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  1. It's not Rooneys fault though is let's be honest? Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism but it can make you look stupid in our situation, also wouldn't slag off Rooney too much for pretty much nothing. Its the collective responsibility of the club, mainly Morris then a combination of playing staff and coaches. We could loose 5 nill tonight and I won't be blaming the coaching staff it's the players for playing badly and also Morris over the years gradually making poo decisions one after the other.
  2. If you can't see we are in a relegation battle you are beyond deluded, good thing is in a relegation battle back to back wins and things are looking alot better because they are poo teams around you which is the opposite of a automatic race.
  3. The season starts after every game am I not correct? Next the season will start Saturday and then the Saturday after when we already about 8points adrift, not to be a doomer but it's so meaningless saying that.
  4. Completely disagree we may as well give it to Robbie Savage or Paul Jewell again with that attitude. I want to see us do well and not get relegated if you don t give a toss about who we appoint we may as well start preparing for League 1 this is a very important appointment. All decisions come with risk but its like saying let's get the local fireman to make my daughters wedding cake last year we had someone expensive and it didn't work out well. You have to go into these things atleast with sound logic in mind, to me Rooney has potential to be good but also especially awful with t
  5. We are a poisoned chalice right now tbh, take a good and brave manager for the job now. I'd give Rooney a chance but I think he'd be a poor appointment.
  6. Harsh even by my standards, has alot of fair points tbh can't blame them but the bit about the players being has beens was a bit harsh when we only have a few real senior players anyway.
  7. I doubt he'd sign for a bottom of the league team tbh.
  8. Just my opinion but Cocu may be the nicest man in the world but it couldn't get more depressing than having him as manager with the way we were playing and be being bottom of the division. We would be very lucky to get any of the first 3 in our position, I'm expecting either Terry, Cook or someone left field probably a relatively successful manager from a foreign league with an attacking football philosophy and a vision.
  9. Ivan Toney? Probably have more chance of signing Luca Toni Tbh.
  10. I'm not expecting normality until the summer personally, not going to get my hopes up for a quick change.
  11. Personally I think more people should be able to go games than 4000 maybe at least 8000 but ist better than nothing I suppose, will count for duck all finance wise for a club of our size though.
  12. Just wait until Lawrence and Waghorn is back they said, we will storm the league they said... I do think Ibe should make a difference whether we see him play for us before new year is a different question all together, by the time he plays we might still be in the bottom 3 so he then has pressure to deliver in a defunct team, hopefully a new manager comes in with fresh ideas and can inspire some form of good play with what we have got and see us through to new year with atleast 3 wins on the board.
  13. 2 - 0 Boro, should be one of the toughest games of the season.
  14. I don't think we have 2 decent proper wingers though, we have Jozwiak the rest aren't good enough or more importantly aren't even traditional wingers especially in Tom Lawrence's case. If we played 433 I'd be hoping Sibley and Knight would drive forward and it would be quite attacking.
  15. Maybe I'm a cheap skate but I wouldn't pay a tenner to watch us at this moment in time if I was a multi millionaire border line robbery asking that much to watch league 2 standard football. Not knocking people who pay it because its not my right to say what people spend and it atleast shows loyal support if you can afford it but to me it's way too expensive. Then factor in the fact people haven't got refunds it's a very sorry state of affairs (not wholely caused by the club), I'd be interested to know if it's the fact we are that skint that we can't give refunds out or if there is another reas
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