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  1. Great player in. Needs more discipline in his play. A more reliable less gifted player could take his place if he is not careful.
  2. Brentford keep signing players who they develop and sell for good money. They are unlikely to get automatic promotion but it is a model that suits them. Villa got five quality expensive loans in to add to their good players which got them promotion. We need to blood younger players which veers to the Brentford model. This is why I think a two year plan is ideal. Try to get into top six whilst bringing three academy players through this year then go all out for automatic promotion the following year. We have, I think eight players who can leave at the end of this year, some of which we could ship out at Xmas if they are not going to figure in season two. We should have a clear style of play by Xmas and may be able to put on a surge after Xmas. The players out of contract in a year should not be playing if they are not going to be staying after being assessed by Cocu. A year for our best academy players coming into and being established in first team is vital if they are to be part of the automatic promotion push the following year. Cocu has already made it clear that each individual player has a specific job to do. If they cannot do it then try the academy player in his place and ship the first player out. In short identify who could be good enough for a strong promotion push in the second year then if nobody on books sign one and hope it works. How long does it take to assess a player? That is what Cocu and the staff are being paid for at Derby County. Look for steady improvement. Knight looks favourite to get a chance soon. Big game for the young players on Thursday. Show us what you can do.COYR
  3. Cocu has a lot of footballing nous/knowhow/expertise/etc. Delete where inapplicable viz take thee pick. 😎
  4. Big test against Rangers. I would not play some key players in that one. Leave out Dowell, Hudds, Waghorn and Bogle please.
  5. Martin needs to take simple chances or he will probably go out on loan and that will be the end of his Derby career. He has a chance on Thursday but not with the players he needs to play alongside unless Marriott is fit.
  6. I am concerned about this. Was a somewhat strange end to last season and seems to have carried on. He is just a guy who likes scoring goals. Maybe we want a lot more and it does not suit his game. We can afford to have Jack causing havoc up front and scoring game winning goals.
  7. To the point and accurate but not expected by me, I must say. Everyone new the game plan and did well performing it.
  8. Promotion. If Cocu can get the players he wants, I would not back against him.
  9. You need RamsTV , 86. Smoking. Reverse on Thursday. The non starters will start and get 70 more mins. Dowell excellent. Hudds, Wags very good indeed. Roos slightly iffy. Malone and Bogle had good games. Zoon and Evans looked like new signings Keogh as per usual. Lawrence quite good, going have to give more to stay in the side. Bennett plenty of energy. Lots of good passing. Youngsters looked like they mean business big time. Knight looks like next breakthrough but a lot of class in their ranks. 70 mins each at Pride Park will show them that they are being taken seriously by Cocu. Flashes from Martin and Anya. They need to play well on Thursday. Cocu has a great footballing brain.
  10. That Cocu dude knows what he wants and for sure he will get it. Very articulate. Exudes confidence as he talks.
  11. Newsflash - Cocu wins the biggest trophy of his career.
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