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  1. His in a similar situation to the one George Thorne found himself in. Talented but injuries have take their toll. Thorne went to Oxford and pretty much played for nothing to try and resurrect his career, fair play to him. This guy turns down Championship football and then wonders why no ones interested. Hes in for a shock in January!
  2. Yep he’s always first on peoples drop list, but they don’t seem to realise you need players like Shinnie in this division. Like I say he’s the most productive attacking player alongside Knight and that’s before you consider his obvious defensive contributions. For me he’s one of the first names on the team sheet, I just think we’ll get to a Knight or Shinnie position with Beiliks return and the manager will go with Knight.
  3. Love the random unattributed quote
  4. Hopefully he comes back on form as he’s one of the best in the division. if he does then the best blend will probably be Beilik, Bird and Knight, However that leaves out our joint most productive midfielder at present in Shinnie, which is unlucky for him as knight edges it, but that’s probably the way things will go.
  5. Roos Byrne Jagielka Davies Buchanan Bird Shinnie Rav/Lawrence Knight Sibley Kazim If he’s fit enough it might be worth giving Kaz a start, did well today and gave us a focal point. Also if Knights fit I think he’d do really well in a box to box role. Only one birth available for Lawrence or Morrison for me, both wasteful in attacking positions recently.
  6. Roos 7 Byrne 7 Buchanan 6.5 Jagielka 7.5 Davies 7.5 Shinnie 7.5 Bird 8 Morrison 5 Ebosele 5 Jozwiak 6 Lawrence 6 Sibley 7 CKR 7
  7. A point doesn’t help us much but given Cov’s record it’s a good one. Poor first half, better second half. Kaz and Sibbo added some much needed attacking threat and a nice strike from Shinniesta!
  8. One more goal for Shinnie and he’ll be leading on assists and joint leading goalscorer!
  9. Early doors first half he had Festy free to break in the right channel, in a very promising attack. He ignored Festy to go alone and lost the ball. Happens a lot
  10. Yep, first time I’ve seen them this season. A bit toothless in attack, but they look strong across the rest of the team and play a decent style.
  11. Doing ok, it’s pretty even, we’ve had the better chances to break through their defence but not done enough with it. *****edit: up till the peno
  12. He failed in his fiduciary duty…allegedly.
  13. We’ll struggle to pull off a great escape if we’re not putting teams like Luton away.
  14. He's one of those very driven players, hence his work rate. Good to see he's got the self belief to call out others not up to his standards.
  15. Good to see knight back on the scoresheet.
  16. Lawrence up top seems to be our best option at present.
  17. Given our situation I would definitely be looking at this. He often goes missing out on the wing and we don't have any firepower in the striker department. It's not an ideal fix, but we are where we are and it'd be a sensible use of resources.
  18. I was just mentioning it, because at face value that tweet is incredibly disingenuous.
  19. That photo is from March 2020!
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