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  1. Hey don’t get me wrong shan’t be losing any sleep over it tonight just agree with others that it’s a little crass & unprofessional from the BBC
  2. its not because it’s been pulled that people are aggrieved more so the fact that they haven’t the courtesy to acknowledge it is being\has been pulled to their listeners (or should I say licence fee payers).
  3. Maybe they should have still acknowledged that it wasn’t on air tonight?
  4. Derby 2 - 0 Fulham FRGS - Rooney
  5. And you don’t think he hasn’t already come across half a dozen or a dozen Jayden Bogles in his career already?? Please don’t patronise the guy by suggesting he can’t differentiate between those young players who need an arm around their shoulder & those who need a rocket because I’m not having it given the experience he has in the game. To assume this just doesn’t make sense and is disingenuous.
  6. Opinions opinions opinions but let’s not overlook our managers credentials.... 20 years a pro footballer, 100+ caps for Holland, 11 years assistant/full time manager, 3 league titles etc etc etc and yet some of us on here question how he is handling & developing our young players???? Really??? If the likes of Jayden Bogle don’t take notice of his guidance & advice then more fool them, they don’t deserve the career that awaits them. Let’s let our manager get on with doing what he’s paid to do ...... Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that ..... in Philip I trust .... who on here can say they know better???
  7. Derby 4 - 0 Huddersfield FRGS Waghorn
  8. I think I’m turning into B4 ..... in the last few weeks this season is gaining momentum and if we win tonight I think it really is game on for the play offs. Really up for this one and getting more up for it as kick off approaches .... COYR .... same team as Swansea for me ..... Let’s do this
  9. Bristol 0 - 2 Derby FRGS Knight
  10. I know .... god knows what it will be like on here next season when Cocu’s mighty Rams smash this league ...... or the Prem!!!! 😳😳😳😳
  11. Gisby


    But if I didn’t get my hopes up every year (since the early 1970’s) what’s the point??? Without hope there is nothing .... I might as well give up and go find a different pastime ..... flower arranging, origami, join the gym or whatever .... to lose your hope & expectation means supporting your boyhood club is worthless 🐏🐏🐏
  12. Gisby


    Whilst I agree with your totally realistic & pragmatic post, if you can’t dare to dream, if you have nothing to aspire to & aim for what is the point??? Where there is still time there is still a chance surely??
  13. Yeah some’at like that we’ve got no chance!!!
  14. Who’s that just scored???? Can someone remind me please 😳😳😳
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