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  1. What was the point in what? Appointing Frank! What is the point of buying players or having an academy if players are only going to leave if they get a better offer?
  2. My position was and is the same now. See how it goes and back the team, and of course he will not stay if Chelsea or any other ambitious top club come calling and he thinks he is ready to step up.
  3. I want, I want, I want. And if you don't get what you want?
  4. I hope the lad is serious about his career here and not just feathering his nest.
  5. Reported by who? The club didn't make that statement and neither did Hudds. You might find it ridiculous, but it's not half as ridiculous as people posting speculation as a fact.
  6. I think this has been triggered by the number of games he's played this season, so you could say he's earned it.
  7. Thought we played well last night and were unlucky to come away with only 1 point. Butland made 3 very good saves to keep them in the game and if it hadn't been for the dirty shithouse tactics from the likes of Shawcross and Williams when he came on and Joe Allen who loves a sly foul and then slips quickly into the background before the ref notices him, the scoreline could have been completelet different. A massive shout out to Keogh last night. He was obviously in a lot of pain from his hand injury, but refused to have any treatment until the ball was in an area where there was no danger and then he came back on and finished the game even though we could see he struggling with the pain towards the end. Bogle, Tomori and Malone were all very good again and probably would have had an even easier night if they just cut out some of the silly mistakes at the back. The Ref also deserves a mention just because he did finally cotton on to the fact that everytime a Stoke player hit the deck, it didn't automatically mean he had been fouled (took him about 50 minutes though) although he should have been a lot stronger with Williams and Shawcross. Lawrence will be a great addition to the run in if he can continue like last night and only some last ditch tackling and blocking of his shots stopped him from capping the night off with a goal or two. What a difference in performance from the Millwall game!
  8. I'll pop up to the ticket office next week when I'm on nights.
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