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  1. The first bit I believe, the second bit has shocked me! You feeling alright? ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. There wasn't an official announcement about not paying the playing staff, so I doubt there will be an official announcement about us eventually paying them. I hope we have though and this saga is coming to an end.
  3. Only? Still not worth that based on what he's done since he's been here.
  4. As has just been mentioned in another thread. Man City took 7 months (before the influx of owners who need to go through FFP vetting) and Burnley's recent takeover was 8 months in total. We found out about this takeover in October which was only 4 months ago and the longest time period we know of is that MM first spoke with BZG/BZI in May last year, which will take us to about the 8 month mark now. Neither of these are twice as long as other takeovers of note. I understand it's frustrating though. We now live in a time where people are demanding immediacy.
  5. The amateur detective inside me still thinks that the news last night was leaked by someone senior at the club, to somehow add some urgency to the situation. Jim White is obviously well connected with MM and SP and the interview on the radio just now was to settle some nerves after some feathers were ruffled last night. I think there's a very high stake poker hand being played right now and we just raised the stakes hoping that they'll call our hand. Hope we're not bluffing too much though.
  6. Pearce just confirmed that everything is still going ahead with the takeover as far as he is aware.
  7. Working on alternatives to make sure everyone gets paid.
  8. Just senior squad and coaching staff unpaid. Number one priority to get them paid. Still expecting the funding to come from BZI.
  9. No danger of administration apparently. Just the awkwardness of the timing and how long it's taking to finalise it.
  10. No statement before 10am would indicate that something has changed since the media stories have come out and the club are waiting to announce something. You'd think that there would have been an official response by now if there had been no change to the situation reported last night. The club have usually responded quite quickly to other leaked stories.
  11. One letter up from LSD ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. If thereโ€™s no club statement this evening or first thing tomorrow, then youโ€™d hope that this is an attempt to push a deal through. Not ideal though... ๐Ÿ˜‚ If the club release a statement confirming the media reports then I think weโ€™re well and truly fooked.
  13. That's less of a promise than marriage vows and how many divorcees do we have on the forum? ๐Ÿ™‚
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