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  1. Said the baker to the football club owning arsonist...
  2. roboto


    I've been trying to think of which player Sibley reminds me of the most and I keep coming back to Paul Scholes. If he turns into even half the player Scholes was I will be ecstatic. Fortunately, I think that is very possible for him, with the right career path and coaching. His runs forward and composure on the ball for someone so young are amazing. His tenacity is also something we shouldn't take out of his game. He'll get a few cards here and there, but his overall quality and game will be hindered if you make him tame that part of his game. I'm sure in time the fully finished player will be a key player for England and a top Champions League team, but I'd love him to stay at Derby for as long as possible, perhaps even take us to the promised land and Europe along the way. Apologies for the happy clapper opinion. Today is a good day.
  3. roboto


    Marketing, done right.
  4. I thought club policy was no gloves and socks below knees. Now I'm confused.
  5. Anyone still want to moan about Cocu resting some key players on Thursday? While I'm trying to stay realistic, the result and the manner of the victory has got me a bit optimistic that we might make a late surge up the table. Imagine if we go up through the playoffs and all those haters who have moaned about selection decisions all season need to eat some humble pie. Cocu has got to grips with what he has available to work with and it is showing with our performances. Imagine what can happen if he is allowed to sign some players now he knows where he needs to strengthen the squad?
  6. Looking forward to Stretton getting a hat-trick
  7. Investment cul-de-sac.
  8. This is the first match I've been able to attend since Rooney signed. Seems a bit unreal still, but hoping that he'll score a hat-trick to mark the occasion for me. Thanks in advance Wayne.
  9. I see FloJo has gloves on. Terrible attitude etc...
  10. roboto

    Perry Ng

    Is that you Craig? Not got much on since the weekend incident?
  11. Nyon is slightly more picturesque than Loughborough though. Lake Geneva or River Soar?
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