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  1. Is his club squeaky clean ? Didnt he sell their debt to one if his own businesses or something like ? .........People who live in glass houses and all that ?
  2. Wait till its Boro's turn ......I'll be sat there with the popcorn !!
  3. It's like the unmade bed ....No sheet Sherlock !! 不不
  4. ................Florist 2-0 down at home to the Gibsons ......every cloud and all that 不不不不
  5. Great point and well deserved
  6. Why is there a white cardboard box walking round the pitch ?
  7. No ......just a very naughty boy !
  8. More chance of plaiting fog
  9. Cup progress that we wont win v 3 points from Red dogs (especially if we do have a 3 point deduction incoming ) ....use your grey matter
  10. I was pi$$ing by the wondow and heard they thonk it will be tuesday
  11. Calm down dear , it's only a commercial
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