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  1. I put my conspiracy theory comment there as a direct response to @Steve How Hard? comments. I really don't know/think that there is anything there. I really do hope that any apparent lack of movement either by ourselves or Chelsea is because both managers are assessing their squads, and that if there are conversations that they are being carried out privately.
  2. Sorry to be pedantic, but Robertson signed for us in the second when Peter Taylor was manager. He was part of the team that got relegated to the old third division.
  3. Could be that they got wind that we had made contact with Cocu whilst Frank was still on holiday.
  4. I've got the full subscription, it's working fine for me.
  5. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!
  6. Just watched the press conference, it's translated pretty much word for word. The only thing he adds at the end is that they are in talks with the club where Bale wishes to go.
  7. Although I agree with you that he would probably be my third choice of the three to have back, he would be way way ahead of many others. Definitely a yes from me, even though I can't see it happening.
  8. I understand your sentiment with losing key players who were only here on loan, but what is the point in borrowing "squad additions" who will play occasionally without improving on the players they're replacing. Clubs are also unlikely to lend anyone that is being used as squad filler, or at least not premier or championship clubs who will expect either big loan fees or guaranteed playing time.
  9. Done. All the very best of luck 🤞🏻
  10. If he is capable of getting back to his maximum ability!
  11. Yes, because Nuge didn't get any abuse when he was playing but not scoring.
  12. It's winter there isn't it? I'll dig mi coat, hat, scarf and gloves out.
  13. They're waiting until next July, so it will fall in next year's FFP.
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