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  1. Renewing for the 11th season in a row.
  2. True time for the fans to get behind the team against Wigan we need to give the players support as they are obviously short on confidence please do not moan and groan at the first missed placed pass.!!
  3. I Woke up at 4pm feared the worst when looking at the HT score....... 4 nil down !! Had to pinch myself to make I was awake and not dreaming.
  4. Well got up late from my night shift never made the beer festival due Derby gridlock due to coach fire on A52, went to the pridepark beer tent with the new heaters that was bloody freezing poor young girl serving me my real ale was so cold her hands they were shaking. Said before the game it's time to attack, rather lose that way than tip tap football and losing, unfortunately got the latter. Oh well my last bottle of bottle of Piraat Belgium beer should cheer me up.
  5. Under new regulations a new fire rated metal consumer unit maybe required to replace the fuse box plus it could quite expensive moving it depending on where it's positioned now to the new location. I had power to garden shed and outdoor sockets installed in the garden of my house last year and it was well worth the expense but I already had the armoured cable. Anyhow a fully qualified sparky is required and to give you a quote.
  6. Derby winter beer festival before the game for me, so will be watching with my beer goggles on. Come on you rams.
  7. Snowflakes will moan about anything nowadays that why normal folk hate them so much.
  8. Netball is a game for for girly wimps Well that's what my daughter told me when I suggested she played it. Outrage should saved for teachers in Wales trying to justify kids to strike during school hours yet will fine parents every day their kids miss school what a bunch of hypocrites they should be sacked.
  9. cstand


    No surprise though
  10. Small ground, poor pitch, blustery conditions opposition nothing to lose always a potential banana skin these type of cup ties. Hoping for good cup draw next round.
  11. Why some derby fans dislike him I have no idea who do they want as an owner fridge man, kebab man or the 3 amigos? Will be renewing my season ticket.
  12. Apologies to ariaofmyown sorry I read this the wrong way.
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