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  1. Thanks for everything. Cheers and no hard feeling. This is my last post . Nothing wrong other than I’ve had enough of the forum
  2. I don’t like cornflakes so I wouldn’t know. I like the lad but he’s not learning. He has drive but he takes wrong options and loses the ball . He goes at teams and he really tries He gets booked a lot I hope he comes good I like Rooney has he pissed on Derby fans weetabix PS I expect to be banned soon now you are a moderator lol
  3. You slipped this one in without quoting me RamNut . Football is about opinions
  4. We may get Matty Longstaff https://tbrfootball.com/report-Derby-want-newcastles-matty-longstaff-on-loan/
  5. Even he didn’t have instant success. He was a genius though along with Peter Taylor and Dave Mackay
  6. The horses for courses comment is a reference to tactics and team selection
  7. LB is a specialist position as is RB and as I say you have to be able to defend and attack . John Robson was perfect at it as was Gary Charles .
  8. That’s what he started out as . I think he’s a good prospect but as with a lot of players he needs to be very aware of what happening around him . He might play Tuesday as Fozzy might be rested .
  9. Colin Todd was about his size and I think Buchanan is still growing by the looks of it
  10. Knight has done well I agree but he looked tired at Boro which happens and I think he will be better for the rest on Tuesday . Buchanan gets done a lot in the LB area as Wisdom and Marshall did in the RB area today . Buchanan is a great prospect but Id like him at CB for the future
  11. No it isn’t. That’s what pisses the senior players off I guarantee it
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