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  1. And I got completely soaked that night, to top it off.
  2. There are nearly as many twists and turns in Line of Duty, than Derby’s back and sideways passing.
  3. Derby four games left, Line Of Duty two more episodes. I cannot take much more suspense.😳
  4. But at this moment in time, pleased you have.
  5. I’m waiting for the first shout of, “The Hanging Tree!”
  6. I would want to know his plans for Derby County, not his political beliefs.
  7. We seem to be ramping up the ifs and whats, and getting in a bit of a tizzy here. We have deplatformed him before he’s had chance to introduce himself.
  8. I’ve never seen or want to see a “snuff” film, but watching Derby is, I would imagine like watching the same person getting killed in different ways.
  9. Lots of crude on there, not much about football.
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