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  1. Yes it will. Definitely no punch line.
  2. Yes, can't be long before Klopp is offered the job of German national team coach.
  3. Don't really see the point in Gerrard from a footballing perspective. Hope Mel isn't really looking for another 'hollywood' managerial appointment.
  4. Is it David Cameron in that monkey suit ?
  5. Yes, tend to think that you are on the right lines. No way Lampard would say no to Chelsea. We can get £4m and a better manager so Mel's probably going to drive Lampard to stamford bridge himself to make sure he arrives safely. Be lucky if he lasts two seasons but like all Abramovic cast offs he will get a massive pay off. By that time DCFC under a decent manager could in PL facing Chelsea and their next 'soon to be ex manager'. I do of course realise that DCFC have got through a fair few managers in recent times, but not all the fault of the chairman, who I believe hoped his most recent appointments were long term. But there we go....
  6. Yes it will be a bit of a slow start as the new manager gets bedded in, but hopefully we kick on after a dozen or so games and progress into the play off places again. COYR
  7. I think Wassall was given the caretaker / interim opportunity due to timing in the main. That would not be a factor in the current situation, and DCFC would be able to secure one of a number of managers, more capable and better qualified than Wassall or indeed Lampard.
  8. I think he may have been unsure initially, but with the amount of time that has passed I now suspect Lampard has had (indirect?) talks with chelsea and they are just playing a game of brinkmanship hoping to avoid paying £4million comp (for someone they consider a Chelsea man in any case) Not sure where Mel stands in all of this, but if he really is being kept in the dark then it seems a bit unfair. Be glad when it's sorted and we can get a new manager. There are now better options around than Lampard. Chelsea will find this to their cost when the honeymoon period ends. I've no sympathy for them, a lousy club who would be no where without the (alleged) dubiously gained billions gifted by a (allegedly) very shifty Russian owner.
  9. Yes I got that first time 👍 probably not far from the likely outcome, no one stays in the managers job at chelsea for long, successful or not. Of course Lampard wont be able to resist the pull. Also I think Mel would rather have the £4 million in the bank.
  10. Yes actually, currently a lot more options for decent managers than any other 'searching for new manager' period under Mr Morris.
  11. Reading that, I would hope that Gary Monk would be a serious contender.
  12. I haven't read all 216 pages. So perhaps it's already been discussed and I missed it.
  13. If as suggested in the media, FL is the nailed on No1 target for Chelsea, does it not seem a bit odd that they haven't yet approached DCFC. Considering preparations both clubs need to be making for next season. Perhaps Chelsea actually have other options that they are also pursuing.
  14. Yes another really good Clough signing. Good luck and thanks to CB 👍
  15. Yes very much so, Hughton has the credentials . Gary Monk is also an interesting one though. Very good young manager, just needs a decent chairman to work with.
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