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  1. Fozzy got away with being called the guy who cost us our place in the division. He has always tried his best. It is a team game. Sometimes players make more than one error in a game. We stayed up. Water under the bridge.
  2. I could only watch two of the last six minutes. I have seen it all more than once now.
  3. Waggy paid off all his costs with two goals and a chest down for Roberts. Rooney saved us millions by keeping us up. Mel saved the Club's season by funding the purchase of Roberts who scored a vital goal. Season is over. We move on. COYR
  4. Losing Bielik changed everything. Not Wayne's fault.
  5. Rooney kept us up. The wage bill was greatly trimmed. Lots of surplus players moved out. We survived having no fans at games. We survived the car fiasco. Waghorn became a hero. We have a potential buyer. Why criticize Mel, a genuine fan who spent a mega amount of his own money trying to get his home town team promoted. Next season should be easier. COYR
  6. Well done to the top three and gfs1ram in particular. Rock hard league. I managed to finish fourth and led for a while. Great work Mozza....What a guy. Nice to have stayed up against the odds. COYR
  7. Curtis needs another year or a job in Academy or Defence Coach for first team.
  8. At that point we were as good as relegated and I firmly believed it but.... Super Waghorn
  9. So what is new about being a Rams fan. We should be allowed to change our strongly held opinion about four times in a game. I know that I did. COYR
  10. We must not comb over the cracks. We must trim the squad and get to the fringe of promotion next year.
  11. What Rooney may have said to Waggy - see you for training next season
  12. We should sign Bannan before he signs another contract.
  13. Agreed but it came down to today in the 89th minute
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