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  1. @David's still thinking about it 😂
  2. Oh what I'd give to live in Belper-Sur-la-Mar
  3. Clarke is actually pretty good with the ball at his feet, but I just can't see Lawrence at central defence!
  4. What's he doing to Basil Brush? 😱
  5. It's even worse when you realise that he's our chief scout!
  6. Don't you remember John Harkes scoring past him at the BBG from 450 yards and he still didn't get near it?
  7. Sorry, I understood it the other way round but now I've read it properly. I couldn't really say why he would sign. Maybe Derby wouldn't give him the money he wanted on a shorter contract? Maybe he knows that he could virtually force a move if he thought that we weren't going to get promoted and a prem club came in for him?
  8. A player signing a contract for say five years, and the club having that player's plus all the other player's wages available. It could (although is also probably not feasible) work with the transfer fee, but they are usually spread out in various payments for a reason.
  9. The five year contract will be because if the club has paid a possible club record fee for a player that even if he isn't as successful as we hope he will still have some resale value (yes I know, Butterfield), then we will be able to recoup that money. And what if he's really successful and on a two or three year contract? He could walk away on a free or vastly reduced fee. I personally don't see a problem with the guy having ambition. If he does his best then he will either help Derby County be promoted or get his big move. Either way win/win for Derby.
  10. Well he single handedly kept Hull up. Doh!
  11. Since when were Forest and football related?
  12. Possibly so, bit confusing the league 2 and division 2.
  13. I would have said Nathan Holland looking at those stats.
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