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  1. i-Ram

    New joke thread

    Paddy asks Mick if he enjoyed his night out at a Faith Healing Event. It was bloody rubbish said Mick. Even a bloke in a wheelchair got up and walked out.
  2. Sheep Shag Army 2. Actual Sheep Shaggers 1. Marriott FRGS.
  3. Five times in total although last time was 2014. Hoping to go back in the next couple of years. Really pleased it was as good second time round.
  4. I am out of the Politics thread for a while buddy. How was Kalkan second time round?
  5. Looks like you Corbynistas can chat amongst yourselves now for a few weeks. The Leavers have left. I am just doing a bit of house tidying before turning the lights out and returning the keys.
  6. It amuses me that a good number of the Socialists on here seem to keep sniping at leavers as being thick or racist, where a high majority of leavers are poor or from the ‘working classes’. You would think they might be a bit more supportive, but perhaps all that Champagne gives them muddled thinking.
  7. I do hope I don’t fall sick in your part of the country. Not only would I be unlikely to find many Health Care Professionals, it seems that all the patients are raging racists. Can I suggest you use your contacts to see if you can get some colonic irrigation on the NHS.
  8. I blame them idiots over they’re in Europe. Laughing at us while they munch away on there bratwurst and snails. Their going to be really sorry when we leave.
  9. Perhaps given how his brain might be working right now, Cocu has interpreted the Max Lowe on the back of no. 25 shirt as a message how to treat him rather than it being his name.
  10. Did any of our youngsters, or indeed Chris Martin, go out on loan today?
  11. I think I could happy clap around her arse.
  12. It really is amazing what information you can pick-up nowadays when you are asking for a signature in your autograph book.
  13. I agree we have not been playing particularly well, and due to other commitments have yet to see any of yesterday’s game. I know it wasn’t good though as a few thoughtful, sensible posters have made me aware. What does my nut in, and no doubt Mel’s, are the posters on here who one week think we are going to be promoted, youth x is the next Ashley Cole, 433 is the way forward and Marriott just needs to be played, then the next week are forecasting relegation, we need to send youth X out on loan to L1, how 352 would be working so much better with the players we have and that Chris Martin will be our saviour after finally bagging a goal for months for the u23s on Friday. The international break has come at a good time for both me and Cocu.
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