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  1. My comment was because many say that the City Ground isn't officially in Nottingham.
  2. Why have they put a photo of West Bridgeford?
  3. You're right of course. An 86th minute substitute, plus 4 (incomplete) minutes of added time, and not one single effort at goal. Next striker please.
  4. Come on be fair, he has crossed the white line. Surely that's enough to judge him?
  5. I'll just leave this one here. If this one stands, tonight's definitely does.
  6. I think that you're probably right about him going. Unfortunately I can't think of anyone who would be able to implement a system using the players at their disposal, except Mac 3!
  7. If you've read every single post I'd say that you've got more time on your hands than anybody!
  8. @DarkFruitsRam7, don't get angry. On Saturday @sage changed his Zoom name because we were discussing our ages and he was the youngest at that moment. We all know that you're the youngest out of the usual participants.
  9. What a wise old Sage you are (even though you're the youngest 😉)
  10. And that's only Derby County!
  11. And a healthy bank account.
  12. Don't you just hate all these pointless threads?
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