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  1. Tbf my dad made me suffer and I’ve successfully corrupted my 4 year old 🐏 just the other two to work on now!
  2. Marshall - 6 Byrne - 8 Wisdom -6 Edmundson -7 Buchanan - 7 Bird -6 Shinnie -6 Knight -6 Roberts - 5 CKR -6 Waghorn - 5 good effort all round just lacked luck and quality. Special mention to Buchanan who had a very tricky night.
  3. A bit of luck and extra quality (plus the poo ref) wins it for them, a much better second half performance. Can’t lack the effort but some of them just aren’t good enough. Positives to take from this though.
  4. How’s that a foul?! If anything he was held in position!
  5. Even more reason to crack open the beers now 🍻
  6. I would say they also have losing lots of money gambling in common but David is absolutely raking it in at the minute.
  7. Used to love watching them as a kid! Haven’t seen them in years. May have to go on the weekends watch list m.
  8. What did the bra say to the hat? You go on ahead and I will give these two a lift.
  9. Not the best of games but these are the sort of games you absolutely need to win to stay in this division. This is one of our biggest wins of the season in my opinion, getting the points when we don’t necessarily deserve it is massive.
  10. You owe me my rent next month!! Keep the faith 🐏
  11. Thanks... I’ll turn off now 👍 just put next months rent on it as there’s no doubt too 🤞
  12. Stayed. Plenty of times he could have walked with his reputation intact. Credit to him for staying but it’s the daftest thing he did in hindsight.
  13. First - Poom current - Kazim-Richards.
  14. Same. I clicked expecting to read she had died!
  15. I must be in the minority who was happy to see him go? Prolific in the academy but did pretty much nothing whilst in the 1st team. A scuffed shot against city went in and good luck to the lad but he wasn’t anything special from what we go to see in my opinion.
  16. I suggest jumping teams again if I were you... steelers have no hope! The rams on the other hand 😉
  17. I haven’t seen anything so made up since I read your user name! 🤣
  18. they’ve got internet in Warrington? Who did you steal that off?
  19. Whilst the numbers say it’s still possible I’m in! The rams are (probably not) going up!
  20. Still enough time for another one though 🤣
  21. Thank god for that... now I can go to sleep! Throughly impressed with Rooney and this window 👏🏻. Said big players wouldn’t be sold and they haven’t been.
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