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  1. “...and Nigel Martyn knew the dummies in front of him had let him down”
  2. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s something my nan does all the time
  3. Please please please can someone find that YouTube highlight reel of his, it’s hilarious! (I do love him really)
  4. I give it two weeks and you’ll all be screaming for Scott back
  5. Only 6 more years and we’ll have finally paid him off
  6. I like to think I keep up with the youngsters.... but who is this guy? How does he play? One to watch out for??
  7. A peach, pleased for the lad after the past few years.
  8. I’m with you ram59, he could barely walk but he’d always ‘just happen’ to be in exactly the right position at exactly the right time. Anticipation 20
  9. Taribo


    Best right back at the club.......... Holmes, not Bogle.
  10. Taribo


    Where has this £8m to £10m come from?? As far as I’m aware (Nitk), nobody is actually interested in signing him for 3p let alone multi-millions
  11. Taribo

    Star 6s

    To be fair I was only around 11 years old...
  12. Taribo

    Star 6s

    Is it just me that remembers Lee Carsley as an absolute clogger for us, couldn't pass for toffee or control a bag of cement (I'm not saying I didn't like him!). Then went to the Toffees and became some kind of Messi/Iniesta hybrid??
  13. Long-term crock in reference to Curtis is a bit harsh
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