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  1. COYR get in!! ..... pretty sure I’m in the happy clapper brigade, got a pair of those rose coloured looking glasses things too and even been likened to a fruitcake\bat?? but you know what whilst ever we still got a chance I’m up for it .... at this time of season don’t care how we play or how we score, if it goes in off someone’s a**e it don’t matter. Talk about it was\wasnt a penalty all you like, claim we didn’t play too well, it don’t matter, all that matters is we now sixth, it’s still in our hands and is still all to play for, bring on Brizzle.
  2. Well said that man 👍 Mel may not be perfect (not many of us are) but why any fan would want to criticise & cast aspersions is beyond me 🙄 just what do people want\expect???
  3. I don’t care who’s club it is we got to stamp this out, what does it take before a player or official is seriously injured or even worse? We then gonna have the usual outpouring of grief, black arm bands, minutes silence, minutes applause, what a great person they were etc etc. We got to stop this before we get to this stage. There are the sanctions available to the authorities they got to use them.
  4. Totally agree ..... It’s no longer the game I recognise!!!
  5. Monica Seles was stabbed at a tennis tournament years ago, what needs to happen in football before we come down on these morons like a ton of bricks. Enough is enough we need to make the punishment so punitive for both individual & club that it won’t ever happen again.
  6. Was to young remember Geoff Barrowcliffe playing for Derby but as a kid can recall my dad speaking to him on many occasions on Bath Street in Ilkeston and being told he was former DCFC player and how good a full back he was, that would have been in the late 70’s early 80’s. My grandad had a season ticket at the BBG and first game I can recall going to was around 1973 ish (I’d be 10) against Stoke when his mate couldn’t make it. Been hooked ever since. 😊
  7. It’s hard being a dad with a 6 month old baby 🍼😊
  8. Not stress in my book just disappointment and\or frustration, he’s been there, done that throughout his career at both club & international level what’s he got to be stressed about. He’s not doing this for the money (I’m sure he doesn’t need it) doing it for personal ambition so probably asking himself why he’s slogging his guts out and getting such negativity in return. Football is so short term nowadays, no manager gets time to build, everyone wants\expects results yesterday and if it’s not forthcoming then it’s the managers fault. Crazy.
  9. Watch it back @RoyMac5 if Carson had stayed on his line he’d have simply picked that shot up. Got caught in no mans land and made it far too easy for the striker. Not normally a critic of Carson but on this occasion he got it wrong.
  10. And all this ...... why shouldn’t he come out and say what needs to be said. He’s our manager and he’s tasked to get results, if that means sorting things out that are hindering him achieve his goals then good on him for calling these people out. Let’s not kid ourselves he’s not at DCFC for the money, he’s an ambitious man looking to go places with his managerial career, he should be free to say what he wants and clear out those that are getting in his way. If this benefits our club and he takes us with him along the way then I’m all for it. Sitting on hands & saying nothing has clearly not worked in the past, it’s time for a change. Get on board or move on.
  11. Very bright start by the U23s, are they all available for tomorrow night 😳
  12. Is Mel in the dressing room yet? 😳
  13. Derby 2 - Millwall 0 - FRGS Wilson
  14. Brighton 0 - Derby 2 FRGS Holmes
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