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  1. God the rules are absolutely pathetic
  2. I think all the defenders are a risk Davies Mengi and Wisdom all had bad injuries last season Jagielkas age etc id take Jag and Davies for experience
  3. Davies Aluko Morrison Wisdom Jagielka
  4. I’m sorry but if the EFL really are going to use the team that was forced to play Chorley then that just shows that this all is a witch hunt, other games were called of ours had to go ahead they really should over turn this but I bet they won’t
  5. We’ve wondered why it was quiet like they’ve been doing it properly when actually it’s not close at all
  6. Rooney says he “needs support” - suggesting from the top - and says it would be nice to get it “quicker”.
  7. I’d snap your hand off for a 21st place finish this season, especially if we can get a take over sorted this year clear all the embargo stuff and start again fresh the season after still in the championship
  8. probably nothing but a little thread from that guy again
  9. Wish people would just support it! Think it’s a good idea personally his time to step up
  10. Is Shay Given still with us?
  11. he won’t support us after we had JustEat on our shirts
  12. Im Sorry but this Ref has been championship standard absolutely pathetic
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