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  1. Yep both my boys have opted for Liverpool and I nearly like them as much as you do!.... ....I did really try to get them to support DCFC, (honest, your honour!) but I think them seeing me, looking depressed and suicidal on a very regular basis, put them off!
  2. I've voted Rooney in, we have given him, his first attempt at being a coach, we were bottom of the league, he helped us get out of the bottom three, we are still in the fight, he believes we are not going down. He is picking players he believes in, to win us the points we require. The majority of fans on here, at some point, and more recently, have called out the majority of the coaching staff, the squad, the recruitment team, the owner, the new owner, the financial staff, the EFL, the officials and even I have called out on a few occasions how we struggle more often than not, with Wisdom
  3. Brilliant bag. This bag brings back great memories of going to high school in Hull, in the early 80s where I noticed an elder lad at our school riding his Raleigh Racing bike with cowhorn handlebars and having this Derby County bag as his school bag. I never met the lad, as I only ever saw him whizzing past me as I walked a mile too and back from school everyday, for a couple of years before moving up North. I always thought wow, what a cool guy, and how great it was to have another Derby County fan at the same school.
  4. I don't think any of the subs had a part to play in conceding a corner and not defending a corner for Blackburn's first goal or falling on their backsides to give Blackburn the ball to create their second goal either. We went 1-0 up in a game, and the usual suspects that started the game had a massive part to play in conceding the goals that lost the game also.
  5. Come on Wayne. Come on Derby County. Make weekends and week days enjoyable again!
  6. I've been on this forum for years and never started a match day thread yet. I thought tonight was my chance, but I've now just realised I've wasted the last 40 minutes of my life typing an e-mail to myself ready to copy and paste in to here, only to be defeated by @Sean It's not easy being a Derby County fan, that is a fact, no quotes, no screenshots required, but if I see a cat I'm going to kick it up the Arsenal.
  7. Nobody seems to be mentioning Huddersfield Town, with a worse goal difference than us, they have to play Forest away, Barnsley at home, Blackburn away, Coventry home then Reading away. So if you are looking for a bit more yorkshire misery, the Town could go down.
  8. I TRUST Wayne Rooney. He is Derby County Football Club. I TRUST Joel. He is Derby County Football Club. I TRUST Derby County Football Club. My Football Club. At a time when our club needs us supporters the most, at a time especially, supporting them for supporting us in our community. D.C.F.C. Love, Life & Unity.
  9. I should have took my time washing the pots........I know I should have.......... Goodnight all.
  10. Bitter frustration.........Johnno's sucking a Lemon now!
  11. Sofa frustrating Johnno.............have you tried Shackletons?
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