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  1. Playoffs my ass lol, we can't even beat the worst team in the league away from home. Things will improve eventually well I hope so anyway, but theres fat chance of playoffs.
  2. With Lowe and Bogle I don't think that can be classed as a success for Cocu, Bogle came through last season and the loan at Aberdeen has been what has improved Lowe greatly and he has still been playing Malone over Lowe at times , so if anything the fact that Malone has been playing quite a few times over Lowe despite Malone's inadequacies shows that Cocu doesn't always play youth just for development sake and he is pragmatic about how he goes about it. Most managers would play Lowe over Malone based off performance. Also ,I am not spinning it into a negative I am just saying it how I think it is, which is something that could be a success eventually but still a work in progress nowhere near a "Great success".
  3. I know this won't be popular but I don't understand how playing some young players mainly out of necessity due to injuries and lack of squad depth constitutes a "Great success story". It will be a great success story if we are promoted , but he has not achieved much as of yet. If they improve the team lot and we are up there around the top 6 or higher next season then that will be success but even still a great success is very far fetched unless we get promoted in my eyes. We are currently improving and some of the younger players are showing promise, but I find praise of your extent extremely premature. Also to add to my point only Knight and Bird out of that list have been impactful and played a fair amount of games with only Knight being a difference maker of note, its not like we have started teams in the league full of youth that he has personally brought through on his own. Also it is hardly him doing all the work is it, it is mainly the academy that is doing the work developing good players and scouts identifying players from other academies like Bogle who we can take off them , I'm sure Cocu wouldn't want to take all the credit either. Saying that I am pleased with Knight and Bird's impact and have no problem with playing young players, but I do think it is abit tinpot if the only thing we can strive for is to develop players for other clubs to sign off us just like a Brentford. If we don't assemble a solid spine of a team around a couple of quality young players, we will be midtable for the next few years regardless of how good our young players are. So as good as it is to develop young players the main thing for me is good recruitment, and a transition to a style of play much better than what we are seeing so far this season. My thinking is Mel wants us to develop young players so he can sell on for profit so we are more sustainable, but without significant and wise spending in the summer I fear we will become a selling club with little standing in the league. I Know that is a very pessimistic view, but I feel like we have far too many players who are not good enough for where we want to be and I have no confidence in our ability to buy the right players in the summer and shift out the ones that need replacing like Lawrence. I admire optimism but believing our academy alone can bail out the rest of the team is blind optimism, if these players were coming through when we were at our peak under McLaren I would feel differently.
  4. At a guess- 4.5million - just checked its 4.22 for every 5 so £4.22million is the answer.
  5. Maybe by Craig Ramage but not by most, he has had a poor season so far due to a whole host of factors . I think if he can stay fit and in the team for more than 3 matches in a row and the service is there he wills score goals at a good rate guaranteed.
  6. Never watched him play or heard of him but based off the clips he seems in the Johnny Russel mould of a fast, direct aggressive winger who works hard for the team and he is 21 , I reckon if he lives up to his promise he could be a popular player here. Never like to get my hopes up too much as we hardly ever sign gems , but it would be an exciting signing.
  7. I don't know why everyone had Whittaker in the team as a RW, for me he doesn't seem like a winger from what I have seen from him anyway. He lacks confidence to take people on and he doesn't seem that explosive, I always thought he was a goal getting striker anyway. Surely we have someone from the under 23s that could play over him? Maybe he has just settled into the team poorly, but from what I have seen of him I am not too impressed but by no means am I ruling him out. I don't watch Under 23s games, so enlighten me if I am completely wrong but he seems abit awkward on the ball Thomas Muller esque, instead of an out an out and out winger which is what we need.
  8. Doh , in that case Waghorn. Is he getting game time there?
  9. I like a cup run so I hope we take it seriously, I would like to see quite a few changes but still a strong enough team so something like this: Roos Bogle Wisdom Davies Malone Huddlestone Sibley Shinnie M.Lawson Martin Lawrence
  10. I think Huddlestone playing is a good call, just we will have to make sure we don't give away any sloppy turnovers in bad areas, (I'm looking at you Lawrence and Bogle) and hopefully Waghorn can hold it up and control the ball properly if not then we will get counter attacked badly.
  11. Looks a fairly good line up TBF, Wisdom at CB will be interesting and it will be interesting to see where Rooney plays.
  12. Yes I have and have been disgusted a lot of the time, but I think with Rooney in ,Bird and Knight having an impact last few weeks and Shinnie back should be able to get quite abit more points in the second half of the season than In the first half, not play off form but top 10 form is my prediction for the second half of the season.
  13. I though that, but we will probably be deducted another 15points then and truly be in poo.
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