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  1. Bias in favour of Villa is quite marked. Can only work in our favour. What I want from today is:- 1. Rams to play exciting attacking football. Advert for our Club. 2. If they kick us then kick them back. 3. No injuries or sendings off 4. A bit of luck in our favour 5. A win for us. COYR
  2. Outgoing boss of EFL said that Chairman and owners should be looked after more as they are keeping their clubs afloat. Veiled reference to Rams?
  3. Jourdan, what a guy! I was on a Cruise last week, Oslo, Hamburg and Bruges. Got back yesterday. Good planning. Rampage, what a Cruiser! 😎🛳️🐑
  4. One too many ?s surely????????????????????????????????????
  5. What can Boro get at best out of this,?
  6. Doh! Difficult decision that one. Plan B is sign Tomori, loan Mount.
  7. Get promoted resign all three on loan please.
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