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  1. Russell has just 2 goals in championship?
  2. No I am with you! Feel for him
  3. We deffo need 2/3 decent loans! That's for sure!
  4. The way I said it was like June is months away! Can't get my head around it being June next week
  5. No idea! If 4 million is too much then we will struggle this summer, well struggle to get our main targets you'd think! That's the way football is going! Everything is over priced
  6. His agent trying to get him a bigger money offer from Burnley that's all this is
  7. Me too mate but maybe Wisdom doesn't want to come
  8. Sounds like no signings till June
  9. I hope mate! Be good to get a few early deals snapped up
  10. All gone very quiet! Wouldn't mind the CBs that are at hudds
  11. He's done well to survive
  12. Very scary! Just 35 mins away from home! Hope everyone is safe
  13. Amazing 👏🏼
  14. Didn't know where to put this but he is early favourite for the Sunderland job