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  1. Honestly ? I think I’m going to save mowing the lawns on Saturday til 3 and then just check the full time result. I know it’s ridiculous but I was in a right old state til we got that penalty on Monday.
  2. It’s all cool TT, put your head above the parapet and you’re there to be shot at, got no problem with anybody not liking it. 😁
  3. If I had feelings you pair would have hurt ‘em. 🤣 That shirt would look great teamed up with black Levi jeans and my highly polished blue DM boots. As for the players, white shorts, white or blue socks depending on oppositions colours. Get with the beat.
  4. Never a better time to right that wrong then, there will be plenty of time between May and August for negativity so I’m going to try and be positive until such a time the maths tell me it’s not happening. Even then I think still being in the picture at the end of April is something to be pleased about. Yeah Frank’s got to demonstrate he’s learned some lessons this season but all in all I think he’s done alright. 8/10.
  5. You are a marvel, I love it, love it.
  6. Cheeky forum proprietor. Anyway, it’s a second kit shirt, never worked out how to give it a round neck, or white Ram facing left, and white sponsor logo. Winner winner chicken dinner. 👍
  7. I’ve just been trying to do a mock up shirt and got so far and couldn’t add our crest and sponsor, looked great an’ all. ☹️
  8. Aye. (See what I did there ?)
  9. Ghastly, how it ever got passed the prototype stage is beyond me...and the Ram is facing the wrong way.
  10. The third one is a bit busy for me but I’m old and into the more plain design, the first two ain’t bad mind.
  11. I assume a good looking woman at the SFA has come to his attention. 😉
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