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  1. I definitely understand the sentiment B4 but if we all chipped in a fiver for every club that is going to go into administration this year or next then we’d all be broke
  2. Taribo

    Ex Rams

    He was 17 for about a decade so he’s now probably about 28
  3. Likewise, I was on footymad, it got absolutely dreadful about 5-6 ish years ago with personal agendas and was sooo cliquey. I much prefer it here
  4. If (a big if) that is true the. What could we have possibly gained from that? If we knew he needed an operation anyway then why prolong it, not as if he was banging them in was it? I can’t believe the club would inject for every game. Fwiw I rate Jack as a natural goal scorer but there is clearly something wrong, whether that’s injuries or us not playing to his strengths remains to be seen.
  5. Cheers mate, can you update us on all the other players we were linked with last season, ta
  6. With easily the three best loans I’ve seen play for us, versus five academy youngsters
  7. I love that our record signing (if not injured) would be kept out of the team by one of our own. How much is Max Bird worth???
  8. I think there was plenty of pressure before that and plenty of shakey defending too. If anything the Hamer mistake should have meant we scored more goals as Reading pushed forward for an equaliser.
  9. Just to confirm, am I correct in thinking if we signed anyone out of contract then they wouldn’t be able to play for us this season?
  10. Not sure how a Hamer mistake stopped us scoring two goals
  11. I’d definitely try this, it’s a historically important flag! Or a whip round so it can become the official unofficial forum flag? I’d gladly stick in a tenner towards it! I did a quick google for fire safety certs and can’t find any in Derby but there’s plenty online that treat flags and issue certs. A recorded courier wouldn’t be much and should be just as safe as taking it in to a shop? There’s also forums mentioning that Fire Stations issue certs, I dunno how true it is and not sure how they’d test it without setting fire to it but being of a certain age it’s probably made of asbes
  12. I know goalkeepers age like fine wine but is 37 not pushing it a bit???
  13. What type of striker do we think Cocu would ideally want? Obviously a complete striker is unobtainable at this level, and if we are looking at this position we’ll be budget limited. Would he want to go with more of an off the shoulder runner or a hold-up man? Do we reckon It’ll be an established champ striker, a league one youngster or a prem reserve?
  14. What I think it’ll be: Hamer Fozzy, Clarke, Curtis, Bogle Rooney, Bird Duane, Lawrence, Waghorn Martin I’d personally have Wisdom for Davies, and Knight/Sibley for Waghorn but I think Cocu will go for experience in this.
  15. I very nearly replied saying we’ve offered a coaching role to Rooney and our quota is full but then realised that the quota thing was Just on football manager. god I miss real football
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