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  1. I read the headline and thought, I've never been away!.
  2. He lost it years ago and it was a pain, he couldn't sit for days.
  3. We used to do a lot of work in Bristol many years ago and the local ladies were very friendly, I wonder if his missus was the friendly kind?
  4. I don't think anyone put an official offer in for Lawrence.
  5. I spent 2 days in her garden putting up a marquee and all the fancy stuff that she wanted. Not one cup of tea!
  6. The only Idea I have is for you to get your bumps felt.
  7. A pint of lunatic binge please.
  8. Has there been any updates released from the administrators, or are we all guessing again?
  9. Sunderland population 342,000. Derby population 236,000.
  10. Very hard fought point today. The high press and work rate against Reading took its toll today. Thankfully for us, they enjoyed passing more than shooting and we could quite easily have stolen all 3 points.
  11. Looks like I'll be missing the Luton and QPR games now. My son in law will use my ticket, but gutted I can't get either night off work.
  12. It's flags on poles that are not allowed in D Block. When they used to put out the little flags with the plastic poles, D block was always left out.
  13. I'm waiting for them to start awarding points to teams like Hull once they can't take anymore off us.
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