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  1. I’m desperate to say wait till January but even me, from the football I’ve seen am losing faith in what I believed was going to be delivered from Holland. The passing game they do so well, we don’t look close. Will we be patient. I’m trying I really am SSA
  2. Heard Rooney was offering to pay us 100k a week to have to sit through this
  3. Wonder if he’ll wear those god awful trainers that wound the florist fans up. Funny but they weren’t the best were they? Be honest 😬
  4. I do wonder what the mood must be like in the dressing room. Baptism of fire for Rooney maybe though I think he’d relish that!
  5. Derby County 3-1 Millwall (blind faith) Martin
  6. Will his lad be booing? Still ST holder?
  7. Deep in my ‘Season Ticket, every game home and away’ period. I often think , ‘Its only when its over do you realise when you were in the middle of it’. Those days finishing my delivery on the post fast as I could Sat morn then a dash home changed and food on the go before heading off from Stockport, sometimes faster than I should I confess,picking up mates from various points, to make the game home or away, home still being an away for me. Ahh such happy days watching those players. Thanks Jim, you can watch all the games for free now Big Fella . 😊
  8. We’re all contemplating this now. Not many won’t be relishing the potential impact. And yep who can begin to predict. Viewing him in the dug out he looks like he cannot wait. He loves the game we all know that, and at any level, I reckon he’s desperate to see how he goes. Of course opposition will try and wind him up, he’s only human so sometimes I think he may snap but his experience and knowledge now suggest to me he’ll be sublime, some bias there too obviously. Wonder how he’s gonna handle some of these refs, and taking advice from the captain ...... Hmmm not sure how that’ll go. Also, imagine if we were top and running away with it (imagine 😬😂) be more difficult fitting him in. The fact that we are mediocre I think he’ll relish also to do his bit to lift the squad on match days. Brilliant! Bring it on for our Wayne
  9. Derby County 3-1 Sheffield Wednesday Whittaker
  10. BALD EAGLE. Bless you Jim, thank you for some fantastic memories. Sad sad news. Bald Eagles Black and White Army.
  11. I’m nursing a hangover and reading this thread......
  12. Cracking pubs in Burnley and prices to match 🍺
  13. At least they’ve picked a photo when he was in a good mood 😬
  14. Blackburn Rovers 0-2 Derby County Bielik
  15. SKRam

    Marco Silva

    He’s not that daft, Arsenal jeeez they need to do something special to get anyone other than an ex player. Mess.
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