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  1. Ah yes doh and double doh, thank you @Derby blood
  2. I’m old enough to be Nugents Dad, with a bit to spare, now THAT makes me feel very old 😱
  3. Looking at Tom’s stance that first photo, he’d definitely do himself some mischief trying that these days. Bet he’s got that above his fireplace 😲
  4. Lowes first goal for Wigan, 17 last year with Pompey, liked the look of him there. Broken his duck so definitely one to watch, and mark hopefully! How come we play Wed now, was pretty well always Tue wasn’t it? Any reason anyone?
  5. Cinema yesterday (Joker, cracking psychological movie) so missed football and didn’t know Florist lost till catching up on here just now, so despite all the negativity, I have been given a real lift discovering their defeat. Thank you 😊
  6. Charlton Athletic 1-2 Derby County Paterson
  7. Charlton Athletic 1-2 Derby County Paterson oops wrong thread try again!
  8. Good post mate. I rarely go these days, it’s easier to be more passive when you’re not forking out a small fortune even if it’s home games only, on top of the time and effort for one or two games a week at times. When I had an ST the journey home after a poor show left me feeling raw and drained on top of the frustration and anger. I’ve mentioned previously that I have a brother who’s been ST with Man City for many a year, and a sister who gets to a few. They can testify to the moaning that goes on there......... now think about that for a moment. Man City. Not all of them, like any club, but if you’re moaning about the Prem Champions is there anywhere else to go with your groans?!
  9. Must be a lucky kit, let’s make it our new colours
  10. SKRam


    Always!!! I often quote a game V Liverpool . All I say is 1-7. We are Derby County
  11. What’s the atmos like @SaintRam ?
  12. And Connor Salmon scores again, see it just gets better and better
  13. Great work again @SaintRam, 🤗
  14. Dirties losing..... and down to ten that should cheer everyone up 🤗
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