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  1. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why we need VAR. Shocking officiating
  2. Very interesting lineup, difficult to work out the formation we’ll be playing. Strong team though which is good to see. Only real concern is Davies and Forsyth at the back, but think Cocu is deffo taking things seriously with that team.
  3. Quite possibly yes. If they’re still interested then I imagine it’ll be at a lower price if we are punished for FFP. I wouldn’t be so sure of that, not until we’re cleared of the FFP stuff.
  4. Don’t... we replaced him with Lawrence...😔
  5. Didn’t watch it tbf. Just doesn’t seem to have pulled up any trees there, which is surprising given how good he was here.
  6. Sadly I fear Stoke may have broken Ince beyond instant repair... but at least there’s something there.
  7. I’m convinced this would have gone through by now if it wasn’t for the FFP poo. You can’t blame them for wanting to see how that pans out before sinking money into a sinking ship potentially. I doubt there’ll be many out there willing to invest in us as things stand, so we’ll just have to wait it out until the hearing.
  8. Vitesse would be a good move for him tbf. Certainly wouldn’t begrudge him that move, In a league he may be more suited in. He’d be a fool to take the Stoke offer if they can’t even get a tune out of Tom Ince.
  9. Yeah he obviously wasn’t ready for the amount of games we gave him so soon after his injury. I think Bielik will be ok personally, often it’s the part between returning to training and being able to play matches which takes the time, but he should hopefully be in a position to return to training at some point during pre season and build his fitness up with everyone else roughly. I don’t think he’ll miss too much of next season if things go to plan.
  10. He did have a few issues in 14/15 after he returned from the second ACL though. Came back in February and only played a couple of games. The broken leg is what ended him though, well, the infection after it anyway.
  11. No, but ACL injuries are pretty common place nowadays and most tend to come back from them ok from what I can remember. It’s only when players start having multiple like Thorne, Forsyth and Chris Cohen that I can recall any long term issues arising.
  12. Well aren’t you the optimist😂 It’s his first ACL as far as I can recall so I think he’ll be ok.
  13. Think some definitely under appreciate how good Bielik is and how big a loss he could be. As the stats show, he’s definitely one of the best CDMs in the division, and while he’s not been quite as good as some of us hoped, he’s still been one of our better players this year. As I’ve said before, he’s one of few in our current squad that has that top class quality to potentially play in a promotion winning side that we hope to build long term here, and he’s one of not many in our squad who are potential prem class imo. We’ll definitely miss his ability aerially and in the tackle, he’s got unbelievable quality winning the ball back. Luckily we have Holmes and Huddlestone to cover him who are good players In their own right, but let’s not pretend that Bielik isn’t any good.
  14. Because Leicester are in the top 4 of the prem?
  15. That should hopefully be good news for us. If Leicester finally get their CB In then that’ll sure give the green light for Benkovic to go out on loan. Hopefully we can get this one finally wrapped up over the next few days.
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