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  1. I've booked the whole day off. Don't think I'll be in any state to work in the morning!
  2. 😒 give em a shout for me ("come on Derby" just as the whistle blows for kickoff is my usual)
  3. First half of phase 1 going well. Just the second half today and Monday's game to go!
  4. Watching the final of the Copa del Rey, Valencia vs Barça. Oooh, Valencia have just scored!
  5. Seeing the effort and cost that some are going to to go to this game makes me feel a proper half fan. I'll be sat at home cheering the lads on and green with envy but also proud as punch watching the bounce. Give 'em an extra loud "come on Derby" for me at kick off.
  6. If we win, a grin that will make the Cheshire Cat look like Grumpy Cat. If we lose I suppose it will be the opposite.
  7. My daughter binge watched the whole saga in in about 5 weeks in order to watch last night's episode "live". I've only just watched it so she didn't tell me anything other than "horrible". It was probably a bit tame after all that had gone on before, but it was also the only feasible ending. We still don't know where Bran popped off to though when the Night King was in full flow.
  8. Does your missus give you a piece of paper with the order on it, just in case?
  9. To be fair they probably got to keep it for ever, seeing as it changed to the Champion's League around then. (I know it didn't really).
  10. Thank God we won't be seeing either of those things very soon!
  11. Not seen Arnold Schwarzenegger recently have you?
  12. Pity his photo editing skills don't amount to more than scribbling with a digital pen 😜
  13. To be fair, I thought that we were extremely "professional" last night. Profesional in a good sense. We wanted to win more than they felt that they deserved to win.
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