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  1. Agree he’s worth giving a game to on Saturday FWIW. No one else deserves the space in the team based on the last couple of games. Hopefully he impresses, but let’s not put too much pressure on the lad at his age.
  2. I hope you’re right, but I’d find it very difficult to judge on about 25 minutes of senior football.
  3. We are in 18th place, of course we’re not very good. Just have to hope we’re better than at least three other teams! Would almost feel bad throwing a young lad in at this stage.
  4. Christ, the lad has only made a few sub appearances, there’s no way we can tell if he’s any good yet. Obviously we’re missing Bielik massively, but he’s probably the best player I’ve ever seen at this level. He’s irreplaceable. Let’s not put pressure on a 19 year old, in his first season at senior level, to fill the void left by him. It’s an impossible task.
  5. Definitely seems like Rooney made the decision to write the game off and rest players. That’s a disgrace imo. There’s no team in this division that much better than another, it’s been said a million times before - anyone can beat anyone. We should have been going into that game with at least the aim of getting a point. And even if it wasn’t a game we had the faintest hope in, then I would still expect us to at least try and pull off a miracle, not give the game up like we did yesterday - we looked beaten from the first whistle, which is no surprise when you put out such a weak and disorganised
  6. Roos 5 Wisdom 5 Mengi 5 Clarke 5 Buchanan 4 Baningime 6 Edmundson 5 Shinnie 5 Jozwiak 5 Gregory 4 Sibley 4
  7. Absolutely pathetic result. Rooney surrendered the game from the first minute with his team selection, absolutely shameful management. No team in this league is unbeatable, we should be going into this game thinking we can at least get a point. Instead we seemed to give up as soon as Cardiff had their first shot. There was no reaction at all to going behind, we just carried on as we were and allowed them to hammer us. Rooney has to take full blame here for his team selection and lack of game management. Proper amateur hour. Glad there wasn’t any paying fans in there because they’d deserve a re
  8. 4-0. We thoroughly deserve to get absolutely hammered. Rooney better come out and apologise, because this is on him. Awful, awful management.
  9. Aaand there’s the inevitable Mick McCarthy goal from a corner. Imagine my surprise, had years of this poo. Shocking defending yet again. Nice one just leaving things as they were Rooney. Genius management. Game, set and match.
  10. Well, that was dreadful. Bunch of clowns at the back, God knows how we’re only 1 down, wouldn’t trust this defence playing down at the park. Passing has once again been unbelievably poor at times, just like on Friday night, can scarcely believe some of our players are professional footballs when they struggle with basics like trapping a football and playing a 5 yard pass. It’s just been painfully bad all round so far, no one looks like they know what’s going on, formation is all over the place, and we’ve got absolutely no one up front on the rare occasion we get into their half. Serious change
  11. Deary deary me, that’s Sunday league level defending. Who’s watching the runner?! Duck me Deservedly losing though, given them so many chances so far.
  12. Well, fair play to anyone who called that lineup! Absolutely baffled as to how we will set up, can’t for the life of me figure out what formation we’re playing. Bad news that Marshall is injured, but good to see Baningime get his first start, be interesting to see what he’s capable of. Seems absolutely mental to not play Kazim-Richards unless it’s for fitness reasons, think it’s harsh on Bird as well who was one of our better players against Forest, and is one of few midfielders we have who can actually pass. Think Jozwiak is lucky to keep his place after another ineffective game, and I w
  13. Isn’t that an old Craig Ramage soundbite? Hope Wayne doesn’t share any of his other views!
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