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  1. It's like the unmade bed ....No sheet Sherlock !! 不不
  2. ................Florist 2-0 down at home to the Gibsons ......every cloud and all that 不不不不
  3. Great point and well deserved
  4. Why is there a white cardboard box walking round the pitch ?
  5. No ......just a very naughty boy !
  6. More chance of plaiting fog
  7. Cup progress that we wont win v 3 points from Red dogs (especially if we do have a 3 point deduction incoming ) ....use your grey matter
  8. I was pi$$ing by the wondow and heard they thonk it will be tuesday
  9. Calm down dear , it's only a commercial
  10. Be good to introduce this against the Red Dogs see what happens .....MAKE IT SO NUMBER 1 !
  11. FTFY .....An Excellent footballer is just an EXCELLENT FOOTBALLER
  12. Can see one keeper going out (Marshall) giving a berth for another incoming (not keeper )
  13. He needs a song to make him feel accepted and give him confidence . I'm sure someone can come up with one. There is a player in there to coax out and it can't be easy to have your mate sidelined with a bad injury . Cut the guy some slack and get behind him he may just flourish in that situation. He's here , he's there , he's every.......kin where JOOOSVIAK ....JOOOSVIAK !!!
  14. Jags has a massive pocket and their CF was in it ALL day
  15. Turn it upside down and dance on it then turn it right side up and dance on it again .....then spray it black and white
  16. The win / G&T went to my head .......but why not ? Jag was the one signing I was really looking forward to .....quality !
  17. Just needed that arm round the shoulder and encouragement from the Gaffer. Get behind him abd find him a song and he will thrive
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