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  1. Catch up with all the highlights, goals of the Scottish Highland Football League at SHFL TV. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOkSQkoS58F1tWy-EG9F5Xw
  2. C'mon Harrogate Town. (v Portsmouth) on BT Sport now.
  3. I wasn't there, I was far away, but I stayed as close as I could be through the Radio, BBC, teletext, and the news papers, and any thing that brought me closer to my beloved D.C.F.C. You are my Derby, my only Derby, you'll never notice how much I'll miss you, until you take my Derby away..........
  4. Some also chose to say Night, then like a kid chose to sneak back downstairs to carry on behaving like a spoilt brat. Oh why and how thousands and thousands of folk were killed and had to go through so much pain for the pain of social media love and all the rest of modern life in the gutter. D.C.F.C Lest We Forget. All Derby Aren't We?
  5. The only dissapointing aspect of today is to read on here again our fans choosing to upset other Rams fans over a game of football. Many folks lost their lives, many folks lost their loved ones in wars to give others a better way of life. Respect to NFFC & DCFC. Move on, respect one another. D.C.F.C Love, Life & Unity.
  6. "He's got a pointy nose, he's got a pointy nose, he's got a pointy nose, wherever he goes, wherever he goes, he's got a pointy nose..........Shinnie, Shinnie!" Very frosty in Aberdeenshire today, -1, I just popped out and then opted to pop back in again! Any Rams fans in the area, get yourself in the Commercial Inn, Inverurie, for today's game, should be about 9 of us. Hopefully our fans are very vocal before kick off, during the game and after the game and everyone has a great day out. Give us a big wave for the Sky TV camera's. D.C.F.C. Love, Life & Unity.
  7. Whatever happens today..........
  8. Back to bed?........Yeah but when I call it, you ignore it......keep them requests coming!
  9. @angieram get back to bed, far too early, to start thinking about the housework, but if we are doing requests, here you are.
  10. Step back rain..........step back sniffer dogs.............red knickers are on already for Darren England.
  11. Anyway, when are we all getting Rooney hair transplants?, so we are all ready, for the Wayne Rooney debut for Derby County. I think Mel should get one, and then treat all the baldies at Derby for one. Nice little RamsTV Derby in the Community video of thousands of Rams fans putting there trust in some company fixing us all up with a wonderful hair transplant. @David and @uttoxram75 first and second after Mel and then the rest of us baldies just pile in afterwards, none of this fancy having to make an appointment like giving blood these days. Just turn up at the Wayne Rooney Hair Transplanter School of Hardknox and bingo! Ohhhhh he looks good in black..................it helps the hair to shine on!
  12. For those that missed tonight's match. It's available to watch here.
  13. Derby County........far bigger than a Football Club.
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