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  1. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Bravo to the lads for getting something out of a game I thought our dominance would see us win. I can’t fault Rowett’s approach to the game, carelessness by players cost us both goals, not his instructions. It would have been a travesty to have got nothing out of the game but I can’t help feeling cheesed of Cardiff have extended their lead over us.
  2. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Bloody hell, (guess who had Vydra FRGS) great time to get a leveller. We’re the better side, bad goal to give away but no other criticism from me.
  3. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Surprise surprise.
  4. Derby County vs Leeds United

    This co commentator takes every chance he can to criticise us, he’s peeing me off. Yeah I’m pee’d off Leeds have scored but we’re making chances and on another night we could have been at least a couple in front. Come on lads, get stuck in.
  5. Derby County vs Leeds United

    I noticed them Carl and it struck me he’s been working on his kicking, he has been fairly poor with his clearances not too long ago.
  6. Derby County vs Leeds United

    What a block from Keogh....great stuff.
  7. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Here we go, best of luck lads, COME ON YOU RAMSSSS.
  8. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 Leeds 1 FRGS Vydra (pen)
  9. Derby County vs Leeds United

    He’s sticking with Nuge, hope he get’s a bit of service, love Nuge me but he needs a performance tonight. COYR 🐑
  10. Get To Know Each Other

    I am Pearl Ram, I like Dogs, Drums and Derby County. And Watches. And cake. I don’t like marzipan.
  11. Premonition special

    End to end football ? Was Rowett unwell and Wassall took over for the night ?
  12. Our New Weapon

    He’s Bryl, creem of our midfielders.
  13. RamsTV

    Have we got a Vatican Ram signed up ? 🤔
  14. Derby County vs Leeds United

    We need to get crosses in between the penalty spot and the 6 yard box, that Leeds goalie is hesitant on crosses, both Bristol’s goals came from long throw ins he never dealt with. I’d be tempted to put Nuge ( much as I love him but he’s not been on it lately) on the bench and have Jerome give the goalie a dig early on just to mark his card.
  15. Your all time classic tracks

    Ian Paice is one of my heroes, got my kit through him as he’s a big deal at Pearl drums and best mates with my sister and brother in law. He’s been kind enough to send me stuff I now treasure, nice man. This is probably my favourite DP track, Ian’s playing and Blackmore’s riff just fill me with joy. Marvellous.

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