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  1. Mods

  2. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Did he mention me by name ?
  3. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    We’re they not beating Reading 2-0 ? The clue is in beating, I didn’t say beat.
  4. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Look at Bolton, beating Reading 2-0, you know that Reading that put 4 past us. Poor attempt mate.
  5. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Fear not, we’ve got the obligatory 10-15 minutes of decent stuff straight after break to look forward to, might get your 3 goals then. (I only need 2, went 3-1 Vydra FRGS)
  6. v QPR (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 QPR 1 FRGS Vydra.
  7. Toilet breaks in class

    Did it make you feel good ?
  8. irrational hatreds

    I think that about pick up trucks, particularly ones that don’t pick anything up driven by roughty toughty hard men.
  9. Rising tide of performance?

    Same with me Ella, while I’ve written (and believe) Rowett is not the man to deliver us a sustainable place in the Premier League AND I dislike him, I’ve never asked/wanted/demanded his removal. I’ve just read a post by @wixman1884 that resonated with me, a lot of my optimism has disappeared, I can’t even hazard a guess at the prediction league til an hour or so before kick off because I can’t predict who’s starting any particular match...apart from Carson and Huddlestone . The fact that the under 23’s are now the polar opposite to the first team after we were all told of the seamless transition from one squad to another is another example of my growing apathy, they change their philosophy when it suits them, and we’re all expected to just go along with it without question. (Or if you do, you get asked what planet you’re on.)
  10. Bentley

    I used to drive a bloke about in his turbo R, the view of the contours of the bonnet/wings from the drivers seat was exquisite. Lovely to drive, powerful as flip (as you would imagine) nice layout and very very comfortable. He sold it and bought a Phantom, that was the last word, doubt I’ll ever drive a better car, buggar to park in London mind, too long for a lot of parking spaces.
  11. Will Hughes Watch

    Hand on heart, I’m not bothered whether Rowett stays or goes, it is not within my power to influence Mel so I don’t lose any sleep over him, I think he’s a bit of a nob twit, yes.
  12. Will Hughes Watch

    And that’s fair enough so why do you give those that don’t like Rowett a hard time ?
  13. Will Hughes Watch

    Wiiiiillllllll, get in son.
  14. Rising tide of performance?

    Good post Ilkley. I get no pleasure from what I’ve posted since yesterday’s game, I just go on my gut reaction, I posted on here in July or August I was quite prepared to write the season off and see what Rowett could make of what he’d been dealt. Yesterday’s first half performance wouldn’t have got a reaction out of me if it came in the first few weeks of his tenure but we’re six months down the line so I feel I have to question his methods. I think he’s a bluffer (to put it politely) I hate the way he talks i.e.”we need to move some bodies in and out” the famous “in the building” and other sound bites I’ve heard from him, it all points to a man who thinks highly of himself with little to back up that opinion in my experience. I believe there are half a dozen managers in this league who would have this squad playing better and would have won us more points than Rowett in his time with us. Sorry.
  15. What’s the missing ingredient ?


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