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  1. Have a little faith, he isn't daft , this is a work in progress ..........patience dear boy !
  2. Bet he thinks Nosferatu plays his football in Bucharest ! 😂😂😂
  3. Leave Frank's Dark fruits alone ! ........he can't help it
  4. I've always lacked a bit of decorum , I think it fell off somewhere along the road !!
  5. Very fame? ........is this a cunning new system ?
  6. Very condescending remark by the lass that interviewed m.o.t.m after the game I thought...."is this a chance for Brighton to go further in the competition , especially as it's Derby " ........if Frank doesn't use that to spur us on , I'll bare my backside in Burton's window !
  7. In Frankie I trust ............stun us all Frankie !
  8. Can some one tech savvy do something with the Man Ure Newton Heath kit replica ? Tried to post a pic but couldn't suss out how......Would love to see it in our original colours with the chocolate and gold halves/blue sleeves and the retro laces
  9. COME ON fellow RAMS, let's make this happen , this could be a CLASSIC strip in every sense of the word , possibly in a "period" design ? Like the Man Ure one was?
  10. I shudder to think which one !!! 😱😱😱
  11. Anyone else agree ? .......we could always have a public vote , I'll add my two penneth worth and say I'm all in favour , if it was good enough for Man Ure ..........
  12. Maybe , but they could read him
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