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  1. Would suspect that’s the case, be interesting to see how many offers there’s been tho. Would imagine there’d be a fair few more if we went up😂
  2. Good read, interesting that Mel has been looking for investment for 2 years now. I know the championship isn’t good business, but is no one willing to take a gamble? Even in a minority stake at first? Surprises me that.
  3. Don’t think the Keogh tattoo one was mine but you’ve got me on the latter😂
  4. Blimey you really aren’t the optimist are you.. I was gonna say if we win I’ll change my name on here for the summer to whoever scores the winning goal/pen but think you’ve topped that
  5. Not gonna lie I thought Jamie redknapp met frank before a dinner in an Italian in Derby at the weekend, but maybe their family isn’t that close..
  6. Few things wrong with that article.. 1. “After years of relentless change..”- years of relentless change that have brought them relentless trophies! Hasn’t exactly done them much harm until this point, most changes have been successful 2. There’s absolutely no way one season as a manager at championship level qualifies frank to be a manager of a club at the absolute top elite level. He may get there yet, but no manager can be ready that quickly. 3. We’ve got the biggest match of not only our season obviously, but of the last decade to come tomorrow! Everything rides on this match, all the hard work across the season and the very future path of our club! The result tomorrow will affect our future Hugely, either positively or negatively. So how’s about we focus on the importance of that match and the never ending never of our fanbase for the next 24 hours or so rather than some other balls that may or may not happen
  7. I’m off on the 9am I think, tho that’s likely to be rammed and standing only even with extra long trains on. Did consider an alternative route via Grantham on LNER which will be less busy, although will be more expensive and take longer. The other normal alternative route into London is via Birmingham so that isn’t a good idea.
  8. Great timing this and the rail problems... Let’s hope we all make kickoff unlike that second leg against Leeds!
  9. NEW THREAD PLEASE Dont want any reminders of that day in 2014
  10. Back in Derby, exam was so bank about 50 of us have launched an official complaint cause no one could do it quick enough to finish, and I’m now in hospital with my dad. Let’s hope the footballs better than this has been so far!
  11. Everything around the media seems to be setting up to unsettle us in the lead up to Monday... if we win in amongst all this it’ll be so sweet
  12. He won’t trust me, I’m 95% sure if we don’t go up Lampard will he gone. Maybe not to Chelsea but to somewhere
  13. If we lose on Monday Lampard won’t take charge of the first game next season. Of that I’m fairly certain. If we win, unless Chelsea come calling, I think he’ll stay. There’s nothing to suggest Chelsea will sack Sarri so unless he walks and leaves to Italy I don’t think that’s likely just yet. We go up and he stays for another year, but he’ll leave eventually if he’s good enough.
  14. For the last time Steve we ducking passed ffp... what the hell is sueing is going to achieve... Get over it, ain’t our fault you appointed tony Pulis
  15. Wore my 18/19 shirt in the first leg but forgot it in the second... I’m not gonna wear it
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