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  1. Blimey, I know you like him and all, but that seems a bit far!
  2. I’m more worried about his 5000 posts on Chris Martin to be honest. Bordering on stalking
  3. I’d be very disappointed if we signed a 17 year old to be our main striker - it’s a lot of pressure for someone of that age. He’s obviously got serious potential, but so have a lot of players who we still have in our academy - like Duncan for instance. Wouldn’t really be an upgrade on giving someone like him a go imo. All immaterial anyway, because I’m pretty sure we’re gonna sign Keinan Davis on loan for the season this week - which I think would be a very good move.
  4. Yes, sadly. That much was evident from our performance yesterday. Players not putting the effort in, seemingly ignoring the managers instructions, and just generally ambling around like they didn’t know what they were meant to be doing. Rooney being the best example. All classic indications that a manager has lost the faith of his players, and the after match interview didn’t sound too good in that regard either. Personally think it’s an absolute disgrace that players just stop playing for managers when they don’t like them, but it’s happened time and time again at various clubs in recen
  5. Bristol City have taken him on now, while he’s still a good player. Big difference. They’ve taken a gamble with the contract length, fair play to them, they can probably afford the risk because they’ve been run better over the last few years. We’re in a much worse position than them, and can’t afford such a risk. It’s as simple as that. You can argue maybe we could have come to an agreement with Martin over a shorter initial contract with extension clauses based upon performance, but there’s no guarantee he would have taken that. We don’t know how the negotiations went down.
  6. Yes I am, not many teams will want to take on a 33 year old Martin’s wages if he does a Nugent and rapidly declines over the next year or so, which is very much possible. In our situation, that length of contract is too much of a risk. The one year with another year option we offered was sensible, but fair play to Martin for getting a better deal.
  7. The bald fraud is no doubt getting ready to spend another 500m on defence
  8. I agree in principle. Think we’re putting way too much pressure on the youngsters - I’ve said all along that I didn’t agree with Mel’s seeming insistence on playing academy players. I feel like we’ve put way too much focus on bringing through youngsters for the sake of it, rather than focusing on building the best possible side we can - which will probably include some young players, but not as many as we’ve thrown in the deep end recently. It’s a very risky strategy - I appreciate we’ve had great success at youth level which is a credit to the club, but not every player who’s good at U18s lev
  9. You mean, just like Cocu? 👀
  10. It’s a joke lad calm yourself. Phil doesn’t do himself any favours in that regard subbing a CDM on when 3-0 down though 😂
  11. David Wagner has just been sacked by Schlake... the absolute perfect man to continue Cocu’s philosophy. The man loves his team not to score any goals.
  12. I wasn’t really applauding it, just saying no one was invincible given the start we’ve had, so it was understandable. I personally wouldn’t have dropped him as he remains our best defender by a mile, but there was an argument that he wasn’t good enough against Luton, so needed a wake up call. Cocu obviously felt that way, but that turned out to be the wrong call. Easy for us to say in hindsight, but I feel pro managers should know more than us. I get the point it’s a long term plan, and I’m with you that we can’t expect instant success. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect better than wher
  13. Mate, I admire your unwavering faith in Cocu, I really do. But surely even you must think he’s got to be doing better? We can’t keep giving him excuses, he’s got a squad that should be capable of doing better than it currently is. I mean dropping Clarke today proved to be a tactical disaster. I know you can say it’s all in hindsight, but it’s still a mistake. Putting Evans on at half time? The lack of organisation? Cocu has to be taking some responsibility here, whether you think he’s the man for the job or not imo. I’m still not seriously calling for his head, much as I may have made a few Ma
  14. Saturday 3rd October, 12:30PM KO Duck this, rest of you lot can’t buy a win between you. You can argue about Cocu being clueless, about our defenders being useless, or about our attackers being toothless.... but we all know the real problem with Derby at the moment. And that is that I’m not currently starting the match day threads. Well, that’s about to change.... time for me to lead us through the rest of the season unbeaten! Right then... what to do with the team? Think the first thing to do is to tell Rooney to duck off back to Manchester or wherever else he’d rather be... because
  15. Oh don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty I could say about Rooney. If I was manager I’d have probably told him to duck off home at half time, since that’s where he clearly would have rather been. Doesn’t play for me until he can sort his attitude out.
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