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  1. Doesn’t seem too wise giving an interview (before you actually even own the club) bragging about how much you’ll be spending. It’s a good way to get your transfer prices hiked way up.
  2. If we sack Rooney now we’d plummet down the table - we don’t need any more instability or uncertainty. He will also be seen to be important for attracting new owners. That being said, if it were up to me, I’d get Wilder in for next season. We need someone who knows the division and can get a team playing better than the sum of their parts.
  3. If King Kaz isn’t fit, I’d be tempted to play Lawrence up top. He always looks better through the middle and Waghorn just hasn’t been clininical enough lately.
  4. Not a single one of these players looks like they’ve passed a football before. Every single one is misplaced. For those saying Forest have played well, I’ll have what you’re smoking. They’re just as bloody awful, with the exception of Knockaert.
  5. Get Sibley on for Bird and move Knight deeper. We need creativity.
  6. Absolutely sick to death of the amateur refereeing in the Championship. It doesn’t justify the score line but it regularly kills any momentum we get in games.
  7. Utterly embarrassing Derby. Where’s the fight?
  8. If the Cardiff rumours are true, I suspect we might look to recoup some money on Waghorn and put that towards a permanent transfer for Roberts. His contract is up at the end of the year like Waghorns and it means both clubs don’t allow their players to leave for free. Especially given Edmundson has been confirmed to be a loan deal and Baningime is likely to be a short term replacement for Bielik.
  9. Roberts would be a very shrewd signing for a team in our position. He needs the move for his career and there’s a good chance of being able to make it permanent if he’s a success. Can’t believe he’s still only 23.
  10. Much better option than NML if we can get it done. We won’t be a very attractive proposition but with the Rooney effect you never know...
  11. Looks like United have got one eye on Rooney for the future. If that’s what it takes to get to the promised land, then P.I.M.P away Mr Woodward.
  12. The pitch is in awful condition and us training on it must have made it worse. Is it some bizarre attempt at making it hard for the opposition to play? If so, we might have just crocked our most influential player for years.
  13. 100%. No one can question Mel’s intentions. If anything it’s his passion for the club that has often clouded his judgement. As long as we can steady the ship this season and avoid relegation, we will have avoided a potentially catastrophic new era of ownership. Let’s hope Mel has learned his lesson and we can find new owners with a sustainable vision for the club.
  14. This takeover is dead in the water and we all know it. The club will be delaying the official statement until February to avoid clubs circling around our key players on the cheap. Mel will be at the helm the rest of this season to try and guide us out of the relegation battle with the view to finding fresh investment in the summer.
  15. The tactics were horribly ineffective and we had absolutely no luck. The recruitment and the promotion of youth deserve some credit.
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