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  1. SKRam

    At the club now

    Well just remember who got us in this position...... Gazza did one so we could get Frank. Thank you Gary Rowett, from the bottom of my heart
  2. SKRam

    18/19 Home Kit

    Great Britain Grate cheese
  3. Frankie at the helm I reckon we’d be unleashing a new weapon this season if he stays.... on top of his goal tally from last year. If many of the players were as unsatisfied as the fans at the system Rowett had us playing then it’s gonna be an exciting time as I’m positive we’ll have a far happier and content bunch of Rams ready to rock
  4. Sadly I’ve been stuck with them. Awful service..... when it actually works. Good luck DCFC with that one. Free shirt.... I’d want a free house
  5. SKRam

    Season Tickets

    Artificial grass aaaaarrrrgggghhhh . Now you’ve retired you’ll be able to bang some real turf down. 😳
  6. SKRam

    Derby Goal scorers

    If they’d ‘past it’ they wouldn’t put the ball in the net as they’d not been selfish and taken it on themselves...... see what I did there
  7. SKRam

    Notts County away ticket details

    It is mate and big respect for that. It will be impressive for sure and adds to the anticipation for the season. Can’t be many feeling negative about build up to another 46 games of fun 👍
  8. SKRam

    New Kits thread

    Hmmmm Adidas kits at WC are awful in my humble. Lettering and numbers angled/squared off look ridiculous. Keep Adidas away from our club please. Kappa would be welcome if Umbro contract isn’t renewed in future. Uruguay kit is impressive
  9. SKRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Apologies if already been mentioned in this thread but I’ve been hugely impressed with the stadiums, some real thought has gone in to making each one impressive and original.
  10. SKRam

    Notts County away ticket details

    No offence Riddings but it’ll be closer than PP for many so some perspective may be. Our Frank knows we are a big club anyway, he’s under no illusions I’m sure 😉
  11. We’ve bought two Costa Ricans..... seriously? Talk about careers heading in opposite directions
  12. SKRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Thank you Saint, I’m not the only one who clocked this then. Think it was Waddle who whinged about poor refs (or Butcher) the other day. I think refs have been very good this time round and considering some of the acting still taking place
  13. SKRam

    New Kits thread

    Holy poop is that colour serious for Brentford? No way no way. ‘You’re sh** and you play in it, you’re sh** and you play in it ‘ See the chants have started already 🤮
  14. SKRam

    18/19 Summer Transfers

    Crazy crazy money but the game at that level is awash with it so thats what’s being banded about
  15. SKRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I thought it was a terrific header, took a lot of skill for me. Glad it was Kane who was in the right place. Think it’s been underrated so far

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