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  1. P*ssed off again but will always support Derby had great day anyway Shinnie was class
  2. Been today been most away games we just aren’t good enough Cocu unfortunately for him has inherited this squad he deserves a few years it’s about time we got some stability and it won’t happen over night
  3. Left at 3-0 150 quid again to watch no one turn up screw those sticking up for us try being their spending money to watch that awful. Cocu no idea there. wont be surprised if Rooney doesn’t play for us
  4. Bielek isn’t fit to lace John Eustaces boots
  5. Why are people surprised about no jail time? We all know people that have been stupid and drove drunkenly and been caught and not one i know has ever been jailed
  6. Wasn’t we linked with that Sluga that was in net for them?
  7. Just coming on this to say how bad we’d. When then we get the second
  8. Bloody typical Roos makes our defenders nervous as he just doesn’t collect anything can’t believe Carson was sent on loan! Had so many chances to win that bloody hurts supporting Derby Lawrence and Bennett should never of been near that squad tonight
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