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  1. Yes didn’t play much but was decent when he did .
  2. A good midfielder I remember
  3. Well well well. What have we been saying all along.
  4. Curtains

    F1 2021

    Well done Lewis on 100 wins
  5. Just unfortunate. Stearman didn’t expect him to play it short.
  6. Our finishing lacked power last night apart from the one Sibley strike for the goal the rest of the shots were like back passes.
  7. I think there must be a case and avenue the club could pursue on employment laws with this. . It seems draconian
  8. Very short contracts These EFL regulations that are flexible. EFL flexible my arse
  9. No I don’t think they are being flexible at all. The players union would be on to them about that because of stopping players working !
  10. Have you heard the rumor about going into administration floating around again !
  11. The EFL are drawing this out to the point of tedium. Its just plain and simple bullying of Derby County.
  12. Like I say I’m drawn to RD for local news. . I just want Chris to question these podcast people more about why they say what they do because most of the time he just agrees with them I thought people like Charlie Palmer and Adam Boulder were refreshing.
  13. I’m drawn to Radio Derby as it’s our local station but I can’t agree with all the reporting on our troubles regarding the EFL and the reflections on Mel Morris as I think it’s been unfairly slanted by interviewing podcast guests who have been criticizing Derby . Lets hope the good times return and RD can enjoy praising the club .
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