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  1. October and November look very tough. Could well come out with only half a dozen points.
  2. Exactly. In midfield we have an indulgence of riches. There are plenty of good players there, and I agree we'll live without Hughes. Out wide, we have an indulgence of cack. With the exception of Russell and Ince, players like Anya, Blackman, Camara have never really excited out wide - with any team they've been at. They simply aren't good enough, hence why keeping Ince is so vital if Hughes goes. If we do get our £10m for Hughes and Christie, hopefully we stop shopping in the bargain bucket of decrepit old stars and start looking to younger players with more to prove.
  3. Sickening. Hughes is worth in excess of £10 million in the current market. Little will happen soon, as he's away at the U21 Euros. If he's set on leaving, let's just hope he plays a blinder and ups his value. Don't see him trying to force a move personally after his post-season comments. Ince far more likely.
  4. Hard not to see familiar faces leaving if we are to rebuild effectively. Ince (£12.5m); Hughes (£15m); Christie (£4m). £31.5m, optimistically. Mooy (£10m); Watkins (£3m); Bartley (£3.5m); £4m for a right back; £10m left for a winger. There was a lot of talk about upgrades only. I trust Rowett to only make big changes if he believe it's for the overall benefit of the squad. Mooy is a great example of an all round central midfielder who could operate in a 2 or 3 man midfield. Not that he'd chose us anyway.
  5. If Shackell can get fit he'll be a fine centre half in Rowett's system alongside Keogh. Harlee Dean though is a good, young option with a lot of bite.
  6. Be as pessimistic as you like - especially those acting like they know best. Bogle has proven already he can produce results in this division against a decent opponent. Goes without saying that a fairer judgement could be given with more time, but it's naïve to suggest he wasn't worth a shot.
  7. Zac Clough as a creative, goal scoring midfielder. Gboly Aryibi as a winger capable of taking their man on and driving forward. Both young and relatively cheap in today's market, hence hungry and would balance the squad a little. Martin's return ASAP is also crucial. We're look at too many players past their peak. We need experience but we've given up on the type of signings that gave us our best players. Carson - £500k (?) from Wigan Christie - £300k from Coventry Baird - Free Keogh - £500k from Coventry Pearce - Free Olsson - £900k from Blackburn Forsyth - Free Bryson - £400k from Kilmarnock Hughes - Academy Russell - £750k from Dundee Martin - Free Bent - Free That is a huge proportion of the most influential players at the club who were recruited for negligible fees and frees. The 'Derby Way' should be to develop lower league talents and keep them together to move the club forward. Especially with the academy a few years away from being as effective as it could be.
  8. It seems to be the same people rejecting Hourihane that are craving us to 'take a punt' and seek out players with hunger at a lower price tag. I'm happy to admit I've seen very little of Hourihane but he's clearly had a successful season and £1 million seems more than reasonable for an in-form player, topping Championship stats. If you're waiting for EPL interest, then you're waiting on an inflated price tag.
  9. As many have said Russell is the the best LW at the club at the moment, but there are better players out there. In an ideal world, we'd sell Weimann or Anya but to be frank, they're not going to receive offers. Yes, we are at the top end financially for this league, but again FFP will stand in the way of us completeing too many deals without some outgoings. Ideally we could go for: New LW, Ince, Russell, Blackman. Realistically we may have to go for: New LW, Ince, Camara, Blackman. There are plenty of good options in the Championship too - I think Kemar Roofe and Pablo Hernandez proved that the other night. The other option is to take a knock down price for Anya and Weimann (doesn't bother me).
  10. Sensible move. Another striking option for relatively little (if £2m is true). If we get Martin in on top then it's a bonus. If not we have another option and don't spend tens of millions.