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  1. I really don't understand this uber-cryptic post. It is very puzzling. Please could you make it clearer? Who is this mysterious and dashing hero ?
  2. Is it within the remit of the administrators to bargain with the EFL now that Mel has gone?
  3. If the address given by Mel to the staff at Pride Park was almost verbatim to his interview to Radio Derby then it was business like, but hardly heartfelt and personal. It is so refreshing to hear the honesty and caring approach of Wayne. Someone who really cares about the staff and is hands on and not at all remote.
  4. What a roller coaster of a day. I feel like I have been ridden hard and put away wet!! 🐴
  5. Have to disagree @kevinhectoring. He may have been unwise, although I don't think so, but he is no fool. He has laid down a challenge to the players and shared that with the fans and if they manage to pull it off they should be applauded. I really hope that the EFL would not be so petty and if they are as vindictive as you think they are then there must be some form of recourse for us and shame on them. Of course, you could be right, but at present I prefer to think that the EFL is not made up entirely of Derby haters.
  6. Wayne has set the team a challenge to make history by staying up. Evidently no team in our position has done this before but it is just about possible. The hairs stood up on the back of neck when he said that he was willing to fight for this club and talked about how he felt for the players and all the Pride Park staff and how broken hearted he would be to see any of them lose their job. He has been helping out financially purchasing equipment that is needed in training but I think he was very reluctant to dwell on the subject and embarrassed it had been mentioned. I just can't get my head round the fact that MM hasn't spoken to him since 9th. August - not even a phone call. He was asked if he was upset not to receive an apology from MM but he said mm didn't need to apologise to him but said that he thought his behaviour was 'disrespectful, if I'm honest' and that he was 'a little bit disappointed'. Talk about restraint!
  7. It's a priority for him to get behind all the staff, to chat to everyone and to be available to answer everyone's questions. He will engender a spirit of faith, trust, pride, openness and honesty at the club. He believes in the importance of clear and regular communication and has asked the administrators to maintain a daily talk with him about what is happening so that he can give answers to fans. What really came across was his care and concern for all the staff. He really is a star and he will not leave us in the lurch. A genuinely good guy, so much praise for others and so much dignity and self control. My hero.
  8. Wayne thanked the fans for their incredible support and the pride that they given the team and all at the club. Players are so grateful and are playing for the fans. They may not win every match but they will not stop trying. He also said that he will put up two league tables for the players, one showing where we are actually and the other to show where we would be without the 12 point deduction., so they keep their spirits up and can see how well they are doing. How lucky we are to have him.
  9. There is a considerable degree of interest in buying the club, several of whom have shown interest before. A successful outcome to the purchase of the club and a secure financial future is one of the main objectives of the administrators. They sounded like very competent, decent guys who will do all they possibly can to ensure the future of the club for the fans and the players. There are no guarantees but they seemed quietly confident that any obstacles we face at the moment are not insurmountable. One of the guys has 30 years experience in this line of work.
  10. He has gone now, @ilkleyram, but we are hoping he will come back soon to his penthouse! I'm glad you have had such a happy day with your pooches and that you have managed to blow away the cobwebs of negativity and get sense of perspective in all of this. It sounds as though it has been a heavenly autumn day up on the moors. I'm sure we'd all love to come and walk with you if we could.🙂
  11. I don't know how much we paid our accountants at Derby, but I reckon 4 of us with GCE maths, a pocket calculator and an ounce of common sense could have done it twice as well.
  12. £200 million put in by Mel plus money for the stadium. Where one earth did that money go? I don't understand the details of our finances, @Sparkle, but I don't understand how we ended up in so much catastrophic debt.
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