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  1. That’s very true pal, I’ve been saying we need 1/2 new faces
  2. The worst thing about this is that it’s probably just to pay the players for the last month or so, that’s the situation we are in! Losing a top top talent just to pay a months wage!
  3. Big week incoming on transfer front, Rooney clearly has players ready wanting to come in, will he be able to get them? I’m not so sure..a lot to sort out in little over a week, first thing first pay the players and see where we are but I think the squad needs a couple of new faces nothing drastic it just needs strengthening enough to keep us away from the bottom 3! Hope Rooney is able to get what he wants or at least 1 or 2 of what he thinks will improve us! He definitely thinks he’ll get the answer this week on where he thinks the club wants to go in the future forwards or not, let’s hope he
  4. I’m hoping that because it’s his first chance he’ll stick with it but he won’t want his first job an impossible one as it’ll only effect his future in the game
  5. It’s a big week for the club We want answers in the next couple of days we need to see what direction this club wants to go in’ fair play to wayne
  6. he definitely sent a clear message on the radio, saying we will see what direction the club wants to go in etc he wants answers fast good on him
  7. I was worried on Tuesday when Marshall wasn’t back but he’s been brilliant
  8. That is one massive win! Who’d of thought England’s all time top scorer would be able to make a side so solid defensively
  9. Just like Keogh a mistake at Wembley cost him a lot of trust from fans including myself but today he was brilliant again, just like he was on Tuesday night. His shot stopping and his reactions are brilliant, he’s definitely a great back up keeper. Happy for him! Big part of a big big win today!
  10. Charlie Austin will nag won’t he after all the rumours surrounding him coming here
  11. Very clever from Wayne he’s outed it to the press that he doesn’t want anyone gone from his first XI as if trying to say to the club don’t go behind my back and sell Them
  12. Although the club is being poorly run looking in from the outside I do hope that Mel is in good health and that there is nothing wrong with him, if he unfortunately isn’t well then it’s pretty clear why it doesn’t look great from the outside, just hope it works out for everyone
  13. Week now since pearce said on radio the first priority was paying the players ASAP and a week later still not, so so poor from the club
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