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  1. Slight tangent, but Lee Morris springs to mind - cracking player but purely because of the absolute heartbreak I felt every time he limped off. Fantastic potential and for me (as a 10 year old kid) an ‘Oh what could have been’ signing. Did we ever get more than 3 back to back games out of him???
  2. In my opinion he doesn’t seem quite disciplined enough *yet* for CB. Can be quite rash and pulled out of position easily (from what I’ve seen from 3 minute highlight reels)
  3. Reset the season seems so much fairer for the 99% to me. Although I would feel incredibly sorry for Leeds and Forest....
  4. Can someone explain the offside rule to me?
  5. I think you’ve got a point @Ellafella, I’d imagine the same applies to guitarists - there’s a disproportionate amount of lefties that make it. Wonder if applies to creativity as well as hand-eye coordination?
  6. I genuinely don’t want to get promoted this season, we’d only splash silly money on silly players. Much rather bed in our youngsters and go up automatically, 10 points clear next season
  7. It was there for the Palace match when we were promoted, but not much earlier than that?
  8. This is what we all wanted, no?
  9. The vision to play what looks like a long pea rolling through ball to no one yet somehow eludes five opposition players and magically rolls perfectly into the feet of our on-running player
  10. I like that quote, shows he’s still got the desire to play and feels settled there. Love the guy
  11. How on earth do you coach someone how to get injured?
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