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  1. Some fans...

    Why? I've seen the video and am nothing like the morons abusing the players and have no reason to feel any shame about supporting the club I love.
  2. New playoff format?

    And that's the way it should be. Either get into the top 3 or start planning for next season in the championship.
  3. Some fans...

    He did a hell of a lot better than I would have done, drunk or not, I'd have ripped the phone/camera away and smashed it into their face.
  4. Some fans...

    I might be near the statue on Saturday just to see if they turn up.
  5. Some fans...

    Can't rely on dirty lids fans to do anything properly.
  6. That'll give em more to moan about, bloke aint committed to the club.
  7. Ghosts, Curses , Jinx etc

    Nice to see you still posting after being dropped from the 1st team Richard.
  8. Christ there are some miserable gits on here! I would wager that most Derby fans have never heard of this bloke and have had to quickly google him just so they can moan about him.
  9. The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Did @RoyMac5 go quiet after Derby scored?
  10. Is Mel Pickering Mk2 ?

    The same bloke that made a profit when he sold the club to GSE because he couldn't afford to put in the amount of money needed last time he was incharge!
  11. Is Mel Pickering Mk2 ?

    To who? I don't think there will be a big queue of takers if Mel asked around and wanted to get back a decent chunk of the cash he's invested. People have very short memories, LP was hounded out of the club and we ended up with the 3 amigos, who would want to go through that again?
  12. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    Of course some of the blame is with the manager, but these are not schoolboys who need to be told how to trap a football or at least get the basics right. If we win, the players get praise and the manager hardly gets a mention, so lets be even handed and share the blame out equally.
  13. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    This has been really poor tonight with the team showing no fight at all, not just the 1 or 2 players that people usually like to use as scapegoats, but the whole team.
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    No problem losing to a better team, but tonight we have been like a boxer that has entered the ring just to collect a wage.
  15. The Prize that you can’t use

    Glad we stayed below stairs in the south stand finishing my drink.

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