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  1. The other impressive thing about that Thorne clip posted is the amount of forward runs into space and behind defenders by our forward line. If Rooney had those options in front of him then we'd be laughing. We desperately need a player (or two) like that at the moment.
  2. I'd expect this means we're close to a winger replacement then. Or I hope we are anyway...
  3. A clean sheet and a pretty comfortable win. Nice way to end the week. This thread won’t go past 22 pages. What are the odds on 32Red for that?
  4. Also translates as "rented". Perhaps a loan to the end of the season? Hopefully with an option to buy. I think this is the transfer rumour at the minute that excites me the most.
  5. And some of us on here have managed a team that has beaten Gary Rowett’s Millwall? 😉
  6. I think this team is alright. From what we’ve seen of Rooney so far, I’d say he will be spraying passes out to the wing from his midfield position. He needs forward thinking full backs and willing runners ahead of him and that is what he’s got with this selection. Granted, we could do with a bit more quality from some of our quickest players, but I hope this works out for us.
  7. At the risk of repeating myself from a few pages back. I think Sinclair would be a great signing for us and fit in well with the way Cocu wants to play. He has enough pace still and is great a driving forward with the ball at his feet. No Lawrence jokes please. His goal record is pretty decent too. I don't buy into all this weak SPL rubbish. Celtic would walk the Championship if they were in the league. They've competed well in The Champions League and the Europa League and Sinclair has been a top performer in those matches too. He's currently frozen out by Lennon, but the Celtic fans I know love him and would like him to be playing again, especially with the current injury crisis with their wingers. My mate said he is probably the fittest player in the squad, even at 30 and not being used. £30k a week is pretty steep I guess, but I'm sure Mel can work something out to upset Steve Gibson. I think Sinclair would add a lot to the team and a front line of Martin supported by Rooney, Lawrence and Sinclair would be absolutely insane.
  8. Haha! I’ve never claimed to be in The know. Just adding to the rumours and I’d be happy to see him playing for us.
  9. I wouldn’t be so dismissive. I heard from my Celtic supporting mate (who gets a fair few things right like this), that Sinclair was on the verge of signing for a Championship club on deadline day but it didn’t get over the line. Wouldn’t surprise me if we were in the mix. Would be a good signing IMO. A bit like Lawrence but more versatile (good on the wing) and has performed at a higher level too.
  10. While this is very funny and I can understand the point you're trying to make. We shouldn't be comparing any of these youth players to the likes of Hanson, Ball, Addison etc. due to the high level they're performing at at the moment. None of our youth teams until recently have been so successful at their age category and the results are backed up by solid performances across the pitch. There were people who sad to see Elsnik leave and before that the likes of Jamie Hanson and Ivan Calero were among the best we had in the academy. This current group are head and shoulders above any of those players. I guess the only comparable academy graduate of recent times is Will Hughes, who still hasn't reached the level we thought he would when he was with us. There are still players that won't make the cut, that's the nature of the game, but I have high hopes for a lot of the players to be performing at a much higher level than the first team currently are in the years to come. It's all very exciting.
  11. Is this the Investment Close next to Funding Street or the one near Outlay Alley?
  12. You out with CM19 and the lads the other night too?
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