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  1. Good point.....he did touch his balls almost as much as he picked his nose!
  2. Cocus view of the end of game fist pump with Neil
  3. Bloody hell did Malone drive his car into a bleach tanker?
  4. What were they doing in the corner there. It was obvious he was going to lose the ball. Why not come back inside instead?
  5. Unlucky for Lowe there, nice interception but ball bounced away unlucky
  6. Neil picking his nose again he must have one of those really sticky crows
  7. It’s trying to deal with Martins new haircut
  8. There’s he down side when we over play it at the back. Luckily it was a gash effort
  9. Can’t shoot can’t control, shame as it was a good break
  10. Yep. He’s still a Rolls Royce of a player when the game suits him. The hectic nature of the champ does him no favours. Surprised he hasn’t tried a stint abroad in a league that suits his style.
  11. Ducking hell! Get well soon Andre. Absolutely shocking.....what’s wrong with the idiots that do this. Hopefully the fact that it’s not made the news till now means it’s not as severe as we fear, but still an awful thing to happen. This season!
  12. Doesn’t matter in the eyes of the ref, throw a retaliatory punch as the ref seems to be suggesting and you’re off.......end of story!
  13. Those injuries would have destroyed the careers of lesser men. I have to admit I’m surprised to see him still playing well at Champ level after three ACL’s it’s a massive achievement and I think Robert Pires is the only other player to have come back 3 time’s from the same injury in top top three tiers! Hope he can play many more games for us and stay injury free!
  14. Wags produced a great assist today and hit the post. But other than that struggled against two cloggers crowding him out. Martin would have similarly struggled but would have offered an out by coming short and receiving the ball. I don’t think it was a mistake to start wags and he put some effort in but Martin should have come on sooner
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