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  1. Wouldn't think he would be anywhere near receiving anything until appeal by club is heard ......even then the decision could be overturned.
  2. Oooh , another bullet dodged !
  3. Stuff them off , its taking too long .........find someone who actually CAN complete the deal.
  4. Hoping to see Forest capitulate but its like Grimpen mire out there , fully expecting the Hound of the Baskervilles to emerge from the mist
  5. ........ And cue the silence from ALL the Doom merchants 不不不
  6. Pick up your toys and get back in the pram. He's no quitter
  7. That ref was a complete Bamford ! Their full back should have been off for a second yellow instead of which he gave THEM a free kick. Then he waits for them to score before he blows the whistle .
  8. After which they can play American ('Boro Idiot) by Green Day
  9. Give him a chance, only just signed , he's got to find the loo there first !! 不不
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