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  1. He's about to be announced.
  2. Give over. Vaguer than Nixon. Conveniently not 'privy' to the name, just playing the numbers game after we've been linked with Brannagan, Kent and Ojo.
  3. If the game is kicking off at 8:15, perhaps there'll be an announcement at 9? Throwing the interview on at HT on RamsTV.
  4. Good. If it is 24 hours, he needs to be signed by 7:30. Easily done. Welcome Tom Lawrence.
  5. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Boro have so many strikers they can't keep them all happy. Would like to see Bamford back. Perhaps Gestede?
  6. Olsson to DC United

    Seems logical to sell him. Currently he's blocking the progress of Lowe and MacDonald if they are to make the next step up. Lowe is our best prospect at the moment too (when fit). He's chipped in with a few crucial goals (especially at Forest!), but for a decent fee it seems like good business.
  7. This. Pat Murphy's tweet indicated it could happen this week too. He's been a live target for long enough, after all!
  8. It's not that they couldn't. It's just that they may choose not to. Says a lot. Not sure what about though...
  9. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    'Seems very selfish' but also likes to 'pass backwards'? He seems like he knows when to go toe-to-toe with the defender and when to play the ball to keep it moving. It just means he doesn't run aimlessly at defenders. Has tight control, great skill, and puts in a good set piece. We'd be lucky to get him. Would it be a loan or permanent?
  10. Football writers predict promotion

    Expectations aren't too high, butter quality is still appreciated - can't be a bad thing. Certainly agree that we would stand a much better chance if we make the 'right' next two signings.
  11. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Nixon is clearly well informed to some degree. We may well have made enquiries for them both, not everything materialises in football. Just like the ten names we currently have lined up. No need to slate Nixon for the sake of a few likes.
  12. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Nixon yesterday. "Lawrence fee quite high. But available. Toral another story. But no replacement for what lost." Toral not available for purchase? The 'no replacement for what lost' is a little concerning. We need to replace Ince at least.
  13. Not sure if it's been mentioned but Nixon tweeted this yesterday. "Lawrence fee quite high. But available. Toral another story. But no replacement for what lost." Sounds like we could make a successful approach now if we wanted as Leicester don't deem him necessary. Potentially better value for us to wait for a little while?
  14. Sheyi Ojo joined Fulham on loan

    Currently we're only looking at the English leagues, we're looking at players at the top end of the Championship and the bottom end of the EPL. Not only that but there are then tactical and financial constraints as to which players we have interest in. Regardless of how long there is left to do business (don't quite understand how that's relevant to my point?) - there is a small pool of players we are probably interested in. Hence, the same names are always suggested on this forum. If Lawrence and Jota are no go's, which may well be the case, we're forced to look at back ups who undoubtedly offer a whole lot less. I don't want to give Ojo too much grief; time will tell and all that, but he doesn't appear to have the final ball we are lacking, nor does he seem to look to pass the ball when he gets onto it.
  15. Sheyi Ojo joined Fulham on loan

    Can't help but feel we are running out of ideas and options for replacement wingers. Hope we don't end up with a team of old buggers and a handful of other teams prospects.

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