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  1. Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Time for Thorne to cement his place in the starting XI then. I think a Thorne/Hudds combo against Birmingham will be awesome.
  2. Derby County F.C. v Sheffield United F.C.

    He needs to get in line behind all the others on here that know more than GR.
  3. Hull City A.F.C v Derby County F.C.

    Do you think what he tells the press is exactly what he tells the players? I’m pretty sure he lets them into a bit more information about the line up, the tactics and his reasoning than he lets on to us and the rest of the world reading his comments in press conferences.
  4. Hull City A.F.C v Derby County F.C.

    No need to change a team that just had a comfortable 3-0 win IMO. Yes, we’ve got a squad and our bench has great quality on it, but the players will get their chance. I reckon the team will stay the same until we lose or we get to the Manure game. If there’s an injury then we’ve got adequate cover. The players recognise this and know they need to take their chance when it comes and make the position their own. No doubt all the people moaning about not rotating the squad are the first to moan when results don’t go our way. “He should’ve changed the team/He should’ve kept the same XI/He should’ve given [insert name here] a rest/I knew he made the wrong team choice when I saw the twitter post at 2pm” etc. Gary’s in charge of the selection, he’s not done too bad a job so far has he? Im looking forward to a consistent performance and hopefully another resounding win so I can rub it in my Hull-supporting bosses face when I go back to work next week. 🙂
  5. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    Can't believe we didn't freshen up the team a little bit. Could've been at least 5 or 6 up with a different XI.
  6. Derby County F.C. v Millwall F.C.

    Does this make us better than Wolves and the rest of the sides that couldn't beat these cloggers?
  7. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Suppose we can just stop the game now if it's that boring. Pack up lads. Go home with the 3 points.
  8. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    ...and then VYDRA
  9. Derby Vs Forest Freestyle (RamsTV vid)

    I think this is great. A young musician, who is well respected in his scene, showing his love for the team and representing his city the best way he can. Rams TV and DCFC appealing to a wider audience. Something a bit different from what other clubs are doing. Not sure what you can have to complain about with this. Oh wait, we're Derby 'fans', there's always something to complain about...
  10. Two Teams

    You missed out Kieftenbeld. Good to see Bryson and Butterfield back though.
  11. Derby County v Hull City

    Oh. Your reverse hex seems to have worked a treat. Well played.
  12. David Davis

    SDSR just mentioned on the Winnall thread that we've got Kieftenbeld. I guess this instead of Davis.
  13. Glad he's not called Loseall otherwise we'd have even more moaning on here tonight.
  14. Ryan Kent - Signed for Bristol City on loan

    Have we got a Deal in place yet?
  15. Calm down. Mel is watching the forum to make sure we get to page 300 and had a quiet word with Gabbidon to stir the pot a little to get this over the line.

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