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  1. Was joking with those 2, in all seriousness my favourite players were Commons and Hulse since they were our best players in 08/09 Teale and Barnes had good games now and then with moments of quality but generally didn't do much.
  2. Top 10 pushing strongly for playoffs with better football and more goals. A decent defence wouldn't go amiss either, sick of us conceding so many crap goals from set pieces. Finishing in the Playoffs wouldn't be impossible if we have strong recruitment but anything 10th or higher id accept.
  3. Jay Mcevely and Robbie Savage. Gave me hope that I could go pro.
  4. Not sure about Clarke makes too many mistakes on the ball, unless we are planning to be a long ball team I'm not sure he is suitable. Also think Brighton will want to sell him not loan him so that might go against us.
  5. Young talent that nearly got us relegated when we relied on them heavily. Relying on youth will not bring us success. Also Evatt having only managed in league 1 and lower levels is not going to attract the foreign players we will likely be in for, Rooney will attract players from abroad of a higher standard than what we could get from league 1 or the SPL if we are looking outside the championship and also we will get better loan signings. That's idealistic stuff to me, as long as the new owner is willing to spend good money and have a good recruitment plan in place I don't care where the
  6. Don't think we need Bannan he's towards the end of his career and lacks the defensive ability we need in midfield, think we need to sign a box to box midfielder to play next to Shinnie or Bielik and flog on Bird because one of our midfielders will need to go and if I had to pick one he'd be the one.
  7. That's why I would have played Buchanan, Forsyth has been poo all season. Thank duck the banker is coming off.
  8. ducking hell. Freekick now, need to score Waghorn.
  9. Exactly this, the team is absolutely poo. Hopefully tomorrow it can be less poo for 1 day before half of them are cleared off and replaced with better players.
  10. Toney was hardly a gem, think he cost about 8mill probably with adds on as well, and he was never going to come to us realistically unless we offered about 50k a week which we can't afford. Bielik and Marriott were both good signings at the time, not the scouting staffs fault they have been so injury prone. It's the signings from championship clubs like Johnson, Butterfield and Blackman that have let us down mainly.
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