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  1. I'd pay THEM to keep her !! 不不不
  2. And yet a lot are responded to through beer goggles ....keep the faith is my advice
  3. Perhaps we could print Law ,Best and Charlton and sign the as free agents ?? 不不
  4. .......and there's a man works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis !! 不不
  5. KEEP THE FAITH ! ............we will come through this , In Cocu we trust
  6. OOOOH, let's hope so , can't wait for the Teeside meltdown .........
  7. I think Cocu is a different animal to Clough Junior , more experienced, better contacts , give him his chance in the next transfer window , he must be seething under the surface, let him bring his own men in to play as he wants.
  8. Wish everyone would quit overanalysing and being so goddamn impatient, and no I'm not having a pop at Andicis , it seems to be a general trend. How can we have stability if we go through Managers like a Donkey eating strawberries? . Anyone remember a certain Sir Alex Fergusson in his early days at Man Ure ? One game away from the chop, yet they gave him the benefit of the doubt. Anyone tell me what happened then ? Ok so we may finish lower than we hope for but I'd like to see the man given his proper chance. Stop with the hair trigger stuff !!
  9. Yes he did and was limping immediately after the petulant contact
  10. Give him time , let him bring his own men in and he will show his mettle. He has inherited a "lucky bag" but some of it has proved to be spanners, I am behind the guy and wish him well , so should we all COYR !!
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