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  1. Good points. Rooney has gone from hero to zero in a relatively short space of time, but that's football. His performance reflects exactly what he is; an inexperienced and under qualified manager, an ambitious guy who was offered a 'wrong place, wrong time' opportunity. Personally I don't agree with the character assassination, but I do understand fans frustrations.
  2. All we have to do now is get Steve Mac in for 3 games, and we could undeservedly stay in the championship. Go on Mel, you know it makes sense....
  3. Yep, Carson by far the best in recent times. That's why he's earning big bucks at ManCity. Albeit warming the bench.....
  4. I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I think I would put my money firmly on the likelihood of us playing in the EFL rather than ESL 😉
  5. Alonso seems a very dubious character. Some of his comments beggar belief. Problem is, Mr Morris is desperate to sell, so the club will end up in the hands of the first charlatan to scrape enough together to seal the deal. Doesn't bode well at all.
  6. (or non of the above) Valid question actually.
  7. Agree. Doesn't seem plausible at all. For one thing, a Spanish lawyer probably wouldn't automatically be qualified to practice in the UK.
  8. Can't imagine anyone involved in buying into football club ownership is doing so because the are a 'shrinking violet'. They are at best looking to raise their personal profile, at worst, as you put it 'media hungry showboaters who over promise and under deliver'. I suspect Snr Alonso will prove to be the latter, but time will tell...
  9. Absolutely. Good luck to him with that strategy.
  10. Taking the emotion out of it, and since football is all about money (or the lack of it), we need to know how much hard cash is coming into the club. That will determine whether or not this takeover is going to have any chance of improving the fortunes of DCFC.
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