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  1. No idea how we didn’t win Ravel Morrison was first class
  2. Will anymore be available after this 500 extra?
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/10/14/special-report-inside-Derby-countys-desperate-battle-survival/
  4. I very much doubt they’ll sell 2k on the gate
  5. 1.7k sold before 12 2 thousand for a fiver hopefully get it up to 2.5/3k away fans
  6. Won’t let you buy away tickets on Preston’s Website
  7. Really sad news about Preston’s owner… I’m sure they’ll be tributes on Saturday
  8. Think a lot more left the last block on sale isn’t open yet it’s only open for disabled supporters atm until the middle block sells out which still has 300 left so roughly 1600 sold
  9. Anyone who can save us from liquidation and steady the ship over the next few years
  10. Unfortunately we as a club aren’t in a position to pick and choose, some fans I swear would rather liquidation than him
  11. Won’t this appeal just put any potential take over further back? Closer to January? Closer to more redundancies? Closer a fire sale of our players?
  12. Absolutely nothing I can find on the Binnie brothers… Didnt even know Evans had sold Ipswich… the 2 other interested parties aren’t named
  13. Following tonight’s very positive meeting: The Administrators believe that a timescale of 3 months remains realistic in which to find and install new owners #DCFC #BAWT #dcfcfans
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