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  1. cstand

    Nations League - Spain v England

    What was wrong with that Eric Dier tackle?
  2. cstand


    Well if they say "I can make you feel good" and make it " a night to remember" with your tip they can " take that to the bank". Never knew shalamar played at Darley Dale though.
  3. cstand

    Away Days

    I was in Antwerp enjoying a bolekke late at night during Euro 2000 when all hell broke loose fighting between the Turk's and loads of drunken Belgium fans. They had to bring in the water cannons to try and stop the trouble, unfortunately I was locked in a bar and had to sample the rest of the Belgium beers they had on offer. Been to Munich beerfestival years ago stopped at a camp site full of drunken folk from New Zealand and Australia constantly giving anti British drivel and pommy bashing all the time. They never stopped drinking all weekend. Irish folk getting even more drunk in a Derby pub and singing anti British songs after they have been drinking all day in London. So it's not just the Brit's that get worse for wear and are ignorant.
  4. cstand

    Few idiots spoil the day

    You would only get some snowflake saying their Human Rights have been violated. Let the police sort it out.
  5. cstand

    Dunking- Where do you stand

    It's simple plain biscuits dunk all the time, chocolate biscuits never and only with tea.
  6. cstand


    yes this is true it's up to police authority in the county to decide if they give the normal leeway or not. Normally they don't send NIPs to folk doing 32 in a 30 but it could change at any time. Some motorway specs cameras are switched on as well when no overhead speed restrictions are lit up seen a you tube clip two vans got flashed on the M42 overtaking a car doing 70mph.
  7. cstand


    That's only if it goes to court
  8. cstand


    Hopefully they do training exercises on a Sunday morning let us know how you get on.
  9. cstand


    If members of the community were present I would guess you should be OK. it would be a training excersise. If it was just the plod then its a speed trap hard to tell you will have to wait two weeks and hope not to get a NIP in the post.
  10. cstand


    Was it a hand held camera or a tripod set up, are you sure it was the police taking the photos as members of the community doing this stuff have to wear high visibility jackets?
  11. cstand


    If it's a community concern zapper its only a warning letter also if you are driving at 34mph in a 30mph zone, you will be OK it's 35mph when you get a NIP. Your speedo will read slightly over if your tyres are inflated correctly as well. For the latest info go onto the pepipoo website for speeding, bus lane and parking fine issues but be careful if you post anything because some police forces view it has well. Think if you get three warning letters the police do an investigation but not sure what investigation it would be though.
  12. Agree will not take many hoping boro will do cheaper tickets with a bit a luck, got a plan for cheap train tickets as well but its an early start.
  13. Hoping to go on train, tickets should make general sale.
  14. cstand

    Non alcoholic beverages

    Red Bush tea, fennel tea, elderflower cordial or presse.
  15. cstand

    Holiday Plans 2019

    Two weeks anywhere in the UK will do me fine unless I get the urge to go abroad.

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