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  1. The band Oasis have released a statement........ it was a champagne super over they saw on Sky.😉
  2. No it was not hijacked you only believe this because leave won, We was told there would a recession on the vote being leave which was a lie, Obama said we would be at the back the queue for future trade deals which was a lie, 9 million pounds of public money was spent on a one sided remain government leaflet delivered to very household.
  3. The vote was very clear leave or remain. If we voted leave we would have to negotiate a new trade deal with the EU if not possible it would mean WTO rules.
  4. I only used your logic that people who voted leave are anti EU therefore people who voted remain must be anti British, have you heard of the phrase pot kettle black? (others colours are available) What on earth are you going on about buying stuff from the USA???? The NATO agreement is that each member country pays 2% net spend of their GDP on defence, because this is NOT legally binding member countries can get away with not paying their full share, so when I mean Trump will demand back payments this means countries not paying their fair share over the years will have spend more than 2% on their own defence in the coming years to stay in NATO this is why the EU wants it's own army to stop this happening as it would cost billions. Currently only five EU member countries pay the correct contributions, too many countries in the EU want the protection of NATO but do not want to pay for it and I totally I agree with Trump on this subject.
  5. The problem is anti British remainers will always be anti British remain or leave. If Trump demands back payments from the EU countries that have not paid their full contributions to NATO over the years there will be an EU army. I never thought Blair would go to war with Iraq but we did and what a disaster that was never again hopefully
  6. I always thought this will be the next world war conflict hopefully I am wrong.
  7. The only way to guarantee not to be in an EU army is not to be in the EU.
  8. If the Ukraine joins the EU, Putin will send in the tanks so we would be automatically at war with Russia if we remain in a EU army a scary prospect indeed.
  9. Only British politicians should be able to send British troops into a conflict because we the people can remove them from government, unlike the unelected EU commission.
  10. Do you think the EU will be that vindictive?
  11. Race baiting remainer detected...……………. Luckily this nasty policy used by remainers to divide and conquer this country along racial lines for their own political agenda is not working.
  12. And the award for this weeks pathetic attempt to deny free speech to normal people goes to........ a SJW what a surprise. Keep it quiet though thousands of taxpayers cash will be wasted on this but I am not allowed to tell anyone.
  13. Corbyn is being punished for wanting Shamima Begum back and rightly so loads of folk I know in my union will not vote Labour due to him being a terrorist lover.
  14. I suppose she will bring her vast experience of banking skills to the top job at the ECB..................... well no she is a lawyer but famously said if it had been Lehman sisters and not brothers the bank would not have gone bust so being sexist on the right side of the fence gets you the top job. But being a fair man I have to listen to what fantastic news and exciting ideas she going to bring to the table. Well she going to continue the policy of her predecessor of money printing.
  15. Luckily for me when I was a teenager my grandad lived on a farm going there was fanastic for me food food wise. Fresh veg and meat, salad, home made cakes and puddings no plastic wrapped plastic food and I worked on the farm for pocket money which burnt off any excess calories. I feel really sorry for some kids today. When I had free school meals it was great, six at a table container of food between us to be shared out, my plate was always piled high with cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and roast parsnips nobody else wanted. I have never understood smoking and never will. Everyone from an early age should be taught how to behave, how to eat, how to exercise, how not to waste money and how to be greener than the modern generation. As for single parents doing a weekly shop that was my job as a teenager if not done I was not allowed out.
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