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  1. The vision to play what looks like a long pea rolling through ball to no one yet somehow eludes five opposition players and magically rolls perfectly into the feet of our on-running player
  2. I like that quote, shows he’s still got the desire to play and feels settled there. Love the guy
  3. How on earth do you coach someone how to get injured?
  4. Lads, you’re all far too positive, you’ll notice the soon is entering the house (i.e. Pride Park) backwards; it’s not soon at all, it’s noos (sp)..... We are in administration
  5. What’s Baggio up to?
  6. I’m glad for him, I hope we agree to it. After everything he’s been through it must be a boost to know you’re still wanted. Weird how we didn’t rehabilitate him though - Would suggest to me that he had no future with us.
  7. Always my first signing on Football Manager 2010, won the Prem with him in goal
  8. How about we VAR every single kick of every game? Stupid decisions are part of what makes the game exciting
  9. So we play as 10 men from now on? 😉
  10. I really really want to love the guy and I’m sure he will be epic in time but I agree with the above, there’s a laziness there sometimes; I’ve noticed a few occasions where he lets a player past with just the barest amount of effort and he’s been caught out trying to do fancy stuff when the simple pass is on. Bradley Johnson wouldn’t get away with it, just saying
  11. Thought the F word was uttered, and no it wasn’t F*rest
  12. I’ve often been called one of the greatest coaches in the game based on these four principles: 1) catch it 2) head it 3) Kick it 4) do a goal
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