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  1. Look also at the Lawrence detractors...... certainly seems to be showing how much we miss him now. And I’m aware he has improved with Rooney around.
  2. Man City .... just a more expensive version of us
  3. I haven’t rated players. As a collective a five minute horror show left me dumbstruck ( nursing hangover.... this game did not aid my recovery) but what strikes me is the BJ comments. Not saying for one minute it’s any who have commented on his performance but so many players we sell, or are moved on, seems they’ve become magnificent players we should have kept. I remember some of the slatings he received. We’d have a squad like Florists if we’re going to keep everyone. Not sure how many think we ought to have a squad of 50 and their not inconsiderable wages.
  4. That actually is Kenny Burns
  5. Yep all looks irrelevant now. National League could be postponed too. Not good
  6. Wish I knew. No pen so surely yellow card is a definite. Well no clearly not 🤷‍♂️
  7. And after two minutes Sterling takes a dive. No booking, no criticism off commentators. As you were
  8. That’s good enough for me then. Sign sign sign
  9. Sharing the first goal, like your style
  10. Luton Town 1-3 Derby County Rooney
  11. Keep the faith @B4ev6is good times are just around the corner.
  12. You mentioned Stone...... I suddenly lost interest in any football and for some reason had a vision of a police interview.....
  13. Lee Tomlin on, he has to score against an ex club
  14. Rude awakening for promoted teams so far.
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