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  1. Fingers crossed that now Knight or Sibley can stake a claim to a place in the team, a lot of people want Sibley in but I've always been impressed with Knight whenever he's had chances with the first team. What on earth Dowell is doing to get ahead of them I'll never know!
  2. It took me a minute to open the thread, as soon as I saw the title I knew it would be sad news. A manager who bought so much to so many Derby fan's and quite rightly will be viewed as a club legend based solely upon his achievements. The mid-late 90's were great times at this club with many memories to treasure....thanks Jim! Best wishes to his family and friends!
  3. I'm surprised to see Joe McClaren still here. I remember him joining but assumed he's left when his dad did....even more surprised to see him heading the whole show. After a quick bit of research he came in as head of U21 scouting during Chris Evans short reign, but clearly stayed on and has risen up the ranks to be head honcho, so he must be doing something right!
  4. After getting onto this in a debate with @Ambitious it got me thinking more about what is going on at the club in this area and how little we/me know(s) about it. So I thought I start a thread to see if anyone knows what goes on? Do we still have a recruitment team like we did in the Rush era. Does the manager have more input these days? What are we targeting and why, who gives scouts the parameters and who makes the final decisions? Aside from the loans last season and Beilik and Shinnie this, our signings just seem so random (Josefzoon) or often just plain poor (Dowell) in recent years and I wonder if anyone has any insight into what happens in this area of the club?
  5. Nail on the head here!!!!!!!! Our recruitment has been poor for a few years now and I'm not sure why? Do we focus too much on stats, not enough on stats, players mental and physical attributes, their reputation or form on the previous season? It seems so scattergun results wise that I don't think we know what we are buying and why we are buying it, take Paterson and Dowell what was remit behind their purchase (yes they are only loans but neither have been worth bothering with really and I don't think they were requested by Cocu as he's not even persevered with them. It's all very strange for such an important part of the club. The only players signed recently that I see the logic behind were the three loans Mount, Wilson and Tomori and this season Beilik for his potential and Shinnie for a solid midfield option.
  6. I'm not sure about the relevance of his form for Blackburn who are a different club with different tactics, style, players, fans, etc. We knew how he fitted in here his form for Blackburn does not dictate how his form would have been had he stayed here. Ditto for the tackles stat......it's just a random stat with no real context in terms of this debate. I mentioned aggression, drive, experience and motivation, many of these things cannot be quantified in a stat. Many of us saw the effect he had on the team when he returned after his spell out, tackles per game has no bearing on any of this. I would agree that we lack quality, but we also lack all the things mentioned above. Funny thing is Johnson should have been an easy player to replace given his lack of quality, but we don't seem to have replaced him with anyone good enough!
  7. We always talk about missing the three loans, this won’t be popular but needs to be said as he’s actually a big miss! We definitely miss Bradley Johnson, yes he was agricultural and was technically poor at times but he brought aggression, drive, experience and motivation to our midfield, all qualities that are crucial to success in this division! The only players that can offer us this are Beilik but he’s been up and down which is to be expected as he still a youngster really and Shinnie who’s either been out of favour or injured most of the season.
  8. As we all know that was utter tripe! The positive signs from the small run of games up to Preston has completely vanished and we probably look worse than at any point this season. I think there may be some truth in @WilkoRams theory that he’s trying to address the away form with a different formation, however what he’s inadvertently done is ripped out the green shoots of recovery! We now have zero attacking threat, are playing like poo and STILL leaking goals! He needs to revert back Preston formation/tactics of two up top and try an rebuild from there.......but will be do this? Any momentum we had is now lost and it’s going to take a huge effort to get it back as morale looks totally shot. It’s certainly not been easy for Cocu with the injuries, pre season, dealing with idiot players, etc, however he needs to show improvement soon or he will lose a lot of fans. i have to say we desperately miss Harry Wilson, his goals were invaluable even if his general play was a mixed bag. I think some fans have forgotten how bad we were last season at times especially in dec and Jan without Mount, it was Wilson’s goals that kept us in the chase. Cocu hasn’t really had much time to improve the squad that Lampard had minus those three cracking loans! Also what the hell was he doing picking that waste of space Dowell? I know we’ve got injuries but really?
  9. The EU set's minimum standards for workers rights, there are also areas where EU law does not offer protection and the minimum levels of employment law in that country apply. The area's of worker protection that are not fully covered by EU law that have been rolled back by UK gov in recent years are: - Reducing the protection given by unfair dismissal law - Working Time Directive opt out - Increase in judicial fees for employment tribunal's. There is nothing stopping a country offering increased rights should they wish.
  10. Oh without a doubt.....put it this way, they aren't here solely for the team. They must see plenty of commercial development opportunities around the club, mostly as you say in the property portfolio which is one of their areas of expertise.
  11. A bit wary on this one, it doesn't look like he/his fund have any experience in sports, from what I can tell from a quick look it seems a mix of Fintech, software, natural resources in Africa and Australia and Property. We've had a sports management team in the guise of GSE, they had some experience in this area, but their ownership went down like a lead balloon with fans in the end. There's no doubt Duet/Gabay have huge sums of money behind them, but if people think a hedge fund is just going to come in and suck up losses every year then they are very mistaken. There are two plusses from what I can see here, Mel will still be here and has some leverage with the stadium, also they do seem to be one of the funds that takes a longer term view to their acquisitions. It also look's like the NFA weren't best pleased with Duet asset management a couple of years ago, fined a million dollars!
  12. I suppose it has the potential to impact the form of Lawrence.
  13. Given our current lack of firepower and goals I’d be tempted to play him up top/off Martin.
  14. Used to listen to it all the time, but I refuse to listen to it anymore, would rather miss out that hear that rubbish. Such a shame because it used to be very good!
  15. Whilst we have the current personnel losing one of shinnie and beilik is bad......losing both is a disaster as the only other midfielder capable of contributing something positive is Holmes who’s a mixed bag at present. Im hoping Cocu can make better progress after the January window allows him some room to maneuver with the squad and then we will hopefully see further progress next season after the summer window.
  16. I like Wags and he scored an nice goal today but his general performances this season have been utter junk!
  17. If Beilik is out for a few games then our midfield is absolutely cratered. Holmes is the only useable senior player in there. I don’t like throwing the kids in but Knight and Sibley will have to step up and try and fill the void.
  18. There’s a definite argument for Whittaker, knight and sibley to have more involvement ahead of some of the senior players now, the likes of Evans, Marriott and Waghorn (goal aside) are contributing so little when given the chance!
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