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  1. 20 To Travel

    Elsnik has been the star of preseason for me
  2. Vydra

    I was compelled to write a post stating that Matthew Otter will definitely come good again (be it for us or another Championship team) - I remember him being absolutely incredible for Watford and thinking we could only ever dream of a striker of his quality (the mighty Fish was our marquee signing that year). Unfortunately, it appears my faith may have indeed been blind, checked out his career record, he's only scored double figures in one other season to that Watford season which was 4-5 years ago. No real point to this, just wanted to shoehorn in saying Matthew Otter and maybe its time to move on.
  3. Whats the best Derby County goal you've seen live

    The whole BBG chanting "c'mon Derby", except for a tiny pocket of us sat no more than five rows back from the flag; singing "c'mon Simmo" as he stepped up to take that corner for Van Der Laan to head home. Simmo, instead of running in to celebrate with the lads, turns round to celebrate with the little group of us. Over twenty years later I'll still never forget his face when that ball crossed the line.

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