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  1. The Dragon in Willington has a big screen Sky plus it’s own real ales brewed at its sister pub The Boot
  2. I know I know, just jesting and a chance to reminisce about the good ole' BBG
  3. https://twitter.com/crap90sfootball?lang=en There's an argument it wasn't.....
  4. Yep me too, went on bang on 2pm, was on the ticket page by 2:30, gave up refreshing at 3pm
  5. Refreshed, open new windows, opened new browsers. Absolute Bamford
  6. Fab mate, just check this months payslip from DCFC, it includes your Fan ID at the bottom. By the way you’ve only got another 36 years of DCFC payments before we’ve paid you off.
  7. Living and working in Birmingham I'm surrounded by The Villa, including a missus, her mum, dad and brother....... An interesting bank holiday/rest of my life coming up.....
  8. Christ lads, we weren’t dreadful today, it’s halftime and we’re one nill down, plenty left to play for and to be fair Leeds didn’t look that good at the back. keep the faith!
  9. Haven’t we already signed his replacement?
  10. Wembley’s away
  11. Mount is already far too good for this league, 100% not a chance of us having him back next year, tell him he's dreaming
  12. What the heck are Dark Markets??
  13. Is this Efe’s first appearance for us?
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