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  1. i-Ram

    New Blood!

    Juan’sCocuFluInterVera’sNesta. Best wishes to all concerned.
  2. i-Ram

    Jordan Jones

    Any news on this lad? Seems to have gone a bit quiet.
  3. i-Ram

    Tom Lawrence

    My guess, for what worth, is that the majority of posters who have been saying he was not worth £7m over the last 12 months, will be now saying £10m is too low and we shouldn’t start talking below £12m. Funny old game, the internet.
  4. i-Ram

    Matej Vydra

    He has no RV. We had him on a free. I think his wages might be considerable considering his playing record over the last 2 seasons.
  5. i-Ram

    How much have you spent on Steam

    Another topic of hot air.
  6. Black. Keep up Mozza.
  7. i-Ram

    Matej Vydra

    No you wish you had his money. Much much different.
  8. i-Ram

    Matej Vydra

    Hello Mrs Martin. Sorry but l think you are quick to misunderstand me, and of course anyone who says anything that is other than positive about Chris. I wasn’t having a go at him. Indeed I have an element of sympathy for him. His head might be shot, and he might not have the stomach for another move. He is a very well paid footballer, but that does not mean he cannot suffer similar work related stress and anxiety that many of us lesser mortals do.
  9. i-Ram

    Matej Vydra

    I can’t help but feel that his “abdominal” issue is that he can’t stomach another loan/move. Arguably of all the deals done in the last 3 years, the decision to offer him an improved contract then soon after sack Mac2 must be the most crazy. One wonders where his head might be at the moment because l sense he isn’t in Lampard’s plans.
  10. i-Ram

    Your all time guilty tracks

    My Mrs has an Electro Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz Box in the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet. Don’t think she has ever played guitar though.
  11. i-Ram

    Tidal v Spotify

    I prefer the NOW albums meself.
  12. i-Ram

    Jack Marriott

    He does look like he has a good touch, and an instinct where the goal is. I am not sure though l like the fact that he seems to turn luminous just before he receives the ball. Ok in the First Divsion, but in the Championship l think a few defenders might pick-up on his positioning better, and that would clearly limit his effectiveness.
  13. i-Ram

    Jack Marriott

    Internet trolls - nothing worse is there?
  14. i-Ram

    Bloated Squad?

    Thanks Carl for the insight. This would seem to suggest that we are in for a striker over the coming weeks too. Given their wages (l guess most of the senior pros are on a sizeable wedge) it will be interesting what fees Mel is prepared to accept to make an exodus happen.
  15. Royston Vasey? You’re not Barbara are you?

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