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  1. I still believe we will sign a few players regardless of the ownership situation because if we don't with the fact Clarke won't be here and others will leave as well we will have a terrible squad that would make aiming for safety optimistic never mind anything more. Even if its loan signings we won't miss Lawrence that much as there will be players of similar quality on lower wages.
  2. They aren't even getting respectable numbers for goal contributions like 5 goals 6 assists though never mind 15 goals , it's not that they were average its the fact they have played to the standard you expect from a team who finished 21st with one of the worst points totals that has survived. Not saying we have to sell them but I wouldn't mind if Lawrence went and either way I'd like us to sign atleast 2 new wingers assuming Ibe won't play, 1 if he can play at a decent level.
  3. Lawrence is rubbish 7 times out of 10, scores some goals but isn't the answer constantly making the wrong choices with the ball and being generally crap. Jozwiak is pretty rubbish as well but atleast he works abit harder and is young so may improve. If we are relying on Jozwiak and Lawrence for goals with thier pitiful goal tallys last season we may as well save money and play the kitman in defence because we will be going down either way. We have to sign a couple of players because if not I think we'll be favourites to go down. 3 goals and 1 assist Lawrence got last season in 23 ga
  4. No, not when some people's ideas of justice is close to communism.
  5. Jozwiak from what I have seen from 25 minutes onwards has looked like he has for Derby on the most part pretty mediocre without end product. To think of how desperate we were to sign him. Probably will score 2nd half now.
  6. Come November we'll be in full lockdown again and they'll be talking about a few more weeks to flatten the curve all over again, they'll be more variants and at some point it will have to be accepted that restrictions can't carry on any longer and Covid causing deaths is inevitable.
  7. I think if Mel stays at helm and doesn't dust his wallet out we'll be relegated next season, with players like Waghorn likely to leave, Clarke probably not coming back as well plus Kazim abit older without a few signings of quality 21st again will be the best we can hope for really. I'm just trying to focus on the Euros and forget about Derby for now.
  8. I thought Walker was alright, made 3 mistakes with the ball that were sloppy but defensively was solid, Persisc couldn't do anything against him and he was in the right positions for back post crosses. Has the pace to catch up to any winger, probably the hardest to beat right back at the tournament. James is good as well so wouldn't mind him starting, don't think Tripper has the pace or physicality of James or Walker so wouldn't start him RB.
  9. Thought the defence looked really solid, promising signs even though we didn't create that much. Would probably bring in Shaw in for Trippier against Scotland and Henderson for Rice if fit but other than that probably keep it the same.
  10. Doesn't look that bad to me,Sterling is a top player and he is faster than Grealish and makes more runs in behind which against a fairly slow defence will be an advantage. I would have gone for Bellingham over Phillips and Shaw over Trippier but other than that it seems a good enough line up. Maybe Trippier is playing for his set piece ability which is probably the best in the squad.
  11. I'm not against all scientists at all, just some of them. Science alone shouldn't be used to make decisions on whether to lockdown or not, and by saying we should have further restrictions they are delving into politics which isn't their field. Science, Economics, politics and common sense combined should be used to make decisions. You can't make decisions using cases and deaths as the only metrics, deaths from Covid is inevitable the government have to make a judgement based off alot of factors and for me if theres few deaths any under 100 a day I'd say then restrictions shouldn'
  12. The scientists can get ducked. If there was half a death a day they'd advocate more lockdowns. We should have been fully opened up as soon as the over 50 s got vaccinated a while back. Talking about more restrictions when deaths are very low is nonsense.
  13. I think Bellingham is slept on vastly, he's our best proper midfielder. He can cover alot of ground, he's strong, he can tackle, carry the ball and pass nobody else is as well rounded. He's definitely not a mediocre player, best player in the world for his age. I'd play him next to Henderson and Mount and wouldn't bother with Rice. Henderson as a holder is better on the ball than Rice and more experienced and has won alot for Liverpool. Grealish can't play CM because he can't tackle or mark anyone. Foden will play RW with Rashford LW Kane in the middle.
  14. I don't like the herd culture element of BLM kneeling, no room for individual expression its either you are with us or against us. Also think it's gone on for too long now, won't be booing it though.
  15. I think 9-11mill would be a good price for him, probably on the lower end of that + a 15 %sell on fee and 1million potential bonuses.
  16. That's why we were on one win by December and looking absolutely ducked and heading to league 1 isn't it? Before Rooney signed we were poo in Cocu's first season, him Martin and Bogle formed the basis of most of our quality going forward in 19/20 2 left and one became too unfit to play and we were woeful without them. By the end of Cocu's time the youngsters looked ruined and useless wouldn't give Cocu too much credit, wouldn't give Rooney much credit either but let's not forget how woeful we were under Cocu this season and how we were in a relegation fight before Rooney came in last se
  17. Winners : Portugal England: Quarters Top Scorer : Mbappe
  18. Portugal have just as good ateam as Belgium and us : Ronaldo, Bruno, Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva, Cancelo, Patricio, Joa Felix, Jota, Pepe is still decent as well. Got to be 2nd favourites after France I think. Think ultimately our poor defence and Southagates tactics will let us down.
  19. If we don't get a new owner I can't see us signing anyone, possibly Rooney will have to come out of retirement and be a player manager again. We will probably finish bottom without any new additions we were only about 4 points off bottom last season.
  20. Rooney's free kick against Norwich, poo housery at its finest. Least deserved win of the season but felt great at the time and it was a great free kick as well.
  21. Was joking with those 2, in all seriousness my favourite players were Commons and Hulse since they were our best players in 08/09 Teale and Barnes had good games now and then with moments of quality but generally didn't do much.
  22. Top 10 pushing strongly for playoffs with better football and more goals. A decent defence wouldn't go amiss either, sick of us conceding so many crap goals from set pieces. Finishing in the Playoffs wouldn't be impossible if we have strong recruitment but anything 10th or higher id accept.
  23. Jay Mcevely and Robbie Savage. Gave me hope that I could go pro.
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