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  1. That's what he said at 6:10, but at 5:45 when he was hoping for a last minute winner so his acca came in he singing to a different tune.
  2. I know Anya was poor, but he can't be blamed for this.
  3. Mrs @loweman2 seems quite happy. Perhaps she's going to smash through your whole collection?
  4. I'll be eating it after my lunch, but still going to put it in here. I can't find rhubarb anywhere in any of it's suitable forms (or any other), so a bit of everything I could find and fancied in the local supermarket. I stewed up 4 plums and 4 apricots, then added blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Put some oats in with the crumble as well. I shall be whipping up some cream to go with it.
  5. No, it's what I tell mine.
  6. Size isn't important you know!
  7. Admittedly Byrne was very successful and Carson before him, but I generally don't like signing recently relegated players. Claude Davis still gives me nightmares!
  8. Can't be bothered to go through 3 months and 17 pages to see if this was already posted, so here's U and V together.
  9. I agree that Lampard was out of his depth at Chelsea, but hopefully he would have learned his skill whilst at the same time getting us promoted. On the other hand the loans may have dried up and he may also have not improved. We'll never know.
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