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  1. It's quite amazing what some do at a football match. Ask @DarkFruitsRam7!
  2. I think it looks lovely. Bit too much salad, but never mind πŸ˜‰
  3. I think @mwram1973 sums it up pretty well for me We need to change a lot of players, but we've needed it for a while now. So many managers with their own ideas, but none of them were prepared to dispose of the players that weren't suitable, preferring instead to stock up in the hope that one day they may be of use. Lampard looked as though with time he may have been able to make his own team, but hey ho. Cocu has got a very big job on his hands. He's certainly for me talking the talk. Hopefully he's not another Rowett! His plan will need time. After so long out of the "promised land" would a bit more be such a problem for us fans. If Mel is prepared to wait, why can't we? Brighton were close to relegation the season after loosing to us in the playoffs, look where they are now after rebuilding properly. Southampton went into the third division. I'm not saying we should do it the way they did, just that a season or even two of not challenging for the play offs even may not be the end of the world if the right work is being done further down within the club. I would love us to get promoted, and the sooner the better. However I wouldn't like us to be threatening our own records! Let's do it properly this time. More like we did under Clough, Cox or Smith, not Wee Billy.
  4. I'm not worried at the moment about first team results, this really is that season of transition that we've been talking about for so many years. I just hope however that the first team players are capable of implementing his style for long enough to enable the long term plan to kick in.
  5. Bet Colin would put it in his list of successes.
  6. Nooooo. No one had a drink and then drove home in those days. It's modern footballers you know!
  7. richinspain

    Forum Issues

    As I said the other day, it's only happening on my ipad, not on my iphone. It's really not a problem, if I remember to double tap πŸ˜€
  8. I wondered when nothing was said at the fan's forum and a few days later the news was broke, if it was to not give the option for others to do the same (this with hindsight obviously, not at the time πŸ˜€)
  9. Me, obviously! I was better than all of them, taught them everything they know πŸ˜€
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