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  1. Not good enough as a team to play out from back with present players. Stood more chance when we had loanees last year.
  2. They often find one club guilty, ignore the others and hope that it is a lesson to stop others doing it.
  3. Do you know 1 across in the crossword in this article.
  4. Mel has s great chance with Cocu of achieving what we have been hoping for.
  5. Thanks G of C. How anyone could ever dream of doubting Mel beats me. What a guy... Where in the world would we be without Mel.
  6. Cocu had enough money to walk out if abused so we need to look after our potentially best manager for a long time
  7. If only worth 13 mill do the EFL give Mel a mill. If worth 15 mill does Mel give the EFL a mill. Only worth what someone will pay. Mel paid 14 mill so worth 14 mill.
  8. I can think of one or two who.prefer the bench.
  9. How many of our first eleven are playing in their preferred position on the pitch.
  10. I bought 1000 violas last year in October, small but flowering. They are still flowering and have done so all through the year. True . Voila, very good value.
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