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  1. Will you ever learn?.........Have you not seen this all before?.............keep on waiting............it's the hope and the over hyping that will destroy us once again........Think again and again.......
  2. @B4ev6is you are more likely to win it. England could play nearly every game at Wembley and still find a way to mess it up, after the English press and media get ahead of themselves as usual, and get carried away and start predicting who they will meet in whatever round, before qualifying for such, and then when it falls apart are quick and ready to stab everyone involved in the back or front for letting the country down, and finding someone to blame and to hang out to dry. One win, is a great start for us, but let's not get carried away, like we have done for at least the last 50 years o
  3. Ave it again......Ukraine going all the way...........
  4. I bought this Derby County CD about 25 years ago, and it has the 3 Derby County songs featured on this website plus many others. I used to mix them into various big phat tunes that I was dropping on to the dancefloors and various boutique 's back in the day! The Rams Songs - A Celebration of Derby County https://www.allmusic.com
  5. Hope all the Aberdeenshire Rams are fit and well and ready to enjoy Euro 2020 in 2021. What were we all doing in Aberdeen 1987? Here's The XCERTS to sing about Aberdeen 1987.
  6. I started watching Time last night, enjoying it, I would imagine @MuespachRam is glued to this, I heard he loves watching dodgy horrible Scousers especially ones that have been sent to prison!
  7. Proper nice guy is Jacob Laursen. Great player for us, and great to see him coaching the kids with Adam Bolder.
  8. I have the tracksuit top version of this, I like it.
  9. German Newspaper..........quite good with fish & chips & mushy peas & scraps, with lashings of vinegar!
  10. It will happen in the future. We have to be more optimistic with our football club. And as a collective, as a team, us fans play a massive part to our football club. We have a loyal fanbase in Derby and all over the world, with potential of growth, and if our team becomes successful on the pitch. Our history is an indication of what we have achieved, we can still achieve a lot more. Unfortunately many of our fans on here, have already written off our chances before a ball has been kicked for next season. I believe we are going to achieve again. We are still a Championship football club wi
  11. Time flies when you get older.........we started a previous season with the friendly away at Glasgow Rangers. I can't believe it was 7 years ago when I took my four year old boy to the Quad Pride & Passion Exhibition.
  12. A Derby County Museum has been mentioned a few times. With big support from fans including the Rams Heritage etc @loweman2 @Quangy @C-stand, to tell the story of Derby County Football Club, to capture our history and be an attraction for current and future supporters of the club and all other visiting supporters and visitors to Derby. Great books have been written, websites, forums, blogs and all the rest, have captured the history of Derby County Football Club. But a building can capture everything in one place and tell the whole story of Derby County Football Club from the very sta
  13. Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4. Simplicity is Genius. Before corporate people ruined the game and just like in the lousy world of business these backstabbing sleaze balls in their 4x4's started calling everything with acronyms. FA, SL, PL, EFL, LAP, IDC and all the rest dressed up in their poxy suits, well they can all GTF. Unfortunately for some of us, we have to spend the weekdays at work with these backstabbing sleazeballs that climb the ladder of wealth whilst kicking others in the privates or down to the dole queue, so their own need for greed and personal w
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