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  1. Duane will only get better. Very quick feet and brain.
  2. It is not rock hard to stop Derby scoring or to get an equaliser from a cross against us. Not enough desire to win or to push forward for me. Probably ten teams play more watchable football than us a lot of the time. Playing out from back simply let's opposition set up defensive positions. Not enough guile in our team to break through. Also we are crepe suzette when crossing the ball. COYR
  3. Bristol City and Sheff United have better teams for less outlay. Totally committed, aggressive attacking play from kick off. Cheaper versions of WBA, Norwich and Leeds.
  4. I would have no idea what team to pick. It appears that so many players are not playing to their potential. COYR
  5. I changed channels after 63 minutes. I jest not. 😭
  6. What a complete Waghorn. Great opportunity.
  7. I thought it was just me thinking that. 🙄
  8. Sky commentator has just said that young Rams players may have tired as a result of Cup games. What does he know? 😂😎🤣
  9. If conciseness was the most sought after attribute, you would be the top man, David.
  10. Has Rams season been adversely affected by Cup runs? Some great performances in the Cups but has it hurt our promotion challenge? I think that it has not helped us at all.
  11. Play as we did against Millwall and. We will be soundly beaten. Why are we expecting players who were not given a new Contract to get us promoted?
  12. Reds 3 Rams 0 If we play as against Millwall.
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