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  1. I’m sure Daz would but COVID has a pretty good hold of him, poor sod. Pneumonia and blood clots on his lungs. Get well soon Big Fella.
  2. We’ve moved out slightly in the betting from 9/4 to 5/2 just a little but it’s moving in the right direction. Brum gone from 8s to 28-1. Rotherham still odds on at 4/5.
  3. Talk about over-exaggerated optimism on here. Perhaps we should rest a few players against PNE, Birmingham and Swansea so they are good and ready for the Owls if need be. Should be fine being as our remaining opponents are planning, for various reasons, to give us a free pass.
  4. A late, soul destroying, kick in the swingers for Rotherham there. Just what the doctor ordered.
  5. It’s not all bad if Rotherham win because it will bring Birmingham back into contention. A draw would be ok too. Agree that I’d prefer a Brum win as we have a real problem accumulating points so the less Rotherham get the better.
  6. So Rotherham still odds on (5/6) to go down at the bookies this morning. Derby 9/4 second favourites and Birmingham 8-1. Of course that could all change today. Who’d have thought at the start of the season that with 4 games to go we would be second favourites to get relegated.
  7. So it’s official squeaky bum time. Our survival is no longer in our own hands.
  8. It’s this goals for column that’s the issue for us and for me it’s worrying. Other teams are out of form but could have a turn around a string a couple of wins together. We, on the other hand aren’t playing that badly, we are creating opportunities but not scoring and it’s been this way all season. How does Rooney get them scoring. Up to now he hasn’t been able to. Knight bagged a few last season but his return has dried up. Jozwiak scores for Poland but not us, Sibley is struggling to find the net CKR too and Waghorn and Gregory, while injured are also hardly banging them
  9. The only period of sustained results was when Beilik was fit and firing. Either side we’ve been on relegation form. Is it squad quality? Takeover woes? Poor Coaching? Injuries? it is possible that by next Sunday we could be in the relegation zone and as the utterly abysmal goals for return seems nowhere near rectifying itself any time soon then there certainly seems to be a reasonable cause for concern. Of course Rotherham could lose their next three and we could win on Saturday giving next Sunday a feeling that we’re just about safe but there’s enough doubt to be worried and Ro
  10. That put a smile on my face because if we thought that was bad the complete clusterfluck Forest made of the last game of last season was unbelievable. It was nearly impossible for them not to make the playoffs but, my god, what a laugh. 😂
  11. We are a complete enigma. We could win all 7 or lose all 7 and there is now way of predicting how they’ll play between 1 half and the next never mind from one gam to the next. The only thing I know is that I don’t know. So I’ll go for tracking our PPG this season and say we’ll get 8 points, which will be enough.
  12. I don’t get some of these puns at the minute but I’m guaranteed to by 1pm tomorrow.
  13. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rooney has briefed a friendly journalist at the Mail to get an excuse out there to pin relegation on rather than have it tarnish his own fledgling managerial reputation.
  14. We do very well against the top sides in this division so to say the players aren't good enough is wrong. Our problems are down to coaching and tactics.
  15. I’m all for a frank discussion on the pro’s and con’s of Melvin Morris’ tenure at Derby but we must be careful not to go down the road Forest fans went with Doughty. Mel certainly doesn’t deserve that kind of animosity. To be honest neither did Doughty
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