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  1. FFP going into next season

    If Wolves are promoted. Their objective is achieved and spending strategy justified. They no doubt have a plan for when they are in the PL.
  2. Happy Birthday Curtis Davies...statistically the best

    Top pro, always has been. Could have done with Curtis a few seasons back. Might have made the difference?
  3. FFP going into next season

    Fair point. Mel has probably got accustomed to the way things are. Can't see him throwing big money at the problem, having already seen that approach tried and failed.
  4. The reality is

    I thought Dcfc employed media management experts. Shouldn't they mentor managers and players regarding content of interviews that they give?
  5. Poll: Better or Worse?

    I feel that we will make the play offs by a couple of points. My original expectation for this season was 8th / 9th. So still fairly positive.
  6. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Despite all the negative posts regarding Rowetts team selection, we were the much better team and could have won, had Tom not been harshly sent off. Having said that again we failed to win against a very poor Forest side, so it's two points lost. Huddlestone really will be missed due the the resulting suspension. Then again it will enable him to shake off his injury for the run in.
  7. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Fair point, Steve Mac has been in the game a lot longer and so carries more baggage. He does have his critics but even if he never gets another managerial job, he will have survived in the vipers nest of football coaching / management longer than most. As I have said before, Rowett is still a very inexperienced manager with a lot to prove.
  8. Time to gamble **** or bust ?

    Definitely, a positive start and early goal needed to unsettle a generally poor Forest side.
  9. Favourite Derby shirts

  10. Favourite Derby shirts

    Absolute class.
  11. The Rams are coming...

    Yes I agree, no need. Just get out there and win a game of football. That's what the fans want.
  12. Time to gamble **** or bust ?

    Is Bradley Johnson available? If so, would expect him to slot into the Ledley / Thorne position.
  13. Season starts tomorrow.

    Hoping we can grind out a win, but in truth, expect a nervy draw.
  14. Mitrovic and Grabbon

    Fair points. For me Jerome was at best a squad player to be brought on late in games to offer something different. Not a player to make the difference the way Mitrovic is doing at Fulham. Due to our very very average activities in the January window, I wouldn't fancy our chances in the play offs against Villa, Fulham or a resurgent Boro. Still, we can still hope for a strong finish ...... a bit of luck.
  15. Robbie Savage - Comments in BT Sport

    If Savage had half a brain, he would leave any reference to his involvement in that abysmal season just where it belongs. Buried in the archives.

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