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  1. 6 days till the window closes it’ll get moving soon if it’s true
  2. He may be moving home but I’d be surprised if it’s not very close with it looking likely he’s leaving his home ASAP
  3. From what Cocu said we must be close to a striker but not many names linked yet
  4. Midfield is so so slow we just lack energy and ideas
  5. We don’t look in a good place at all atm, team needs time adding Ibe etc into it, got to push hard for a striker now, we showed fight at Luton but this has been awful
  6. Brighton have signed another striker we should go after victor Gyokeres
  7. Apparently Barry Douglas is available on loan, what a cracking LB signing he’d be
  8. If he’s joining the u23 squad first will they even announce it?
  9. We haven’t scored enough and adding a guy with his record won’t change much
  10. Arter is a decent signing tbf
  11. DET reports we are working hard on a striker which now is the most important part of the team we need to add to, this wouldn’t really add to excitement
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