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  1. No , they probs eat the vegans raw !
  2. When you say we know little about, do you mean the fans or the club ? ....who knew a lot about Keegan at Scunthorpe ? Or Georgie Kinkladze when he first surfaced? Don't be so dismissive , he must have been looked at
  3. You sure it wasn't at the check out at B&Q ?
  4. Best wishes GT ...hope it goes better for you
  5. His toes are too big to make a footballer
  6. Have we won yet ? ......can't stand this !
  7. Think you'll find the agent speaking on behalf of the agent or am I just cynical ?
  8. To be fair we haven't been having a good time with injuries for a while , who ran a black cat over ?
  9. You can only sign the player early if their parent club are willing to let them go at that particular point , else you move on to option 2, 3, 4 and end up with that pair of socks you allude to..........take those blinkers off .
  11. Surely if he can take us giving the p@ss he can then p@ss it to one of ours ? .....that'll do for me GET HIM SIGNED UP !
  12. Is Barry from Burton available ? , what's your source ? Spill the beans I'm intrigued 🙂🙂
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