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  1. Man U if they beat Chelsea can still finish top 4 as Arsenal lost tonight . Whether they deserve it or not is debatable
  2. Pep has made City like his old Barcelona team . Difference being though City don’t have Messi
  3. Liverpool might lose at Newcastle and Wolves won’t be easy Anything can happen but City are now favorites for me.
  4. Bernardo scores good goal 1-0 City
  5. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11702630/championship-sides-reject-new-plans-to-reveal-clubs-financial-accounts
  6. I also love Derby County though The Belgium beer is good right !
  7. Wayne seems to be bowling and catching well.
  8. Time wasting and fouling breaks up play allowing a team to get no rhythm going. Clearly QPR were worried every time we looked like breaking away. Fortunately the last break away proved decisive
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