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  1. Perhaps supporters like that should never watch the Rams again ??
  2. I think it should go to Richard Keogh. So dedicated to the club and has never complained about the unjustified stick that he has taken since the QPR play of final. He's had a really good season. Tomori a very close runner up.
  3. The fans at away games are positive and always give it a go. Not sure the same can always be said of those on the pitch 😕
  4. Oh for sure. For those who remember, Jim Smith's appointment wasn't greeted with much enthusiasm from the fan base but his time at DCFC is fondly remembered by most supporters. Billy Davis came in and did the job he was brought in (and expected) to do. He turned a bit bonkers after achieving promotion, and is now reviled by a lot of Rams fans. Seems Mel hasn't the knack of getting the right man for the club (so far). Maybe he should read a couple of Delia's recipe books.
  5. Problem is, it sounds like that might be the only transfer kitty he is likely to be given.
  6. Yes absolutely. Even more recently, perhaps the past 4 - 5 years? Don't understand how even the minority feel it's OK to do be racist in a sporting arena.
  7. Rams 2 - 0 Bolton Tom Lawrence
  8. Yes the stream was lost for a fair while. Didn't mis much though....
  9. I have a feeling that you are correct regarding our chances if we can finish 6th. We would have a better chance than when we played Fulham last season, a game which seemed to have a sense of inevitability about it. However I still believe our biggest challenge, is actually scraping into the play off positions.
  10. Blackeye Rovers 1 - 1 Rams Tom Lawrence
  11. I guess it would have been simple for Frank to tell the media that the player was injured if that was the case. Maybe he isn't doing the business in training. Hope it gets sorted, as it's another player that we paid good money for, now out of the squad.
  12. I have a reason to watch the cup final now. Will Hughes deserves some silverware in my opinion, and as previously mentioned, a chance in the England team.
  13. Yes good points. He has put the investment in which is probably a far greater percentage of his personal wealth than owners many bigger clubs in the PL and Championship. Morris may not have got all the decisions right, but he has also been badly let down by some of the managers that he backed financially.
  14. That would take number seasons, as it turned out with Nigel Clough. So I would be disappointed if FL left in the near future.
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