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  1. What do I think? @Carl Sagan your twisting my melons man.......call the cops!
  2. Next time I'm in Inverness I will do. I was there in December, had a few pints in The Phoenix before seeing Martin Stephenson live at Eden Court. Well you brought your Hibee luck with you tonight! Hope you have a better night in the pubs! We'd of been better off just sticking Kevin Harper on the pitch, by himself he would have taken on more players, put in more crosses and had more shots on goal even if he was sat in the stand!
  3. The best bit about RamsTV or probably my IPad is that it went off just at the moment the Millwall player went through on goal. Spent the next 30 seconds whacking my IPad saying "is life just about whacking poxy buttons and I've missed their poxy goal So I still haven't seen the g
  4. I waded into RamsTV also. I should have gone to the pub instead and watched the bar girl press the red button about 72 times and tell me it's not working, a bit like our football and latest sponsorship!
  5. 1 shot on target all night. And again you knew that result was coming, we've only beaten them once in about the last 6 meetings. We win a free kick in there half and seconds later we are picking the ball out of our net again. Millwall didn't have to do much to win the game, they just waited for us to gift it to them. They will probably knock Brighton out of the FA Cup also, by being composed, organised, strong and as big as them. We'd get out muscled by Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs!.....same old story Craig Bryson & Co running around creating Brad Pitt and Dave Nuggent having a laugh about it all, when giving the ball away again. It's so predictable, with a lazy and non effective midfield creating nothing for the forwards to work with. No pace from TH, no creativity from HW and Craig Bryson eventually getting put through to either let the ball go out for a goal kick or not able to beat the first man with a cross. We are now hoping for defenders to get up in the box to score goals. We just plod along, we created more under Gary Rowett and he got slated and we gave Millwall a proper doing under Nigel Clough. We need to be able to mix our style of play based on the opposition because what we are currently trying to do is not great to watch, and is currently not working and is currently not any better than the football under Clement at times. I'm not looking forward to Forest on Monday night and it will be another battle, and if Rowett sussed us out at Stoke, it's not going to take much for O'Neil and Keane to follow suit playing a similar style of Stoke and Millwall etc.
  6. Welcome to dcfcfans @Hibee visitor. I am from Hull but live in Inverurie now and Inverurie is my home and I'm a fully pledged member of the Aberdeenshire Rams as per @2tups @Ramadonna @Ramadonna9 @Rampian @Elgin_Ram @CWC1983 @campavanram. Plenty of other Scottish Rams including @Edinburgh ram @EdinburghRam @Glasgow-ram @GlasgowRam @Dundeeunitedfan @ScotchRam We have a few Derby County fans on this forum that either live or are from Scotland including the mighty Aberdeenshire Rams, see link below includes Tartan Army Derby County Saltire Flag. Other photos of such flag also in the Derby County Flags topic see link below. Enjoy the game and I hope you keep your eye on the mighty Derby County Football Club in the future. I've been to the Hibs ground a few times including a trip to Paul Kane's bar and I took a couple of Derby fans in Nov 2017 to see them lose at home against St Johnstone. I've seen them many times live against Aberdeen also.
  7. Bus from The Brewery Tap to PP?....Good pub, craft beers etc. https://brewerytap-dbc.co.uk/ Good pubs on route to PP are to start in The Silk Mill, across the road to The Dolphin, down the road and via left a bit at roundabout at the big building (Court House) into The Brewery Tap, if you miss the bus walk down to The Exeter, or start off in The Smithfield and head along the river across the road to The Brunswick Inn & The Alexander and follow the crowd from there to PP. After the game plenty of pubs in Derby from the likes of The Neptune (Derby stuff on walls, St George boys etc) The Old Bell Hotel (Derby were formed in there) The Flowerpot (music cover bands) & The Bless (student, disco, dj's etc) Sure other posters will mention plenty of good pubs on here. Enjoy the game and bring us some luck.
  8. Yes seen them live at the Glasgow Barrowlands. Top notch. They are playing there again on this tour, but it's a Thursday night I think, and I have far too many other gigs lined up, so will unfortunately give them a miss this time around.
  9. Not really they beat us in the league at Millwall and would of probably duffed us up and out of the cup, so maybe not a missed opportunity. Here's hoping we don't miss the opportunity of giving em a good battering on Wednesday.
  10. We'll make top 6 if our fans get right behind our team, believe in our team, stay positive, sing their heads, chests and boobies off, and our football club responds by playing right proper sexy football that delivers us all into the play offs on fire and we make Wembley and we give whoever a right proper walloping and we all have a right proper knees up in London Town and nobody has any time on their hands to produce, or to worry about anything said on a podcast or on a thread on a football forum. Sounds like the Red Army are enjoying themselves at Stamford Bridge, having a good sing song. What are our Club 84 up too?......getting all hot and bothered with podcasts?
  11. Working?......what are you doing Trainspotting or working with the Filth? We are all still waiting for our preseason game with your lot, so we can all get pished and pished on in Leith! Enjoy the game and get stuck into them orrible southerners!
  12. It will, unless you live in Inverurie and have to suffer bar girls and bar men wiggling leads, pressing the red button umpteen times, switching sky boxes on and off, scratching their heads, looking at the Aberdeenshire Rams painfully looking back at them as nothing happens on the screen, including Brentford v Aston Villa. I'm thinking of investing £10 on RamsTV this week, but that sounded like it struggled to perform for Ipswich also.
  13. Soon as I saw we weren't playing in our winning grey cup shirts I knew we'd lose the game. Brighton just picked a load of big lads that our lightweight players ran scared of. The second goal killed us off and you could see it coming just before half time, we gave it to them on a plate, our midfield was just powder puff and has already struggled this season against teams willing to work hard to win the ball and get really stuck in there, as it became a case of our defence having to put long balls up to the front and skip out our midfield. I think Bryson was skipping back for both goals and the passage of play in the game when Tomorri threw a paddy, throwing his arms about in the air at players in front of him, as he had nobody to pass to and looked fed up of playing it across the back, summed up our poor attempt of winning this game. I was frustrated watching this game after 30 minutes and thought if we where Millwall we'd be in Brighton's faces and scrapping to put them out the FA Cup 1-0. Instead we were playing football that was only going to create if Wilson was to create, and we are relying on him far too much. Unfortunately like Bryson and Huddlestone they all struggle in the tackle and if and when they did win the ball, they often made the wrong choice of pass and we lost it quickly again, putting us on the back foot time and time again. Brighton unfortunately overtook us in the Championship and if they are ever stupid enough to get rid of their Manager he would be a great choice down the line. We are going to need aggression in our play on Wednesday night against Millwall and we don't have it in our locker yet again when we need to battle through these types of games. No point wasting energy like Bryson and Nugent have being doing for a number of games, and even Waghorn started joining in, with the runaround thing in this game. We need to be more ruthless, compact and organised and be able to play the simple pass quicker when we required to move us up the pitch with purpose. Up The Rams. We all need to work harder.
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