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  1. You don’t mind if the players try. Lack of application and effort first half at Brentford IMO
  2. Did you go to Brentford
  3. We always get this preaching to fans after defeats like this It ain’t the fans fault though.
  4. We don’t need to hold our nerve . We have no say as fans We just pay to watch the team end of.
  5. 3-5-2 is the system . Using wing backs up and down.
  6. Thing is I’m not sure about Bielik in midfield. Looks like a CB to me
  7. Bogle has been a massive miss. Was great against Huddersfield and Swansea until he got injured
  8. I’d play 3 at the anyway with our midfield being so poor.
  9. FT 2-2 Really enjoyed the game tonight on a lovely evening at PP. Only 2 more left at PP
  10. 2-2 Bad back pass from CM
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