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  1. Probably has fond memories of playing at Pride Park in 1998.
  2. roboto

    Todd Kane

    When @SK47sees a pun...
  3. Is it a problem if they’re a bit ugly?
  4. The kit is an absolute banger. Lover the subtle nods to the old Puma kits. I'm going through 90s footy kit phase at the moment and this suits me down to a tee.
  5. That's how they always introduce him.
  6. Can't really go around calling strangers fat now mate either. I think, without getting called out for being too PC, we should step back and take note of the mental harm any discrimination can cause. Andy Reid and Kenny Burns are Bamfords though.
  7. Didn't say you were condoning it mate. Just highlighting a problem for people to understand why it's wrong.
  8. I've highlighted a problem here. People using these terms as a negative isn't helping at all. Calling someone a "poof" isn't as light-hearted or jovial as people are claiming it to be. People may not think they're being homophobic by using the term lightly, but they are. Think of it as the same as if you were using a demeaning word to call out a players race. It's not acceptable and never should've been.
  9. Good work. I've completed the survey. Hope you get some good information out of it.
  10. Agreed @DJFern94. This team has really come into its own on the biggest stages this season. The cup performances against Prem teams and the Playoff second leg being the highlights. Really looking forward to screaming my lungs out and cheering the lads on tomorrow. Proud of them all, whatever the result.
  11. Probably been knocked down and turned into luxury apartments. This is London maaaaaaate.
  12. If Cole or Wisdom start I’d expect us to focus our attacks down the right and Bogle given the green light to attack at will. A bit like how Fozzy was allowed to attack while Wisdom stayed back during Mac1
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