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  1. Do we reckon they'll be on sale in Sports Direct before the official launch like the home kit was last year?
  2. Jozwiak only plays well when he’s against poor teams. Like Spain… Well that’s what some on here say anyway.
  3. The guy is given a free pass by some for his perceived charisma and being a “one of the lads” type of player. The truth is we have plenty more hard working professionals at the club who work harder in training to be considered suitable for selection and if the latter few managers that Marriott has played under have started to leave him out of the team regularly, even when he’s not injured, then people need to see that he isn’t the sort of player they wish he was. Yeah, he scored THAT goal vs Leeds and looked promising when he first joined, but I don’t think we should be upset that he
  4. I like Jozwiak as a player and just think he's not settled well into a team that had all the attacking confidence sapped out of them from the start of last season. He played better when his mate Bielik was fit and has shown glimpses of what he's capable of so far. I admit, it's been a disappointing return on someone who we thought would be a match winner for us, but if we can get some better attacking options this summer for him to play with and some tactics that play to his strengths (carrying the ball and getting in behind the opposition defense) then I'm sure he will have a much better
  5. I reckon it was this thread that made the club publish the retained list today! 😉
  6. Really hope Archie and Festy continue with us. They would provide excellent cover next year if their current progression is a sign of things to come. Surprised with the Goalkeepers. Not sure how Ravas has done out on loan to be fair, but though he was down the pecking order behind Foster and Idem. Looks like we'll be signing one or two young keepers for the U23 at least. Not bothered about Marriott at all. He can go, not sure why some on here give him such praise and slag off someone like Lawrence when Lawrence has made himself available, trained to the standard required and played a
  7. All we want is some good innings
  8. So, it’s over?
  9. Because his current contract ends in about 3 weeks?
  10. Sturridge is 31 now as was Bent when he first joined on loan. I get the injury concerns, but... Sturridge has had some time away (in which he's lookked like he's kept himself fit) which will have helped him by not putting a regular strain on areas where he's picked up injuries before. A good pre-season would get him up to speed with the rest of the squad. I don't think it will happen, but I wouldn't write him off if he did join.
  11. I wouldn't mind Sturridge here if the terms were good for the club. He'd be a bit of a gamble, but he's the sort of player that Stretton could learn a lot from - positioning, finishing etc. If he is interested in coming in to be a squad player, help develop some of our younger players and not expect to be the main man then he could be a useful addition. We still got some good performances and goals from Darren Bent who was a similar player at a similar stage in his career when he joined.
  12. He's just a Pascal, Dizzee Pascal... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XugfvhT2ves
  13. I would've thought others might be brimming with puns for this lad. I heard he could be the next James Milliner... potential to be beret good, but hopefully not a has-beanie.
  14. If he signs and does well for us I'll eat my hat. Perhaps, if we're lucky he'll earn some international caps along the way. Please forgive me if the puns seem a bit flat. Perhaps I've peaked too soon.
  15. Doesn't he use whatsapp? 😂
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