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  1. Aberdeenshire Rams including the Stonehaven Rams will be watching Derby County v West Brom on Sat 24th Aug 12:30 Sky Sports in Troupers Bar Stonehaven. www.troupersbar.co.uk The match is on at the same time as Norwich City v Chelsea, but Troupers bar has 2 screens and can show both matches. If your a Derby fan and if you live or work in the Aberdeenshire area and wish to join some other Derby fans to watch the game, then please come along and cheer the Rams on with us.
  2. ...................c'mon sing along.......you know you want too......
  3. Scunthorpe Utd 0-1 Derby County Tue 13th Aug 2019 Derby County Flags.
  4. A few new pieces are added to the team away at Scunthorpe Utd in the Caraboa Cup. A few young players shine, plus Shinnie shines like a jigsaw piece in the middle. Our fantastic away following belt out the songs including SBW. Everyone enjoys themselves, the second round draw is made, Forest away. Happy Days.
  5. I went to nam once.................... Cheltenham @BorneoRam there'll be at least 19 Rams in the nam........we're massive you know!
  6. Early night for everyone. Get yourself in your scratcher and give yourselves a good scratch! Wazzer!
  7. Yep RamsTV and everyone involved just keep on improving, keep moving on and upwards @OwenB87. Me and my lad will be at Charlton Athletic away 19th October, would be great if your RamsTV camera folk can get some footage of the Aberdeenshire Rams flag. I'll try and stick it near the Swindon Rams flag, that's always on RamsTV when you pan into the Derby crowd. Now as for one of them signed Rooney shirts.................
  8. I watched the game in Commercial Inn, Inverurie and I bought myself a pint of perroni, sat down next to a bloke with a real parrot on his shoulder!.....I had a look at my pint and it was definitely my first pint of the day......and nobody batted an eyelid to this parrot, big red and green one, looked like he was Man Utd, no blue on him, I think blue is more budgeeregar, anyway there's no joke, no gag coming, this was for real, so I looked up at the big screen and enjoyed the first half, Man Utd leading 1-0. The bloke and parrot left the pub at half time and the parrot said goodbye on the way out, and the half dozen or so folk sat on the bar stools around the bar turned around on a Sunday afternoon and wished them both a goodbye. I looked at my pint again, did a head shake and carried on as per normal and enjoyed the second half. Sometimes I wonder why I live in Scotland, I think it's for the entertainment, anyway you couldn't make it up, as for the football, I don't like the Manx, don't like the Spivs, but I'm looking forward to seeing that parrot again! And if I had one of them modern phones with a camera, I'd have taken a picture, one day I might catch up with the modern world! Up The Rams.
  9. I saw The National again, on Thursday night 7th August 2019 at the Kelvingrove Bandstand & Amphitheatre. I've seen a few bands here, including Echo & The Bunnymen, Teenage Fanclub and it's wonderful venue. Outdoor in Kelvingrove Park, summers evening, enjoying the sun going down, a few pints and wonderful music, life doesn't get any better. If you get the chance, go and enjoy a band at the bandstand.
  10. Chances created at home to Swansea, some fans are missing, empty black seats, penalty saved, Derby remain unbeaten. Some new pieces are added to Derby County Football Club. And @Inverurie Ram has taken off his Green Gloves.
  11. Has Lampard moved to Chelsea yet?........Can you remember when goalkeepers wore Green Gloves? I've been in the garden with my green gloves during the week and I popped along to Glasgow on Thursday to see these boys sing about Green Gloves and I had a few drinks before, during and after and the next day I felt like a pair of Green Gloves. Sometimes is it me or do you feel like some pieces are missing?
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