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  1. Whereas one of the reason I voted leave was to stop our politicians having somebody else to blame.
  2. They've just dragged 3 homless blokes of the street and promised them new clothes, you can see how impressed they are with them by their smiling faces and the fact that the bearded hobo won't even wear it.
  3. Just thinking of some sort of punishment I can organise for later.
  4. Went to visit somebody at the Royal Derby hospital earlier and noticed a Rams flag flying from the flagpole outside the main entrance, Meant to take a picture but had other things on my mind and forgot. But it's good to see the whole city getting behind the Rams.
  5. Yes you are now a Mel fanboy! Just need you to utter those words to make the transformation complete, Mel, what a guy.
  6. Stick with what works or you'll jinx it, not that I'm superstitious or owt.😓
  7. Keogh, Bennett or Lawrence for all different reasons, but Keogh would be my first shout to shut up the critics that have only ever seen him play in their heads as they listen to Radio Derby.
  8. Everybody that logs on before they go on sale get a random place in the queue at the time stated. You could log on at 1 minute to 12 and be infront of people have have been waiting 20 minutes.
  9. It's either Wembley or go on a housebreaking spree 🤔 and seeing as I'm too old and fat to be climbing through windows, Wembley it is.
  10. Apart from Malone obviously, I'd start the game with the team and formation that finished the first half against the dirties.
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