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  1. Elsnik & Gordon join Swindon on season loans

    Yep, don't get the negativity around these moves - a chance to make two of our youngsters better players. I'm a fan of Elsnik but a year of playing 18 year olds and maybe warming the first team bench v a year of playing league two bruisers is a no brainer in terms of development for me
  2. Rowett raising the bar?

    Too right! He should really have said avoiding relegation should be our number one priority, mid-table obscurity a bonus
  3. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Absolutely disgusting to go out there (for a friendly no less) and cause trouble in this day and age. What's the point? Go out there, soak up the sausage and the good beer, don't be a tit
  4. 20 To Travel

    Elsnik has been the star of preseason for me
  5. Vydra

    I was compelled to write a post stating that Matthew Otter will definitely come good again (be it for us or another Championship team) - I remember him being absolutely incredible for Watford and thinking we could only ever dream of a striker of his quality (the mighty Fish was our marquee signing that year). Unfortunately, it appears my faith may have indeed been blind, checked out his career record, he's only scored double figures in one other season to that Watford season which was 4-5 years ago. No real point to this, just wanted to shoehorn in saying Matthew Otter and maybe its time to move on.

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