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  1. Gary Neville. Top marks sir. He’s spot on, just heard his comments after game and I couldn’t agree more.
  2. Still it’s a rather interesting season, sadly for the very wrong reasons.
  3. ‘Simply’ you say ..... ..
  4. I’d far rather have three or four teams in the mix than rely on one as most of you are! Not a mention for Coventry, far from safe. Read a comment if we win on Tue we are safe. Wow I think not, far from it even with a W.
  5. We differ with our opinions in what’s best for us but that bunch players can put it right by winning their own games. Show us some grit and balls. I believe they can. I think we have some very talented footballers. Have to find a way
  6. Definitely a draw. The more teams you can keep in the mix the better. Draw all the way! Both teams drop two points
  7. Brum and Wendies I think will be up for it too perhaps
  8. Just for mentioning the Arthur Cox era you get a like. Halcyon days for me. Driving to every game what a pity I couldn’t enjoy celebration drinks with all those victories aaaaahhh
  9. Is there an ‘injury league’ be interesting see if we are at least top of that
  10. The only team below is? Who do we play next? To quote the late great Bill Paxton (Aliens)‘That’s great that’s just frikking great man’ (cleaned up)
  11. Their only threat was Armstrong. Marshall won that battle. Some really good football but we need to put games to bed. Ebosele PACE PACE PACE start the lad don’t give him 5 minutes. Every defender is scared of pace. I can’t even have a drink yet 😖
  12. That’s not a pen 🤬🤬🤬 Any other team get that Dear God
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