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  1. Do they have them with zip up necks to help get them over big conks?
  2. Have they taken Cocu off the West stand yet?
  3. I don't care who the sponsor is as long as they put a decent amount of money into the club.
  4. Are Unibet owned by the same group that own 32Red?
  5. If anyone can sniff out any wrong doings, you're the man Snoz.
  6. Did you post these on the lost football grounds group on Facebook?
  7. This obviously happened during lock down. Have the twitterati slagged him off yet and said he got what he deserved for breaking the rules?
  8. Once a Ram, Always a Ram should only ever apply to fans. Any player, coach, manager worth their salt should always give their all for whoever is paying the wages. People like Sibley will always be fans but don't expect him not to try and score if he ever plays against us.
  9. Totally agree. You can't tell me that the EFL hadn't already discussed the punishment in the case of winning the appeal.
  10. Can we have the chevrons pointing up. League 1 is in the direction they are pointing.
  11. The way some of our fans have acted over this, it would be better if you put ar in front of soul.
  12. Has anyone still got the black arm bands?
  13. They wanted it cheap to maximise their profits when they sold.
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