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  1. Derby 3 - 0 Brentford FRGS - Sibley
  2. West Brom 0 - 2 Derby FRGS - Sibley
  3. I’m really pleased for you @RoyMac5it must feel like all your Christmas’s have come at once. Enjoy the moment mate 👍
  4. Cheer up boys & girls, 5 wins on the bounce & a draw, we are still in this. Today may not have been great but it’s a big ask to expect the squad as it is at the moment to perform at the highest level matchday after matchday after matchday. They will know what they have to do and it won’t be for the want of trying. Cut em some slack and let’s support the boys from afar as best we can. To be in this position at this stage of the season, with the season still alive despite all the club\team have been through since Frank’s protracted departure is a bonus and is great credit to all involved
  5. Derby 2 - 0 Forest FRGS - Sibley
  6. ABSOLUTELY ....... well said my friend ..... I was in the process of composing a response myself but you’ve just saved me the trouble 👏👏👏
  7. Fair point but the Chelsea thing was always following Frank around whilst Cocu seems different, going about his business in an unassuming manner, flying under the radar if you like. Always a possibility bigger fish will come calling but if they do at least we won’t be left with the feeling that it was always going to happen and our manager did little to discourage it.
  8. Chalk & Cheese ... a rookie manager with all the charisma, loved by the media and with his Chelski connections vs a manager with pedigree in Europe and a track record of developing young players. I know which I prefer, the solid level headed, know what I want, know where we’re going, long term approach every time over the here today gone tomorrow flamboyant style everytime.
  9. Preston 0 - 2 Derby FRGS - Waghorn
  10. Gisby


    In that case either the coach goes or the goalkeepers go 🤷‍♂️... tbh I’m not convinced with either choice!!! ... I think a clear out across the goalkeeping department may be called for??
  11. Gisby


    Appreciate your frustration but I have to agree with @Tyler Durden somewhat. We have a goalkeeping coach who was an international keeper so the question is just what is he doing with our keepers on the training ground because it’s not translating onto the pitch during match days!!!!
  12. Gisby


    You know what whilst I was at Wembley that day and couldn’t believe what I saw I can somewhat agree with you. Today’s punch was ridiculous and Roos has arguably had a raw deal from us as fans so I have some sympathy for him. However at the end of the day I truly believe neither are the answer as I think we need a new, proper first choice keeper who will command his box and from which we can build our defence.
  13. Gisby


    Sorry this is professional football, it’s not Sunday morning pub team football, it’s just not good enough. I could have caught that and I’m 56!!!
  14. Gisby


    I agree, I was there last year to witness Roos attempt the faux McGinn ‘catch’ and have watched Hamers ‘punch’ this afternoon. Neither are good enough and if we want to move on to greater things then we need better I’m afraid.
  15. Gisby


    Still think a team with serious ambitions need a perm keeper though 😉
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