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  1. ........oh no we aren't!...................
  2. Brilliant. I've waited about 30 years to see us, get stuck in like that. We learned from the Birmingham game and the correct team was picked and the players worked for the club and fans. So many teams have played us and got results from us by being ugly, in this league, so many times, time and time again, we have to be ugly at times, and tonight we were ugly, but beautiful at the same time. Our fans were wonderful throughout. I love Derby County Football Club. Well done Wayne Rooney. D.C.F.C. Love, Life & Unity.
  3. Especially for @2tups. Hull Kingston Rovers fans can do it.
  4. On a positive note @Owen87ITK wears a jazzy shirt that sparkles on the RamsTV debrief of the Birmingham City game. Keep The Faith. Up The Rams.
  5. Just like watching Mike Tyson v A Paper Bag, with the officials penalizing the paper bag for getting in Mike Tyson's way. Unfortunately the championship has a lot of ugly physical teams in it that will bite your ears off to get 3 points, and teams like us, that made a silly back pass in the cup v Sheff Utd, and clearly haven't learned the basics of the game yet, to repeat the process again, as you look before you pass, and again, we panicked for the second goal, putting the ball down the line badly, and made mistake after mistake to concede again. On a positive note the paper bag, blew about a bit in the ring, but the heavy blows, were struck once again, and the paper bag crumpled up against street fighters that punch better and know how to get away with the ugly stuff in a so called beautiful game.
  6. And we better stay well away from this song!
  7. We can't sing both of these, especially the second one!
  8. ..........she's defending in Aberdeen at the moment, in the middle of the wall. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/aberdeens-massive-pat-butcher-mystery-solved-and-it-probably-wasnt-michael-gove/
  9. Shay Given in goals. Wayne Rooney left midfield. And @B4ev6is dressed as a whistle. Who's watching Soccer Aid?
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