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  1. Had u heard of Kevin Keegan at Scunthorpe ?
  2. Give it a rest Miss Marples !! 🤣🤣
  3. Don't dismiss the opportunity to loan a top keeper.........think back to How many points Shilton saved us a season (And Florest though I hate to admit that) if we have chance to do this it's a no brainer IMHO .
  4. Just shine that light into the Derby night sky over P.P. and he'll be there in no time !!
  5. What it is to be of a certain age ! ..........look it up the rest of you 🤣
  6. Oooh ........has he got a Turner Overdrive ?
  7. Forest fans got excited over Silenzi (if that's how you spell his name) ......how did that end ??
  8. SORRY but with that team we'll be in the soup !!
  9. Bee-lick ?? .......sounds like he's got a sting in the tail !! 😱😱😱
  10. He's not the finished article , but if he sees Pride Park as a home from home and wants to learn and improve , where would you sooner see him ply his trade this season ?
  11. DOOM-MONGER ! ........I see you and claim my White fiver !!
  12. Meh.........bit one footed for me
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