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  1. I’m gonna start one of those Instagram pages and post a different picture if Richard Keogh every day until we make a signing
  2. Someone decent sounds pretty decent tbf- might be better than Roos?
  3. You should always base your game around the way you play, in the main. There are core positions vital to the way you play that I wouldn’t be changing out just to suit the opposition- GK, CB, CDM, ST. However, naturally you Always make slight alterations, not necessarily in personnel, but in terms of tactics to counter the opposition you are playing and individuals they may have that are dangerous. That’s all fairly normal and any manager worth his salt would take into account opposition in that way. For example, if the opposition has a high quality winger, you may tell your full back to sit back a little. Or if they like possession, press higher on them etc etc. In terms of actual personnel changes, aside from the “key” positions I’ve mentioned, I think other positions are always up for rotation regardless of suiting the opposition at hand by players competing for the roles. This rotation could occur because of poor form, or tiredness potentially, particularly in wide players. This means that I myself would accept changes in those roles to “play the opposition”. I wouldn’t however drop an in form player under any circumstances other than tiredness however, so would be annoyed to see someone who scored a hattrick the previous week dropped to suit an opposition team. Otherwise however, I would be up for rotation to get the best team out to beat the opposition, even if on paper it isn’t our “best team” overall. This could involve playing Forsyth over Malone if the opposition have a greater aerial threat, for example, or playing some more possession based centre kids if the opposition are likely to sit back, etc etc.
  4. No surprise there at all. Tomori proven himself at this level so it’s time for him to have a loan at the next level up, lower prem or another top flight. Still has every chance of making it there in a couple of years so a sale was always unlikely.
  5. You’ve got more chance of seeing mason Bennett score 30 goals this season than us make a signing
  6. Whenever we finally sign another player this window, seen more action at a cricket match than our transfer rumours
  7. Food wasn’t bad tbf, was more the drinks. Guiness is vile. Suspect worthington is decent but ales duck my stomach over, need more than just the one lager
  8. If this is upheld then we should organise this.
  9. Very realistic of the crowd on Thursday night too, will almost be like watching the match staring at the for a couple of hours
  10. Looks like it’s probably gonna be easier to not take a bag and just buy their poo inside... joy. Mind, can’t be a worse selection than at burton with the joyous choice between a Diet Pepsi or Carling. Decided to go in the toilet and drink my own piss instead.
  11. Well that’s that one done then, if that’s true anyway. Be disappointed if we were interested and missed out to Blackburn, but I’m not convinced we ever were that after him after cocu took over. Better players available on loan hopefully.
  12. Obviously at a higher level that us then, no chance of getting him if he’s good enough for Leipzig. Though you do have to question Chelsea loaning him out to that level, you’d think he’d be good enough for their squad.
  13. What a name! Him and Scheepers, men made for Derby!
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