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  1. All the best buddy. Hope to see you soon. Definitely Fulham, but perhaps before.
  2. We need to start our own clique lads. I don’t like the one the others have established anyway. Some of them are right up themselves. Literally.
  3. Every bloody year in October I come on here waiting to be wished happy Birthday. But no, just the same old posters every year, being chummy and overfamiliar, with their mutual back slapping. It’s not even as if they contribute anything significant, well certainly very little in comparison to me. Not even a token mention today that I have reached 60. Don’t get coming on here now passing on your faux congratulations. It won’t wash. You are all dead to me.
  4. Won’t be long before Bruce is axed. Probably hacksawed too.
  5. Give it a couple more years and it will be Superthey. Not that I properly understand all this non-binary stuff. I don’t know my ******** from my elbow.
  6. I heard they are very rich in Foreve. Most of their residents are extremely wealthy, and have a lot of time on their hands.
  7. I like the comment under the article which says: Can I have a refund on my subscription? I seem to have wandered into another newspaper.
  8. Stop posting…..Stop posting…………..Stop posting…………………………Stop posting……………………………….
  9. You do seem to get terribly worked up about possible ramifications.
  10. You might like to think LeatherWorld and Ann Summers ads are random, but we all have your card marked.
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