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  1. Millenniumram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Did pretty well but never won any points, made it too easy for his opponent cause he always hit it back where it came from
  2. Millenniumram

    Andre Wisdom

    He looks like he must be on his way out, surprised tbh cause he looked decent for a spell at lb, just ruddy awful on the right😂 Would deffo need replacing with our lack of defenders!
  3. Millenniumram

    Johnson and Ledley

    Still not a particulary normal reaction is it? Can’t say I’d ever have the reaction to turn around and go in for a bite, might be tempted to spin his jaw, but going for a late night snack on joe Allen isn’t High on my list of priorities. Regardless it’s not about what I think, I’d have probs fined him a weeks wages and got on with it, it’s about what frank thinks. Can’t be a coincidence he does that and is bombed out the squad for 17 year olds.
  4. I dunno really, guess it wasn’t to the detriment of the game hugely, or bias, but just some decisions he got wrong were just ametrurish imo. Sort of things like playing advantage wrong, missing obstructions etc. Just annoys me when officials get stuff like that wrong.
  5. Gonna be a proper cup tie this, still deliberating whether to go with the trains down, but I’m sure everyone who does go will have a great time, least before the match!👀 Should be able to show our class here, with the players we have we should be multiple classes above these and it would be great to get a confidence boosting big win and progress in the cup. But this is the FA cup where anything can happen, so we have to ensure that we’re fully focused and don’t in any way underestimate them, they’ve already beat a championship team let’s not forget! A cup run would be great for the whole club, so let’s make sure we don’t slip up here! Team for me... Roos Wisdom Keogh Tomori Cole Huddlestone Bryson Elsnik Josefzoon Marriott Lawrence No idea what accy are like, but a few changes while keeping the spine of the team intact should allow for a couple of fringe players to stake a claim while still putting out a side that should be good enough. Will be interested to see how Cole gets on, he’ll almost certainly play I’d think if fit enough. Weird writing that name on a team sheet.
  6. Millenniumram

    Johnson and Ledley

    Fair play if they’ve come into enough money to afford these two!
  7. Millenniumram

    Johnson and Ledley

    Johnson did for the majority of the season until his suspension. We lack cover in centre mid at the moment, so we need to replace him.
  8. Millenniumram

    Johnson and Ledley

    Johnson will have been told to duck off after the stoke game I suspect, what he did has no place in football, frank perhaps doesn’t want him repsresnting the club. Always thought Ledley was a decent player, but he wasn’t good early in the season and hes told old and expensive to have on the bench. Can understand both decisions, tho I think we will need at least one replacement.
  9. Millenniumram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Well that is the exact context I meant it in in my post so....
  10. Millenniumram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Have to add to this thread that their number 18 (not even gonna try and spell it) on loan from Liverpool looked at real player. Dictated the play on the ball, 21 now so looking unlikely for him at Liverpool, one to look at in the summer?
  11. Awful officiating by the refs to not sort the reading players out. Huddz should have refused to take it, they were barely more than 3 yards and either side of him at that! Was amateur hour most the match by the officials tbf, tho to both sides.
  12. Millenniumram

    We can achive once lads put mind to it

    We’re winning champions league mate, get your expectations right
  13. Millenniumram

    Premier League 18/19

    Increbible Analysis by the BT sport team, apparently Emery is the first manager since Arsene Wenger to beat Chelsea home and away.... Well yes, he does also happen to be the only manager to take charge since him
  14. Millenniumram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Don’t think any game can sum up our season of this team more than that. Like to start by saying (I was right👀) that that starting 11 looked our best. At the times when we were playing well, we really did play well. Looked to have balance between players who can win the ball, win headers and carry it in transition. Played out from the back better and looked to have much better creativity and movement, much less of the hoofing and non existent midfield than we’ve had recently. We should take like team as our base and look to improve on it (defensively and more options in certain positions particulary). In terms of the game overall, we were brilliant for the first 15 minutes, pressing was fantastic and organised and we really should have been further up. And that brings me to my first point, we simply aren’t clinical enough. It’s been a problem all season, to be a good team you’ve got to be scoring goals when you’re on top otherwise teams will eventually get a chance to get back into it (which they did). Got to be scoring more goals and hammering teams, because reading really were poo, would have made it a much more easy game had we managed to finish opponents off, as has been the case many times this season. Made reading look far too good second half as well. Can excuse it for tiredness this time, but we’ve really gotta get this sudden switching to lobbing it as the game wears on and trying to force the issue, rather than being patient like we were earlier in the game. Awful goal to give away, it happens but you do have to be concerned how few games we’ve actually won comfortably. Gotta stop making things so hard for ourselves. Must focus more on our defensive positioning, particulary malone. I mean I love the bloke going forward, and he had a great game in that respect today on the ball, but ffs man you’re a left back stop drifting inside all the time! Was basically the performance of a side trying to do the right things, but without the 90 mins performance, clinical finishing and defensive ability to go up. Obviously the first can be excused today due to tiredness but its been apparent in other games and we really do have to sort it out. Think some additions in this window and the summer will help, particulary with some more players stronger in the ball and the tackle. But teams like reading today were there for the taking, they were proper poo and we should be far more comfortable. But like I say, to get the result after 120 mins on Wednesday is excellent, and we can excuse certain tired spells given we saw more football than we have done recently. Build on that team and we’ll be working towards improving what I’ve mentioned above, and will hopefully progress. Will be very interesting to see what happens in the rest of this window, what with so many frozen out as well Well done to anyone who’s actually read the length of this, apologies but just thought this game was a good showing of both the good things and not so good things in our team. Last word for indivuals, Wilson was excellent today, as were Waghorn and Holmes. Marriott looked injured (?) didn’t look fit enough to play for me, dispaointed with Mount and Keogh who kept gifting possesion away second half but maybe that was just tiredness.
  15. Millenniumram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Who tf is this clown with the whistle

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