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  1. Big win Phil has worked his magic on this team glad it’s finally showing
  2. Unreal football shame Holmes couldn’t finish it
  3. The young lads work so hard for the team
  4. My bad clearly must of been videos from earlier (another day) just thought I’d share
  5. Big night for Evans Nuge will definitely bag
  6. Just seen on Waghorns social media playing tennis with his lad now, he not in the squad?
  7. Think it’s quite nice
  8. Bet it felt nice for Mel waking up this morning with probably 50k a week of the wage bill in Hudds and Anya, especially as Bird has replaced Huddlestone excellently for a tiny wage compared to Toms
  9. Another good result with Millwall Swansea drawing
  10. That kit is horrid, plain looks poor quality as well
  11. Jesus lucky to be alive if he was stabbed in the head
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