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  1. I like him as a person and as a player, but as a manager I have never been fully confident in him. Wouldn't surprise me if Jody was doing most of the work behind the scenes. Marriott for me is one of the best strikers in the league and would have made a big differecne, maybe he acted badly behind the scenes but in the big games I would always play the best team possible even if some of the best player act like dheads.
  2. I know it makes me sound like a twisted twit, but I hope he gets sacked next season and fails miserably, not becuase I dislike him but because of how he will be hailed as a messiah for Chelsea due to his playing days and really for me he is an average manager who was a top player. He could develop into a great manager over time, but with some of the piss poor team selections(Wembley and numerous occasions wrongly starting Nugent and other poor selections e.g. Villa away and his substitutions vs Villa at home ) and some of the inconsistent performances we had last season , apart from the ability to attract quality loans we are not missing out on much. It is honestly not sour grapes as some may think, at no point have I been fully convinced in his abilities , don't get me wrong he did an ok job , but with the players at our disposal he achieved the bare minimum in my opinion, I don't buy the transition season BS. Very controversial I know but I just don't like how over hyped he is , and we are Derby county not ducking Frank Lampard's Derby county.
  3. Better than Bennett for me, Bennett has no skill but is good as an impact sub becuase of his pace, power and direct style Jozefoon is a much better footballer. He played a lot better than Lawrence in the play off final , he was very dangerous and his ball in led to our goal. He is a good player, he has looked low on confidence for the most part and doesn't seem to have good chemistry and link up play with the rest of the team probably becuase he has barely played, and has been dropped after good performances. He was very good for Brentford , and with some of the crap players who play for us cough cough Johnson , if he is not good enough for us then he won't be good enough for the majority of teams in the league .
  4. They would have known he was going for atleast a week before him officially leaving, I would expect news by the end of this week or it will start to become abit of a joke.
  5. If he wants to go and Chelsea are serious about hiring him , If I was Mel I would make it clear that you have another week to 10 days to appoint him or you can duck off and then block any move after the date arranged. If he is going to go hopefully he goes as quickly as possible so we can get a replacement and have enough time to sign players and get them settled in before the start of the season .
  6. Anyone but Pulis ,Rowett ,Pearson ,McLaren, Clement or Karanka will do, probably others I am forgetting .
  7. 3ATB or 5ATB could work if we sign some new players but I am not convinced it will be good with the players we have at the moment. If we play 3ATB we will be even more vulnerable down the wings, if we play 5ATB we will be better equipped to defend crosses but we will loose a man either in midfield or Attack and we would be at risk of becoming like Boro last season, solid in defence but crap going forward . I also don't think Wisdom would be a good CB as he is short for a CB and has not got a good jump , so he won't compete well in the air. I would like to see us play a 442 , it would require us to sign a new CM to partner Shinnie as none of the midfielders we have currently would be suitable as a box to box player,but we could then play Marriott and Waghorn upfront together and we would also have wingers in a deeper and wider position to help the fullbacks more defensively. I also think Davies and Keogh work fine in 4ATB as long as the fullbacks have pace to cover and the midfield protect the defence properly unlike last season, Davies was a key part of the team under Rowett that when the team was well organised and playing well we looked rock solid and went on a memorable cleansheet run, I think it was December 2017 when we were around 2nd in the league and looked rock solid.
  8. As is stands 12th -8th , by August depending on who we sign or sell it could be anything from 16th- to 1st . Realistically if I was to guess what our transfers will be like , probably 8th. I would hope we should get top 6, but TBH I would rather finish midtable than loose in the playoffs again, it would be nice to get top 2 but we probably don't have the funds and ability to find bargains to strengthen the squad enough.
  9. In response to people saying we are cursed, I actually think not in one season in the last decade have we actually had a team good enough in all departments to deserve to go up hence why we haven't, it's not bad luck we just simply aren't quite good enough. Mac 1 was the closest but we lacked quality wingers and attacking fullbacks like Bogle to hurt teams who sit in (like QPR).This year I think over the course of the season we have far from deserved promotion but could have got it if we didn't give away 2 poo goals. For me if we had a better midfielder than Johnson to play next to Huddlestone we would have had a decent chance of winning against Villa, it was Johnson's mistake lunging in recklessly that led to the first goal and he lacks the quality needed to control these type of games and keep the ball moving nicely , hopefully Shinnie is better and we sign a more creative player to replace Mount.
  10. Tomori is a good defender but I think his ball playing ability is overrated ,Keogh is a better passer than him . The amount of times against Villa , Cole or midfielder down the left side was open and he played it back to Keogh was a joke, having a ball playing defender at this level isn't a necessity . I would like us to sign Tomori as he has great potential and is already solid, but I wouldn't say our hopes for next season is completely reliant on signing him. I wouldn't mind seeing us sign a rock solid CB with more ability in the air and organisation skills, as we are horribly vulnerable off crosses.
  11. Another is Jozefoon seems a better winger than Lawrence, and Lawrence should only ever play as a 10 becuase he can't cross and is too predictable in wide areas.
  12. Mine is that Forsyth is vastly overrated by many due to him being at the club for so long and always putting a shift in, but really he is a lower midtable standard fullback , Malone has left a lot to be desired defensively as well. So hopefully it is a breakthrough season for Lowe or we get a new left back who can defend and attack.
  13. New GK New RB Keogh Tomori /New Forsyth Shinnie New /Sibley Holmes/New Bogle /Thomas Marriott /Waghorn Lawrence/ Jozefoon It would be nice to have a reliable keeper , so a new keeper should be a priority , I would keep Roos as back up and get rid of Carson becuase of age and wages. I would be open to selling Bogle if we can get £14million or more with a good sell on fee of around 15% maybe. If he stays I would be interested to see how he plays as a winger because he is much better offensively than defensively, I would rather have a rock solid right back who can win headers and then let Bogle do his thing going forward. He has got the skills to be a winger and I reckon he would be a menace to opposition defences if he played there. I would say singing another midfielder is important as that is where we have been lacking at times this season and we will need someone to replace Mount.
  14. Exactly this as we were a far weaker side at the time so our previous results against them are irrelevant I'm of the belief he got it wrong by not starting Marriott as he is our best striker , but at the same time the result isn't all down to that selection mistake. Two very poor errors was our downfall in the end, and in the final third our decision making was poor and we lacked composure , that is not Lampard's fault. Over the course of the season we definitely don't deserve to go up due to our poor defending and lack of cutting edge go forward against well organised sides, a few additions in the summer and hopefully next season we will get automatic promotion so we don't have to go through the pain of the playoffs again.
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