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  1. richinspain

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    I presume that you are referring solely to those players used in the two games up to now, because I’m pretty sure that the two new signings will be in Frank’s plans.
  2. richinspain

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Quick, tell @loweman2 to have a word with Frank. He can visit Willie with some of his memorabilia and get him to sign everything to say sorry.
  3. richinspain

    Changes to Audio Subscriptions

    Received my email this morning.
  4. richinspain

    RamsTV Feedback

    I would prefer to pay a one off payment, but nevermind. Thanks.
  5. richinspain

    Mason Bennett

    I was wondering why I had blacked out 1978. Thanks for giving me nightmares 😱
  6. richinspain

    Frank's captain

    How many games does each one get as captain before passing it on?
  7. richinspain

    Picture where you are now(guess where Froggg is)

    Is that the airport in Castellón? It’s been built for about 5 years now and I think one plane has landed there, just to show that it is ready like.
  8. richinspain

    RamsTV Feedback

    Was going to ask the same.
  9. richinspain

    The stupid things people say .

    He always gives 110% 🤪
  10. richinspain

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    I was commenting to a friend this morning that we have a new manager and his son who was about 10 feet away with his friends said “Yes, Frank Lampard is the new manager of Derby County”.
  11. richinspain

    Booing Butters’ Every Touch

    Didn’t Frank get a lot of abuse off his own fans at West Ham? Maybe, as Frank has stated that he wants to be an approachable manager, he can get advice that will put him in good stead and he can become an important player for us.
  12. richinspain

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Supposing it’s a youth loan they won’t be able to will they? Actually haven’t the rules for loans changed since Ibe in that all three parties have to agree to him going back?
  13. richinspain

    Mason Bennett

    Mason is 22, and after making his debut at 15 he should have a couple hundred first team appearances by now. Unfortunately due to injuries this hasn’t happened. I would love for him to be a first team squad regular, but due to those injury problems perhaps spending most of the season as a sub will actually be beneficial to him this year.
  14. richinspain

    THE song for this season...

    I think that we should sing it to Frank, after all he has spent literally the whole of his managerial career at Derby.
  15. richinspain

    Matej Vydra

    Perhaps that’s the problem. Perhaps he isn’t truly a good player and he can’t adapt. He didn’t pull up any trees before last season when asked to play out of position. I’m not saying he’s not good enough. That’s the manager’s job to decide.

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