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  1. Blimey I should watch women’s football more often
  2. Do I keep reading the match day thread or read the wrist slashers in the coronavirus thread decisions decisions think a strong Belgium brew is calling me.
  3. For once we put a quick cross in the box and it pays dividends well done Shinnie
  4. Match day beer of the day for me 6.7% Abbey ale https://www.beerhawk.co.uk/stbernadus-pater-6
  5. King at Rock City went just to keep a friend happy they was awful.
  6. Surely we are overdue a bit of luck of the opposition making a defensive blunder thus allowing us to score a goal an easy goal or am I clutching at straws ?
  7. The days of a Derby owner are done unless you can think of one with 1.5 Billion to spend
  8. Doctors orders for me and the wife as it’s alkaline to counter act acidic food.
  9. I do the same but use low fat almond milk which has lots of vitamins.
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