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  1. Feel like we were robbed at the end there. The most chances and best we’ve looked in attack for a while and we were punished for sloppy marking at a corner and a slip from Wisdom. We gave them too many chances and they were always going to take some of them.
  2. Stuart or Debbie does...?
  3. roboto

    EFL appeal

    Don’t be so grumpy. I’m rather fondue a good pun.
  4. roboto

    EFL appeal

    When asked if there was likely to be an announcement regarding this appeal an EFL spokesperson said, "There's still-ton of paperwork to go through".
  5. Pretty sure Alonso has said in one of his many interviews last week that he has stepped away from the agency business to allow this all to go through.
  6. The result is painful, but we played well against a team that won their last match 7-0 and are cruising to promotion with a referee on their side for the whole match. We created some half chances and on another day we might’ve taken one or two of them. We should hopefully take the confidence of the performance into the next couple of matches and get those points.
  7. Festy coming on. Hopefully he gets some time to impress
  8. Was expecting us to be outclassed with our injury list and their form. Not sure it’s fair that they also get to play with 12 men on the pitch, but we’re still just about in the game.
  9. Happy about this. I’d like to see him get his debut at some point this season (I’m not counting his sub appearance in the FA cup).
  10. I'd like to see Ebosele at least on the bench for this one. He has looked outstanding in the u23s for a while and only unlucky injuries have kept him from pushing into the first team squad already. I think he's possibly better than McDonald too.
  11. Marshall Wisdom Menghi Edmundson Buchanan Jozwiak Shinnie Knight Lawrence Sibley CKR Would like to start with Stretton in a 4-4-2 if he is fit to play and move Sibley into any of the midfield positions (except for Shinnie's), but I don't think he'd be given a full 90 if fit anyway. Defence is weaker than usual so I've chosen Marshall over Roos as he seems to command the back line better and be more vocal which will hopefully help Menghi.
  12. Maybe a North Korea or Myanmar vibe to distract us from the other issues.
  13. That is the sort of answer I like. I think a lot of the time a lot of people (on all sides of arguments) are just diving in to shout the loudest. If we can all take time to think about a calm and measured response then that would help in the understanding a lot. My main concern is that he is/was an active member of this Vox political party, so likely shares a lot of views that I personally don't. This wouldn't be a real concern if he'd cast a vote a few times, but he is/was (I'm not sure currently) a full member who stood for senate. I sincerely hope he doesn't bring those ideologies with
  14. Best way would be to ask you openly. Are you Muslim?
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