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  1. Good to see the coaches are celebrating being back at training with a wee bottle of champagne attached to the hip!
  2. Thanks @loweman2. I've got a feeling I asked the same question on here several years ago, and told myself then, Roy McFarland, well I'm not going to forget that, whilst tidying up some old folders. On this occasion I've popped a yellow sticky in the card, just a matter of time before the yellow sticky falls out and I'm back on here asking again! I was spending some time trying to gather all my gig tickets together, when I stumbled on this again. I think I found most of my gig tickets, I've found 70 of The Wedding Present gig tickets I've attended so far,and I think I've lost about 10 of them over the years through either venues keeping the ticket stub when you entered the gig or them playing at various festivals and again not having a stub or me loosing them through being drunk or miss filing them etc. It also encouraged me to set up files for my two boys with their initial ticket stubs and programmes. My eldest lad has his first Aberdeen H,A, Derby H,A and Wembley, Scotland H and England A and a various section Dundee H, Dundee Utd H and Inverurie Locos H. With badges for his first Aberdeen H, Derby H, Scotland H games. My youngest lad has his first Aberdeen H. Tried getting a badge for Aberdeen v Hamilton Academicals 2019/20 and think I have more chance of winning the lottery!
  3. Looking for some help here. @loweman2 any ideas on these 2 autographs from 1985? I received this Christmas card as a teenager and I'm not sure who the autographs are. The best guess I can give is Gordon Guthrie and Gary Micklewhite. Can anyone correct/confirm who they are?
  4. I'm not knocking us. I was just posting what I've witnessed us do on the many occasions I've attended home games over the years or what I've heard coming through the media channels when watching us, but that is only based on limited games so a regular fan is likely to have a better overall reflection on our home atmosphere performances are and I agree with you we are not perfect but we're better than most. I personally prefer watching us away live as when we are good at it, we are usually very good at it. The latest FA Cup game at home, or how it appeared and sounded through the media channels was how the Man United fans took control, and then how the Man United players took control on the pitch.
  5. Regarding our crowd we have the numbers, but a lot of the time lack the noise, players respond to positive support. Unfortunately we sometimes invite the away fans back into the game and the away teams fans respond and their team respond accordingly and then the negativity, the moans and groans take over and all our initial positivity is lost as are the levels of performance given by our players who are only human like ourselves. Unfortunately far too many of our crowd believe that as the players are being paid massive wages then whatever positive or negative noises they choose to make has no impact on our players performance.
  6. Oooooooh don't you just love a pair of German balls..................
  7. I'm not looking forward to letting them go forever, outside in the big bad world, this evening!
  8. It's a good job I had my big lense out today. First exclusive photo of our boys back at training today, looking fit as ever. Stay Safe. Stay Fit. Stay Connected.
  9. I didn't switch games, but I thought I'd get up from my seat, to stop myself dropping off, so I went to stretch my legs, popped through the back to see if our first butterfly fancied stretching it's wings.......so did I miss any goals?
  10. It appears I might have brought along my lucky no goals seen ratio from last week into watching this game. Goals at all the other games except this one so far. Should I switch games?
  11. A comprehensive list of Derby County books by David Moore. http://www.derbycountymemories.co.uk/read-all-about-it-a-comprehensive-list-of-Derby-county-books-by-david-moore
  12. Guess What Ground Paul is at 2020 https://mobile.twitter.com/PaulHeatonSolo?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  13. I got criticised by one or so on a thread when Frank Lampard was appointed and I put something along the lines of, it's a shame he's a spiv, a Chelsea man through and through etc. And that's what he was when he joined us, when he was with us and when he left us, so I'm a bit confused why anybody would get upset by any of his actions. I think the main point here is, it's a shame their are not any coaches, managers out there as passionate about Derby County as he is Chelsea, or better still someone like Chris Wilder at Sheffield United, who would join us and better still, make us successful as we can be. Hopefuly Philip Cocu stays safe, stays fit and stays connected with us for a very long time to bring us all the success we crave. If not maybe Super Jake Buxton will come back to us down the line and be the man that can.
  14. Dropkick Murphy's & Bruce Springsteen Fri 29th May 2020, 11pm BST on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/events/319622569028787/
  15. Tim Burgess Rough Trade Sat 23rd May 2020, 6pm BST on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/roughtrade/
  16. The lads response after @MuespachRam has insisted on an alcohol ban. It's just milk or tizer from now on!
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