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  1. No I've not been. Thought about it a few times, but I've sually ran out of holidays to take by this time of the year, those pesky kids! Make sure you go see Thousand Yard Stare. https://www.shiiineon.com/weekender/ I was going to go to Rockaway Beach Bognor Regis http://www.rockawaybeach.co.uk/ in January, but again, I will be skint and if I was still to go, nobody to go with, and not the the easiest to get too from here.
  2. 7-1.....Hey a lot of credit must go to the match starter new post threader .............might have to do the big match starter upper threader one day, then again that might just be one step too far......right I'm off to watch Ant & Dec DNA journey......shall we all go on a journey?.........who's coming with me?
  3. I'm not playing this game.......one of you has a go at Kevin Wilson, then a load of sheep follow with lack lustre charm. Bah Bah! Kevin Wilson was my favourite player as a kid, and is now my favourite commentator and RamsTV host as an older kid! Turn coats the lot of you...........you should be in Jail.........you should be in Jail........or so that Leeds fan keeps telling you!
  4. Enjoyed seeing The Wave Pictures again at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen Tue 12th Nov 2019. With support from Stonehaven's The New Routines https://m.facebook.com/thenewroutines/videos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  5. 8 Aberdeenshire Rams went to see She Drew The Gun at The Lemon Tree Aberdeen Sat Nov 2nd to celebrate Derby beating Boro 2-0 earlier in the day. 2 Aberdeenshire Rams enjoyed seeing SDTG support Cabbage about a year ago in The Tunnels Aberdeen.
  6. Lovely move..........no not her on the treadmill in the gym........Derby's 4th goal against Dirty Leeds!
  7. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/highland-league/locos-spot-on-as-they-down-dons/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EE Sport 2019-11-13&utm_term=EE - newsletter
  8. I must admit I only watch it to check out who's in the gym. I'm sure I saw Jim in the Gym last week, going hell for leather on the cross trainer. I think I saw Sue too, on the treadmill, before my eyes wandered off to watch the Rams convert a couple more dodgy penalties as MD and his mate celebrated behind the goal with arms aloft beside the big DCFC St George flag. C'mon George get yourself in the Gym tonight, you might meet Georgina having a Ribenna, and if you see Jim, tell him, the Rams are playing outside......... Oh I also watch to see what @angieram is wearing. I've just put on £1 bet at Ladbrokes that she'll be wearing a parrot called Peter on her right shoulder tonight and an eye patch like Gabrielle!
  9. We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds, Leeds and Leeds...............
  10. Scottish Highland Football League at SHFL TV was dead handy to catch up on 3 goals that the Aberdeenshire Rams missed on Saturday for the Inverurie Locos 4-1 Clachnacuddin game after the Forest 1-0 Derby game in the pub. The first Inverurie goal was missed when one of the Stonehaven Rams pointed out he'd been given a ribbing in the morning from his misses for wearing a pair of Cordoroy trousers, with her stating nobody wears Cordoroys! Therefore coincidentally @Inverurie Ram was also wearing his best Cordoroy trousers!, so the other Stonehaven Ram was taking the photo as two of us pointed at our best Cordoroys.......and yes whilst this was happening Inverurie Loco's scored the first goal which we missed. HT Inverurie Loco's 1-0 Clachnuccudin Half Time Aberdeenshire Rams enjoy a half time pint in the bar. We return in to the ground missing the first five minutes of the second half, we all glance up at the electronic scoreboard and notice that Inverurie Loco's are winning 3-0......... So we lost to Forest, and managed to miss the first 3 goals in the afternoon's entertainment with the temperature being about 0 degrees, thank the Lord for cozy Cordoroy's.......something I for one can rely on!
  11. Catch up with all the highlights, goals of the Scottish Highland Football League at SHFL TV. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOkSQkoS58F1tWy-EG9F5Xw
  12. C'mon Harrogate Town. (v Portsmouth) on BT Sport now.
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