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  1. Just climbed in bed having recorded game to watch after finishing work. Enjoyed it like many have said, their keeper had a terrific game which says it all. Positive vibes and if we keep Zoon I hope he can gain some confidence even in cameo appearances. Would love to see the lad start performing. Lawrence growing again in confidence, that continues and we’ll have a special player for next season. Night night everybody
  2. Derby County 2-0 Fulham Martin
  3. That’s what they said to this pilot 👨‍✈️
  4. Was there for that game v Liverpool blimey hard to believe it was THAT long ago 😱
  5. 1976 vintage original reg, though I did like the JCB, probably get a few quid for that now, folk buy anything remotely close to what they actually want
  6. When I eventually got my Metro I was able to drive to BBG. Freedom of the open road to Derby 👌
  7. Photo taken circa 1984, Brinnington, Stockport where my Mum worked, pretty rough but looking at the size of it I wasn’t going to argue
  8. .......learnt to drive (sort of) in a mini 850..... and here she is (was). Remember pulling hand brake up on a hill start and it came away in my hand, learnt where the biting point was on the clutch that day😬
  9. For the goal or the reaction........both yeah I agree
  10. They got a free new ground, they can throw money at anyone 🤫
  11. Is he retired or maybe has others TCOB? Think there were two or three Rams flags watching T20? That Ram stands out amongst the mere ‘names’ of clubs 🐏
  12. Wounded Fulham for sure. Wounded Derby too, metaphorically and physically for Duane sadly. One of the better teams but we can have this if we’re firing.
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