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  1. Well that was so disappointing. Millwall did excatly what they were going to do, easiest 3 points they will get away this season. Slow and we just did the same things over and over again, little 5 yard passes going nowhere, we didn’t try anything different all game! A few really bad performance over the last few weeks, not looking forward to Monday! Roos 5 should probably save it Cole 6 some smart touches Tomori 6 MOTM Keogh 6 Bogle 5 Huddlestone 4 couldn’t pass at all Bryson 6 ratted all game Wilson 5 Holmes 5 Martiott 4 no one seemed to want to give him the ball but when he did get it his first touch was mostly woeful Waghorn 5 offered little if given Nugent some stick but he should of been brought on 25 minutes earlier
  2. Not even a shot on target bar steward embarrassing
  3. We ain’t making it anywhere near the top 6 at this rate
  4. Huddlestones passing tonight 🤔
  5. Have the players fallen out with Marriott?? They don’t seem too want to pass to him 🤣
  6. The more I think about it I think you’d be right
  7. If he goes then Slaviša Jokanović has to replace him
  8. He won’t shut up about it, we don’t need all this talk we’ve seen what it does under Steve! If he was too go (doubt he will) we’d have to go for Slav
  9. 0-1 horrid late goal after being frustrated all game with 11 behind the ball
  10. Scored another today absolute cracker
  11. That’s true! We needed an extra striker in January
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