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  1. I hope we are trying Buchanan at left mid he has looked good there
  2. No just not good enough to do what they are told I think is nearer the Mark
  3. The 8 most undeserved promotions in football history | FourFourTwo 2 out of the 8 are Leicester 1 against us - one goal should have been disallowed and the other assisted by someone who should not have been on the pitch grrr 1 extracting the Urine out of EFL rules as they now stand
  4. I would still have him - with squad numbers ltd would probably have him over Stearman as he can cover RB and CB
  5. Bit harsh expecting there to be any chance of a repeat to be fair - he is 70 and it will be at least two years until we are in Europe - I know Real are on a bit of a lean patch at the moment, but us managing to set up a 72 year old three times is a bit of a stretch 😜
  6. Now that is an interesting proposition
  7. On that logic that is OK then because we will get a retrospective penalty or two and win the game 😝
  8. I agree I think he led with the arm a bit for the header - maybe a booking
  9. Totally agree with this one 🙂
  10. Malcolm ??? bit of a curve ball
  11. OK I will have a go too Underrated - Roos, Davies, Jags, Fozzy, Buchanan, Bird, Joz, Lawrence, Baldock, Stretton Overrated - Byrne, Shinnie, Lawrence, Sibley, CKR, Festy Rated about right - Beilik I know I put Lawrence in both, but it depends who you talk to doesnt it the closest to Marmite a footballer has ever got, I think he is overated, but for 55 minutes yesterday he was awesome, keep it up Captain Tom Really sad to put Sibley and Festy in Overrated but I think this is because we set up some of youngsters to fail with extremely high expectations
  12. I think 11 to be fair - 100 minutes of play when we should have been able to hold on, and this was pre Jags and no real defenders on the bench Against the Florists - I felt happy and content watching that game - which is rare for me watching a Derby game, although they bossed the stats I did not feel we were in trouble, their goal came just after Buchanan came on and I think communication between him and Forsyth could/should have been better, will say though very impressed with Lee going forward. I also think we should have had 3 penalties - one of them and actual stone waller which should have made it 2-0 before half time. As for Fozzy - I think I am in the minority here but I see it as a yellow for the leading arm and then an accident where he put his foot. Still the jist of this thread I go with - from what I have seen we are playing better than last year Cannot wait to add Bielik, Knight, Festy and CKR to the match day squad and love to see Watson get some minutes Whispers (who cares about the embargo?)
  13. Back in my day this was called 4-2-4
  14. Lol I get how that could bug Wasn't mean to point fingers though - just saying 🙂
  15. I am not sure you have to change the words In fact I think it works better left the same You'll Never Walk Alone, Delilah, Hi Ho - for example Just make it the club song - make it happen, not by changing the words - if you get me
  16. I think it might be key to Bird Was his previous best not alongside Rooney ?
  17. I agree refs should not be tackling anyone
  18. Love it as the queen said recollections may vary
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