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  1. I like the fact he is named after one of the Wu-Tang Clan. Sign him up.
  2. Heard he's already angling for another move...
  3. Good time to send Andy King on for some minutes I think.
  4. People aren't creaming themselves over the prospect of him joining.
  5. Surely the only song that'll catch on with us would be something simple like this (2 Unlimited - No Limit) Efe. Efe Efe. Efe Efe. Efe. Efe Ambrose. Repeat until he does his flip during the goal celebration.
  6. King and Hudds in next week for Evans and Bryson please. Bogle back from suspension and hopefully Cole ready to have a game at left back. I like Nuge, but he shouldn't be starting games for us, there's no threat to the opposition defence while he's on the pitch. Maybe time to give Bennett a run up front if Waghorn or Marriott aren't fit.
  7. Sounds like a bit of public haggling. Taking notes from 'Arry's old tactics.
  8. Well done on keeping your sanity over the years. I worked on the NEP/DT forum back around 2000-2002 and it was hard enough moderating that as part of my daily tasks! One thing we should note is that we’ve not been able to get promoted since dcfcfans was created. Is this the new curse? BURN THE SERVERS DOWN!
  9. As I wrote this there could be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 Prem teams making it into the 5th round of the cup and only Watford of those isn’t really in a relegation or top 6 battle. Could be an interesting winner of the cup if some of those get drawn against each other in the next round.
  10. This also works for Richard Keogh, Harry Wilson, Martyn Waghorn, Mason Bennett and Jayden Bogle if we don't get him.
  11. Nadal won’t play many if any four hour games. Most tournament matches are best of three sets. Early rounds can be over in an hour or so, including sit downs and waiting between points etc. Might do about 4 matches in a week unless you get to the final every time you enter a tournament. Early points and games are over before Nadal has even brown a sweat. Cycling is a totally different sport again. If you’ve ever sat in a peloton (I have raced at a reasonable local level) then you get carried along more than you think. Obviously there is still effort to put in but the pros do hours of training everyday and their bodies are trained to take days of punishment in the saddle. Sprinters put in their main effort for the last 1km of a 200km race, relying on team mates to sacrifice themselves over the duration of the race. Football is an impact sport. Players sprint a lot and put in a lot of anaerobic efforts over the match. It takes its toll. The body takes longer to recover from that. All sports are brutal and take their toll, but you can’t compare apples with oranges and call the odd bananas for being tired for playing over 3 hours of football in less than 72 hours.
  12. https://twitter.com/jonothesecond/status/1083807707054985217?s=21
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