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  1. Apologies to ariaofmyown sorry I read this the wrong way.
  2. marginally incorrect decision on VAR I am so laughing my sides are splitting
  3. Third match in a row you come out slagging others posters off on this forum you are a disgrace the mods should ban you, you are disgusting
  4. Good performance if we loose it don't matter league more important
  5. Fancy us for penalties
  6. Keep calm WTO is no problem.
  7. Their 2nd was in line so therefore offside
  8. 4-4-2 so better than 4-3-3 imo
  9. Correct v.a.r utter joke
  10. ????? Shoulder equal with shoulder surely on side
  11. His shoulder is in line with the defenders shoulder not offside
  12. Exactly Kernow. It should only take a minute at maximum any longer it is not clear and obvious so the goal should have stood.
  13. Anybody who thinks that is offside needs to go to specsavers.
  14. cstand

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    The best two posters on this forum by a million miles are B4 for his/her enthusiasm and Angie Ram for common sense, crass comments come from judge n jury folk who slag other posters off.

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