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  1. I was over in England at the weekend. I was shocked to discover that spending a penny now costs 20p!
  2. I haven't been able to read the whole thread since it was rebumped so don't know if this has already been said. Selling Ince (or Hughes for that matter) for me is like when we sent Martin out on loan. The manager (if it's true that 1 or both are going) doesn't feel that they fit into his plans, or that the money gained from their sales could be used to improve the team as a whole. The problem with the Martin debacle was that the player, or players if you include Anya, brought in weren't either good enough or other players were needed to compliment them. Rowett has got the whole summer to do his trading. If he sells quickly and uses the money wisely then nobody will give a monkey's if we're fighting for promotion come April/May next year. Pearson I would hope had a plan. Maybe he thought that the players we had would be able to at least challenge in this league, or maybe he just left it too late (if the latter why the hell did he sanction a last minute loan?). We really do have to let Rowett get on with it. He will live or die by his decisions. Nobody wants to see good players sold. I've been supporting Derby since the mid 60s and have seen many favourites move on. Hopefully I'll see many more. The important thing is that the team improves, both as a whole and as individuals. Sometimes we have to lose our Wrights and Saunders, or even our Kevin Wilsons. I'll be worried if come the close of the transfer window we have sold our best players and brought in absolutely nobody. Until then I'll give Gary the benefit of any doubt.
  3. Just heard the news. Very young. Any news of the cause of death. RIP
  4. That's photoshopped! His legs aren't in line with his body
  5. Isn't that @eddie?
  6. Thanks, and ditto to the comments
  7. ?
  8. Isn't it with a value-for-money-omiter?
  9. Lost on some!
  10. I thought that this was another one of @Inverurie Ram's song threads!
  11. As I had to send mine from Spain I sent it by registered post to avoid problems
  12. The Spanish can renew their's in any National Police station. I suppose that is part of the reason then 😡
  13. Mine cost me I think it was £144. A Spanish passport costs 23€. How can there be such a difference?