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  1. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    Have you not been on much since March 2018 when the article was published. Come on Ramos, do keep up.
  2. Nobody put the lights out yet Curtains?
  3. You are not the first to drop an E to make things seem better.
  4. @DarkFruitsRam7is a top away spectator, Renowned forum poster and cultured orator, but it is sad to say, that at the end of the day, He is known as the Leppings Lane Masterbater.
  5. He was unlucky to a degree with Lampard Curtains, but he should have known he was taking a real risk hiring him. He was either going to struggle through inexperience, or have a good first year and then be attracted by a Russian, or anyone else with some big money, waving their frilly knickers at him. To have gone with Rowett, then allow Lampard to come in and play a completely different system, selling Vydra and buying some complete dross instead (and paying huge irrecoverable loan fees) was Morris’s fault. As for Club Owners coming under pressure from Fans to sack Managers, when did that ali
  6. Portsmouth and Sunderland gambled big too. Mel bought the club, and is entitled in many ways to spend as little or as much money he likes to chase his dream. He however had/has, in my view, a responsibility to have a long term plan to protect the best interests of our club, and as custodian to always be in a position to ensure that funds are available so the club does not go under. He remains a very rich man fortunately, so therefore there really is no reason why he should not keep funding the club until he has passed the baton to a new ‘fit and proper’ owner. Spending money wasn’t r
  7. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    An undisclosed amount of dough.
  8. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    Troll? @Boyciecan this be construed as a personal insult. If so I will wear it as a badge of honour.
  9. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    If you weren’t married, I would make sure you were a regular visitor to my boudoir you cheeky little Rammette.
  10. Someone young upfront you say.
  11. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    Ha. She’s a women don’t you know. The summary will be at least twice the length of the original.
  12. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    Your views are definitely outdated. I don’t know about the amortisation stuff though.
  13. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    … and put the Harvey’s Bristol Cream back in the drinks cupboard.
  14. i-Ram

    EFL appeal

    It does seem that the ‘call for action’ is, showing signs of, err, flagging. By the way, I know a urologist who offers his services on Tiktok. Refers to himself as a Dicdoc.
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