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  1. Where are the Mel defenders now… hate to say I told you so… Man is a total disgrace. Even has the ducking nerve to call himself a “fan” in that statement. Hope he gets everything that’s coming his way tomorrow. Lies and more lies. I’ve not posted for a long time because I’ve been so angry about what’s been going on. So so angry that one man can destroy a football club we all hold so dear. And the worst thing? He won’t even take any ducking responsibility. Utter disgrace. I’ll be there tomorrow, in full voice against against our supreme overlord (without any NDA on what I say). And I’ll keep going, because this is my football club. Hopefully one day Mel will be gone, and never darkens the doors of Pride Park again. Once we’re got a proper owner who’s worthy of this great club, I’ll be back. For now I bid you all farewell…
  2. Think you might be sorely disappointed when we’re hit with a 21 point deduction in a couple of weeks 👀
  3. Thought there wasn’t enough pessimism around this place. All these posters are new to the negative game, I’ve been around for years!
  4. The first and last time this season we will be in the top half
  5. 6 point deduction next season. Same as the Wendies
  6. This all over. Keogh is an absolute bamford no doubt, but when are we going to admit as fans that our club is a circus? Can’t keep blaming the EFL, this is Mel’s mess.
  7. That’s not what I’m trying to claim at all. All I’m saying is I’ve always had some concerns about him, rather than it just being born out of recent events like G Star seemed to be insinuating. Not trying to claim ITK or anything like that because I’m not. The only piece of genuine reliable ITK I’ve ever had is someone told me the kit release date a couple of years back!
  8. 15 actually, I wasn’t entirely braindead (well not much more than I am now anyway!) Just wasn’t sure he was going to run it sensibly is all, not trying to saw I foresaw all of this!
  9. Ffs Erik, not again!
  10. Got a migraine from reading that club statement😂 Are we ducked or are we really ducked?
  11. It’s about what comes next though. The damage done over those 6 years could be irreparable, I’d much rather have stuck with GSE if so. We made the PO final without Mel.
  12. I’ve always had my doubts about Mel, right from the moment he bought the club, even if I didn’t explicitly state it on here. Heard a few things about him that made me very wary of him, wanted to give him a chance but I fear my initial concerns are being proven correct, and then some. This is worse than I could possibly have ever imagined.
  13. Blimey, have you only just worked out that Mel is incompetent?! We’ve had 6 years of evidence!
  14. Will Hughes, he showed how football is meant to be played. Truly wonderful player
  15. Exactly the response I was expecting. Being in the same division doesn’t mean you’re in the same position as a club. And I’m sure you know that, it’s a baalocks argument. Where did I say I didn’t want him to invest? That’s what we want from any owner. But we want wise investment that doesn’t put the club in danger. It’s not hard to see the difference. He’s the owner of the club, he has to take ultimate responsibility for everything that happens within it. The recruitment has been woeful for years, he could have taken action to improve the scouting network and appoint a proper DOF. He hasn’t paid enough attention to it. As for takeovers, I just want our current owner, a self proclaimed Derby fan, to keep the club alive until he can find someone to sell to with genuine intentions, rather than a bunch of potentially dangerous chancers. That too much to ask, really? I maintain that if Mel wasn’t from Derby and was just some foreign investor there would be absolute outcry at the way he’s run the club. He gets away with it because he seems like a likeable bloke.
  16. Except this time we’ve just escaped relegation, not just missed out on promotion. You can make whatever ******** claim you want that there’s no difference in the end result, but there really is. The squad is significantly weaker now despite millions spent, we’ve got a totally incompetent coach in charge, been through various EFL charges which have dragged our name through the mud, and we’ve now been through two soon times be three failed takeovers to men clearly not fit to own Derby County. Thought he would only sell if it left the club in safe hands? He may still have the wool over your eyes, but the rest of us can see the truth. This club is going nowhere but down with him at the helm.
  17. I’m sure he’s hurting, but it was all of his own doing buying the club and investing so so so poorly. This is on him, not the supporters. It’s not their fault we are where we are now. It’s his decision making that got us into this mess. It’s his decision making which has left him in the situation he’s currently in. The supporters have every right to be angry about the position we’re currently in as a club. I’d never wish Ill health on a man and I hope Mel makes a full recovery, but this is about football, not personal matters. And speaking purely about football, Mel has failed Derby and it’s fans big time.
  18. Wing? Not sure that suggestion will really take off
  19. When I mention Mel and Rooney, you bring fans into the equation. I don’t think it’s remotely fair to criticise the supporters of this club who have been through a lot of pain this season.
  20. Don’t be obtuse, clearly I don’t want him to just abandon the club (more than he already has done). I just want him gone ASAP, once a viable buyer comes to the fore, not these chancers he’s been dealing with so far.
  21. Seems like a lovely bloke but he’s miles away from being good enough anymore, I’m sorry. There’s no way he should have been on that pitch today, nor for the past few weeks.
  22. An entire new squad apart from Bielik basically
  23. Ah, the old blame the fans rather than the people actually responsible. A classic. I don’t think there’s many on here that wouldn’t have been here in League One. I know I would have been
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