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  1. Probably not funny but have a listen https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000c4sj
  2. Let’s win today for Jim and oh the memories
  3. Don’t like gloating He has made mistakes in the past but so has Jeremy Corbyn
  4. I suppose not but she did say sorry Jo afterwards.
  5. I just thought Swinson didn’t deserve that from a friend
  6. She wants to remain and so does Swinson
  7. Happy Birthday Lets hope the Rams win tomorrow as a present.
  8. I think the Brexit party had a big effect in leave areas even though they didn’t win any seats taking votes off Labour and allowing the Tory vote to prosper in places like Grimsby etc
  9. How can the pollsters be so wrong The result is remarkable
  10. Blyth Valley goes Tory Incredible result
  11. That wasn’t good I agree. Anyhow I’m on a plane now so out of communication for 4hrs. Adios PS Haven’t voted yet Going to be a rush.
  12. So what is your occupation and do you pay into a pension
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