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  1. Lionel went through a very difficult time in his personal life which affected his ability to run the club and certain sections of the fanbase turned against him in a way which really stunk. I think it was the co-op bank that took the club away from him and sold us to the 3 crooks and Ramstrust also had a part to play in it when they turned against him. I reckon we are probably in the safest hands we have been in for years and I really hope Mel gets the success he deserves and can eventually overtake Lionel and Sam Longson by getting us to where we all want to be.
  2. The reason there was no arrests was because the police didn't do their jobs. Just as with Leeds the police walk on in groups chatting away and ignore the shouting and fighting going on behind them.
  3. Catching the best kids for the academy, could be the most important signing of the lot.
  4. Also more effective in terms of stopping people getting to the games.
  5. Done, let's hope Ram power gets you through.
  6. Ampadu du du du Push the ball out to Chrissie Ampadu du du du Better hair than Jason Lee.
  7. Do we need him to keep our other injury prone players company in the treatment room?
  8. Seems a bit silly playing today and then having a long flight home straight after.
  9. ossieram

    DCFC tattoos

    What's that between it's legs? You do know Rams are male don't you!
  10. ossieram

    DCFC tattoos

    Only one though.
  11. Couldn't tell you, you'd probably be better off contacting the club.
  12. That's the prat from Derby.
  13. Both use my sirname, but Bruce has the right hairstyle for a Willis.
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