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  1. Trains from London Bridge to Charlton Train Station then 6 min walk to The Valley for The Aberdeenshire Rams. Other Transport & Ground Information from Charlton Athletic Official Website.
  2. @OUTSIDER I've been watching tonight's game against Croatia and I've tried and failed to spot you so far. Welsh Football Flags@WelshFootyFlags Twitter. Here's some others I've spotted on the web from other games.
  3. Who did you noble?............The Three Degrees perhaps!
  4. Stand up.......yes he is......Duane Holmes (repeat loads of times)
  5. @OwenB87 David Swindlehurst and Alan Biley On the RamsTV meets?....................
  6. I saw Lloyd Cole at The Tivoli, Aberdeen on Tue 8th Oct 2019. Perfect as ever. Seen him a dozen or so times over the years, including gigs where he's played with or without The Commotions, his son, and many others including Kevin Francis as per the current tour. Here he is in Dundee the other night.
  7. Ashby Rams having a party..............Rooney! Rooney! Rooney!
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