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  1. Yes, survival this season does seem unlikely. For reasons discussed on various posts, the EFL seem determined for DCFC to be on the receiving end of the most severe punishment - relegation. The combination of a lengthy restriction on transfer activity, followed by a timely points deduction is designed to pretty much guarantee that the drop is inevitable.
  2. It's a fair point. Wayne not the ideal manager and lacks experience, but he's sticking with DCFC for now. If he did go, as some suggest, in our current situation we would end up with someone worse than Rooney (think along the lines of a Phil Brown type scenario).
  3. Exactly. There are lot's of charitable people and many of them do work anonymously. However this forum is about DCFC the concern is related to how Mr Morris is running the club and, the desperate situation that has developed during his tenure.
  4. There is no justification for a character assassination of Mr Morris and I don't doubt that he is a decent person. Obviously supporters are disappointed about the dire state of their football club and expect the owner to accept responsibility. I guess the situation is much worse than most of us could imagine, and Mr Morris has opted to keep fans in the dark.
  5. League 1 next season, or the following season.
  6. We need more goal scoring ability in the team, no question about that. Problem is any player of average or above goal scoring ability will fetch silly money. We don't have any money.
  7. Football in general would be the beneficiary of this. Clubs like ManCity, owned by filthy oil rich billionaires, and surprise surprise...they win trophies. The fans at such clubs are just part of the scenery.
  8. Yes, exactly why I correctly wrote: "another managerial job at a decent championship" rather than "a managerial job at another decent championship club" 😉
  9. Yep, actually 16k through the gate not bad considering all that.....
  10. At the risk of going for Paul Jewell style of management, let's hope it's engage brain first before signing players by the truck load....
  11. He could struggle to get another managerial job at a decent championship club after he finishes at DCFC.
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