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  1. I don't think an international tv package gives you the extended highlights, unless you've taken out a membership package as well?
  2. I thought that seasons 1 and 2 were excellent. I couldn't understand why they would do the next "job" but watched it anyway. Season 3 I thought was poor, but 4 and then 5 have got even worse. Who on earth (spoiler alert) are the soldiers who appear to be castoffs from some Marvel film. Just an excuse to fire thousands of bullets and make lots of explosions unfortunately.
  3. There's a chap at Peterborough, Marriott I think his name is. Plays just like Oh Bobby Bobby.
  4. So at first he will be more a Brian?
  5. Agreed, the only thing is that we don't know why they haven't been submitted. We believe that the club only has to submit the accounts using a valid method, following on from the previously submitted accounts. What I, and I would assume everyone else don't understand, is why they haven't been submitted. My assumption is that the club wants all accounts to be verified in the same manner. I have seen so many assumptions and suggestions that I honestly don't know, but would submitting the outstanding accounts alone bring us out of our embargo? Would that change the type of embargo we are under?
  6. Very true, IF we are found guilty and docked points. Will people's opinions change however if all charges against us are dropped and we find that we have been in embargoes unjustly for the past however many years. He spent (we believe) millions of his own money trying to get to the Prem. Just maybe (I know as much as anyone else on here) the EFL have screwed him over and he loses all of his investment, plus the club he loves as much as we do is in the 💩. I'm not trying to defend Mel at all costs, if the club does end up with points deductions or worse then the buck will stop at Mel's door.
  7. I agree entirely with the OP's sentiments, but as @IslandExile says what exactly can Mel Morris do (rhetorical question because we don't know ANY facts)? If the post was tagged on to one of the hundreds of threads asking the same questions then it would have received many more than 4 positive reactions. We're all anxiously waiting for all of this to end, and I imagine Mel Morris even more so than us.
  8. So many getting emails from other clubs. Is there not an "unsubscribe" button?
  9. I don't know what's worse, Grealish being compared to Lingard or Lingard to Grealish. I suppose they both deserve it!
  10. Unfortunately none of the charges will ever be dropped. The only way they will disappear is, as I imagine is the case with the unpaid instalments, when we put our part in order, or when the EFL finally decide to put an end to things by actually giving out sanctions. If we pay off all monies owing and submit all outstanding accounts then there will be nothing left to embargo us for. The only thing left would be if we fail FFP or whatever incarnation.
  11. Not for the first time either. We were the first club to suggest shirt sponsorship, but the idea was thrown out by the FL. When they finally agreed to it we were on our way down from the old second division.
  12. I read the part where Nixon says "nobody is officially in default YET" as nobody officially being late with payments owing to us.
  13. Happy birthday @froggg. I'm guessing a tinned tuna and vinegar sandwich, washed down with a Lidl's own brand Rumanian lager.
  14. When I saw the title, I thought that you had finally posted your report from the meeting 🥷
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