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  1. We’re probably just figuring out how we can sell Moor Farm to Mel for 30m to cover Anya’s wages this season.
  2. You know what, I’m feeling optimistic. I reckon we might find a Derby player with one of our 200 crosses on Wednesday night.
  3. Threads created by @Norman Hull are always the best ones. Shame they don’t come around too often
  4. Oh dear, Boro getting relegated? What a shame... I’m sure plenty of teams in the championship will miss that away day.
  5. Yeah I wasn’t sure on his position, I’ve seen him play midfield I’m pretty sure but it might not be where he’s best. Shinnie is the more experienced option, but I’m not sure he’s quite the right sort of player to have starting at CDM given our style of play. To be honest I think Rooney has been off it since we came back from the break - he’s been our worst player in possession quite regularly. But you’re right, he’s captain and will definitely start if he’s fit.
  6. Fair enough, I just like having more options. I can see the benefit to a tighter knit squad, but the number of injuries picked up at this level worries me. That said, I do agree that a lot of clubs will be cutting squad sizes this summer to save money. It’ll certainly give lots of young players chances that’s for sure. With our academy we should be in a strong position once it becomes more of a level playing field with everyone using their young players.
  7. Hamer Bogle Evans Clarke Lowe Brown Bird Josefzoon Sibley Whittaker Martin Forsyth is in the team for his defensive qualities and he didn’t show any of them against Forest, so Lowe returns. I hate to say it, but Rooney looks shattered and needs a rest. There’s no point playing him at the level he’s at now, so we may as well give Brown a chance to show what he can do before next season. Both Holmes and Knight were poor out of position on the wing, so two more natural widemen in Josefzoon and Whittaker come in. I’d have liked to rest Bird as well as he looked a litt
  8. There’s been reports of grounds being allowed at 25% capacity in September across Europe, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same here. I think attending on a rota basis would be the fairest thing to do, so all season ticket holders can attend 1 in every 4 games (maybe even every 3).
  9. This is the thing though, we don’t have the strength in depth to really cope with those suspensions/injuries - and I wouldn’t say it’s an unusual amount of players to have out at once. We started the season with only Martin and Marriott as out and out forwards, so one injury left has left us with Waghorn as our only striker option - and he usually starts out wide. We also started the season with almost no natural wide men, which has led to us using Holmes and Knight out of position once Lawrence got suspended - a waste of both their talents imo. Like I say, it’s admirable by Mel to reduc
  10. Oh I don’t doubt that at all - I’ve seen the youngsters play as well and they are top quality, you don’t win the U18s league for nothing. And it’s great to see them getting a chance, I just can’t help but feel it’s too much too soon for some of them though. Players like Sibley and Knight are obvious talents, but they’re being forced to play every game at the moment because there’s no obvious senior replacements for them that are any good. It’s a lot of pressure to put them under at a very young age. It is still on of course, I’m just disappointed with the way yesterday’s results went. It’
  11. Don’t disagree with the first point at all. Rivalry games are always very difficult, and I’d have definitely taken a point today before KO so I’m not hugely disappointed with the result. It’s the performance that’s annoyed me, and the Cardiff result has hit hard too. That’s made a huge difference to our chances. In response to your other point - yes injuries are going to happen everywhere with the tight schedule, and yes losing your best players will weaken every team - but other teams are better prepared than us. We have literally no squad depth at all. We’re a couple of injuries away f
  12. It might look like we “hung on” on paper, but I’m not sure that’s an entirely fair reflection on the games. First of all, the Millwall and Reading games would have been far more comfortable if it weren’t for two horrendous goals we conceded that were direct results of Goalkeeping/ defensive errors. We were totally in control at 3-1 vs Millwall, and Reading weren’t really threatening at 2-0 despite getting more possession. Secondly, and probably most importantly, I’m pretty sure the dropping off and defending the leads was entirely by design. I’ve said it before, and it’s one of my main gr
  13. Only off the bench with 20 mins to go. He didn’t go there to be backup
  14. To be honest that performance today has really hit my confidence for the remainder of the season. We were looking unstoppable in the first few games back after the break, but today we just seemed to take multiple steps back. We just didn’t look up for it. To reach the playoffs we need to be able to handle big games properly, and we didn’t show that we can today. A bit of a fluke of a draw doesn’t change the overall performance. We were slow, lethargic, disorganised and totally devoid of ideas. Watching Evans trying to play 80 yard passes over Martins head was pretty damn painful. In fair
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