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  1. Laughable this thread is a thing really.
  2. I was one of the ones who said he'd suprise people. Admittedly only based that off YouTube clips from scowering the Internet but with what I saw him do to some poor Mexican centre backs and the fact he looked physical and technical at the same time to me were good signs. Thought he might suprise people but didn't expect him to be this good tbh.
  3. Waghorn! Looking out the window to see if a pig is flying.
  4. What a smash and grab that is! 3 points is all that matters in the end, despite how dross the football was.
  5. I was discussing this with my family earlier and when I say discussing I mean ranting but what do people think the likelihood is of a third or 4th lockdown and the potential for normality not to return for a good few years? I'm under the impression that with the vaccination programme successful as it has been it seems like a return to normality should be a few month's away. However, it also seems to me the idea of further lockdowns aren't being ruled out and I wouldn't be surprised if by Christmas we are still in lockdown after being forced back into it due to some other variant or faul
  6. Wycombe will play Ale House football to play to their strengths, we should play abit of physicality ourselves to match them and nab a few goals in the process. Think we should stick with Kazim Gregory As the attack because that served us well against Middlesbrough and against a deep lying physical side playing it into the attack without too much Cocu esque farting around will be the most effective way.
  7. I know it's harsh on Bielik but it's typical that the player Cocu spent all of our funds on has been injury prone and is looking like another George Thorne who won't be a reliable player for us.
  8. He was poor but so were the likes of Bird and Whittaker who looked like conference players at the start of the season. Rooney should have retired in the summer really, two sets of players at opposite extremes of their careers not good enough for championship football in that team and needed better players to carry them e.g Bielik who was injured and the more senior players like Lawrence and Waghorn. Most of our solid championship performers who were nothing special but solid like Johnson had gone and obviously Martin as well leaving us with youngesters and whatever frees we could sign. Knight
  9. Rotherham play mens football and without Bielik we are a bunch kids on the pitch, technically gifted but not able to deal with this kind of side. Our experienced players like Waghorn need to do more as well but we are seeing why we are down at the bottom.
  10. All this Bs about ducking Playoffs and now we are looking like hovering just above the drop zone. We are in a right battle to stay up, think we will do it but we could easily go down.
  11. Sounds Cocu esque this. We lose this and we will be in big trouble and it seems invetible at the minute, need some subs on.
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