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  1. Would love to see him do well for England, has the potential to be a world class player if he can improve his mental side of the game like positioning and reading of the game which should come with experience, his raw attributes like pace, power, agility and technique on the ball means he has such great potential.
  2. I though it was very poor as well but I am trying to seeing it as 3points cleans sheet and move on rather than get too worked up about it, Charlton are a good team so the next game will be a real test of our credentials becuase I think if we aren't at our very best it could be another Brentford style game.
  3. Overall I thought the performance was very disappointing , particularly in the second half when we just parked the bus at 2-0 up and did precious little with the ball. I am pleased we won and got a clean sheet for once, but on the balance of play 1-1 would have been fair and we were very lucky to win by 2. Shinnie was very good as already mentioned and seemed to have a bit of everything, not just tackling ability but also the ability to choose the right pass and play some nice diagonal passes to the wings. I hope we play Holmes or Waghorn over Jozefoon next game as it is just not working out for him at Derby, other players don't seem to want to give him the ball even when he is open and he often looks a peripheral and dejected figure. Martin didn't have a good game but I didn't think he was awful, it will be interesting to see if he starts against Charlton or if Waghorn comes in, would probably be harsh to drop him after his recent games.
  4. Duck him , I won't be booing but I couldn't care less if people boo he shouldn't be playing for both on and off field reasons, and it is disrpectful to the more professional players in the squad like Shinnie that he is even in the squad never mind playing.
  5. I'm praying Lawrence doesn't start but he obviously will, I hated him as a player before the incident and that has just compounded it for me, someone like Paterson or Holmes on the wing or even Mitchell-Lawson would be much more effective and then with the moral reasons as well I would be very happy to see him not play for us again. Watch him play and score a screamer now. I would also like to see Hamer play as Roos is awful from crosses, and play Bielik as a midfielder, and Knight to come in for Lawrence. I would go: Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Bielik Holmes Knight Waghorn Martin Paterson
  6. Ben Arfa is a very good player but supposedly very selfish and quite arrogant so probably the last thing we need.
  7. Wouldn't go that far, but he will obviously be badly missed. A few more injuries now and we will be in a relegation battle.
  8. I'm absolutely ducking fuming right now almost shaking I am so pissed off, its so disgraceful if it was any other club it would be laughable just when I thought things couldn't get much worse. I would take midtable now TBH, I hope some younger players and Davies are now given a chance , we need players who are 100% committed and this is just beyond unacceptable. Cocu will deserve a medal if we can get top 10 now never mind top 6 given what has happened.
  9. Any chance they actually go to prison? I doubt it would happen but you never know.
  10. Just reading this poo storm now after not having chance to check the news much today. Its one thing after another with this club at the moment, we are always in the news whether for good or for bad this added to controversy around Rooney and numerous other controversies with FFP and a load of other stuff I can't remember is getting out of hand. Really stupid of both of them , I think they should both be punished ,maybe 2 weeks loss of wages ,community service , not play for a few games and a driving ban, but I wouldn't go as far as sacking them. They are not my favourite players, and they have behaved like absolute tools here, but I think sacking them could screw the club over abit with FFP and the fact we don't have many wingers. If it was Keogh and Marriott it would be interesting if people would still want to see them sacked.
  11. Best Bueno ,Mount, Tomori and Wilson, with Tomori probably being the best. Worst Dowell in terms of his performances so far but he might turn it around, a lot of the bad loans we have had were so crap I can't even remember them anymore.
  12. Seems very strange to me, maybe there is something going off behind the scenes and there has been a disagreement between him and Cocu, or maybe he has settled in poorly and looked low on confidence in training. I would like to see him ,Martin and Paterson given a proper chance in the team , Huddlestone hasn't been performing and Evans is injured so you would think he would get a chance. If he is completely out of the picture he will probably leave in January..
  13. If I had to guess I would say 13th- 9th but with Rooney to come in and Bogle to come back from injury and a lot of other unknown variables anything could happen.
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