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  1. Sheffield Wednesday 0 Derby 2 frgs Lawrence
  2. Great game should have won on chances their goal keeper made many a good save if the zoon had scored😁
  3. Which highlights why we should have a strict policy of anyone entering the country nice of you to realise it’s a serious issue and it’s does apply to everyone.
  4. Diane Abbott thinks 60 million deaths are nothing to be concerned about.
  5. Nothing wrong with short term pain for long term gain it’s worked very well for me over the years.
  6. Well I will be renewing no matter what happens.
  7. What a racist PM giving the foreigners the best jobs....... I don’t believe it.
  8. Well if I took a pay cut I would drop out of the 40% tax bracket but I presume you would not like me paying less tax?
  9. Completely true that’s what most Brexit supporters expect when we leave the EU.
  10. http://m.nationalrail.co.uk/pj/nsi List of services performances today hopefully your train is ok, but bear in mind speed restrictions can be applied at any time due to wind or flooding of the track. Think most clubs will always try and play the game if possible.
  11. I had a relative work for the VAT department for over 35 years they joked about going to VAT n fiddle so may be another pub, but every Thursday they went. Gap year was do want ever you wanted too. Took early retirement at 57 years old with an offer he could not refuse to keep the unions quiet all at the taxpayers expense. My post is certainly not a load a crap it’s all true.
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