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  1. Not sure if there will be that much inward activity. If we could offload Lawrence for a couple of million. Also there doesn't seem to be much future for Marriott, maybe cash in while he still has the reputation as a goal machine. Also Waghorn seems to have given up recently.
  2. Yes, I also see it that way, sadly.
  3. but it's not an excuse for lack of effort
  4. Yes Watford looked better and should have had 3 goals in 1st half. Could say Liverpool a tad lucky. Pearson has probably had time to reflect since the controversial way he was marched out of PP. Tough job on saving Watford, but they have a fairly decent squad.
  5. In general the club did Jimmy proud. Then the team brought us back down to earth, in the context of what we have to suffer nowadays to the highs of watching the likes of Eranio, Stimac, Wanchope etc, managed and coached by Jim and Steve Mac, pulling PL teams all over the place.
  6. No I don't think so. Actually our squad is very average without Mount, Wilson and Tomori.
  7. Just for a chat like..... how's the wife and kids? Is the weather OK?
  8. Hmmm, if Mel wasn't significantly chipping in every month we couldn't afford their wages either...
  9. or a lock in at the Joiners 😉
  10. or Cocu might think it's aimed at him
  11. Nice spot for a bit of tranquil salmon fishing
  12. I don't hate Rowett. He's still a young manager and learning. Many fans complained vocally about his style of football, and then bitch about him when he leaves. So I don't quite get that. I think GR could at some point get a championship club promoted.
  13. But it was entitled players who got pi55ed up crashed on that night. Regarding the age bracket which would be 23-33, I am sure there are mostly responsible drivers in that age group. There are probably also older drink drive offenders.
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