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  1. Dont be so Dave-ist , I may take afence or shed or whatever comes to hand
  2. Dont be so Cheesy , it grates on me .....any more of it and I'll have you on toast !
  3. Yep ....Sour grapes 🍇🍇🍇
  4. Time will tell where we end up shopping , so long as its not the corner garage for some Manky flowers and a crushed box of chocs we will be fine
  5. Yeah....I know you know!
  6. Fruity , it has to have Ltd after it if its a Limited company
  7. That takes the biscuit
  8. Also a rumour of the ex Wimbledon hard man joining the coaching staff , he uses a lot of expletives but I think Blue Vinny could do a good job
  9. I understand Gorgon Zola available on a free from Napoli could solve our forward problems
  10. I'm growing fondue of this thread
  11. Perhaps CKR can poach a goal for us ?
  12. I see you are scrambling for puns now !
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