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  1. Everything around the media seems to be setting up to unsettle us in the lead up to Monday... if we win in amongst all this it’ll be so sweet
  2. He won’t trust me, I’m 95% sure if we don’t go up Lampard will he gone. Maybe not to Chelsea but to somewhere
  3. If we lose on Monday Lampard won’t take charge of the first game next season. Of that I’m fairly certain. If we win, unless Chelsea come calling, I think he’ll stay. There’s nothing to suggest Chelsea will sack Sarri so unless he walks and leaves to Italy I don’t think that’s likely just yet. We go up and he stays for another year, but he’ll leave eventually if he’s good enough.
  4. For the last time Steve we ducking passed ffp... what the hell is sueing is going to achieve... Get over it, ain’t our fault you appointed tony Pulis
  5. Wore my 18/19 shirt in the first leg but forgot it in the second... I’m not gonna wear it
  6. About 3m if I recall correctly. Would probably help with one big signing, but let’s hope it’s not the 3m and instead it’s the full 200m or whatever it is now. When you put it like that it really does show the enormous significance of this match for our future prospects, I’m genuinely not sure there is a more important single game in football save for the champions league final. A win here could change everything hugely for the better, another loss could be disastrous. We need to get out this league and up to them prem ASAP, we’ve been down too long and we can’t sustain ourselves.
  7. Keogh for me, would be the absolute redemption for him, although frankly even a victory for us would do that. The goal would just make it even sweeter for him.
  8. Sounds like he’s staying then, no surprise really, there’s plenty of places that wouldn’t have the basket case even if he is a good manager, cheating bar steward fits in well there
  9. I’m one of those not off till the train at 9am Monday... that said I’m off out of uni in Leeds back to Derby tomorrow night after my exam in the afternoon so I guess I’ll be halfway there😂. Certainly be feeling the nerves for it once I’m back home, right now my nerves are all in use worrying about tomorrow, attention will shift I suspect if all goes well tomorrow😂
  10. Bloody hell -99 million rep, and I thought I was the most hated bloke on here
  11. Jordon Ibe to be sold by Bournemouth, I’d have him back if we go up
  12. You collect half and half scarves? You sure you’re in the right place?
  13. Rowett would’ve signed the other one on a playing contract
  14. Still think we should have more tickets than 38k but at least it’s something
  15. Pep Guardiola to juve? Why on earth would he do that? And a 4 year deal handed out by the Italians.... they change managers more than I change my opinion on Lampard, I call ********!
  16. Probably gonna be easier not to take bags at all unless you really need to, an a4 sheet of paper really ain’t very big
  17. Yep I’m going, up in the heavens in the upper tier
  18. Good luck everyone going for those last 2000, gonna need it
  19. I ain’t got a flight to worry about but I’ve got 2 consecutive exams at the back end of this week so nervous probably isn’t a strong enough word
  20. So in effect the only thing that’s legit is that there’s some Italian teams after Sarri as their manager (bizzarely given Chelsea’s season). Everything else is just journos putting two and two together and getting five and in reality Chelsea don’t want to change manager (understandable) and thus any link with Chelsea of Lampard is a non starter at the minute unless Sarri does leave. So it would seem earlier reports were somewhat exaggerated and in reality we ain’t got nothing to worry about atm in that respect. Pretty much what I suspected, couldn’t see why Chelsea would replace a manager who’s just taken them to 3rd place with a manager who’s only had one season in the job.
  21. Nah don’t worry, Conor won’t be on the bench at Wembley this time
  22. It didn’t cry too much when I showed it my meme collection, so it can’t be too bad
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