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  1. Freedom to spend our money on this country not other countries so we control our own fiances, army, borders etc so we don't end up paying for the people in the EU to retire earlier than us.
  2. Just for the remainers Stop deluding yourself that we voted to leave the EU due to TR.
  3. Our spineless polictians voted to not to leave the EU without a deal then expect the EU to give us a decent deal, madness. They have backed us into a corner the only choice now is to leave as per the referendum which leave won. The choice was leave or remain not leave with a deal or remain.
  4. No agreement means no deal the EU will throw us out, the happy days.
  5. New leader, tell EU we are leaving as per the referendum WTO rules, job done.
  6. Thousands of foreign nationals in unseaworthy boats every year risk life and limb to get to this country. If we was a racist country they would be sailing their boats in the opposite for direction.
  7. Blimey the sample size is definitely worrying I was expecting The EU to do a comprehensive study TBH.
  8. No mention of slipping down the list that just your wrong opinion. Also the article states on the very top line we are one of least racist countries.
  9. Have you been drinking too many Belgian beers?
  10. Published 2018 so after the Brexit vote.
  11. That is not from the EU What agency report?
  12. Being black the EU report by the EU FRA agency it was on newshub website.
  13. It's was done leading up to 2016 I think just before the vote not got a link I not a full time political activist. Finland came out top surprisingly. If I get chance to post the link I will.
  14. You forget to point out the racism to Jewish people by the mad momentum mob who support their IRA loving leader.
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