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  1. Man of the match for me today... not his biggest fan but put the shift in today. I was especially pleased with his defensive side. Storm Dennis has to take a bit of credit for the goal though!
  2. I'm making the trip for this one so hoping for a big win... 4-1 first scorer Holmes
  3. Clear handball that... sometimes it's just not your night.
  4. Never been on the tele but for all you that have can I have your autograph since you're famous? If not then you're not very nice!
  5. Great game that! Now bed time 😴
  6. That's like asking which one of my sisters I'd rather sleep with... since I'm not a forest or a Leeds fan I'll go for option 3) they both don't get promoted.
  7. I stopped buying yorkies when they got that small you couldn't spell yorkies on each bit... last straw for me that.
  8. Brilliant game that, good argument that Shrewsbury should have won. Credit to them, no bigger compliment to them than liverpool having to send on Salah and Firmino!
  9. Didn't know there was an Australia day but I hope all the Australians have a great day today, especially with all the crap with the fire, personally know a couple of people who have moved over there and it hasn't sounded pretty. Enjoy 🍻
  10. You don't stab someone in the head once without it being attempted murder let alone SIX times, how can you not determine if somebody was trying to kill someone else after they hit them 6 times in the head with a machete?!
  11. I've just watched 'the dirt" on Netflix which I thought was great. If you're fan of Motley Crue then it definitely helps but it didn't shy away from some of the darker parts. Brilliant watch though!
  12. I find it disgusting that you'd keep a bear as a pet... do you have a saddle for it?
  13. Changed my mind... packers aren't in this at all! Chiefs will win it all though
  14. Best 3 I've seen live has to be 1) Jimmy Carr 2) Rhod Gilbert and 3) Frankie Boyle. Lee Mack was really funny too.
  15. Ramslad1992

    Ex Rams

    Love European football... imagine this at Derby.
  16. Last time i went to Northampton my '2nd team' Shrewsbury because its where my family is from hit 7 past them... I expect at least 20 on that basis! In all seriousness rest key players and give fringe players a run out we should have enough to get through even with fringe players. 3-1 win.
  17. Chiefs vs packers for me
  18. I've heard he's not a very nice man though?
  19. Oh definitely mate, she had a good life and gave me one of the happiest childhoods a boy could ask for. Truth be told since she went apart from the first couple of weeks I only really think of her in passing every now and again but today is always different. Today's always difficult, I've got a meeting with our wedding planner in an hour and I'm sat here moping about my dead dog. Tomorrow it will be completely different and I'll be fine. I totally understand you mate, it took me 3 years to get another dog and I couldn't get another Springer spaniel as I'd be just like you 'well Anya used to do this ehy don't you?' Or 'Anya never did that's I think that's what the hardest part of today is... everyone else in the family said their goodbyes the night before and left me to take her to the vets. I was 23 when she was put down but I wasnt 23 that day, I was a 10 year old again saying goodbye to his best friend and it hurt. It still hurts especially today, even though I know it was best for her I still feel like I killed my dog.
  20. It's the worst thing as a kid/young adult... she was my 10th birthday present and now I'm 27 it feels worlds apart. She was in fact named after a demon from buffy the vampire slayer! I had a weird obsession with that show as a kid... had her and a budgie called Buffy. In hindsight it was probably the Sarah Michelle Gellar thing that did it for me...
  21. Birmingham at home, after taking the EFL for every penny we win 7-0 after spending 150m on transfer fees and go the whole season unbeaten.
  22. 4 years ago today I had to have my best friend of 14 years put down... each year I convince myself it will be easier but it never is, people who don't have pets don't understand but I didn't just lose a pet, I lost my best friend, I lost a family member... I know a lot of people find it silly but I can count on one hand the amount of humans I've loved more than her. RIP Anya the rest of today will be hard just like it is every year and probably always will be.
  23. I can see this being a David vs Goliath exchange... unfortunately for the EFL Goliath is going to win and we'll sue the arse out of them which will set us up nicely for FFP for the foreseeable future. Up the rams duck the EFL!
  24. I'm the complete opposite, I appreciate the defence game but a high scoring game for me is always more entertaining... just like with Derby I'd prefer to win 5-4 instead of 1-0.
  25. Been an absolute classic this, was only going to watch the first half and go to bed but just couldn't turn the tele off!
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