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  1. Don't remember that being said when Bent and Baird got their contract extensions! In this case however I don't have a problem with him getting another year. He's not a world beater, but on his day he's still one of the best passers around.
  2. I remember Stevie Powell charging a free kick down and taking it straight in the nether regions. He carried on running after the ball up to the half way line, knees slowly buckling beneath him until finally completely clearing the danger and collapsing to the floor.
  3. It's been a few years since I actually entered, but from what I remember it wasn't too expensive. As for being deserted, I must admit it wasn't exactly bursting at the seams.
  4. I hope to God we don't have an identical record as at this point the last time when we finally make it to the Prem.
  5. But his detractores said that he's a big fat wardrobe when he's stood up.
  6. Amazed no one has said Eranio!
  7. I agree with both of you. What I don't understand is why they need to place the ball three inches closer as if it is more likely to reach it's desired destination, and still they hit the first man!
  8. Rams 2 Potters 0. FRGS Lawrence.
  9. Finally got round to watching this. Love him or loathe him as a footballer, you have to say that he loves the game and he loves DCFC. Personally, I like him as a footballer, we could do a lot worse, and similar to Jake Buxton no matter how may managers and centre halves have come and gone he always keeps his place. He deserves promotion with DCFC. Hopefully it will come.
  10. As has been said by many, if you don't strive to get into the PL then what is the point of playing at all. The reality once there may not be a pleasant experience (yes I know, worst team in history) but surely the point of any sport is to try to win every time? If you achieve enough wins then you will be promoted. Worry about being there once you're there!
  11. Have we been given a transfer embargo?
  12. Not seen it yet. Did he get Colin's name wrong?
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