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  1. Maybe I saw it differently because of the opposition. After a night to calm down and for the rum to wear off, maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought.
  2. It still hurts to see my old local as a carpet shop. And the old Opta club on Elton rd as a warehouse.
  3. Did you scream for handball when their defender blocked it with his arm? Swings and roundabouts.
  4. To put it mildly, that was shocking. Too many passengers tonight and very little fight.
  5. Good result and pretty comfortable in the end. Thought the team selection was strange for the 1st half, but as the game went on and players grew into it,we improved and were looking decent. 2nd half started with 2 changes and I thought it was a mistake to bring Waghorn on, I was really pleased to be proved wrong. The pleasing thing for me was that this shows that we have more than just a plan A and Plan B.
  6. Roberts was poor and was the reason why CKR had no service. Play him on the left so he doesn't have to keep cutting back in and he might be a different player. Waghorn is not a wide player and isn't good enough right now to play up top.
  7. My interest in the Premier league declined when Derby got relegated. It's just a sideshow for me.
  8. Were you as bothered when it was the other Manchester side dominating and winning everything?
  9. Clarke has to be up there as our best loan signing.
  10. How has Mr Popodopadoodaa taken this?
  11. We scored more goals that were allowed by the officials, so we deserved to win.
  12. Get sick of the camera concentrating on either someone on the touchline or a player that is nowhere near the action when the ball is in play.
  13. He was a pain in the arse, but the ref gave him far to many decisions and he also got away with quite a bit. Everytime he got on the ball, his arms were swinging and catching people and nothing was done about it. He give Clarke a whack in the face and caught Knight with a forearm before falling over and winning another freekick. CKR was probably fouled from behind as many times but the ref hardly gave him a decision.
  14. Both dead balls. Please tell me what he did apart from that?
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