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  1. When’s he next on SSN …. Curly fingers Curtis please explain
  2. So close now. This is horrible…… but might just be outstanding
  3. Kamara SSN saying Sheff Utd players convinced ref. Suppose your players would but is ref just a soft arse ?
  4. Remind me…. How much towel time is allowed? 🤬
  5. Forgive the ‘off topic’ but thought this forum would be busiest now! ITV 4 5.55pm Big Match Revisited is Rams v Stoke 1975 amongst others!! Enjoy 💪
  6. Likewise. Watching on tv, a few empty seats but from the angles shown way way way more than that. Was it that deceptive ??? Thats more than 10k below capacity.
  7. Agree. It’s all that happened in the first half clearly.
  8. Tense as you like. As a player this is what you want to play in. Let’s do this 🐏
  9. I’m sat in Piccadilly Tap and not bothered about buying game…. That bothers me, I’m always desperate to catch my team. I’ve plenty going on just now. Not great but please make me want to see you Rams.
  10. Next time DarkFruits! 🐏 Safe travels!
  11. Peterborough Utd 1-2 Derby County Morrison
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