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Accrington Stanley v Derby County Matchday Thread


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 Chester      Davies     Cashin     Forsyth


              Knight               Hourihane

   NML                                          Barkhuizen



Loach, Stearman, Roberts, Bird, Smith, Sibley, Osula

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On 10/10/2022 at 10:00, archram said:

Accrington Stanley v Derby County

Saturday 15th October

3pm at the Wham Stadium


Back by almost popular demand!

And some people think that Pride Park is an embarrassing name for a stadium ?

Never understood what is remotely embarrassing about the Pride Park Stadium. It literally describes the location of the stadium on Pride Park. I suppose you need to know that to understand the connection, so those outside the club might see it as a bit ‘cringe’ (as the kids might say?), but I say who gives a flying fudge what other people think.  However, if my ground was called Wham I might feel differently.

Anyway, I guess if we don’t win this one the end times will be upon us, the dead will rise from the grave, dogs and cats will live together and there will be mass hysteria. Can’t wait. 

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1 hour ago, Srg said:

Think we need 2 up front with the lack of Collins this time. 

We've had two up top in all three Warne games so far. Collins & Dobbin in both league games, Cybulski & Dobbin in the cup.

With McGoldrick game in training, I'm expecting McGoldrick and Dobbin to start, with Osula and Sibley to come on for them in the second half.

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On 10/10/2022 at 10:43, Ghost of Clough said:

Monty Python Reaction GIF


Chester   Davies/Cashin   Cashin/Roberts

Knight   Bird   Hourihane

Mendez-Laing   Sibley   Dobbin   Barkhuizen


Subs: Loach, Oduroh, Roberts/Stearman, Forsyth, Rooney, Tommo, Osula

We've Cashed in twice ? ....COSMIC !!

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If playing Warne's system and if Curtis is fit, I would have:


Chester   Davies   Cashin

Mendez-Laing    Knight   Bird   Hourihane     Barkhuizen




Subs: Loach (when's that other keeper fit?), Stearman, Roberts, Forsyth, Smith, Dobbin, Osula

For a better first 11, I'd rather drop Hourihane and play Sibs in midfield, with Osula up top, but then we don't have enough attacking options on the bench. 

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