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  1. Cardiff City (A) tickets

    I'll be going
  2. Cardiff City (A) tickets

    Anyone know how many we've sold??
  3. Johnny Russell

    If true it's pathetic
  4. Johnny Russell

    Very true, I haven't really heard anything just seen a few things pointing towards that, for me we need rid of players and if the right money came in I'd let go, but Russell doesn't seem the type that would really argue with the management so strange one.
  5. Johnny Russell

    In this way I'm not trying to slag him off but with us trying to get rid of deadwood and then offering him a new deal would be stupid! One of those that you'd get ok money for
  6. Johnny Russell

    Anyone else heard that he was left out because he has rejected a new contract?
  7. v Brentford (A) - Predictions

    2-1 them Keogh for us
  8. Johnny Russell

    Russell collects the ball outwide and runs straight into a defender! But Russell has no end product? Weimann has had some great games this season... yes he was poor yesterday but the fact is JR has been poor and stayed in the team and given chances why shouldn't Weimann get more chances?
  9. Johnny Russell

    And me
  10. v Brentford (A) - Predictions

    Martin will not start after today... 2-1 them but didn't think we were that bad today just one of them games
  11. Johnny Russell

    Yes Weimann was poor today but all of a sudden bring Russell back who has been poor for seasons?
  12. Johnny Russell

    And Rowett clearly wasn't happy with him for what ever reason
  13. Johnny Russell

    Omg Russell has been awful for bloody seasons get over it
  14. If Russell bagged this on Saturday you'd of raved about it being a screamer, the guy hardly played for us through injuries plenty more been worse with more opportunities! Hope he smashes goals in for fun
  15. v Brum (H) - Predictions

    1-2 Russell

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