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  1. Rams 1-1 Blackburn FRGS Waghorn
  2. Bogle is potentially our most valuable player. He has extraordinary skills and has a great future in the Premiership. He has been outstanding for Derby County. He is hopefully one who will get us into the Premiership in the next two seasons. Great player, great prospect. I personally think that Roos could have done better with the equaliser on Saturday but Huddersfield deserved their equaliser. COYR
  3. What is going on with Bogle. The mind bogles.
  4. The only thing that Lawrence is any good at is scoring wonder goals. Amazing shot. Equaliser as I type. Oh no.
  5. Ghost of Clough, you are the man.
  6. Who have Salzburg, Atalanta and Lyon beaten so far. Some high profile teams left in for sure.
  7. A must watch. Includes which player hit Fergie on head with a mince pie.
  8. Must win game but there are signs of an excellent style of play developing. We need a GK, striker, CH and a winger from youth or transfer market. Unbeaten run until end of season pretty much essential now. We have to make up 11 points out of 42. Preston or Brizzie need 32 points from 14 games to thwart us. That is 10 wins and 2 draws from 14 games otherwise we have a chance of play offs.
  9. Great player on the making. Dream for him playing alongside Rooney.
  10. Gary Neville sits down with Rooney on SkySpPL channel 402 now. 10pm til 11 pm
  11. Derby 2-0 Huddersfield FRGS Martin
  12. We need a reliable goalscorer, a centre half and a goal keeper. We looked classy tonight. 86percent accuracy of passing, twice as many passes as Brizzie. We need a colossus at CH and a big fast centre forward who can put chances away regularly. Waghorn should have had at least ten more goals this season from the chances that he had had. Marriott is a mystery to me. Hamer just seemed to be out of position and flapping at it tonight. Rooney is different class. Bird is learning very fast.
  13. Ten points adrift of Preston and Brizzie at present with 14 to go
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