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  1. Watching Derby score four goals has caused your obvious mental aberration.
  2. History! It’s just one ducking thing after another. Magna Carta, did she die in vain? A A Hancock.
  3. Utter genius, that sentence, pure Shakespeare.👍🤓
  4. Hall and Richards, those were the days.⭐️
  5. That’s an image I cannot delete, another sleepless night coming on.😳
  6. You are Jack Marriott and I claim the £5.
  7. Can I take this opportunity to wish all at Derby County and all the fans, a Happy Christmas and A Happy and Healthy 2020. God Bless us all,everyone of us. Kind Regards.
  8. I was surprised that after attending PP this season, the Samaritans are at the top of my friends and family phone calls.😳
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