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  1. Poxey refereeing, poxy decision by Lowe to push the ref, poxy game.
  2. Is this the end of the, not losing when scoring first record?
  3. Not a chance! Imagine the cards dished out because of the fowls.
  4. I haven't seen any official announcement yet.
  5. I wish I'd known of this earlier. All those pubs and breweries I've invested in over the years means I could have retired by now if I'd cashed in.
  6. I thought that, it'd be nice people put a bit more reasoning into the post though! Surely if Mel has consulted the EFL every step of the way and they made a mistake, it is down to them and not him.
  7. He did a good job when the last leg started for the Paralympics, but it should have finished there and then instead of giving the gobshite the platform to gob off.
  8. Just another unfunny bloke that likes to voice his opinion because it keeps them in the public eye and earns them a few quid. Adam Hills is another that mouths off because his comedy material is garbage. What makes unfunny "comedians" think they are experts in every other walk of life?
  9. FTFY. I don't need a boost and certainly don't need the club to be chucking money around just to appease the needy. I'm happy with our recent run of form and think the squad and can still do a job if they all stay fit.
  10. Just saw this on Social media. Just to let the football family know that, despite news to the contrary, Jordan Sinnott has not passed away. He is currently very poorly in hospital and is fighting. Come on Jordan keep fighting. Prayers required please
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