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  1. So £1 it is then plus a bit of debt cleared please.
  2. Has it been suggested 95/5 Takeover/liquidaton
  3. If we do indeed owe and I am not saying that we do owe £26 million to the Tax men, it must have taken a while to accumulate. With a week to go, it seems that we still had a chance of being taken over so always going to appear like a last minute decision to go into administration.
  4. Rooney is off the scale at the moment. Genuine dude.
  5. My problem is simple. I agreed with the decisions made and thought that all of the managers were good signings. Should have beaten QPR, Hull and we played the wrong team against Villa. So many players were less good at Derby than I expected. In the end Mel splashed his cash big time and it did not work out. It has happened before and will happen again. Would have been. Could have been but probably not too much of should have been. Until last 18 months 6/10. Last 18 months, I will wait for revelations of what actually went on. Ultimately, a sort of apparent shambles. COYR
  6. If I had already lost £200 million, I would not be prepared to continue to lose £1.5 million a month with no chance of stopping that process. It had to crash at some point. Today is that day. What must we do now to avoid liquidation. Do all our players become free agents very soon. Fire sale about to start maybe. How long will Wayne stay now. I wonder how much warning he got.
  7. EfL used enigma machine to calculate points deduction.
  8. Florist - 19 managers since our Billy, I think.
  9. Did not see yours. Sorry.
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