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  1. Yes absolutely. Performances like that against Huddersfield prove that we aren't a top six team. As you say, use this valuable time to try out young talent, and also tweaks to formation / tactics etc.
  2. That's the end of that little distraction then. Upwards and onwards toward the next DCFC off the field calamity.....
  3. Yes I really think it would be worth giving GE a run of games in that position. This season we still have opportunities to experiment. Nothing at stake (points deduction not withstanding)
  4. It's not about living in the past. We really should be doing better.
  5. Fair points, however the irony is that we now compare ourselves to Brentford. Not really setting the bar very high .....
  6. Well arguably, for all the money that's been spent we are no better off than when Nigel Clough was manager. Been a lot to entertain us along the way though, on and off the field.
  7. Yes he was a decent enough player, and certainly no more average than the majority of the current crop pulling on a Rams shirt.
  8. Oooh no, plenty of time for more off the pitch calamity at PP
  9. Yes well put. I've thought for a while, that at some point Ramage would go too far and upset someone at RD or DCFC. It's kind of been building up. Craig Ramage isn't everyones cup of tea and was prone to on air gaffe's, but he is a passionate Derby supporter and wasn't afraid of speaking his mind. I guess that was the reason he was the regular pundit, he stirred up a bit of controversy, and radio stations need listeners. Anyhow he was never going to survive this, and he will be kicking himself for the bizarre and unacceptable comment that he made. Regarding posters who have suggested that Dawes and Chris Coles should be sacked. Well, that sounds a bit harsh. As far as I am aware, neither were complicit in the regrettable event.
  10. Yes I imagine that was their thinking, probably RD also took some independent advice, or at least under guidance from the BBC mother ship.
  11. Yes I would go along with that, but Mel wouldn't get his money back as things stand.
  12. Not specifically a criticism of Bogle, but as a pro footballer you are expected to be mentally and physically ready, that's the job. It's the difference between a top pro and an amateur.
  13. I imagine most managers would have to admit to the big money signing mistake. Thing is we've signed some bad managers, who have gone on to sign some rubbish players....
  14. Yes the decision to move to PP was a good one and we must never forget Lionel and the board at the time, for making it happen. I guess there is a lot of nostalgia associated with the BBG in terms of what those on the pitch achieved, being among the best in Europe. Something that realistically will never happen at Pride Park. We do have a nice ground, but sadly we are a second tier team nowadays.
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