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  1. Best TV Dramas

    I’ve just started the first season. I’m only on the third episode but l’m enjoying it up to now.
  2. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    Fulham 1 Derby 2. FRGS Martin (then he can go 🤫)
  3. Radio Derby Sportscene

    Or both on “RamsTV Meets....”!?
  4. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    I’m sure, through the tiny bit I could actually bear to listen to, that that was done to the tune of “Ring of Fire”
  5. upcoming gigs

    Is that the Flowerpot in Derby? Love those tiny venues. I went quite a few times to see gigs in the back room of the Brunswick. Nobody as well known as Martin Barre but still excellent surroundings. I saw a Tull tribute band there. Really good night.
  6. DCFC Funeral

    Personally I think it’s a great idea. I don’t think my “Spanish” family would be too keen on it mind. I told my wife and daughter that I would like at least half of my ashes dispersed on the pitch. They looked at me incredulously. When I said that I was serious they just sort of grunted. If I’m lucky it’s the most i’ll be getting. Hopefully it will also be a few (or a lot) of years before they need to make a decision though.
  7. How GOOD is your Rams' Mug?

    My wife just knocked the one on te left out of my hand and into the sink, breaking the handle into 5 pieces 😢. She says that I can “glue it together again” 😡 and that when I go over in December I can “buy another one. It’s only a mug.” She’s right of course, it is only a mug. A 21 year old mug in excellent condition even though I used it most days. Please give my regards to the ex Mrs @richinspain when you see her 😞 Luckily, I’ve got an identical one in the cupboard (with handle intact) that was a duplicate gift ✌🏻
  8. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    He was actually very good at Coventry. I remember being pleased when we signed him. He was 33 when he joined us, probably should have finished at 32!
  9. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    Rightish period, but you’re overshooting his ability 1000%! Take a closer look at my avatar. When things are going badly I look at that and realise just how good we are at the moment!
  10. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    He made Andy Hill look like Ronaldo!
  11. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    I think you’re bluffing, so i’ll raise you one of these......
  12. Rowett's style is so direct

    Perhaps that’s the whole point of this thread. First you have to be compact, defend well and hit fast on the break. Later you can evolve the team by integrating more skill full players. Or maybe Gary likes long ball!
  13. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    I haven’t been able to read the whole of the thread, but one thing I do know is that Alzira FC received a payment as part of the package for signing Raul Albentosa. It was only a small amount, probably quite a lot for a club of their size, but a recognition for his early training. He had already passed through 4 or 5 clubs before he signed for us. Perhaps a sistem if retrospective compensation could be applied in the UK?
  14. October Manager of the Month

    But were you one of the three?
  15. Keogh Ledley Vydra update

    Surely that’s czess?

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