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  1. It would be funnier if we weren’t about to set a brand new record in the championship
  2. Might be one day. Isn’t qualified at the moment, and the last 3 games haven’t looked promising.
  3. I think they’d rather have their players developed by a decent coach
  4. I’m not convinced. Why would teams loan their youngsters to a struggling team like us?
  5. You keep telling yourself that. I’ll keep looking at the reality, which is we’re 6 points off safety, no guarantee the takeover will go through, and no guarantee we will sign a decent striker in January.
  6. I agree with you on the whole forcing of academy players issue. It should be a natural progression, not the whole focus. But this whole “we will come good” attitude is dangerous. Continue the way we are, and we are down, simple as that.
  7. He has at times, but he needs to be more consistent.
  8. At passing, definitely. I do rate Marshall, but think he’s given an easy ride at times because of the odd worldie save. He’s made a fair few errors as well.
  9. Don’t listen to them anymore. It’s not their fault what’s happening on the pitch though
  10. Ryan Conway, a page or so back
  11. Dawes and Steele aren’t meant to be the players friends. They’re meant to report on what’s happening on the pitch. Which, at the moment, is not positive.
  12. Roos Byrne Davies Clarke Forsyth Bielik Shinnie Holmes Knight Lawrence Kazim-Richards Marshall should have communicated better for the goal today, and it’s not his first error. Distribution isn’t great too, think Roos deserves a go. Wisdom has been awful all season, so Byrne has to return. Evans is pretty pointless in a 2 man defensive midfield, and Bielik has to start when fit really, so he returns. Sibley struggled today, and Knight has been consistent all season, so he returns to the starting 11.
  13. We’re rock bottom of the league, more than a quarter of the way through the season. This isn’t a time for patience. This is a time for action. It’s time everyone, including those at the top of the club, started taking our situation seriously. We’re sleepwalking towards relegation. Every game that goes by, the task to escape the drop gets harder. This isn’t the time for Rookie managers. We need a proper manager in ASAP. If we go down, it’ll be nothing to do with Radio Derby or the fans. It’ll be because of arrogance within the club, thinking we could get by without a striker until January
  14. It’s been 2 weeks since we sacked Cocu, and it was in the pipeline much longer than that. We’ve had plenty of time to appoint someone who isn’t panic appointment. We’re waiting for the takeover, which is a very dangerous game to play. Rooney shouldn’t be managing this team even in a temporary capacity. He’s a player who’s not yet qualified to coach. McClaren is a technical director so should be nowhere near the dressing room.
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