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  1. Derby 1 boro 1 frgs lawrence
  2. i reckon he can do it, just needs time to implement his own tactics, style of football and to get players in that he wants, don't get me wrong we've not started amazing at all, far from it, but on the other hand we've only lost 3 games at this point (even after the booze brigade lap of honour, losing Keogh and top loanies from last season going back to their parent clubs) which is a lower amount than a few teams ahead of us in the table, just need that click to turn these draws into wins and we'll be laughing.. all the way to Wembley heartbreak again
  3. Derby 2 Charlton 2 frgs martin
  4. Derby 2 Birmingham 1 frgs marriott
  5. Leeds­čĄ«2 Derby 2 frgs marriott
  6. Derby 2 Cardiff 0 frgs Lawrence
  7. Derby 1 Brentford 0 frgs marriott
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