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  1. Think I’m going to Hull on Friday. I’m not sure what will be more depressing. An afternoon there, or the evening watching this match...
  2. Good luck lads, show the first team how it’s done! You’ll be playing them in the Papa John’s trophy next season!
  3. I don’t mind having ambition. Just probably not wise to come out with comments like this right now.
  4. Oh don’t get me wrong, I agree with that 100%. Just not sure this bloke will be any better. It’s a fair argument, but it may also swing the other way - might make players think there’s a deluded muppet running the club and there’s no chance they’ll come here.
  5. Hopefully with a takeover going through we will no longer have to sell to raise funds, but, to be honest, I wouldn’t be that devastated to see Buchanan or Sibley leave. Same goes for virtually every player in the squad, it’s been painful viewing this season, and very few have shown themselves deserving of a place in the squad moving forward. Frankly I’m starting to feel like I’d like to see the whole lot of them cleared out and start again. The performances put in have been pathetic and unacceptable when you’ve got the Derby badge on your shirt. Buchanan is ok, but he’s no more than an av
  6. Why not just talk about Sheffield Wednesday though, a team he genuinely made a bid for? No need to bring Cardiff into the conversation.
  7. He may as well be injured if he’s playing up front. May as well have 10 men.
  8. Very true, but the point wasn’t really specific to Dowell, it was more a general thing about the importance of good coaching. I still think that Dowell’s poor work rate was a big contributor to his lack of form here as well.
  9. He’s definitely setting himself up for a fall with some of these comments 😂 Bet all the rival fans, especially the Forest lot, have that Champions League quote screenshot and ready to go for when we start next season away to Accrington!
  10. I’m merely expressing my current gut instinct on him, I’m more than aware what I think is meaningless. This takeover will happen, unless the EFL stop it.
  11. Why mention it at all if it was so meaningless? Seems to me like he’s trying to brag about the approaches he’s made. I don’t trust his character one iota.
  12. I don’t trust the EFL either, to be honest...
  13. So it appears he exaggerated the talks with Cardiff. Wonder what else he could have exaggerated...the funds available? The links to Calderon? This is all starting to feel very Sheikh Khaled to me. Loads of talks with other clubs but nothing actually came of them, possibly because they didn’t see him as viable. But Mel is so desperate to sell us that it seems he’ll accept literally any offer thrown his way, even if others wouldn’t go near them with a barge pole...
  14. It all comes down to coaching for me. Dowell is now working under Daniel Farke, a quality coach who has proven himself capable of getting the best out of some pretty average players. Here he was working under Cocu, under whom pretty much every one of our attacking players struggled to perform. That’s not a coincidence, so it’s no wonder Dowell looked like a Sunday League player here, despite performing well in a similar quality Forest team in the past. It’s not just Dowell either. Since Lampard's departure (who was a good coach imo), pretty much all of our attacking players have regresse
  15. Duck knows what to do here really. Ideally you’d make a fair few changes after the Norwich game, to try and actually add some goal threat to the side. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have any players capable of bringing that in the squad... in fact, we don’t have very many available options at all with all the injuries. Trying to scrape together something that’s potentially a bit different, this is what I’ve come up with: Roos Macdonald Wisdom Mengi Forsyth Roberts Bird Sibley Jozwiak Kazim-Richards Cresswell Think Roos was harshly dropped when Marshall came back, so I’
  16. Would be one for the U18s I assume. Given his family history, I’m not convinced it’s particularly likely to happen!
  17. Agree entirely with every word of the OP. Can’t believe I’m saying that about an @David post. Those two have done unbelievable jobs considering what they’ve had to work with.
  18. Indeed, as I’ve said before, I don’t think I’ve seen many worse attacks in this division during my time watching. They really are incompetent.
  19. Sounds like the funeral is at 3, so they might actually move the games to lunchtime, rather than evening kick offs?
  20. Massive few games coming up. I don’t think this team has the baalocks to get the results we need to survive. Hope they prove me wrong.
  21. In this case I’m not sure the owner has any money in the first place...
  22. A depressing thought but probably won’t be far off the reality. God knows where any money is going to come from.
  23. Indeed, but we could of course cancel that lease if someone with no money takes us over...
  24. So the training ground isn’t included... can’t wait to see us training in Chad park as a cost saving measure...
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