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  1. roboto

    The Rams on the BBC

    I think you need to realise the amount of working class people who also live in London. Not everyone is some super rich millionaire living in a swanky penthouse on the river. That assumption is like me saying that everyone in Texas owns an oil field and 3 ranches.
  2. roboto

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    The reality is in the building.
  3. roboto

    Vydra and Palmer- how to work them together?

    One thing that would never happen, but given the chance I'd like to see if it would work, would be a 4-3-2-1 (aka The Christmas Tree). Bear with me. I think it would allow Vydra and Palmer to work together, even allow Lawrence to have more of an effect on the team. Stick with our regular back 5, our fullbacks are attacking enough to give the width to this formation. A midfield three with Thorne, Ledley and Huddlestone as first choice when fit, Johnson could do a job in a midfield three on the left I think. Palmer and Vydra linking the midfield and attack with Palmer sitting deeper and Vydra running the channels when Huddlestone has the space to play his pin point passes over the top. Lawrence could do a job more centrally as he certainly doesn't run down the wing like our current formation needs him to do. Then one of Nugent, Jerome or even Weimann up top depending on the style of play we need. Nugent would be the most balanced option at the point of the formation, Martin would be the best option, but hey ho. Of course this would never see the light of day, but I tried it on Champ/Football Manager 2012/13 or whatever and I went unbeaten for 3 seasons and won back to back European Cups. History makers. If you're reading Gary/Mel. You know it makes sense.
  4. roboto

    Derby County vs Fulham

    Bit late to worry about shielding the defence when you’re 2 down.
  5. roboto

    Will it be on?

    Forward this suggestion onto Mel please.
  6. You mean an unsubtantiated rumour on Twitter might not be true and people are overreacting over nothing? #fakenews
  7. roboto

    We’re no longer a one man team.

    Thanks Mel ??
  8. roboto

    We’re no longer a one man team.

    Nice to have some options in the building. We've had quality over the pitch for a few seasons now, but only one tactic that didn't suit them all together. Now we have a manager who, although he favours one formation, utilises the skills from each player to change the tactics to suit the game. His one flaw for me is that he sometimes waits a bit too long to make changes when it seems obvious to us fans that something needs changing. But what do we know? We haven't got the team to where they are now. Long may these unconvincing 3-0 wins continue.
  9. roboto

    Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Glad Jerome is starting. Nuge didn’t look fit on Tuesday night. Slowest I’d ever seen him in a Derby shirt, not really chasing and pressing the ball.
  10. roboto

    Kamil Grosicki

    Done, but yet to be announced? ?
  11. Hope Steve can get him to sign in the right box. Don’t trust Gary on these last minute deals after the Kief debacle.
  12. Centre aligned paragraph too.
  13. “Derby boss Steve Cotterill...”
  14. And wisdom. edit: new page fail
  15. roboto

    Jason Shackell - Joined Millwall on Loan

    I have to laugh at these comments about his Mrs is going to hate Millwall. There’s a ton of surrounding areas to choose from that would be suitable for overpaid footballers and their wags. Funnily enough you don’t have to live within 2 miles of the ground to play for someone! I wouldn’t be surprised if they make the move permanently they’ll find somewhere out in Surrey or Kent, maybe even Essex to move into. For now they’ll likely find a hotel on the edge of town. Probably not a travelodge either.

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