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  1. Uninspiring so far. Let us see what happens after Xmas.
  2. He is a friend of Rooney so let him in. So Rooney can ask any player to come to Derby as he is not employed by Rams at the mo.
  3. Acosta for free, so cheaper than a Costa.
  4. He is a friend of Rooney so let him in.
  5. What is the likely Acosta of the transfer.
  6. Eternity is a very long time, especially towards the end.
  7. Some heavy tackles from Wisdom may help.
  8. Take Lowe off, getting skinned.
  9. Promising play today. I would have sent Yates off. Bit tighter passing and a bit more quality eg the Rooney plus three Xmas signings and top six looks promising.
  10. Where will Keogh do his rehab in the short term.
  11. Very predictable post, Ramaway.
  12. Man and his wife from Worcester who travel to the Rams games. My wife was hit by a large parasol after a gust of wind on holiday blew it over and the first person who came to the rescue was a topless lady. She was not in her twenties. This did actually happen last week. She met us in the cafeteria the next day and I did not recognise her at first with her clothes on. This actually happened, it was not a dream. I am not joking. It shocked my wife for a couple of hours as she did not see the parasol until it had hit her. All true. Quite traumatic .
  13. Let the Ramarooneymania begin.
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