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  1. Chris Martin

    Glad you have found constructive criticism and can at least recognise the real problem Leave him alone, he’all be back later 😂
  2. Picture where you are now

    Hopefully the name of the restaurant isn’t what you end up with afterwards
  3. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Is BJ at 10 that different to having Thorne there. BJ is an attacking midfielder who can defend well (not in the Lawrence or Russell mound but still better suited going forwards) and Thorne is a defensive player who can attack. It is just a case of putting someone further forward who will put his foot in and break play up in their half. Horses for courses if you like. As for the aimless balls upfield, yes early on it did seem to be the case, but we are now attacking with real purpose and with a well oiled machine.
  4. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I’m probably the only one on this forum who actually loved that game against Brentford. I thought at he time that against Bristol GR had said “right, you want to attack at all costs, go and attack” and then when it bit the players on the bum he said “right, I don’t care if you don’t cross the halfway line in the whole game, I want you to maintain your shape and defend as a team” against Brentford. Against Cardiff he then refined it a bit more, maintaining shape at all times but with more pace in the counter attack. The players then saw that this system can be both effective, and when well executed, pretty. Probably a load of row locks though.
  5. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Surely he’s just trying to p*** Johnny Russell off as much as possible? First Forest and now Rangers
  6. Dolores O’riordan RIP

    I saw them at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1995 along with Radiohead and Sleeper. Probably the same tour.
  7. Dolores O’riordan RIP

    Just heard on the radio that Dolores O’riordan if the Crsnberries has died. Totally shocked !
  8. Apple

    I’m thinking of buying an Apple TV and have seen in the local supermarket a 3rd generation that is half the price of the 4th generation. Can anyone tell me if paying the extra would give me much benefit? What I really want to use it for is watching the games on a full size tv, and also for the apps because my main tv isn’t a smart tv. What can the 4th generation do that the 3rd can’t?
  9. He said the first pub, not pup
  10. Cyrille Regis - Passed Away Aged 59

    Will always remember him as a great player. RIP.
  11. Russell’s tackle on Maghoma

    And here it is in all it’s glory
  12. Russell’s tackle on Maghoma

    Almost as bad as this one!
  13. Best Rams keeper

    You’re right, sorry. Just had a look back and what I’d read was this.
  14. Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Same for me on this one. Well, I watched the first two or three episodes of season 3 but it just wasn’t the same without Pablo Escobar.
  15. Best Rams keeper

    Those having a pop at Martin Taylor, is it because of his links with Nigel Clough? He was an excellent keeper, at least up until the broken leg. I felt he was a worthy successor to Shilton, who although wasn’t anywhere near his best when he finished with us, was one of the best keepers ever who maintained a very high standard in his early years with us. Shilton got my vote, but Taylor was a close second (Poom although an excellent keeper I only saw for one season before moving to Spain, and as tinternet wasn’t around then I couldn’t give an honest opinion).

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