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  1. Our Sibbo israel Derby County, through and through, and will drum Forest into the ground.........
  2. As it seems ok and acceptable to some of our supporters to suggest to Sack Cocu, but not ok and acceptable for me to suggest to Sack a Fan for creating such, with my thread being removed. I wonder in this world of so called equality, if this positive post will remain, to Back Cocu? A man I believe that is building a team, a squad that will succeed, who is building our players to play football that will spring into life with an organised, controlled, possession style of football with a greater attacking approach when he believes we are solid and hard to break down at the back, and I believ
  3. We used to stand up (on the terraces, on the football specials, on the coach, on the mini bus, on the van, on the job) for DCFC. Unfortunately we now sit down (on the seats, on special football, on our coach, on the mini bar, on our fans,on a forum)4dcfc#
  4. Can anyone post a better photo of the class of 46 flag than this one?
  5. Polska Rams https://mobile.twitter.com/polskarams Our Polish Rams on the training pitch look like they enjoy a laugh. @MuespachRamhas met the Polska Rams, do they like a laugh?
  6. They used to play down the beach back in the 80's. I loved drinking in the Drift Inn before seeing so many great bands in The Venue at the back of The Douglas Hotel in the 80's and 90's. The likes of The Pixies, James, Happy Mondays, The Wedding Present, The Icicle Works, Husker Du, Martin Stephenson & The Daintees etc. I spent a lot of my teenage years in both places, and drinking many cans of Red Stripe in The Venue!
  7. Nice photos @Coconut The first photo would look lovely in the Derby County Flags thread. In the past I would have popped it in their myself. But since the last couple of upgrades, I can no longer post on my iPad, and now I have to get up before the kids, or when they go to bed, and hide when on their Kindle before they find me to get their gadget back, but to try and post and save images or attaching photos on the Kindle, well it is a nightmare, but probably great news for a lot of folks on here! Up the DCFC ladies.
  8. Don't tell Bradley he's in the wrong place, he still thinks he's signed for Hull Kingston Rovers......... Say no more..........
  9. @2tupsand I of the Aberdeenshire Rams will stick with The Moldy Peaches..........
  10. @Van der MoodHooveryour welcome to join the Aberdeenshire Rams down The Moorings (now Krakatoa) enjoying Aberdeen Punks Toxic Ephex and all the rest. Grab the mic and sing up!
  11. Crikey if that's your big glass of red, I'd hate to see your small one!.................
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