuse and attempt to assault one of your party, you took matters into your own hands, I say capital old boy, capital. 👏
  10. Pearl Ram

    Baked Beans

    Don’t cal me Vicky and no, it wasn’t. 😉
  11. Pearl Ram

    Baked Beans

    It’s probably still on their website. 😉 (This Morning, Friday’s edition)
  12. Pearl Ram

    Rotherham Security

    Did the police have bodycams on John ? Might be handy if they did. Really sorry to read about your experience and hope you get an explanation and apology from RUFC. Best wishes to you all.
  13. Pearl Ram

    Baked Beans

    Par for the course in Bangkok, Friday morning on a main television channel ? Bizarre.
  14. Pearl Ram

    Baked Beans

    I saw a lady do something with a tin of beans on This Morning yesterday with Eamon and Ruth, I couldn’t believe what daytime television has reduced itself to, suffice to say if I described it I’d be in bother. It’s bound to be on their website if anyone can be arsed.

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