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  1. No need to worry about goals and assist bonuses this season
  2. I take back everything I said, fully support the kid now he's still a Derby player
  3. I for one appreciate people sharing unsubstantiated rumours like this. That's genuine, even though it does sound like I'm taking the pee.
  4. Nahhhh we got ourselves into this mess, Mel needs to sort the embargo issues. We haven’t paid the tax man, I have no sympathy for us.
  5. Can't the mods do something about these jokers doing god awful puns derailing topics constantly?
  6. Pure opinion and conjecture and he's only a child but boy does he seem like a *******. If he was half as talented or as hardworking as his social media would have you believe then he would have been given a chance at Liverpool (albeit a loan probably), Fiorentina or here. Get your head down and let your football do the talking.
  7. and the difference between 'self-belief' and 'believing the hype'
  8. Stuck with him now ain’t we? The time to sack him was weeks ago, now it would just look like we’ve sacked him for falling asleep. Then there’s the small matter of not actually being able to afford to sack him.
  9. No news on umbongo, HMRC or submitting accounts I see. No new players to be joining anytime soon. The countdown to kick off is on 'People at the table' could mean anything, I'll be at my table for tea tonight. Hashtag disillusioned
  10. Decent move for the lad, you can't begrudge him that if he goes. Doesn't have to move house/be away from family and Forest have a decent record of playing and developing youth. Ultra hard reset happening to us though, the best we can hope for is survival, not in terms of league status, I'm resigned to League One, but the long-term survival of us as a club going forwards.
  11. I’d rather him pay the HMRC and take the team for a jog round Bass Rec
  12. Absolutely and we shouldn’t have the Joiners debate again but it does still stick in my craw - after all we sacked our club captain because of it. Nothing I have seen from Tom on the pitch over the last 4 years has indicated he is a leader. His head goes down, he is petulant and, apart from berating the ref/moaning, he isn’t vocal. Smacks of a clueless Rooney. For me it is the pinnacle of the situation we’re in, threadbare squad, no money, embargo, tax bill, inexperienced manager/management team and we could really do with a player to rip up trees on the pitch for his teammates- from what I’ve seen- Tom isn’t that man.
  13. This decision still leaves me feeling a bit sick
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