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  1. europia

    Title Race

    Yes somewhere along the line is the inevitable humiliation at the hands of Manc City...
  2. Yes, rather slim if we are honest.
  3. League games should be a priority for DCFC at this point in time, so although your comment '....Had we won last night with Huddlestone, benched him Saturday....' was hypothetical. It would have been the right thing in terms of the clubs priorities. Realistically we have a chance of promotion via the play offs, where as we have no chance of winning the FA cup.
  4. europia

    v Brighton (A) - Cup Predictions

    Brighton 2-0 Derby County
  5. europia

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    We certainly have enough in our squad to beat Ipswich Town who are a poor side this season. The team on the night didn't really perform well enough to win, and player selection on this occasion was probably the reason for this. The pairing of King and Johnson in midfield was very odd indeed.
  6. europia

    Title Race

    Yes, nothing less than a win will do.
  7. Blame it all on Gary Rowett ??
  8. europia

    Title Race

    Well summed up.
  9. europia

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Tractors 1-1 Rams Wilson
  10. europia

    Title Race

    I think we have it all on just to secure that sixth spot with the form Bristol are in.
  11. europia

    Should we be worried?

    Do you think, after all the good things FL has said about his relationship with DCFC, he would just jump at the click of fingers at Stamford Bridge? I personally think he is a man of integrity.
  12. europia

    A massive Thankyou to all

    Condolences & very best wishes to all concerned.
  13. europia

    The Old Guard

    Great video. Thanks.
  14. Yes I agree. Really needs a decent run in the team soon, I feel.
  15. europia

    Reg Harrison given freedom of the City.

    Great for Reg. DCC actually do something useful for once (but only after others reminded them of their moral obligation, or so it seems....)

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