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  1. If Jozwaik fit? If so I’d start the same side we attacked better without a recognised striker
  2. Have to win tonight or Tuesday need at least 4 points from the next 2 games...
  3. Seems to get dodger by the hour
  4. Don’t actually deserve to lose this but it sums up our season and 1 win in 10 is very worrying
  5. Obviously Dowell ... game over
  6. Like our side for now anyway😂
  7. Can Norwich win promotion if they win today?
  8. He’s at the game today
  9. He said no further comment since he’s not shut up he’s trying to show off, at first I was more than willing to give him a chance I still am but it’s starting to be more and more alarming by the minute!
  10. Great news if the debts will be paid of and we will own our stadium again would be a good start
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