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  1. Bexley Rams and Lamby flags at San Marino tonight for Croatia U21 v England U21 Mon 29th June 2019.
  2. Just seen a Rams flag at Kanye West 2015 at Glastonbury singing Touch The Sky on BBC 2.
  3. Inverurie Ram

    Beer Thread

    I enjoyed the Westmalle Double last night @froggg I got stuck into most of the beers on the James Clay - International Bar list of the midsummer beer happening festival in Stonehaven 2019. Also tried a couple of others off the full beer list including the festival beer. http://midsummerbeerhappening.co.uk/beer/
  4. Forky...........the kids will love it. A good spork just what we need.
  5. It's not just FL's birthday tomorrow, it's also this bloke's birthday, who has a special message to each and every one of you. Up The Rams.
  6. Inverurie Ram


    Sorry @RadioactiveWaste. What made it worse, it took about 10 mins to work out that it was a penalty, as the VAR team left it with the ref to watch the screen, the ref must have watched about 20 replays before she opted to go with the attacking team, but then added no extra time on the already 4 or 5 mins extra time. Another example of the folk running the beautiful game of football doing their upmost to ruin it. And what did Argentina achieve by gaining a point, putting Scotland and themselves out of the competition.
  7. Inverurie Ram


    Too early for......... "Oh the VAR system.....Oh the VAR system....you put your left leg in, your right leg out...Oh the VAR system, put the Scottish out"?
  8. Any chance of adding a pre season friendly away at Aberdeen?......If not this season, next season perhaps?
  9. On the Aberdeen FC Official e-mail updates :- We are delighted to announce the pre-contract signing of Craig Bryson from Derby County. The midfielder, who started his career with Clyde, has enjoyed successful spells with Kilmarnock, Derby County and Cardiff City and will join up with the squad ahead of the 2019/20 campaign.
  10. How about Sandra she's bound to know everything about everything and she could sort us all out with some jam rolly polly pudding in the concourses! Plus Derby County might get some serious air time on Good Morning Britain.
  11. No....This Frank......and one or two others.......could be the making of you @SKRam and me and D.C.F.C.
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