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  1. Anybody know who derby1884 from Aberdeen is that posted on scottish league net back in 2013? @CWC1983 Derby v Scottish Clubs (derby1884?) on scottish league net. http://www.scottishleague.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4103 Derby v Scottish Clubs on Derby County Memories. http://www.derbycountymemories.co.uk/Derby-v-scottish-clubs
  2. Aberdeenshire Rams. Stay safe at home and enjoy our wonderful Duane Holmes.
  3. After a full on rainy day in Aberdeenshire. News of some pubs shutting down due to.the latest outbreak. Pour yourself a drink at home, relax, enjoy the Play Off Final and our wonderful Beverley Boy.
  4. Hope all Aberdeenshire Rams are fit and well in the current climate. Ex Aberdeen and Derby player Max Lowe talks about his time up in Aberdeen on this podcast. Enjoy.
  5. It's the Derby Way.............again. Goodbye Martin. Welcome our replacement. ....but then again Rodders.....this time next year we"ll be millionaires!
  6. It's amazing to think that some people still believe that the police, stewards and security guards would be interested in catching some criminals! Stewards will be too busy making sure parents haven't smuggled healthy food into the ground to feed their kids after already spending about £100 plus to see us get shafted at home by Millwall. Or too busy shouting at their own fans to behave or sit down when creating a positive supporting atmosphere. Security guards will be hiding from the Police to make sure they don't get nabbed for all their dodgy schemes. Police will be too busy f
  7. We are a family. We stick together.
  8. Derby County Kit History Established 1884 https://est1884.com/ This site is great and has some wonderful images of our strips at BBG and Pride Park and also includes the classic trackie tops from back in the day. Including the umbro ones worn by Brian Clough. The umbro saab tracksuit top as seen on this thread and owned by @loweman2 And other tracksuit tops that @loweman2and @Quangywould love to own, the red, the yellow, the magnificent speedo and the admiral centenary tracksuit tops.
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