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  1. He should play his best team initially and see where that takes us. His best team will almost certainly include 2 or 3 youngsters starting. Possibly 1 or 2 more on the bench. Players like Hector-Ingram will benefit from being around the first team in training and possibly travelling with the squad. I imagine they wouldn't play any part unless there is nothing to play for or their performances in training merit it.
  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It began in 1984, when I was already in my 20s. Nothing wrong with watching kids programs but as I didn't have any around me who were watching it I never even saw a few minutes. I just happened to know that Ringo Starr had narrated it.
  3. They would probably look for ways to charge the developers of breaking some law that they just invented.
  4. I've never seen it, but had to look it up because I thought that Ringo Starr was the narrator. Sad news all the same 😢
  5. Happy birthday @FindernRam. Enjoy it as much as you can.
  6. richinspain

    Ex Rams

    If it's as exciting as the rest of the series I'll give it a miss.
  7. Well, just like his football he is an armchair half fan 😂
  8. Agree with you re the Beatles. I'm going for: overrated - the Rolling Stones underrates - the Proclaimers ps. Can you tell I'm in the Zep camp?
  9. He was happier this week. There was a whole round on trains!
  10. Great job done. Thanks @i-Ram ps it's very distracting having George Clooney asking the questions (that's my excuse 😉)
  11. Which would make the second option the most likely?
  12. So, what do we think is the most likely? My niece is a nurse working on the Covid ward at the Royal. At the beginning of April she was sent home because she had a fever, cough and difficulty breathing. A week later she returned to work feeling a lot better. At no point was she tested. On Tuesday she lost all sense of taste and smell and went to one of the drive through test centres. The result came back positive. The possibilities that I can think of: 1. The first time she had some other virus. 2. The virus went dormant and has reactivated (a possibility I have heard mooted). 3. She's caught it again!
  13. He obviously was one of the very few that didn't spend all their time playing Championship Manager and watching porn.
  14. I see you're trialling the new HomePods. Do they need to be so close together?
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