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  1. Ouch Outplayed today Well done Australia
  2. Luckily it Didn’t matter as we have 3 wickets since then. 213-4 off 38.2
  3. Let’s not slag Frank off . He has done well for Derby. I just won’t criticize the guy.
  4. 4 Million compensation will help Derby.
  5. Butler missed stumping off Rashid Big blow.
  6. 123- 1 Mo gets Warner caught by Root. Spinners bowling well. Ex Derbyshire man Khwaja in now.
  7. Australia going well mate. 71-0 off 14.
  8. Australia 26-0 off 6 after a few scares.
  9. Haven’t watched IPL but I’m told it’s very entertaining . England vs Australia is always box office lol.
  10. England will bowl after winning toss against Australia
  11. Arsenal ha ha they really like Chelsea.
  12. I am clearly not on the wind up . You need to take your frustration out on someone else not me
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