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  1. ossieram

    Is it me, or is David Prutton a slimy ****?

    I don't listen to pundits or care about their opinions.
  2. ossieram

    U23s v Swansea City

    Unlucky not to win that. Swansea looked the better team straight after the red card, but as soon as we equalised we were much better and tested their keeper a few times. That ball to Anya from Guy was brilliant and his corners looked decent too.
  3. ossieram

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    Why would it be cheaper just because it's a Tuesday? Do the players get paid less for playing midweek games? If anything it should cost more for a night game. Floodlights on, more lighting around the outside and inside the ground means night games cost the club more to put on.
  4. ossieram

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/48186634?search_identifier=f38029355fe16d0e2b87f5cdfd9f34d0 There you go, the seperate garage you wanted and £35,000 change. I've seen all the garbage written about Mackworth over the years, yes just like anywhere else (including Littleover and Mickleover) you have a few knobs on the estate. But it's no worse than anywhere else. I've lived in Allenton, Normanton, Shelton Lock, Alvaston and Chellaston, but for the last 26 years I've been in Mackworth and had my car broken into once about 20 years ago and have had no other problems since.
  5. So you're having a pop at people who are doing something you tried and didn't like!
  6. ossieram

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Depends how long they've been on the market, but houses in the areas mentioned don't seem to stay on the market for long unless there's a problem with them.
  7. ossieram


    Can't you pay to park at Derby Arena?
  8. ossieram

    Today’s Millwall game ..

    Used to be able to watch at the Neptune or Metro bar if it was on any foriegn channels, not sure if they do it anymore.
  9. ossieram

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Mackworth has 3 pubs, plenty of shops on Prince Charles Ave and another row on Humbleton. 3 chippys, 1 is Chinese/chippy. 2 curry/kebab shops, a fishing tackle shop, 2 bookies and most importantly, a Birds bakery shop.
  10. My missus got me personalised plate for my birthday last year, It's my initials 2 numbers and Ram. We haven't got too much money, have never been on holiday abroad and I drive a 8 year old car and drink tea.
  11. ossieram

    1946 FA cup team

    They make last seasons team look like academy players!
  12. ossieram

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Shardlow Rd end of Alvaston, Shelton Lock and Chello are all good for bike riding into areas like Aston on Trent, Western on Trent, Shardlow, Elvaston Castle etc. Mackworth, Mickleover are both handy for the cycle track through Derby and places like Markeaton and Quarndon.
  13. ossieram

    A50 / m1

    From his decription, it looks like Jctn 24.
  14. ossieram

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I've had a quick look at the highlights from the Oldham game and noticed Tomori made 2 mistakes that could have cost us goals, if that had been Keogh, this place would have been a bit livlier than it is.

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