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  1. No Pen that goes in is a terrible one, also I wouldn't like to see us start aiming them higher as they would either end up skied or hit the bar sometimes. It is possible to hit it hard and low without giving the keeper a chance, if I was practicing them I would tell the keeper where I am going to put it and then hit it hard towards the corner to practice hitting unstoppable ones, I have heard Kane and a certain Wayne Rooney practice them like that.
  2. True, I think we would loose with that line up. it lacks any physical presence in the midfield if Bielik is CB and Marriott and Waghorn would end up being starved of service if we relied on our fullbacks for width. I would go with; Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Knight Dowell Waghorn Marriott Lawrence
  3. Crap I forgot about that, In that case I would play Waghorn on the right with Marriott upfront.
  4. Important we win this IMO, don't win this and an average start turn into a poor one, win it and an average start becomes a promising start. Obviously it is early days but with some tough games coming up , I think it is important we win this one. I'd like to see us drop Huddlestone for Bielik and drop Jozefoon for Paterson, and also swap Evans for Knight and play a 4 33with Bielik holding.
  5. This would be madness if we could snatch this 3-2.
  6. FFS this is dire, Jozefoon needs to come off as does Dowell and we should bring on Bunchanan and Paterson . we are awlays absolutely bank vs Stoke becuase we are far too weak physically to match them.
  7. Evans or Huddlestone off, as it would be like for like, Paterson on for Flo jo after an Hour if he continues playing without end product.
  8. We probably should bring Bielik on at half time.
  9. Lawrence looses the ball, we get countered and Ince hits the bar . We need to up it or this will be our first loss of the season.
  10. 1-1 Lindsay after poo defending from a set piece.
  11. Stoke 0- Derby 2 FRGS Waghorn and Dowell
  12. Definitely a midfielder primarily, that's where I can see him playing most of his games for us with Clarke and Keogh being such a solid partnership, and Huddlestone being one of the weak links in the team due to his lack of mobility and physical presence, I can see Bielik playing there on Saturday.
  13. No but the thing is Liverpool have two world class wingers who contribute a lot with goals and assists, where as Bogle has been doing a lot more in an attacking sense than our wingers so theres no balance to it, also Liverpool have Robertson on the other side contributing where as our left backs get hardly any assists.
  14. I used to play Football with Jaden at my primary school , he was always very good for his age(hes about 3-4 years younger than me) and a very good dribbler , his older brother in my year was always good as well but he was the better player out the two for his age. His dad Gary Charles obviously used to play for us and always battered everyone in the dads races at sports day, so it would be very interesting and weird for me seeing him play for us in a few years time.
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