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  1. Still best cdm in the division imo, played around the right players in a team regularly. Chopping and changing have hindered him this season as he hasn’t been consistently starting imo. Still been far better than anyone else in that role in our team mind. Would be pretty much impossible to replace at the same level as him so delighted myself. Similar to @BurtonRam7 hes been my favourite player since he returned, only now being challenged by the little terrier of Holmes
  2. That table really pisses me off cause it just shows how much are poor results against poor teams cost us... all we had to do was pissing be decent against Bolton and the rest of the poo down there and we’d probably be in the auto mix!
  3. Play them together while we’ve still got them both...
  4. This would surprise me tbf... I’d have thought Chelsea would want him having guaranteed games, not sure anyone in the prem would offer that yet. Would think he’d need a proper season in the championship first, given this ones been a bit too stop start to really gain enough from it due to injuries.
  5. Macdonald? Lb played in pre season a couple of years back and impressed me certainly
  6. Nah that’s craig Bryson, circa 2015 he vanished...👀 Joking aside, we bought McAllister thinking he had a minor injury but it turned out to keep him out for a year+ I think. Don’t think he’s ever made a first team appearance tho so dunno who you’re thinking of... elsnik did and then vanished?
  7. I know some people would be getting rather... excited at that prospect. Me, I’d still be Micro soft..
  8. Well done to the young lads, see Anya has gone from first team bench to u23 Bench...👀
  9. Follow them all on Instagram and you’ll see, Holmes and Waghorn look to be having a great time in Dubai... lucky duckers😂
  10. I dunno, mounts stronger than most give him credit for imo, he’s stronger than bryson by a country mile for instance. But yeah Johnson’s done well and you couldn’t argue against him starting. Holmes on the wing is a big no tho, hes not at all suited to that role, moving him from the middle will kill us, he provides most of our creative threat. That’s mainly why I had to drop Johnson, maybe a narrow diamond and screw the wingers cause they never do anything of any quality? Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Johnson Holmes Mount Waghorn Marriott Puts pressure on the fullbacks to provide width but they’re both good going forward and normally provide most our threat from wide anyway so it’s not like much will change, just get rid of the poo wingers who couldn’t deliver a final ball to save their lives. Obvs harsh on Lawrence but he can play that mount role as well. That’s the only other option I can see. May give us more of a midfield
  11. Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Holmes Mount Waghorn Marriott Lawrence Difficult one this. Wilson deservedly dropped, harsh on Johnson mind but just feel mount gives us that forward impetus while still retaining a bit of strength. Need to figure out how to score goals really or we aren’t going anywhere, hopefully that front three has enough in them with mount back in. Wanna see Holmes next to mount as well, could be magic that, don’t think we have yet?
  12. He’d tell you that...
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