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  1. Rampage

    Craig Forsyth

    Strick at it Fozzy. We are all thinking about you. COYR. Fozzy... What a guy.
  2. Rampage

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Sign Grosicki from Hull. Give Lawrence until summer to become more consistent but he needs Mount to play off. So does every other player. 😎
  3. Rampage

    In a Nutshell: Rams V Aston Villa

    Ellafella... Top guy.
  4. Rampage

    Lightweight challenge

    Watched Man City v Man Utd today. All I want is to watch the Rams play good football. Whatever comes of it is whatever comes of it. I have had enough of crap football. The goal is entertaining football. I do not want to watch most of the Premier League sides. Man Utd looked like a clueless Champion ship side. City scored a 44 pass goal today. COYR
  5. Rampage

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    Name the fish, Ninos please. This is the time and Plaice to do it, surely. Give us a Ray of insight. I am sure that it will be a Gudgeon. 😎
  6. Rampage

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Mount is like having two players, he is that vital to our system.
  7. Rampage

    Lightweight challenge

    Crying out for Johnson to come on today. A draw would have been an excellent result as we were never going to win it except by a free kick. On their day most of Villa's players are better than ours. Today was such a day. We are 3 points off automatics and transfer window is looming. I will settle for top 6 at Xmas. 😎🎄🙏🎅✨👌
  8. Rampage

    Craig Forsyth

    Some unacceptable (to me) speculation about serious injuries on here. Let us wait and see, please.
  9. Rampage

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Second best team today. Could have been 7 so bite the bullet. Too many players out today. Aston Villa have very good players, now they have a very good manager. Norwich only getting better. Move on. Mason Mount cannot be replaced. COYR
  10. Rampage

    Mason Mount

    Duane. The return? If Duane can shine against Villa then Frank has struck gold again. 🌟😎
  11. Rampage

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    I think that he should return against Villa.
  12. Rampage

    Jack Marriott

    I am against trolling. What is trolling? 😎 David runs this forum and it is light years ahead of others that I have looked at. If you cannot be enthusiastic and enjoy this season and the forum then you are asking for a great deal indeed. COYR David....what a forum guy.
  13. Rampage

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    Some good players running out of contract this season Johnson, Bryson and Huddlestone have best chance of getting another contract. I would not be shocked if all three go but I expect all three to get another season extension if we do not get promoted. If we do get promoted then who knows? Johnson could go at Xmas along with Butters and Ledley. Ollsen? Pearce? Anya? Mitchell?
  14. Rampage

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    We need to be careful what we say about our players on here in my opinion. If Frank deems that George should move on then so be it. George is trying hard and not his fault if a manager playing a different style turns up. Players move in and out of teams. Ma Gers move in and out. They get paid good money and need to find the right club at the right time.
  15. Your best post ilkleyram. Excellent

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