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  1. Waited ages to see if I got any offers for my lucky pants. Didn’t, so I’ve now decided to sell one of my grandchildren to fund my season ticket. I’ve bought it today as I’m very confident of getting a good price for at least one of them!
  2. Rams 2 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday. Waghorn
  3. Is it usual to have an IQ test to obtain a ticket? It would appear some fans had difficulties passing it!😋
  4. My dad took me to BBG when I was 10- 67 years ago! I thought it was fantastic, especially as none of the boys in my class had ever been to a ‘proper’ football match , and here was a mere girl being taken! We didn’t go often, distance and expense limited us, but I was always so excited to go and spend time just me and my dad. He’s long gone now but the pride when I was able to take him and my sons was immense. Then taking grandchildren and I took my great granddaughter to the pre season friendly v Southampton. So Derby County means great memories and family togetherness for me. I’m not very interested in other football, will watch occasionally if it’s on tv and nothing else to do. But mention the Rams and I’m all ears and can’t get enough of it! The internet has been a fantastic help in keeping up to date and this forum feels like an extra family - some you disagree with, some you feel affectionate amusement for, some you marvel at how much they know! It’s only in the last few years I’ve been able to afford a season ticket and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort, but in the end it’s my football club and I’m bound to it by bonds that seem unbreakable! I’ve come over all emotional , but it’s late and I’m old and female. COYR
  5. Villa 1 - 2 Rams Josephzoon
  6. Setting off in a minute - in neutral colours for the away end!
  7. I have a look when I first arrive and do my score prediction- if I did it any earlier I’d change my mind so often @mozzawould end up banning me! It always amuse me that I’m standing in the concourse, log on to Rams app and it tells me it can’t find my location. I’d wave if I knew who to wave to!
  8. Or, at least, more effective ones!!
  9. There lies the problem - too many fans have abandoned their lucky pants - or for we oldies we’ve forgotten which they are😉
  10. Have registered on the Villa site - which is even worse than ours - and bought tickets. Now I don’t want the team playing well and making me sit on my hands as it’s not good for my arthritis!
  11. Yes I was thinking I'd try to register. A Bristol post code might confuse them!
  12. It’s one of the few games my stepson can get to , his mother’s agreed to have the baby! Will we be ok turning up and buying tickets in the home end? If so, any advice on where to sit, please? We’re assuming Derby won’t do anything exciting enough for us to give ourselves away!
  13. Are any more likely to be released?
  14. Last night was probably the first time I’ve regretted spending £50 on train tickets and about 5 hours of time each way to watch us play. Even in dire matches last season there was usually a bit of a spark somewhere that made me think perhaps we had a few good players - but last night it completely escaped me and I was just downright bored. Still, I expect I’ll book my place behind the settee for Monday night!
  15. That was a bit below the belt @i-Ram - and I’m not wearing my armoured knickers! Ok, I admit I bought them from the same armoury as my friend Joan 🤪
  16. Can’t be, I remember seeing Joan of Arc clad in armour!
  17. For goodness sake, @David. I can only just cope with using a real diary and a pen! You lot with newfangled ways still seem to get it wrong!
  18. Got to go to a meeting tonight that I can’t get out of. Unfortunately the organisers know what my real reason would be, whatever excuse I came up with! And I can’t go down with a sudden illness as there’s something I want to go to tomorrow. So relying on surreptitious glances to my phone to keep up to date. So please post plenty of updates. 🤞
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