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  1. Messers Tiger and Dawn send their apologies for their absence this evening, apparently the Internet is broken in their area.
  2. You are the second person to post about the atmosphere in the East Stand today, @reverendo de duivel posted he left early as he feared he would end up enlightening some big gob, it’s a shame people feel they have to remove themselves from toxic situations at their home ground.
  3. Got to say I’m concerned we’re on a slippery slope and Cocu doesn’t know the best way to correct it or if he does, the players are not buying it.
  4. Yikes, just saw this thread, Happy Birthday @rynny Have a great evening 👍
  5. Imagine if we nicked this 2-1, I mean I’d take it in a heartbeat but you’d have to say we’d have mugged them.
  6. Fletcher - “ I didn’t realise you were quite so Shiite Tom” Lawrence - “Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet”
  7. Jesus Christ and the orphans...man we’re poor.
  8. Drawing at home to Boro ain’t play off contention form mind, just sayin’ 😉 Other results have gone in your favour tonight, you could have gone third, some might call that careless.
  9. Proper football man who possessed a very good sense of humour too. RIP.
  10. Some might say they’re in a ‘careful what you wish for’ situation, good job that couldn’t happen to us eh ? 😉
  11. Looks like a penis colada to me.
  12. With all due respect VG, while being a valued member of this forum, you opinion carries a tad less weight than Musks. If you had called the gentleman what Musk did I doubt it would have attracted global attention, therefore his reputation wouldn’t have been brought into question the world over.
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