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  1. Taribo

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    My first game was as a 10-year old (with free tickets from Richie Williams football training at Findern school on a Sunday morning), losing 2-1 to Southend United*, back-end of 1995. Then the somewhat underwhelming appointment of Jim Smith (boy was I wrong about that!). Obviously I remember Stimac, Sturridge, Chris Powell all being great, but also the complete ratters in Carsley and Sean Flynn, bloody ugly footballers! *incidentally I held it against my dad for years for making us stand on the Popside whilst all my mates had the lovely plush seats in the Normanton Upper - how I was wrong about the Popside too!
  2. Taribo

    Craig Forsyth

    Definitely this, (and coincidentally a trait I’m guilty of), when he just plays without thinking he’s great, when he starts thinking about what could go wrong is when it does go wrong!
  3. Taribo

    False 5? First time I've heard of this!

    I heard that too, genuinely what the heck is a false number 5????
  4. Taribo

    Time too give Bogle a break ?

    It’s ok, three at the back on Wed, Bogle will be fine bombing on. Christ, what a pass to put Lawrence through
  5. Taribo

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Christ, imagine him just spaffing that one over the bar, took some guts to have a go from there when he had so much support (in much better positions)! Fair play to Timi, really hope he becomes their Mason Mount.
  6. Taribo

    Mason Mount

    His sister fancied me once... true story. And his other (much more attractive) sister dated my housemate..
  7. Taribo

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Agree with this wholeheartedly, I'd love for us Derby fans to forget about him in the first team. Let him play consistently week in week out for the U23's. Rushing him (or any player) back rarely works - be that physical injury or a mental block. I hereby ban all talk of Gorgeous George until Christmas
  8. Taribo


    I think we'll see him at RB before too long

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