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  1. Fantastic pass and goal and it was a pleasure to see it.
  2. He was a lovely lad and would have been so proud of the team. Hope the team can get promotion for the club and fans .
  3. Just before the bounce yesterday. Great atmosphere at Cambridge
  4. Looks like Warne is going to do it as we are odds on to finish 2nd as one win should do it now He has to be given credit as do his coaching team and the players Looking forward to Cambridge and Carlisle now Paul says himself he is like marmite but he has to be given credit. Well done Warney it’s been tough and you deserve a good summer holiday
  5. So Bolton doing their best to muck it up. On to Cambridge and another difficult away day
  6. Tuesday was hugely disappointing and we have to go again. I hope it isn’t too late for 2nd I hope Warne can get us promotion but he’s making hard work of it.
  7. Every Derby fan is behind the team but some see it in different ways. You can be disappointed with the Northampton and Wycombe results and be happy we are 2nd but we are making it such hard work of it all. I don’t enjoy this League sorry PS. Drama queens ! You might be one if we miss out which I hope we don’t.
  8. Of course. It’s still on for 2nd but Bolton are a good side and I don’t like the fact they have 3 home games and 2 are against Port Vale and Shrewsbury.
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