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  1. So Phil the promised land is just a little bit closer, how do you see it for you and Derby County?
  2. Florist v Brizzle do we want a draw? I guess so
  3. Why is it when we are holding on they double the added time but when we are losing they halve it. Oh who cares now. When Saturday Comes 🐏
  4. First club to 5000 games PNE, Congratulations to them! How far behind are fellow founding members DCFC?
  5. When we’re four up I’d love him to score in the 90th minute
  6. Preston North End 1-4 Derby County Knight
  7. Any idea what the flag will be? And when it will be ready?
  8. That seals our fate then. You’ve just named all the Preston goal scorers... I’m not superstitious at all
  9. Certainly is. Cardiff one shot on goal too so it’s not as if they were unlucky. Fulham just scored 🙆‍♂️
  10. Just donated. It’s well over target but that’s a sign of the esteem Andre is held in. Great stuff Rams 💪
  11. Draw definitely best here ..... both dropping points
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