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  1. Have I misunderstood something? We wouldn't be playing Elfsborg or Midtjylland in the 2nd round as we're match 5 in the first round. Meaning we'd have a possible trip to Iceland or Estonia to ÍA Akranes or Levadia Tallinn.
  2. No one has mentioned the second half has started? Are we all still bickering?
  3. Could also go to Scotland or other leagues in Europe too. Paying 75% (but hopefully less) of their wages is still better than paying everything and having them here not getting any games.
  4. roboto

    Jordon Ibe

    Said Noone. Ever.
  5. tHiS IsNT a sIGniNG!
  6. He is a good player. Can keep hold of the ball well and has a high pass completion rate in the games I've seen him play. Very steady, but not exactly exciting to watch. His stats look bad at a glance as people always highlight goals and assists. He'd probably be more impressive statistically if people counted contribution towards goals like in Ice Hockey where you get an assist if you're involved in the immediate build up and not just the final pass. I'd say he is more of a midfielder than a winger too, although he is versatile and will put his all into whichever position he gets selected for on match day.
  7. My Saints mate says Forster is on £100k a week though. I guess we can't afford to be paying anything like that.
  8. Haraguchi is a decent technical player as are pretty much all Japanese midfielders for the national team. I can't say he's the most exciting player from the current Japan squad. I follow Japanese players a lot as my wife is Japanese and it gives me something to talk about with my brother in-law when I go out there each year. Would be good for our global PR and branding. Lots of Japanese fans would start to follow Derby.
  9. I think Ravas is quite highly rated isn't he? We've got enough depth, but the average age of our keepers is a bit of a worry. Give Shay a player contract if needed 😂
  10. roboto

    Jordon Ibe

    I think we're ok for CM, especially if we can make it to Jan without any significant injury problems. Dowell and Holmes both provide creativity and Shinnie looks like he might be utilised as a box to box type player. Sibley and Knight are highly rated and we have good cover for the DM role as mentioned in previous posts. If the Huddersfield line-up is anything to go by then I think we need more wide options as Lawrence looked good in that free role in behind Waghorn. I think Cocu might even like to have a front 4 that could interchange through the game.
  11. All the Rooney shirts should be £32. They'd sell even more then.
  12. roboto

    Jacob Murphy

    As if Sheff Wed would do business with Newcastle.
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