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  1. Getting rid of Corbyn would help, but they would have to sweep a few others away with him. People Like Abbot and also the Momentum mob along with stopping their support along with the unions of Antifa. I'm no supporter of Fascism, but I reckon these loony left mobs are closer to the fascists than those they oppose.
  2. I'm not sure even he agrees with all of their ploicies.
  3. Do you seriously think all Labours members support him? I know quite a few Labour members including shop stewards who can't stand him.
  4. I have never heard the Billy sharp thing but remember a prat tweeting him. Collymore deserves more.
  5. Shuan Barker lying injured in the goalmouth, Forest fans sing let him die. Forest fans Mock Kris Commons after his still born child is born. Forest fans sing about the Philpott children. Forest fans throw coins and urine down on Derby fans from the upper Bridgeford. Forest fans throw the heads of dead sheep through a pub window in Chellaston and leave others on car bonnets. Forest fan banned after racist tweet to Duane Holmes. Forest fans hound Nigel Doughty out of the club and then get offended when Derby fans sing "you wanted him gone"
  6. So Derby fans joing in with the applause for the ex forest player that passed away. A Derby fan has a seizure and paramedics are called to help, a forest steward laughs at the Derby fan and goes to his mate laughing and pointing and forest fans sing cheerio as the paramedics lead the Derby fan away. I'd say there is a massive difference.
  7. Didn't Mel say that they only count those that actually attend the game nowadays?
  8. The booing was because the ref didn't make him leave the pitch by the East stand which was closer than the west stand and he then just had a gentle stroll off.
  9. Did the crowd turn last night? I thought we got right behind the team and were probably louder at 2-0 than at 0-0.
  10. Poor performance in the first half especially with at least 5 players not performing. Moving Lowe to the left in the 2nd half was a good move and gave him a chance to show that he should stay there place of Malone. I am surprised to see the ref isn't really getting a mention on here!
  11. They have a few members who vote for each other. I do know of one bloke that paid £1 for a membership some years ago and 6 months later asked to be removed as a member, but they refused and he was still classed as a member 3 years later.
  12. They wanted to have a place on the board of DCFC at one time, god knows what it is now.
  13. Anybody that gets hooked on something, be that food, gambling or booze, just because the company stick their name on your teams football shirt is a complete cockwomble and they deserve to be exploited.
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