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  1. Fair weather fans

    Saving up for my move to Sandbanks
  2. Fair weather fans

    Why is it a perfectably reasonable expectation to be entertained? Bet it doesn’t say you will be entertained on your ticket, only that it offers you admission to watch. lf football was about entertainment we wouldn’t have League tables. At the end of 90 minutes you would have 4 judges stand up and mark the performance out of 10. Football, like all competitive sport, is about winning. Getting to the end of the game and having 3 points. Getting to the end of the season and having the most points. If you want to be entertained l would suggest you spend your money going to entertainment events.
  3. Bloody Keogh

    Sell him in January whilst he’s got some value.
  4. Style v Substance

    Really can’t remember it being very pretty or indeed entertaining under Pearson or Mac2. Even when Mac2 won 7 games in a row, the football wasn’t great, and we were lucky to pinch a few wins probably not deserving of our performance. But everyone seemed jolly excited then. Mel Morris will value results over performance. All those who think he might be worrying about attendances falling away a little l think are wide of the mark. He cherishes a position at the Big Table, and will fully accept ground out results to get there. I suspect at the moment he is delighted with Rowett’s achievements of putting us in a competitive top 6 position, with some momentum and team spirit evident.
  5. Random stuff that cheers me up thread

    What cheers me is the thought that on the E-Street forum tonight Steve is sharing his joy of the encounter with DCFC Fans stalwart Andy in Liverpool.
  6. Derby County kits

    You THINK your team in Mexico is Sunday League. You have no real idea what day they play, but l bet online you have told them how much better they could play if they were to take your ideas on board
  7. British woman taking drugs into egypt.

    Well that’s one vote they will get in 2022. If she’s out by then.
  8. London for next summer 2018.

    It certainly is better than the metric war museum. I much prefer all the old stuff.
  9. London for next summer 2018.

    Del didn’t mention the gender of his companion, and you have casually assumed they might be female. Shame on you. We should be open, and embrace the fact, that Del might like to take his companion up The Shard.
  10. Nigel Pearson Interview.

    Now you are not a moderator, l think you could be good company too. Welcome back from the dark side Alpha.
  11. Nigel Pearson Interview.

    I am good looking and funny. Just thought l would share that with you. Don’t try and disagree either or you will make me angry. You’ll know when I’m angry.
  12. The derby way equals the Brian Clough way.

    Glad to see this thread has not kicked on. No doubt many see it as another thinly veiled attack of our manager.
  13. Joe Ledley's impact

    That should be your last post.
  14. Top 6

    BSL innit?
  15. Do we really need to sign Sam Winnall?

    He’s blocking my favourite whah whah whah. l want Chrissy playing and also Bryson back whah whah whah. l wish it was 2013/2014 whah whah whah. ...... and back on topic, no we don’t need to sign Sam Winnall as we have him on loan till season end which might be a good time to have a thread like this.

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