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  1. Wignall12

    Tom Lawrence

    Spot on ........Shall we see what the new season brings before slagging players off .............VYDRA got oodles of stick and was written off by all and sundry last year. How many did he score lat season ? . A lot of people on here like the sound of their own voices ...are you fans or WUM s ?
  2. Wignall12

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    On Stoke ...FTFY👍
  3. Wignall12

    Inside info

    I know an old Dragon ?
  4. Wignall12

    Demetri Mitchell

    Anyone remember Steve Gerard ? .....he was always injured as a youngster
  5. Wignall12


    Sorry , I've missed something here .......was Harry Kane OUR golden boot winner ? ...when did we sell him ?
  6. Wignall12


    A lot of people on here thought the same of our golden boot winner too .......remind me how it turned out again ?
  7. Wignall12

    Robert Huth

    No but it's the highway to it !! ☠☠☠☠
  8. Wignall12

    Chris Martin

    So long as he doesn't possess a brolly he will be fine !!!
  9. Wignall12

    Jack Marriott

    Yep ....I'm sure you would get permission for a new Supermarket on the site !!
  10. Wignall12

    Jack Marriott

    Yes but if it all goes tits up for them we get a good belly laugh at the fall out !! ....just remember that 💩💩💩
  11. Oh dear ……...delusions of inadequacy !!!!! 😛
  12. Wignall12

    Kasey Palmer

    Beam me up Spotty !

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