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  1. Rooney will be confident going into this match as he's the only member of the coaching staff who can't be sacked as he's on a players contract. Rosenior and Given will be desperate for a result to try and show the incoming regime they are worth keeping. It's funny that Liam, who has his badges, will likely have to apply for the managers job but Rooney would expect to be approached by the club.
  2. Seen this? https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1360218/Wayne-Rooney-speaks-out-Derby-County-boss Rooney in charge for Bristol game, along with the senior coaching staff. A bit of a step up from doing a bit on the side.
  3. The new regime will have a plan. If they have wad of cash then they don't need a Rooney type appointment to generate interest and I doubt they'd leave their newly acquired investment in the hands of a novice. It'll be someone we haven't thought of.
  4. I can not be bothered to read through every comment you’ve ever posted on this forum but I will guarantee that you’ve offered an opinion on something that hasn’t happened yet. Don’t be such a hypocrite.
  5. Good job otherwise we’d have literally nothing to talk about as the takeover affects everything. In my opinion posters are trying to find different angles and if some topics get overlapped then that’s because the Abu Derby thread is too long and folk CBA to read every word to find out if it’s already been covered.
  6. If we were mid table the situation would not be so precarious but leaving the club in limbo with us in 24th can only be tolerated for so long. We only have the club statement as any official word on what’s going on. This international break would have been the ideal time to do the managerial switch. In my opinion Cocu would have been sacked after Barnsley if there was no takeover and Mel was making the call. Mel is a lame duck owner who wants rid. Every time he finds a buyer that then falls through weakens his position and his commitment is questioned. He has not invested in
  7. Comes with the territory. Football managers are well compensated as getting the sack is the normal way they leave their jobs. Cocu will not be vilified if he goes because he was given a cack hand to play. Billy Davies will always be vilified because he deserves it. Rowett got a bit for a while but we got over it. But for older fans Tommy Doherty remains the all time villain.
  8. We had to turn people away in our worst team in history year. I think we’ll get another 10k with a top challenging team. Let’s not forget it was built with this scenario in mind. It’s not like forest trying to get a 50k seater stadium built for the World Cup bid. That would really have been funny seeing the rattle around inside that.
  9. I can definitely see that one happening 😂
  10. Personally I don’t think it will happen. My point is we are on at a point where anything could happen. I have no crystal ball but at this point neither scenario can be ruled out. Equally feel free to make up your own scenario it could quite easily be right.
  11. So much in the offing here. Scenario 1. New owner piles on. Stadium gets expanded to 44,000 plaza gets built. Pride Park becomes the premier destination venue for non football related stadium events in the East Midlands. On the football side a top quality manager brought in and Owner happy to build a championship winning team in a season and a half then back heavily in the PL and we become a force in Europe. Scenario 2. Owner is all talk and doesn’t take over leaving us with Mel who wants rid but isn’t prepared to pay Cocu off. Mood around the place becomes toxic and we nosedive to
  12. To answer the OPs question. Scoring goals would get us out of this spiral. Can Cocu be blamed for our team not scoring? Lawrence, Waghorn, Knight, Rooney and Sibley were all I the goals last season. Our goals for column is abysmal. So bad that it defies logic. This is why we are were we are. I bet Cocu watches them bang them in in training and thinks off you go lads. Even an average goals return would see us well clear of trouble. All eyes turn to Cocu the poor sod. Unreasonably as a football manager because they can’t score, he has to take the rap.
  13. Who’d have thought we would be the first team Sheff Wed caught. As it stands after 10 1/2 games we are bottom of the league.
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