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  1. I'll check if my Commodore Vic 20 is still in my junk room tomorrow, just in case!
  2. I thought about that earlier today as well. I'm sure you're right.
  3. Would the three points be for the drop goal or conversion?
  4. I can remember Birmingham, but who are the other three teams that have missed?
  5. Fan or player, fits in both cases! Even more so as it's Leeds!
  6. Could it be a Leeds fan who was passing through Little Eaton and fancied a coffee?
  7. I was about 3. I remember a bit later holding onto the floodlight pylon in the corner between the Popside and the Normanton End. There was no separation then between the two. I was just high enough up to see over all the adults. A bit later my dad made me a wooden seat that slotted into some holes at about head height in the old stand that was behind the Popside, before it was knocked down to build the Ley Stand. That was around 1970 if my (failing) memory serves me.
  8. I loved, indeed am still in love with, the BBG. However it was never a viable option to stay there. I feel honoured to have had that place as part of my earliest memories. I'm nearly 56, l first went there in around 1966, so old second division days. Obviously I can't remember my first game, but I do REM my feelings from those days, and I know that they are from those days because I remember leaving the house and walking to the ground from Havelock Road where I was born and moved from in 1968. Obviously they are more "recent" memories, but the smell of the BBG is still there in me. I don't even have to try to remember it. It's just there. That smell was a "special" smell, especially for a midweek game. That photo that @Angry Ram posts every now and again makes my hairs stand on end and that smell envelopes me. I couldn't have fonder memories of the place, however it was time to move on. Like all loved one, one day they will no longer be there. But like all loved ones their memory lives on. PP will be like that for many some day. I've been less than a dozen times, but it gives me a tingle when I see it. And if you get to go every other week appreciate it. Those of us who no longer have either miss them both.
  9. Chrisie's not the quickest, but I'm sure even he could catch Bloomer! Hector however could probably still give him a head start and beat him.
  10. I may be wrong, or that's a very old photo, but it doesn't look like our Phil Gee.
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