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  1. I was thinking with 12 points, didn't know that 21 points was a forgone conclusion.
  2. As long as we don't get another 9 points added on I definitely think we have a chance of staying up, it won't be easy with a squad that lacks depth but it is possible.
  3. Don't agree with the we're already down narrative at all, we need to get about 60 points and if we don't have to sell everyone good that is achievable for sure.
  4. We could definitely stay up, you seriously think being good enough to finish 13th - 14th is an impossibility with our squad because I don't? We will need 57-61 points which is an average midtable finish. Even if we get another 9 points added on it will be very hard but not impossible if we can add a striker in January +Bielik has an impact like last season.
  5. Not a pipe dream, the 68 points we would need is feasible. We were poo for large periods in Cocu's first season and finished just under that, with Bielik to come back it is not like it would be a miracle if we could effectively finish about 8th without the points taken off.
  6. How likely is it that we are getting deducted 20 points? I think we can survive an 11 point deduction but it will be very unlikely for us to stay up if we are on - 13 after a deduction.
  7. Despicable is abit strong, he's been a woeful owner for us but it's not like he has deliberately tried to screw us over.
  8. 1 out of 10 for Mr Del Boy. He has had his share of misfortune, but when you are already doing things badly misfortune like Covid just as finances were slightly improving is just the nail in the coffin.
  9. I thought Roos was terrible against Birmingham but he has redeemed himself tonight, at the place I was watching the game in in town I was sat in front of a neutral viewer who'd not seen Roos play before and he couldn't believe how poor his distribution and general keeping was. Tonight even though I only listened, it was obvious he had one of his best games for us.
  10. The most vocal fans at games mainly the South standers and regulars at away games support him but as seen on here there is probably quite a few doubters.
  11. Williams just gave a great interview on Radio Derby, what stood out was how much he liked playing under Rooney.When he was asked about playing for him he said "what a guy" and mentioned how down to earth he is, so Rooney is probably proving to be popular with the players even if he isn't the most popular with all the fans. I feel like if we carry on putting in defensive performances like that and pick up the odd win and manage to stay around midtable, Rooney will start to win over some doubters though even though towards the end of last season was shocking.
  12. Think we will get a beating tbh, we will play such a young lineup like the Salford one that even with their poor start unless they don't take it seriously which I doubt, I can't see us getting anything. Probably should atleast play Jagielka, Davies and Shinnie for some experience and solidity to the side. We have an international break soon so Davies and Jagielka can rest then. I'm not too bothered about the league Cup but still want us to win and hope we play atleast 3 or 4 first XI players.
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