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  1. richinspain

    Gary Rowett's Ears

  2. richinspain

    Who is the best support band you have ever seen live?

    I saw Wilco supporting the Jayhawks in Wolverhampton around 97. The New Cranes and Blodwyn Pig supporting Jethro Tull at Tutbury Castle. Radiohead and Cranberries supporting R.E.M. in Milton Keynes in 97. The Cranberries should also have been the support for Crowded House in 93, but Dolores O’Riordan broke her leg skiing and had to drop out.
  3. richinspain

    Best book about dcfc

    John Lydon? I don’t remember him, but I imagine he was a dirty midfielder in the Vinny Jones molde.
  4. richinspain

    Chris Martin

    What exactly have you seen that makes you more worried about Rowett? A newspaper has reported that QPR will make an offer of 500k. They have neither offered, nor have we (Rowett) accepted 500k.
  5. U.D. Alzira. Nice and local for me. The team can stay in Oliva Nova just as the junior teams did a couple of years ago. Perhaps Albentosa could make a guest appearance for both teams.
  6. richinspain

    Best TV Dramas

    Well worth sticking with. As you say, the plot is over the top ridiculous but passes the time away enjoyably. Another one worth a watch is Vis a Vis (Locked up in English) which was mentioned on here a while back.
  7. richinspain

    List of Derby songs

    Down by the light
  8. richinspain

    New chants.

    To the tune of........ I think you’ll know it. Derby are losing, Heaven knows I’m miserable now.* Derby are winning, Heaven knows I’m miserable now.* *sing whichever is appropriate
  9. richinspain


    https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2018/05/rams-help-to-tackle-prostate-testing-stigma Light hearted title for an important subject!
  10. richinspain

    Gary Rowett's Ears

    Or extremely arduous ram’s style? (Ps. I actually like it when it works)
  11. richinspain

    Anybody keep RamsTV through the offseason?

    I thought that too. I would suspect then that any friendlies would be available free again then.
  12. richinspain

    Anybody keep RamsTV through the offseason?

    Which plan was required to watch the u23’s etc?
  13. richinspain

    Gary Rowett's Ears

    But it is lobes of fun 👂
  14. richinspain

    Yanny or Laurel

    Yanny. No?
  15. richinspain

    Will Hughes is a Ram..,

    It’s all in the name 😏

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