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  1. To be honest mate not sure ...... world football .net ...can be accurate as most bookies would be out of business. Im just joshing with you about this but I see Derby finishing above Bristol but who knows.
  2. Interested how you can come up with 7th . What parameters do you put in your machine and what protocol are you using.
  3. Ridiculous to say Derby won’t make top 6. They have every chance.
  4. I expect us to finish top 6 and be in playoffs which would be a good achievement. All to play for.
  5. We seem to have played him at LB and that’s where he is paying for Aberdeen
  6. Regarding Mason Bennett who is one of our own will he ever be good enough . He has had every chance . Hendrick came with O, Brien from Ireland and both were already a decent age and brought in by NC and didnt go the academy route of the likes of some of today’s academy players. Hughes and Bogle were successes. 2 to 3 million on the Derby academy per year would you say is accurate mate No doubt we have some good prospects but just how good we will have to wait and see. PS Roos is doing great ATM maybe Shay Given effect.
  7. On the academy how much does it cost year on year. Regarding Lowe if he is good enough he should already be good enough for DCFC Only thing is he’s had lots of injuries which may be the thinking as regards getting him fit at Aberdeen but will he ever be good enough to play in the first team at Derby on a regular basis because he looked poor on his return to us.
  8. Just on Lowe. Why was he not kept at Derby in January because if he’s good enough I just don’t get the Ashley Cole signing. PS How much does the academy cost to run season on season.
  9. Either way next season is a test with players out of contract and loan players going back maybe. Has the academy really produced enough for the first team other than Bogle who has been brilliant .
  10. Still have massive chance of top 6 IMO Just need a bit of luck and things to go our way.
  11. Wow England 4 tries before half time against France. May has 3 . 30-8 up
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