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  1. I assume that we get virtual crowd thingy.
  2. We score an early goal, bring on five centre halves. Premier League. There may be something wrong with this strategy however. It would work if there was no further scoring in any of the games. Right.
  3. How many.points do we realistically need to.make Play Offs. I know that there are many variables so the answer is presumably 27 barring some clever maths.
  4. Some hartless comments on here. I, myself am halfharted about this transfer unless he defers big money till we get promoted to the Prem. We need to hang on until EFL decide any possible penality and if need be we have appealed. Surely this is the Covid19-20 season. There should be fewer injuries with social distancing in place. Promotion is s theoretical possibility if our out of contract players are still in contract until end of this season. COYR
  5. We need a good GK at the Hart of our defence. Difference between mid table and play offs or play offs and promotion. Carson is good enough. No idea why he went. Was worth his money when playing well.
  6. Head and Shoulders above our other keepers.
  7. Rams 1-1 Blackburn FRGS Waghorn
  8. Bogle is potentially our most valuable player. He has extraordinary skills and has a great future in the Premiership. He has been outstanding for Derby County. He is hopefully one who will get us into the Premiership in the next two seasons. Great player, great prospect. I personally think that Roos could have done better with the equaliser on Saturday but Huddersfield deserved their equaliser. COYR
  9. What is going on with Bogle. The mind bogles.
  10. The only thing that Lawrence is any good at is scoring wonder goals. Amazing shot. Equaliser as I type. Oh no.
  11. Ghost of Clough, you are the man.
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