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  1. A bit more insight from my mate. He thought he would be the best player to replace Scott Brown (Brown and Shinnie have had big battles in the past). Says he is a massive competitor, great leader, great passer, better than Kenny McLean at Norwich who played at Aberdeen with him. Would have him at Celtic in a heartbeat.
  2. I think this will be a great signing. My Celtic supporting mate reckons he is awesome and he doesn't often rate players from the SPL unless they play for Celtic. He also said back in the summer that John McGinn would be a great signing and that Celtic nearly signed him, but wouldn't match his wages. Villa got a bargain there.
  3. Son of The Cat from Red Dwarf.
  4. “Played the race card”? Will you listen to yourself? Racism isn’t a game and isn’t to be taken lightly and passed off like nothing has happened. I’m pretty sure that Duane, as a professional footballer, has been sworn at and called names before, but if he feels he’s been racially abused then he has every right to call out the abuser about it and an investigation needs to take place. The evidence might not be very strong and it will probably be a case of one word against another, but to say that he’s ‘playing the race card’ because a friend of yours said he’s done it before when he was at school is insulting. Also, what were the circumstances for him to ‘play the card’ at school? Just for a laugh to get some bigger boys in trouble? Probably not, but even so, he’s not a school boy any more so I’d expect he wouldn’t make a complaint without a cause.
  5. Was kind of hoping we’d have the swear filter turned off after dark or something when I clicked the topic. Like an internet watershed thing. Guess I’ll just need to be ducking happy with a dark background though. Nice work!
  6. I don't think it's a coincidence that results and form have dropped without him. The way we were setup with Mount, Huddlestone and Wilson on the pitch meant there were 3 danger men for opposition teams to try and mark out of the game, meaning that there was either a bit more room for one of them from time to time or other players had a bit more freedom. With Mount out injured and Huddlestone and Wilson sturggling for form (possibly because it's easier to concentrate on marking 2 players all the time rather than 3) then we've not created as much. People say he was out of form when he got injured and hadn't been doing a great deal, but I think that's due to how much effort other teams were putting into nullifying him. I've no doubt that we'lll see results and performances pick up again once we get all three back together in the team. Hopefully he isn't out for too much longer.
  7. I like the fact he is named after one of the Wu-Tang Clan. Sign him up.
  8. Heard he's already angling for another move...
  9. Good time to send Andy King on for some minutes I think.
  10. People aren't creaming themselves over the prospect of him joining.
  11. Surely the only song that'll catch on with us would be something simple like this (2 Unlimited - No Limit) Efe. Efe Efe. Efe Efe. Efe. Efe Ambrose. Repeat until he does his flip during the goal celebration.
  12. King and Hudds in next week for Evans and Bryson please. Bogle back from suspension and hopefully Cole ready to have a game at left back. I like Nuge, but he shouldn't be starting games for us, there's no threat to the opposition defence while he's on the pitch. Maybe time to give Bennett a run up front if Waghorn or Marriott aren't fit.
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