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  1. I think they'll take the record. Pukki is a proper handful in the championship and he has got them promoted twice but reliance on his goals and not recruiting a decent premier league goal scorer saw them relegated straight way. They'll get relegated again obviously but now prem defences, who kept him down to 11 last time round, will shackle him even more this season. The Canaries will not score enough goals to win games. They are picking up their points from 0-0 draws against the teams at the bottom. They will struggle to get points off Newcastle who have been easy pickings for everyone else but they have to go there at the end of November and by the time they play the reverse fixture in April the Toon Army think they will have Mbappe on the wing so I don't see much return there. Futhermore the model of a yo yo club, which is clearly the model pursued by Norwich, does not allow for flamboyant spending for fear of falling foul of Championship FFP rules. Norwich's owners will already be looking at how to maximise profits from parachute payments and spunking a wad on a lost cause is not sensible. I think they'll be working pretty much with what they've got for the season and as such will take the record from us.
  2. I moved there with my Grandson just this season. It looks empty from the highlights show but it doesn’t feel empty where we are in the upper tier behind the goal. PP caters for everyone and it doesn’t need fixing. Every club has its fair weather fans and we are no different. When we start to get successful again people will come, oh yes people will come.
  3. I just want to get to the point where we are free from debt and outside interference. If that is in league 1 then so be it.
  4. There's no point tying ourselves up in knots here. This is The Championship, if our players were error free they would be in the Prem. But all championship teams make errors. The Stoke keeper had a mind-womble when he came out and totally missed Curtis's nod on for 2-0. We won 2-1 so that error gifted us 2 points. I've highlighted that one because it was a goalkeeping error. The point is when it comes to mistakes we are average and other teams also suffer. Our issue is simple and has been for two seasons. It's goals. It's nothing new it's been spoken about a million times on here but I sense posters getting frustrated and starting to get annoyed around other things. We have been unable to address this problem due to the embargo. The strikers we have are not good enough and we can do nothing about it. Rooney is trying to find ways to win and yesterday we scored two good ones but frustratingly our usual solid defence let us down. It's football. We need a good striker we aren't going to get one. As it is I see us slowly creeping to safety this season as things stand but a further deduction will sink us.
  5. The Sun’s headline writer’s are a bit off form here. Surely the headline should be “Wayne Tooney” instead of “Roon Army” .
  6. Quite right. The fact that the EFL decided to carry on with the league season and the following one forced Derby to trade without the income of fans while also under an embargo imposed by the EFL not least for non payment of tax. Its been well stated that we fell into the Goldilocks zone for being vulnerable to the effects of COVID and not being allowed the £8m relief was the straw that broke the camels back. It’s seems reasonable grounds to me.
  7. I think you’ll find that Chad Littleover and Alvaston are inside the Derby City Boundary. Furthermore it’s Derby County not Derby City which gives the Rams a large catchment area within the County. We have also traditionally drawn well from North West Leicestershire and East Staffordshire.
  8. Could be a bit of tactical voting here as the winner traditionally bombs the following month. Get voting for Scott Parker.
  9. Maybe they should. After all it’s the south stand who don’t listen then come in anywhere and finish when they want. I’m fed up with all this south stand adoration. At least us in a half full north stand can get it right. Maybe it’s a difficult melody to pick up or it’s a bit wordy. I’m mean at least try and sing the whole Wayne Rooney song. Half of them don’t know it and just sing “he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney”, over and over. Honestly 🙄 Must do better
  10. Being a long serving player he sometimes gets taken for granted. Several managers have bought in replacements and even promoted youngsters to his position. He’s seen them all off and he is just getting better with age. He’s been much over-looked for Scotland which, when you think they’ve even played Anya at left back is a travesty.
  11. What really annoys me is when a weekend fixture gets moved to Monday. I have a season ticket and accept that I cannot make week day games as I don’t live in Derby during the week. But Monday night is not a weekend. I can manage a Friday night but Monday night is just infuriating. duck off Sky. I hate everything about that company.
  12. Bournemouth survived a -17 deduction in league 2 in 2008 so I don’t understand this notion that minus 12 has never been done. Perhaps -12 hasn’t been done as in exactly -12 but as Bournemouth proved more that has survived. It was Eddie Howe who pulled that off. There’s a documentary on YouTube about it. I think it might even be called -17.
  13. Readings local paper think we deserved it too. https://www.getreading.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/reading-fc-player-ratings-Derby-21716471
  14. Some may be but most of the people who can't get their heads round the punter unfriendly way Derby are selling tickets don't have twitter accounts to moan on. They don't even have a PC. It's for the club to make things easy and having the ticket office closed all that time and even now only open twice a week was and is bonkers. The club have missed the boat on a lot of OAP renewals as they normally wander down to the ticket office once a year to renew their season ticket. They have not been able to do that so as the season started and them not being able to get a ticket they've just left it. There is still a need for analogue and it looks like it's cost DCFC 4k season ticket holders for not giving a toss about them.
  15. This is the first time I’ve done it. You have to go to the buy new season ticket page it gives you the option to buy a season ticket or a season car park ticket.
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