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  1. Not sure why you would panic. We are at the low point already, poor manager, threadbare squad, youngsters and senior pros not yet signed up to new deals, worst run of results in the pro divisions, owner who wants out, no budget. The only way is up from here, if any of the above improve then that’s a good thing.....at least that’s how I’m trying to look at it!
  2. Birmingham City, Wayne Rooney’s Derby County, newly-promoted Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers and Barnsley
  3. I heard he was poo.....league one level poo! 🤣
  4. Pre-season starts in 3 weeks or so? Ownership unresolved, several players contracts unresolved, along with huge gaps in the squad. And that’s without talking into consideration the factors outside our control, or abilities of the management/coaching staff and ending one of the worst run of results in any division. It doesn’t look good. We could do ok and turn things around quickly, but at this moment in time it’s looking like another avoid relegation job.
  5. Disappointing how it’s turned out and we’ve lost money on him. However we need to use his wages to bring in a striker that can contribute.
  6. He’ll sign up for us. Who would turn down the opportunity to be managed by englands record all time goal scorer?
  7. Mystery solved Told you he was buying us
  8. Use that money to bring in Onni Valakari if he has a quiet Euros.
  9. Bootlegging? Sounds about right given some of the chancers we’ve been involved with.
  10. But they’re all poo...........allegedly!
  11. This would be filing for HMRC not EFL
  12. Rooney’s a great manager......saved us from the drop against all odds! Please, please don’t take our Rooney away from us........pleeeease!!!!!! Right I’m going to put a tenner on him to get his odds down.
  13. So after spending half the season telling us how bad our squad is and how terrible some players are..............the same crew are now telling us to stop being negative!
  14. Looks like too much hard work. I’d prefer
  15. He actually used to be fairly prolific scored 10 in 39 in 19/20. But of course he was managed very differently back then.
  16. I think we’d do well to get a deal with the value of £7.5m (Clarke in the £2-3m range and the rest cash). More likely it’d be a £5m range as everyone knows we need to raise funds. Good player who I think will flourish under good management. He suffers from being utilised poorly as a Jack of all trades midfielder, when he’s a box to box player.
  17. Indeed, he was even made captain of a struggling side at one point, not sure how that would help his development
  18. If we got half of that we’d be doing well
  19. Let him go so he can move forwards with his career again. He’s a good player, with plenty of potential. Won’t get what we’d hoped for him, but his value will deteriorate the longer we keep him.
  20. takeover bid to rescue Wayne Rooney’s Derby
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