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  1. Only watched it in parts but seems like it was a really exciting finale, level going into the last day and then it all going down to the wire the way it did. Unreal how things In golf can even get that close, it doesn’t happen very often. The level of ladies golf tends to be higher than its given credit as well, I’m sure it means just as much to them as the Ryder cup does to the blokes! Something about competitions like that that makes them a bit more interesting to even less interested golf watchers, I went to the Ryder cup when it was at gleneagles ironically a few years back, the atmosphere is comparable to a top football match (helped we were In the lead of course!)
  2. You’ll be better off staying under the table come 3 o’clock with how this season is going...👀
  3. Exactly, that’s why it seems so ridiculous to me, surely better to be too safe than not safe enough with the regulations in place?!
  4. If they were investigating how it happened then I’d agree an investigation would be somewhat valid as flares shouldn’t be getting into the ground- though it’s not easy to stop sometimes. I could understand a punishment in that case if our security was deemed not up to scratch. But from what I can tell, they’re investigating “our decision to evacuate” which is a different thing entirely. They’re trying to suggest there wasn’t enough danger for us to evacuate.
  5. Think the Rooney one can’t reach any decision before January when he joins so that investigation is gonna drag on. Wasn’t aware the EFL were looking at the Keogh incident, thought that was an internal investigation between us and forest, so think that will probably have been resolved by now. Personally cant see what we’ve as a club done wrong on any of them, frankly some of them stink of the EFL trying to get back at Mel for the argument over the rights deal. Ones like the evacuation seem too ridiculous to be investigating to even be true! The EFL are gonna have to come up with a better excuse to punish us, which is undoubtedly what they want.
  6. I thought he was a dead man walking after Brentford (as in looked like he’d lost the dressing room and wouldn’t make it past Halloween) but there was something in the performance last night that suggested there may be hope for him yet, if he can pick up some wins in the next block of games. I can’t think Rooney signing was his idea, it was all done by agents mainly by the sounds of it, but I don’t think that really undermines him. Many transfers in modern day football aren’t orchestrated by the manager but instead by a recruitment team, so I can’t think it would be unheard of to cocu. Or indeed that he wouldn’t want him, because quite frankly who wouldn’t?! Guess we’ll see whether it is a problem when he joins the coaching staff working with him initially...
  7. Must’ve missed that bit in the article... hardly the end of the bloody world though, much better than fans getting killed in a fire because were too scared to evacuate in case the league punishes us. Could understand slightly if they were looking at our security level, because something like this obviously shouldn’t happen in the first place- but the article seems to suggest it’s to do with our decision to evacuate which is just a bizarre thing to question really. Like you say, any punishment surely has to go to Cardiff for their fans behaviour
  8. Think we’d see a riot if that was the case😂
  9. Don’t think you can really accuse cocu of not making changes when things haven’t been going well, he’s swapped formations and made subs at half time plenty of times this season. And I think the times when he hasn’t used all the subs is because the momentum of the game made it better not to- think that was the case yesterday and I think it’s sometime absolutely the right call. Subs can distrupt your flow so no point making unnecessary ones. However, I do think there’s a point to be made to say he doesn’t seem to make many more attacking formation changes. Just seems to switch the setup entirely. I think he’d be much better having a planned out attacking formation (like mac with the 424) that we can switch easily to mid game from our starting formation without too many players being moved out of position- but allowing us more bodies in attack. That would help us more imo than constant entirely switching the setup without having much impact offensively or defensively. Much better imo to have a formation and stick to it, with a couple of planned out tweaks that can seamlessly make it more offensive or defensive, rather than having lots of different types of formations in your locker. That way you can focus on one style and just a couple of tweaks in training. Should make it all much more fluid imo. At the minute it Seems like we don’t know what style we’re going for at times which is worrying long term from a manager.
  10. Nice to see wisdom and Forsyth getting their match sharpness up, should be back available for selection soon. Few other youngsters like bird, Sibley , Whittaker and Mitchell Lawson dropped a little way out the first team picture though- interesting with our lack of options in centre mid/ out wide.
  11. What an absolute load of baalocks. We’re now being investigated for trying to safeguard the fans from possible harm? If there’s a fire I’d say this is pretty standard procedure, it’s hardly that much of a hardship for everyone to go out and come back in again. Not like the game was even particulary affected, you wouldn’t have known it had happened. Swear the FA are just looking for any way to punish us and investigate us now. Eventually they’ll get what they want I’m sure, whatever that is. It’s becoming an obsession now.
  12. One of those games this where really you’d somewhat expect to be well beaten and if we come home with nothing it’s not exactly the end of the world. That’s if other games have gone to plan anyway, it’s a game you can afford to write off and still challenge. Leeds are an absolutely brilliant team who are unreal going forwards with the creativity and movement they have- something we can only dream of our team having. But, unfortunately we’ve dropped a lot of points where we shouldn’t have, so there’s a bit more pressure on the game than there would’ve been had we won the games that we should have. But, this is the championship and anything can happen- leeds have shown the odd bit of defensive vulnerability this season so it’s not impossible for us to get something. Team for me would be: Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Malone Huddlestone Bielik Waghorn Holmes Josefzoon Marriott Harsh on Lowe, but we need players in their right positions for this. Hopefully bogles back and that’s possible. Lowe twice had a mare against Leeds last season so I’d leave him out for this one as to not damage his confidence and bring him back another game- malone gets a chance here. Josefzoon looked good in his cameo so he comes in for the suspended Lawrence. We’ve seen exactly the style leeds play so hope we’re well prepared for this one. I want to see us pressing them back in their half so they can’t play their natural game like we did in that play off second leg. Need to really close off their options in midfield as well and stop their possession game. Think this is one of the few games where a 4231 really is needed in this league, and we need Huddlestone and Bielik providing a proper solid shield to the defence- want to see them making those interceptions and properly influencing the game. Don’t want to see them being cut through too easy or bypassed. Have to be proper wary of Hernández in particular, always tears us apart, need both wingers to support their full backs in defence to stop him. Hopefully we’ve the week+ long rest we’ll be well up for this and give a good account of ourselves at least. Leeds are a team I absolutely despise and beating them would be amazing- but losing, while somewhat expected, would really hurt. Hopefully the players know what this one means to the fans.
  13. Makes you proud seeing players like those two go on to big things when we’ve played a part in their development. Both great guys too by the looks of things, really happy for the pair of them. If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect the pair to be playing at the very top this soon, but delighted for them and hope their rise continues.
  14. Well think we have to start any analysis of that game with the refs performance. Dire, bias, inconsistent performance contributed hugely to us not getting three points imo. So many fouls just went unchallenged for Cardiff, but every time we touched them they went down “injured” and got a free kick for it. We were never allowed a quick free kick, they could take one whenever they wanted. Could go on and on. Awful performance by a man who looked like he was probably too scared of Warnock to make the proper decisions. In terms of how we performed, it was a lot better than Brentford (not hard granted) with some good positives to take from it, but also some lingering long term worries. In terms of what went well, the midfield looked much much better without dowell for me. Beilik and Holmes as expected were both very good, the latter showing how much we’ve missed him and his ability to carry the ball and create chances. At times we actually looked like we had a midfield that knew what it was doing, playing some proper pass and move football. Bielik looked good carrying the ball through midfield and playing through balls along the deck as well. Need to make sure to get him and Holmes involved wherever we can, they could be vital to us and start to control games. Much better than the static poo we had there before. Good to see Martin back but Also impressed with Waghorn today, really battled well, moved about and made some intelligent touches, deserved a goal really- their goalie made some very good saves. Josefzoon looked for Ince like there may be a player there when he came on too, looked better running onto balls from Bielik rather than carrying it himself. Still some things that worry me though. Not least of which is this is the third game we’ve chucked an early lead away. We seem to have a tendency of dropping much deeper immediately after scoring which tends to cost us as we can’t defend well enough. We’re better, especially at home, continuing with what we’re doing instead of dropping off. Can only assume this comes from the manager, cocu needs to braver as it keeps costing us. Also, don’t know what was going on with the defence today, Clarke in particular. Nobody could seem to distribute to save their lives, dunno what they’ve been practicing over the break. Neither did anyone seem to have much clue where to be defensively, no organisation at all, made it very easy for Cardiff and made them look much better than what they are. Worrying cocu hasn’t coached them how to do this sort of thing yet, being renowned as a coach in the way he is. Still seemed to lack movement going forward too, that’s why we struggled to score imo, need to make more intelligent movements. Another coaching issue for me and makes me worry still, in spite of a better performance, whether cocu is doing the right things on the training pitch to ever get anything out this side. Huddlestone still poor too, bar the odd moment things tended to break down with him. In summary, a much better performance than recently that gives renewed hope- but with the caveat of there still being some confused problems that make me worry long term. Certainly not the worst result recently, but a game we should be winning that as well imo- and on balance of play, probably deserved to in all fairness.
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