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  1. SouthernRam

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    And these statistics are taken from last season? Waghorn started 39 times compared to Martin starting just 9 games all season for two clubs. Not the fairest of comparisons. None the less, I'm not suggesting Waghorn is the ideal No 9, just that Martin isn't.
  2. SouthernRam

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    This is just utter rubbish, I'm afraid. Too many fans fondly reminiscing and forgetting everything in between. Nine times out of ten Martin would hit the ground like a bag of spuds when challenging, including in the air. He had two seasons where he looked a useful forward but hasn't been remotely productive since. He's had chances to prove himself under Pearson, Clement, Rowett, Stam and Jokanovic and has barely touched the starting line ups.
  3. SouthernRam

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Completely agree with this. The reason we look so disjointed is because our holding midfielders are w***. Hopefully Huddlestone will offer better distribution but Johnson and Ledley were both completely exposed by pace and neither are effective on the ball, which is crucial if we want to build attacks quickly. Only positive was that Tomori seemed to grow into the game. Wisdom and Keogh looked like liabilities, and I am usually fans of them both.
  4. SouthernRam

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    The delay in announcing Holmes gives a glimmer of hope.
  5. SouthernRam

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    It's probably not make or break but it would be a serious sign of our intent to sign Engels. Very hopeful we've got him, even though none of us would have considered him 48 hours ago!
  6. SouthernRam

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    This will be a cracking signing if we can get it done in time. We do need outgoings but the quality of the squad is being rejuvenated.
  7. SouthernRam

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    We aren't waiting for Ipswich to finalise their duo, we are holding off on the announcement till the Vydra business is tied up and things look more balanced our end.
  8. SouthernRam

    Tom Huddlestone

    Selling Huddlestone to finance a deal for Ryan Woods would be shrewd business.
  9. SouthernRam

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Sell Hanson and loan Thorne out. Thorne needs regular game time but he'll be worth keeping on the books.
  10. SouthernRam

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    West Brom have sold Rondon, Boro sold Bamford and now look to miss out on Waghorn, and Stoke could well panic buy another option. Think he'll be off to finance Waghorn, Aina and the bid for Bryan.
  11. SouthernRam

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    I imagine we were saving the No. 9 shirt for Marriott or Waghorn, but Marriott chose otherwise. Vydra, Martin and Jerome would all need to go for the numbers to be right if a No. 9 came in.
  12. SouthernRam

    Harold Moukoudi

    The way we played last night it is critical the centre halfs are composed on the ball. Davies and Keogh are fantastic options at our level, but is it worth replacing Pearce with more of a 'modern centre half' that is comfortable with the ball at their feet? They could just need transition time from Rowett-ball, but it will be interesting to see if our needs are changing.
  13. SouthernRam

    Harold Moukoudi

    If we are within FFP as things stand, the sale of Vydra could hypothetically finance a transfer like this. Especially with other departures likely. Wishful thinking though.
  14. SouthernRam

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    The decision may not have been too appealing, and a little sideways, fair emough. The fact they are desperate for him and we are desperate to get rid should make it an easy enough decision, especially if they are offering anywhere near his wages.
  15. SouthernRam

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I'm hoping they do play hardball and we move on to spend our money. £8 million for a 28 year old who's hardly an established Championship striker. We aren't even buying potential, we're buying form, and that never goes well.

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