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  1. I think it was Saudi Arabia who gave their World Cup Final goalscorer a Rolls Royce. Let the crowd funding begin.
  2. Thanks GofC. CofG, GCof, ofCG Delete where inapplicable. Where is the delete key. Is there a certificate for computer non nerds. If there is, get me one.
  3. Thank you ramant62 .....what a tech guy. I am Ill today and keep hoping for a manager update which will not happen today.
  4. A quiet word if we are losing 4-1 at half time.
  5. Rooney needs to win a game but probably not tonight. Difficult to know how to make a team attack that has been used to playing safety first. Never been more convinced that we must pick a manager who has consistently got his teams to play the way that we want to play. If they have been successful with that they are more likely to be from a lower division on on the way up rather than the reverse.
  6. I have always been a big fan of Mel. Not sure how I would have addressed some of the issues he has faced. Quite bizarre some of the things that have happened. I am sitting here with blood pressure issues and this forum has been a bit of a lifeline in Vivid world. Some many different views and I find it very stimulating.
  7. My apologies it was not a reply to your text. Just a text. I have still not found out how to send a post without appearing to reply to the post. How stupid is that if me. In short, how do you do it. I have just been adding dposts into the end of the last post on the thread. So absolutely no refection on your post which sad to say, U did not read. I am not the brightest on here. So sorry for misunderstanding., Leeds Ram. Do you think that we can get a result tonight mate.
  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this takeover could be a masterstroke from Mel or not work out like anyone hoped it would. At the end of the day there are so many contributing factors that nobody can predict the outcome. Mel is a Derby fan and so am I. No way would I have risked what he has. Mel has not been inundated with mega offers to buy the club. We gave had our fingers burnt in the past. EFL have signed off on the deal so it is with reasonable hope that we can look forward to future success but nothing is for sure in this world. COYR
  9. Disgraceful lack of appreciation for guy who got us to Wembley twice where we lost by one goal, built an academy and splashed his own cash. Did not pick the players either.
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