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  1. Thought we were announcing something positive?
  2. Topram

    Max Bird

    Not sure but being at that game I came away thinking that I couldn’t see him making it looked very poor like all that day but just didn’t look strong enough, then went through such a tough time losing his dad and he’s came back in the side and been unbelievable
  3. Definitely not surprised be better if they topped the extra 20% up so they got full pay like Liverpool have done! We will be asking the players for full pay cut next
  4. Poor from us again, We’ve been tarnished as a club over the last few years from deals and stuff we’ve done
  5. Me too, weird partnership
  6. Can’t read it all due to the fact I can’t be bothered to sign up sounds like a Gabay vs Dell
  7. Dybala one was fake he’s fine....atm anyway
  8. Put the Euros back use that time to finish the season champions league and Europa league into a week QFs Sunday Semis Wednesday and final Sunday
  9. Thanks pal never knew remember being stood next to his dad at Scunthorpe in the cup when he played
  10. Martin has to get another year, best free signing you’ll see certainly in a long time Youth coming through is exciting some serious talent Mel will be rubbing his hands together! Cocu’s and the staffs work starting to come together.
  11. In comes the Rooney rumours.. happy for Wisdom worked hard to get into the side now captain
  12. Get my hopes up this time tomorrow Derby 0-1 Blackburn 😂
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