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  1. It’s that the moose that has said it chats absolute poo
  2. Pre season starts a week tomorrow could do with this getting sorted this week
  3. Honestly believe that he doesn’t know what he wants to do, personally think he’d much rather another season with us before taking a different job
  4. Basically he got it wrong when they said it was imminent.
  5. Jody Morris has liked tweets today from Chelsea fan accounts wishing “soon to be manager” a happy birthday
  6. Luton away the one game I wanted too be on a Saturday, buzzing then realise if either side wins there 3rd round FA cup game it’ll be moved to midweek
  7. Said it before I’ll say it again, he is a top guy every awards night he along with Keogh would be the ones that stayed all night chatting about Derby, he won a special award for what he does for the Derby community visiting hospitals and things after training,, class guy off the pitch and on it! Easily one of my favourite Derby players! Good luck to him!
  8. Such an odd situation, Sky and the media have practically hired Frank as the new manager of Chelsea yet they clearly aren’t that keen on him as first choice
  9. Personally want Hughton just not seen him mentioned for he’s worth a shout!
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