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  1. When you don't get folk sitting on them for seasons on end they tend to fade to pink. 不不不不
  2. Perhaps we are seen as Scapegoats ? I hope not , but maybe they are looking to deflect criticism of their ineptitude over the Bury scenario and see us as an easy target. I think they would be opening a can of worms should they decide we are guilty of flouting FFP "rules" ....Leeds, Forest, Villa etc watch your backs , there may be a Sh/T storm brewing .....just sayin.
  3. Am I in the right place ? Can't believe what I am reading , is there an outbreak of Sanity in the forum ? ........what's happened to all the wrist slashers/Sack the Manager/Board/Owner / Tea lady brigade ? I'm beginning to like it here
  4. Chuff me ! Must be good stuff that Dark fruits 不不 How much IS the ransom ?
  5. Still here Dawn ? .......does mummy know you're out ?
  6. Go home , your village is missing it's IDIOT!! 不不
  7. OOH, OOH !........don't tell me , let me guess , he wants Colin or Billy back
  8. I was there to see it at that end ....COSMIC !
  9. McGovern was pilloried when he came to Derby yet he was missed when out of the team. Remind me of what honours he went on to win please I cant remember , must be selective memory
  10. Yeah and straight back down 不不不
  11. "Continuity" there's the New word. Will people please back the team and Management and stop calling for peoples heads because we've "missed" penalties/dropped points/upset you because we're not playing like Brazil This is not some version of FIFA or whatever game is currently in vogue ,it's the real world . I don't give a monkey's about Bielsa and what his team are doing, how did it work out for them last season after "running away " with it ?
  12. If he'd scored we would not be having this nonsensical debate. Too many Armchair managers who play FIFA and are "experts" . Over a season players miss penalties , scuff free kicks and miss blindingly simple tap ins from two feet. These things even them selves out over a season. So if we had the extra points we would be top , how did that finish for L砂查s last season ? . Take a chill pill
  13. Or 20 yard stare 梗梗
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