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  1. Must have been really difficult keeping fifty protestors at bay to let a outside press conference take place so our our PM can speak. Its disgraceful behaviour for the EU to treat any PM from any country in that manner.
  2. I will wait for the result😁
  3. Embarrassing for Luxembourg PM.
  4. Not true Boris said he would speak if the press conference was moved indoors the PM of Luxembourg refused.
  5. Fair play to you I respect your opinion I hope a solution can be found. It would have been better if the UK and the EU could have avoided the referendum in the first place that would have been my first choice. Not on this politics forum for a while please I would ask do not put people on the ignore list as I believe in free speech.
  6. Sorry not got the time to explain further as you require back to the work is getting ever closer unfortunately.
  7. If I only occasionally use facebook why would I know about what site the murdered of Jo Cox used?? I cannot believe the ageism on the forum it's getting beyond a joke now.
  8. Never new ageism was rife on this forum when did this begin can only assume you all use the same leftwing propaganda sites.
  9. Not me either discussing the war on FB don't do twitter either, but you are tarring every old person with the same brush because two people on FB have raised these comments, blimey. I do use FB occasionally but nothing is posted about politics just for the record.
  10. You don't have to be in the EU to agree not to go to war.
  11. Totally disagree the EU referendum was to solve the in or out EU question for a generation winner takes all the so country can more forward on which ever direction the people decided. I expected everyone to accept the result whatever the outcome I am truly shocked at people in this country who think the have the right to overturn the referendum. If remain had won I would have accepted the result.
  12. Yes referendums are bias to the sum of 9 million pounds by a remain government.
  13. Who on earth are you on about fighting in the war, on the beaches etc !!! So the leftwing propaganda is no longer smash the Tories it's smash the pensioners the very people who if they had not voted to join the common market would mean we would not be in the EU.
  14. Who has got spitfires on their FB page???? Rationing finished in 1954. Paid off 21billion pound debt from the war in 2006. Farming had to change years after the war to make sure we would be self sufficient if any other war broke out. My euthanasia comment was a joke about your ageism which you find acceptable. Strange how you missed my point that older people wanted to join the common market not the EU.
  15. You mean the pensioners who worked their fingers to the bone to put this country back on its feet after the Second World War, the ones who voted to join the common market not the EU. You are the leader of euthanasia UK and I claim prize of death by injection at the your predetermined age on which old people are not allowed to vote.
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