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  1. England v Germany

    And he's so much better than bloody Henderson, thought the young lads did very well, throw Kane Alli back in..
  2. Thoughts on lawrence so far

    Think he's been fine, just because he hasn't scored.. been unlucky, better winger in the team? No.
  3. Just don't get it!

    Would love to know why Russell was our best player in some people's minds?? Yes he scored, shocked finally, he was dreadful just because he was good at forest a few weeks back doesn't mean he's always good!
  4. Just don't get it!

    If injured he shouldn't be on the bench
  5. Just don't get it!

    That shows how bad we were
  6. Just don't get it!

    Get your tainted glasses off, weimann changed the game vs Leeds
  7. Just don't get it!

    After such a great few weeks it's bound to end we all know that, but it's the manner we lost, we looked so easy to play against and just didn't turn up, we've had a great run at home with vydra and nugent, they really started to get a good partnership and then he gets dropped?? Just strange, Russell wasn't fully fit and isn't good enough, wiemann was class at Leeds when he came on, just don't understand today's tactics, anyway we go again at Fulham! Have a nice few weeks
  8. Derby County V Reading

    You win some you lose some but the manner we lost was awful
  9. Derby County V Reading

    Vydra nugent has worked so well at home, stupid to change it
  10. Derby County V Reading

    We've done well at home with nuge vydra why change???
  11. Derby County V Reading

    Just when we thought we'd turned a corner, came out asleep, awful half, fozzy getting a new one torn Russell getting bullied by a young lad, winnall nugent doesn't work, really really poor no one on the pitch really egging each other On miss ledley and Keogh big time
  12. v Reading (H) - Predictions

    2-2 Lawrence
  13. Leeds United V Derby County

    One thing! Rowett is really getting these players going! The hard work commitment and effort is second to none! Proud of the lads! This is the Derby we want too see!
  14. v Leeds (A) - Predictions

  15. Norwich City V Derby County

    Traveled 10 hours on the train to watch Derby with power control but fight something we've not had but my god this Derby is beautiful

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