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  1. So what would happen with all the stats? Rooney hasn’t played his 500th then 🤔
  2. In my era Igor Stimac. Stunning player. Mark Wright was up there!
  3. 3 points here will have this site in, well the opposite of meltdown, I guess. Freeze up? After suffering a rare home defeat to these let’s be shoving it right back at em with knobs on. Pitch looked poor last time I saw them on tv which won’t help our slick style but Wayne on the free kicks, we’ll have these. Saw what looked like very antagonistic ‘fans’ (?) at Florist but they were 3 up in quick time so I guess they were throwing the smarties around with gay abandon. Another big one, game on. PS. To all Rams, please don’t call Rowetts trainers anything other than smart footwear, it’ll return to haunt us 🐏
  4. I’m gonna hazard a guess it’ll be equivalent to number of likes you’ve had @Pastinaak
  5. Just watched the interview, brought a tear to my eyes, had a ST back then, he was a superb player, with two Croatians of such ability in the team, glorious days indeed. And what an absolute gentleman in the interview. I wish him every success.
  6. Like to add my vote for Shinnie. Bogle, Sibley and Martin close runners up for me. Fozzie had me grumbling some discontent but team mates did what they needed to help him out, so I’ll score that a 9 today for our beloved Rams. Just added Bogle, played a blinder
  7. Agreed. After his recent good form his passing is.......
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