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  1. This ref is an absolute Cu next Tuesday, how the hell if that a red card?
  2. Rooney was looking mighty pissed off there at being taken off.
  3. That was a ducking joke, and now we are ducking finished!
  4. Credit where credit is due, Hamer has made some decent saves.
  5. Rooney with some great defending there, still too slow in possession.
  6. Its because no one apart from Bogle is making the right runs in wide areas or able to beat players, I would get Zoon on.
  7. Not perfect but not as shocking as Forsyth's, Forsyth is having the ball in acres of space and making a mess of it where as Rooney's errors haven't been as bad.
  8. Forsyth is driving me mad, couldn't play much worse if he tried. Horrible distribution and laboured play.
  9. Even though we look vulnerable at the back there is some hope as we look confident on the ball and Martin, Shinnie and Sibley look on it.
  10. Promising start but that was a complete duck up from Holmes.
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