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  1. Hopefully it is not too much money, as I wouldn't like to see Villa given too much compensation for their loss.
  2. That's harsh. fortunately for us my mate's dad was on the phone quite abit before 2.
  3. I just got tickets over the phone thank god for that, it is probably easier to get tickets on the phone rather than online, I think there is a smaller waiting line on the phone.
  4. My mates dad just got 3 over for us over the phone so I no longer need any, I would try over the phone if I was you.
  5. I would be willing to buy 3 if I can't get any in the next few hours, I will contact you again later on in the day (probably around 6PM) if we still need tickets.
  6. Absolutely ducking disgraceful, the whole system is a shower of sh~~ ,
  7. 19k ahead of us ducking Joke! They should have allowed you to get them from the ticket office, becuase atleast then if you got there an hour a early you would have a chance. This way, even if you are dead on time you don't have a ducking prayer. They will be people who haven't been to a duckin game all season going for a day out to Wembley, I would be willing to camp out side for a couple of days just to get tickets but won't get any.
  8. He may be one of the best left backs we've had we've had but considering how long he has been here and the awful left backs we had before him that's not saying much. I never said he is non league standard , but at times he can't control a ball, can't pass and shrinks under pressure. Every time the team plays badly, he becomes absolutely dire for example Reading at home when we needed a draw for the play offs, and he sent them on their way with an assist for their striker. On his day he looks good, but he isn't consistently good enough for a team who want to go up. Malone isn't either, I'm hoping Cole plays like he did against Birmingham and we should be fine.
  9. Not a comprehensive list just some of the main ones: YAMYAM YAM YAM , YAM YAM YAM YAM- The first essential chant 2nd essential- The good old, If you Don't jump and bounce/ducking bounce your a red If we are winning - That is why , That is why , That is why your staying down! and repeat Are you watching ,Are you watching , Are you watching Nottingham!? - If we are winning of course You'll never beat Tomori- after he makes a tackle He's one of our own He's one of our own Mason Bennett he's one of our own My personal favourites: and Olayyyy Olayyyy Olayyyy Olayyyy Mason Mount Mount Mount, and repeat Keogh's Keogh Keogh Keogh! chant is abit boring I would like to see the one we had for Pearce used for Keogh: Richard Keoghs magic he wears a magic hat, If you through a brick at him he'll head the ducker back , he''ll head it to the left side he'll head it to the right, and once we're in the Premier league we'll sing this song all night!
  10. Malones positioning is actually laughably bad, he basically plays like a third centre back at times and would be an overlapping fullback's dream to play against, especially as Lawrence is hardly reliable defensive cover.
  11. Malone is poo defensively, as savage as it sounds I was happy to see him sent off as I think we will be in much more capable hands defensively with Cole playing. Case in point, in the first leg for their goal his positioning was poor, and on other occasions Tomori had to bail him out for his lack of positioning and pace to track back after standing high up the pitch. Best left back at the club, becuase even if Forsyth was fit I would much rather have the assured presence of Cole than Forsyth who panics on the ball and goes from looking a good player, to a National league player from 1minute to the next.
  12. My team line up would be: 41212 Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Johnson Mount Wilson Lawrence Marriott Bennett The diamond worked so well against Leeds and I would like to see it used against Villa as well , becuase Lawrence looks a lot better in the 10 role and I also think Marriott plays better next to a striker partner. Against Villa in previous games we have created precious little down the wings, I think the secret will be to have plenty of pace upfront (why I haven't gone with Waghorn) and hit them on the counter with fast passing through the middle exposing their midfield's lack of pace and defensive ability. The pace upfront of Marriott and Bennett is a win win for us, becuase If they sit deep we then have Lawrence , Mount and Wilson in plenty of space to make something happen. It is an attacking line up, but I think the secret to winning will be taking the game to them like we did in the second half against Leeds, and make them worry about us rather than the other way round.
  13. something like this would be funny: In the tune of: Ohhhhawooaa we got our money from Bin laden, ohhhawoooaa, hiding ISIS in our gardens, Ohhhhawooaa , We're in the premier league to stay , 1,2,3,4
  14. He was celebrating wildly when Marriott scored the winner to be fair to him, as a keeper who has been the NO1 for so long it must be a bit demoralizing having to sit on the bench and watch, I reckon he could leave in the summer.
  15. He's from Leeds so maybe he had divided loyalties and watched the game with friends or family , or maybe he is that fed up of not being part of the picture he just feels out of it and is just looking forward to leaving in the summer. I have also not seen Ambrose at any point, it makes me think why did we even sign him if he hasn't even been on the bench at any point.
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