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  1. Nah, most of us will be all over it. The duck else is there to do on a Saturday afternoon? At this point, I’d even watch Derby tomorrow if we brought back Leon Best and Conor Sammon as an ultimate new strikeforce
  2. Can’t see for a second that this season will ever be finished off - I think the only possible option will be to declare it null and void. But the league, and UEFA, are doing the right thing leaving it as long as possible before announcing so in my opinion. It wouldn’t be fair on teams like Liverpool and Leeds, who have had very successful seasons, to call the season off until it is absolutely impossible to finish it. An indefinite delay is definitely the right announcement. While it probably shouldn’t be a forced thing, it would be good to see some of the highly paid prem players take a bit of a pay cut too, to help out where the money is needed.
  3. October is still a long way away to be fair, if next season starts as planned (big if) we will still be without him until after the second international break. Good to see his recovery is going as planned mind, we’ve seen with other players that sometimes things can go wrong in the rehab phase after an ACL and put players out for even longer. That said, while having him back will be good for competition for places, I don’t actually think we’ve missed him that much while he’s been out - Shinnie and Bird are just as good in CDM, though with different styles of play.
  4. Very harsh, on a number of accounts. Firstly, his performances have not been that of a “terrible” signing. He was absolutely outstanding in the Rowett season, and has still had decent spells since as well. Secondly, I would hardly say the two million fee has been shown up to be poor business based on what we’ve got out of him in the three years he’s been here - getting on to 100 appearances, and two playoff campaigns. Maybe you could argue we’d have got better value for money elsewhere - with a younger player with resale value - but there’s been many many many worse deals financially than Huddlestone, here and elsewhere. And that brings me on to my final point - his time here isn’t up yet. It’s unfair to judge a signing until they’ve moved on imo. He’s only 33, there’s every chance he gets one more deal here. And if we get promoted in that time, with Huddlestone playing a bit part role, then he more than justifies his fee, as does everyone else pretty much. All ifs and buts, but only time will tell.
  5. Well, we are missing a scapegoat... and this time, he’d be a justified one!
  6. But if I was trying to get clicks from Fenerbache fans, I’d probably make up a really low price to try and piss them off and get clicks that way... like “Derby to buy Kadioglu for a hobnob and half a packet of wotsits”. Though maybe that’s just because those are the sort of links I click on as a Derby fan😉
  7. 13 million seems a hell of a lot of money for someone who’s only playing backup in the Turkish league... He’s obviously still very young and highly regarded so he won’t come cheap, but still... I’d think somewhere in the middle between what we originally bid and what they’re demanding would be more fair - maybe around the 6-7m “Bradley Johnson type fee” mark. That said, I don’t really see any reason the Turkish papers would be making up Derby news, not likely to gain many extra clicks.
  8. Big claims from the Daily Mail there. Whether it’s true... I doubt it, but it remains to be seen I guess. Were it to be true, then I’d be fairly concerned as it would seem to indicate that MM has no interest in putting any more capital into the club, and we’ll be relying on loans like this until a takeover goes through. That would put us in debt that could hamper us for years to come. But I just don’t think Mel would do that. He’s not got unlimited funds which is why he needs some financial support - which is absolutely fair enough. But I’m sure, even in this crisis, that he will put enough money in to keep us afloat in the mean time. He is a fan after all, and the indications are that he wants to stay on with whoever the new investor turns out to be anyway.
  9. A bamford being a bamford, no surprises here
  10. There were reports last week I think suggesting there may be a temporary £5000 per week wage cap introduced in the championship while this is all ongoing. Perhaps players are waiting to see what happens with that, rather than making the move alone. Agree it would be a nice thing to do mind. Bigger clubs could help financially support smaller clubs to keep them afloat, and players on big wages could donate a percentage of that towards charities dedicated to helping the fight against Coronavirus.
  11. Bad news is, if the season is written off, we’ll have to go to Boro again next season. Least if it carries on they might get relegated.
  12. Steve Mcclaren and Stefan Eranio... take that. Anyone born July 21st Btw? That one looks fun
  13. Had one today where the lecturer himself dropped out. Except he didn’t realise so Carried on talking to himself for 20 minutes. Quality stuff
  14. I’m gonna join with my video and microphone off Just stare for 2 hours at @David’s bald head
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