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  1. Considering everyone now knows where everyone is sitting I hope to see lots of ‘love ins’ when the cameras pan. Looking out for you all, enjoy the great day Rams 🐏
  2. Still waiting for confirmation I’ve the day off work.... then I have the best seat in the house, well my house anyway.
  3. Most surprising thing is it almost looks like Frank Lampard
  4. Watching the cricket from Headingley, half full ground and subdued atmosphere...... can’t think why, thought commentators might have realised
  5. When folk spot my Derby badge I’m being congratulated, something to do with who we defeated recently. The dislike of that club has surprised me 😉😂
  6. Really bizarre to watch from a losing perspective, our fans celebrating. Wonderful, but bizarre. The more they swear the more enjoyable it gets 😂
  7. To mention Leicester and Wembley in the same sentence...... please no, that brings back some very very bad memories
  8. This gives me hope then, trying to get day(s) off work. Sounds a lot but I’ll remain optimistic 🐏
  9. So this is Rams V Villa......... Other than Lampard, Morris, Mount, Tomori, Terry and Abraham this has absolutely nothing to do with Chelsea ok. Tell em to keep out
  10. Was gonna catch up with this thread, started liking a few messages then realised I was on Page 2 out of 50..... think I’ll skip a few pages. Sorry for all the potential likes I was going to dish out but time is precious and I’m trying to get the day off work
  11. No doubt I’m repeating what’s been said but time is against me as I type. So watching that fourth goal again, his one touch was exquisite, quite quite perfect. Analysis from pundits about keeper diving early, whatever, he was a magician for that fourth. And if I was any good with this computer stuff I’d superimpose his head on Roger Moores in The Saint.
  12. And to top it all ....this off my hero, Brian May is a hero too but in this instance Sir Francis Lee is the subject matter!!
  13. Haha brilliant ......’They beat us at home, they beat us away, but Frankie Lampard you beat them today’ was that a chant or Colin Gibson special?
  14. Talk about forum meltdowns, this beats em all, and it’s the ruddy bloody best meltdown we’ve had in years! YOU ARE MY Derby. I’ve not wept at the footy in quite a few years, watching that tonight I have to admit there were tears!
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