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  1. Free transfer, intelligent player and works hard, ticks all the boxes really. Large wages I'd have thought and a long contract may be a concern, but he's only 31 and never relied on his pace, always more on his brain so a move seems sound to me!
  2. Dier in #10! I know this is England tbf, but I don't think Southgate is quite that thick
  3. Really? Dunno whether I'm missing summat but he's down nothing of note for me, actually looked quite poor at times when I've seen him on MOTD
  4. **** me you nearly gave me a heart attack! Seeing the start of the thread title on the front page in rams talk I thought he was coming here!
  5. Would be shocked if this happens, the blokes never take charge of us- pretty much everyone else has in the last couple of years!
  6. Don't count yer chickens yet, Pearsons out for a new job soon anorl
  7. See my profile picture
  8. Poisoned chalice of a job, if I were him I'd tell them to farke off
  9. From what we've seen of Pearson, think more morecambe and wise
  10. Scotland are bad, but they ain't that desperate
  11. Voted for some geezer called tayo Edun myself, never heard of the bloke but he's played 3 games so seems a good shout to me
  12. Next manager
  13. He's just a **** @Potato, shiiiit @Potatoooooo
  14. Play the kids
  15. I am also not old enough yet to vote, but when I am, I will vote for the tories because I am a ****