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  1. Hope spurs go and win it now! Poch deserves it
  2. It’s every time, I come on say we are playing poo then we score... just keep going it 😂
  3. Really poor from spurs after going 1-2 up making city need another 3 you can’t go and concede a minute after, if they could of settled after sons second they would of probably gone on to win this tie
  4. 2-0 will still be a good day out
  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/04/15/middlesbrough-chairman-steve-gibson-pushes-efl-investigate-rivals/
  6. We just miss out in 7th At the start of the season I’d of been happy with top 10. His first job he’s brought in more younger players given more players a chance our team isn’t a retirement home anymore. Our consistency has cost us the play offs but at times we’ve seen some good football. Overall positive season plenty to work on in the summer trust still in Frank seems him and Mel have a good relationship and understanding. Hopefully I still hope we do find our way in I’ll be there every game bar Bristol away, big last 5
  7. For me it’s 100% Keogh
  8. Agree pal, he likes stuff on twitter of people slagging him off, he’s been my favourite Derby player he is for me a genuine legend. He does so much for derby as a community that goes unnoticed aswell.
  9. Been stopped by the police trying to leave
  10. Much better last 65 minutes, first goal game from the first spell of constant pressing instead of passing it around defence, could of had more second half. Roos 7 nice easy day for the lad bogle 7 growing every game Keogh 8 solid against 2 very tall strikers Tomori 8 same as Keogh Cole 7 brilliant ball too Mount Johnson 7 very solid today passing better aswell Mount 9 Young Frank Bryson 8 much much better Wilson 7 always a threat when he gets on the ball Waghorn 8 some really good striking play from Waggers held it up well touch was much better aswell. Lawrence 7 lad needs a goal can we finally get back to winning back to back games next Friday?
  11. Anyone else at the game just look at the number 19 couldn’t run look anymore like Weimann
  12. Can’t believe it’s unchanged after what I watched on Tuesday we’ve played well and won and dropped players 🤣
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