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  1. Well I’m concerned about his fitness now. Was watching Starman by Bowie last night from ‘73 and noticed Chris on drums, he’s clocking on a bit now here’s the proof
  2. Many thanks for the heads up td, ordered a couple, job done. 🍊 #gamblingfreeshirts
  3. Six quid all very tidy colours, already have a couple of them but tempting!
  4. Heard a Geordies in with a bid.....’why eye man’....... I’ll get me coat
  5. And @Inverurie Ram your follow up will be hmmmmm ‘These boots were made for walking’ no that’s not right, maybe ‘Footloose’, hmmm no try again, erm, ‘Fall at your feet’ , Crowded House?
  6. Latest rescue cats, sisters, are Franny and Leah ..... work it out yourselves 😹
  7. Well there’s certainly an eye on our new third kit......I managed to source this beauty through my contacts.........
  8. I know whenever I was close to parking up a gentle gathering took place, whether we were a group or I was travelling solo, priority was returning to an undamaged motor! Had a couple of Rams items inside so they had to be removed too. My plates were always South Manchester area so that wasn’t a give away. I did think about having Rams lettering in place of sales company but incognito best!
  9. Used to fly out the car window for many trips, similar to top one, different font I think, many motorway miles took its toll on the poor thing, not much left after several seasons up and down the M1 and M6
  10. Worn most memorably 28 December 1974 not worn round my wrist 😀
  11. Woke up early, scrolled through this thread. Entertaining read knowing the result. I admit I was shaking like a leaf then I had a blubber as it all unfolded. One of THE sporting moments of all time, no doubt. Massive big up to New Zealand too, sportsmanship of the highest order. I retreated to the local to calm myself, just the job! Bring on The Ashes!
  12. Drinking in Sheffield later today, I’ll have some Derby clothing on so I’ll test this tune out when I’ve had ten pints or so.....hic
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