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  1. Yes that seems most likely, but great to have a player with such physical presence also able to play CB, if necessary.
  2. Not rocking anything. Just saying it as I saw it, that it looked as if the shot was scuffed. Don't really see what that's got to do with 'early days'.
  3. 👍 They should perhaps be moved to the lowlights clips.
  4. Yep, need to give the guy a chance. Trust the manager on this one.
  5. Yes I think so. The manager needs to find a place for Marriott, a natural finisher. The chance that Waghorn missed would most likely have been netted if it had fallen to Jack Marriott. Bogle makes great runs in to the opponents half. Bielik will be solid in front of the defence as well as driving forward. Also Holmes to return and add energy. We have a top 6 squad, no question at all.
  6. Looked a bit like he sort of scuffed it.
  7. Ah, another transitional season.
  8. Yes I thought Roos looked hesitant. A top class keeper would definitely help.
  9. Yes definitely one of the most naturally gifted players at DCFC, just a problem with application really. Otherwise potentially a future PL player.
  10. Yes that would be good. Probably the best young full back pairing in the ch'ship. However in terms of general defending, the two goals conceded against Stoke were really poor. Cocu needs to address the defensive issues that are being carried over from last season.
  11. Depends what is meant by a free pass? Does that mean not finishing in the top six?
  12. George Burley worked miracles when you consider the conditions he was managing under. Some great performances that season.
  13. That's a surprise. Have to say Forest are doing something right with that pricing structure. I guess their full price tickets have to subsidise the discounted tickets for young fans?
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