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  1. Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Oh yeah forgot we haven’t bottled It the 4 years he’s been here
  2. Cost Cutting

    Wave goodbye to Vydra
  3. We can do cardiff

    They will be up for it a lot more than us
  4. Nigel Pearson......

    He deserved more time, he wasn’t wasting time with these players
  5. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    0-2 Zahore and Hoilett
  6. Tom Lawrence

    He’s put a shift in all season but just happened for him!
  7. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Same story every year, pathetic, Mel might of ran a good business but his footballing business knowledge is Awful
  8. Johnny Russell in the MLS

    But fair play to him
  9. Johnny Russell in the MLS

    God you can tell how bad the standard is
  10. Your World Cup Squad

    Pickford, Butland, Pope Walker, Rose, Maguire, Tarkoswki, Bertrand, Gomez, Cahill, Stones, Trippier Dier, Shelvey, Ox, Alli, Loftus Cheek, Henderson Sterling, Lingard Kane, Vardy, Rashford
  11. Some fans...

    God some fans help the players crumble don’t they! This is pathetic!!
  12. v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    0-1 Pulis styled win
  13. Rowett is staying so...

    We need a big clear out, but I think Rowett has brought some good players in. Davies Huddlestone etc, got the best out of Vydra, I’d like us to sign Winnall and then 2/3 younger players and bringing others like Thomas into the squad!

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