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  1. The price of football

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41914171 Some of the prices are ridiculous The amount of times you hear about how much money clubs get from TV and the likes and that the fans only contribute a tiny amount to the clubs income, how can clubs like Arsenal justify charging what they do? Yes there is the supply and demand arguement, but youngsters being priced out of going to the game will not do clubs any favours in the long term, they will find other interests that will keep them busy whilst they are young and will then settle down and have families that will mean they can't afford it or have the time when they are older.
  2. Global Warming

    I think It has all happened before, but it seems to be happening a bit faster because of us. Time will tell.
  3. DCFC Funeral

    They will notice that the seats don't get so damp and smell of piss.
  4. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Robbing cockanee barstewards charge to watch u23's
  5. Rowett's style is so direct

    You didn't see the save from Brunt then?
  6. DCFC Funeral

    http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-county-host-funerals-die-768883 Hopefully something that nobody on here will be needing anytime soon, but would this be something you would ask the family to sort for you?
  7. How GOOD is your Rams' Mug?

    And that's why she's an ex girlfriend?
  8. Arthur Cox receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    Loved Arthur as our manager, absolute legend of a man and a fantastic manager, I was too young to truly appreciate what Cloughy did for us, even though I loved it at the time, but being in my early 20's when Cox was manager meant endless fun on match days and loads of brilliant memories and hangovers and maybe even a little bit of a criminal record.
  9. Poppies

    It stands for peace, but who seriously doesn't want that? I don't care if people wear them or not, they just need to think about why they are doing what they do. The money raised from the sales of the red poppy does a hell of a lot of good for loads of people, whereas the money raised from the sale of the white poppy just goes to make more white poppies.
  10. Poppies

    I wear mine on the left with the leaf up and if you buy the metal badge with the date on, you have to wear it the correct way so the numbers are the right way up. I also have the car poppy and the Car air freshener and have the Rams badge with the poppy so that I don't have to keep switching poppies when I change jackets.
  11. Poppies

    The right wing looks longer than the left! And you can't do a Ram unless you know where the eye is.
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    Obviously not worried enough to take a cut at the top and pay a decent wage to those at the bottom.
  13. Brexit or Eurin?

    Perhaps if the company provided better working conditions and paid a decent wage, they wouldn't struggle to get the staff. Or if they employed people directly and paid a decent wage instead of paying an employment agency to find them cheap labour, they would get staff. The company I work for have always paid above the minimum wage and have never struggled to recruit staff. But all new staff being employed are now on a different contract to the rest of us and are basically getting the minimum wage, half an hour less paid breaks per day and have to work 2.5 hours extra at flat rate before they qualify for overtime rate, and the company is wondering why they are struggling to get staff all of a sudden.
  14. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    The same people who decide the future of other 9 year olds, their parents. Nobody put a contract in front of a 9 year old child and told him to sign it, this was a contract put to his parents who probably took it away and had it looked at by a professional, they then decided to sign it and should stick to it. This lad will be free to walk away soon enough, but I've got a feeling that his father already has something lined up that will benefit them financially and is not prepared to wait.
  15. U23’s v Forest

    I did edit my post above, but you were probably typing as I edited. There 6 changes tonight. Shackell didn't play in the Wolfsburg game.

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