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  1. Gisby

    v Brighton (A) - Cup Predictions

    Brighton 0 - Derby 2 FRGS Holmes
  2. Gisby

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    One of the fruit bats here .... despite my glass being half full got to admit was a disappointing result tonight. Frank got his team selection wrong & those that he picked let him down. Never mind, poo happens, Frank will learn from this, we didn’t lose & we move on, win your home games & draw the away and all that. No one died, the FA cup is a free hit, bring on Milwall. We still in the mix and in Frank I still trust. COYR.
  3. Gisby

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Ipswich 1 - Derby 3 FRGS Wilson
  4. Gisby

    Derby County v Hull City Match thread.

    My thoughts exactly, just that you beat me to it. Last weekend there were a few who had things to say. Tonight the silence is deafening!!! Credit where credits due and all that. Obviously not!!!
  5. Gisby

    So much better today

    Oh it’s on all right. Mount & Marriott to return from injury, Cole & King yet to show their worth to this team and Frank & his staff pushing everyone onwards. Anyone that’s a Ram gotta think it’s still on. Not gonna fall away this season. Plenty to look forward to, right till the end. COYR
  6. Gisby

    A massive Thankyou to all

    My condolences to you & your family @NottsRam77. You’ve only got one dad mate, treasure those memories & take him with you wherever you go. RIP NottsRam77 SNR.
  7. Gisby

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - Hull 0 - FRGS Wilson
  8. Gisby

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    100% agree we don’t know his mindset & yes he could just walk away at anytime (as I’m sure he’s not doing this for the money) but to listen to him in the media & observe his philosophy towards youth and bringing them into the first team squad etc I just don’t think he will. I also accept there are no guarantees that he will become the great manager we all hope he will become, I just want us to give him the time to learn his trade and develop into the manager we all wish for so he can achieve his own personal goals and I’d be delighted if he takes DCFC along the way with him. I’m also not sure we are ready this season but I’d take it if we did make it, it can’t be as bad as last time surely!! I’ve already said earlier in this thread that I’m happy to give Frank this season and the next so if it’s not to be this year then to be even stronger & challenging more consistently in the 2019/2020 season will do for me.
  9. Gisby

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    Thanks for that @RoyMac5 enjoy what’s left of your weekend. I’m off to have a sip from my glass which is still half full 😘
  10. Gisby

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    I’m happy to give Frank the rest of this season and the next but hey ho what do I know 😳
  11. Gisby

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    Sorry @RoyMac5but haven’t got the time or inclination to do so but I’d like to think that you take my point ie too many of us are too quick to form opinions & jump to conclusions, 29 league games is nowhere near enough to make the judgements which are being spouted this forum. People moan about the lack of continuity and X amount of managers in Y numbers of years yet at the same time are too quick to jump on the current managers back, the honeymoon period is over etc etc. Let’s leave it be & let him get on with his job otherwise it’s a self fulfilling prophecy and ‘yes’ we will be looking for our umpteenth manager in the last half a dozen years.
  12. Gisby

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    In today’s world everyone expects improvements & results yesterday, we need to wind our necks in and give Frank a chance. Check out Wikipedia and the great BC: ‘In Clough's first season, the club finished one place lower than in the previous season, but he had started to lay the foundations for his future success by signing several new players’ Rome wasn’t built in a day folks, we’re not the experts, in fact we have nothing but bar room opinions, chill out and let Frank do his job. We need to play the long game.
  13. Gisby

    Rowett ball v Lampard way

    He won’t walk, too much personal pride. He’s an intelligent guy, would have thought through all the ups & downs of football management before committing to this career path, why would he quit at the first sign of adversity???
  14. Gisby

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    His bike clips have gone rusty 😳
  15. Gisby

    Preston North End vs Derby County Matchday Thread

    Come on @RoyMac5mi ‘owd turn that frown upside down!! 😊 get round mine & borrow one on my pair of rose tinted specs. This seasons way more enjoyable\exciting than what’s gone before (since Mac1 anyway). Enjoy the ride, we’ve got Ashley & Andy waiting in the wings with Jack & Mason to come back from injury too, like you say the 2nd half of the season should be something to look forward to 👍

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