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  1. So you didn’t see the OP on May 27th. You joking right?
  2. I’m all good thanks Eddie, relatively new around here but it hasn’t taken me long to work out that it’s a pretty cliquey environment. Have a comm rep in excess of a several 1000 and you ok but anything less and you’ll get shouted down. Thought we were all fans of the same club when I signed up!! Obviously wrong. Well I’m happy to fight my corner, until I get I get bored with the pettiness then I’ll make my exit. Life’s too short and all that. Best wishes to all.
  3. Says he that’s attacked many a Derby fan since the play off final.
  4. Check out what was said, I’ll let you decide.
  5. Careful @Archied you’ll get jumped upon by the self righteous for hold such views. I tried the same in the last 24 hours and caught some flack. Are you there @Mostyn6???
  6. It’s the 21st century boys & girls don’t tell me the fact he’s on holiday is the reason for the media blackout. I know plenty of executives who are expected to be in touch with the office even when they are on their holidays. No excuse my in my world.
  7. 😂😂😂 so someone with whom you disagree gets labelled .... name calling ... very adult .... enjoy the rest of your day
  8. Please feel free to express your feelings if you don’t agree with my opinion, I take it yours is the only one that counts!!! 😳
  9. Yes IMO it is time. The sad thing is if Frank let’s this drag on much longer without saying something he will end up souring his relationship with a good proportion of the DCFC fan base whether he goes or stays which will be a great shame given we all had such a blast last season riding the FLDCFC train. Appreciate much of this hype & speculation is not of his doing & his PR team will be advising him how to handle matters but there comes a time when as an individual you have to say ‘enough’ and take control of a situation yourself.
  10. Agreed, perhaps those that don’t think it’s causing the club any issues want to ask Mel that question. I’ve got a good idea what his answer would be.
  11. There’s been a few over the years who’ve had me down as a count 😳
  12. Big up to you for sticking to your guns @BramcoteRam84, we had this debate yesterday ..... appears I was just 24hrs ahead of my time!! The longer the silence is deafening from Chelsea & Franks entourage the more restless the Derby faithful will get and I for one can’t blame them. Frank needs to pee in the pot or get off it I’m afraid, can’t have it both ways.
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