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  1. Barnsley winning again. This time at QPR. Good chance of Wembley for them.
  2. Especially if we lose the following three tough games
  3. Watch video and realise that there was no realistic way to best them.
  4. First all seater stadium was at Coventry but before it's time.
  5. I would like one of our famed stats guys to work out how much the squads of contenders for promotion cost. Who has spent the least and who has the most loanees playing regularly. To see if low budget can work.
  6. Before that game I said not to risk Thorne. He was our best chance of winning and that game was meaningless.
  7. We have a more physical size in the squad than for a few years now. We still need more 6 ft plus players. Byrne makes nonsense of this idea.
  8. Let the Path to mid table obscurity be opened with a very minor fanfare.
  9. Is it too late to hedge our bets.
  10. They are and we can watch them on TV but it will not feature the Rams.
  11. To stop us letting in the goals.
  12. It was ideal to help the loss of goals.
  13. Thanks 48 hours. I will watch it in the next 48 hours. COYR
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