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  1. ...with Pullis as his assistant
  2. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry superzac, have a cheers instead.
  3. I think all we need is bonding session for the lads.
  4. Can’t help thinking the club have been very lenient with them, I mean, wealthy young men, “What shall we do with them ?” “I know, we’ll fine them, that’ll punish them” I would have preferred a 4 game ban, similar to the way I’d deprive my lads of their X Box/PS 4 when they were on the naughty step, give ‘em time to reflect on the error of their ways. Having written that, the club have decided a fine is sufficient, I disagree with them but I move on and leave it there.
  5. A load of bad ass German Shepherds can be quite persuasive.
  6. Aye, he’s just a bad Eddie wannabe. 😉
  7. That was some goal there from Rashford, take a bow son. 👏
  8. Pearl Ram


    The dog’s beautiful Bigfella but I think you’re showing off a bit putting your house in the photo. 😉
  9. Bloody hell, went to press the return button after changing my mind about what I was thinking and pressed the submit button by mistake, sorry everyone. 👍
  10. Has anyone seen or read any kind of statement from him ?
  11. David...we need a mortified emoji 😉
  12. Best bloody badge/crest in the league that bar none.
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