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  1. Top band. Seen them a couple of times down Concorde2 at Brighton, and they always play a good, tight set.
  2. It might be something you want to celibate, but is there any chance we can have our bloody boat back?
  3. You misunderstand my post Sasha, and we are on the same page with JC. I was replying, tongue in cheek, to one of our members who wishes us all to believe that things would be so much better if there was red flag flying over Parliament Square.
  4. Vote Labour: We guarantee every uk registered merchant ship will be accompanied by an armed frigate on each and every journey.
  5. Buying the football club rather than opening a new tasty chicken takeaway in Blackburn.
  6. She is probably slowing down a bit. Graeme probably needs to be at home passing on instructions. A house can get proper untidy at this point, and nobody wants to come home to dirty dishes or a basket of ironing.
  7. How we feeling this afternoon regarding Waggy’s pre-season form?
  8. I personally wouldn’t play Waghorn again until he improves. I mean he had that 45 minutes against Sarasota, and an interrupted first half against Bristol City, and he failed to score. What is the bloke doing turning up to pre-season looking so rusty. Stick him on the bench until he looks great again. Be very surprised if Sibley gets minutes in front of Dowell, but would be quite happy to see them both play and Huddlestone take a seat on the bench.
  9. What kind of chicanery is that Curtains? Enjoy the game today buddy.
  10. They will surely sleep easy tonight. #DavesaRammostofthetime
  11. i-Ram

    Fikayo Tomori

    I know it is the Mirror, but they quote Lampard directly it would seem. I would have thought that if he wants Zouma to stay that they probably don’t need Tomori this season as he would probably be 5th choice centre back (unless they have him in mind for left back cover). https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/frank-lampard-confirms-chelsea-transfer-18366440
  12. @David Really sorry to learn that you continue to suffer with physical and mental turmoil. Hopefully someone soon will get to the bottom of this for you. All the best.
  13. i-Ram

    New joke thread

    Met this girl in the pub, and said to her ‘you remind me of my little toe’. She said ‘ahhh, do you mean I am small and squidgy’. l said ‘Nah, in half an hour I hope to be banging you hard against the kitchen table’.
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