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  1. Hired Samuelson for takeover talks now this guy for administration, he doesn’t learn does he
  2. One mans actions are going to cost us our club our history our legacy absolutely outrageous, it’s sickening
  3. Tickets go off sale mid day Wednesday be surprised if they get them on sale before then 😂
  4. Thank you, like some fans I have no clue how it all works just the longer we have before liquidation the better
  5. Is there a time frame on when we could go into liquidation? How long do we have for a potential owner to come in
  6. Players did themselves proud today they’re a good bunch of lads
  7. It is but they’ve been pathetic for a while now
  8. Wouldn’t blame Rooney if he walked now, he’s a fighter he’s proven that but this is too big now
  9. The new Percy tweet of a 2 year embargo and -21 points just shows the EFL don’t want us to survive at all
  10. 400 left in the initial allocation? Guessing we will get more
  11. Although -9 would likely relegate us yesterday when I saw the news I actually felt better thinking it was over time to move on etc start again but no it drags on longer
  12. Yet the super league lot got F all
  13. Reckon with -9 we will need 54 points in total to stay up
  14. How can they say they’ve missed fans then charge that? How in the premier league is there a price cap but not yet in the championship
  15. Awful on the eye but a brilliant result did not expect that!
  16. Weird side doesn’t give me any more confidence that’s for sure, there front 3 could cause us problems all night…
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