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  1. Some Saff Landoners to enjoy. Should be a good moshing tune.
  2. Not quite right obviously 😀 Go back to my first message again. Hit quote. A new message will start. Underneath my quote which will be framed in a blue/grey framing, you can type your response. Put cheers mate.
  3. Hi Rampage. If you want to make a general post in a thread then carry on as you are doing. If you want to make a response that is specific to what someone has typed then you need to ‘quote’ them. So when you have read this post, look at the foot of the post and you will see the words quote. Tap quote, and you can reply to me with my message imbedded. Hope that makes sense. Try it.
  4. No you really are not missing anything Rammy. There are a good number on here think this is the second, I mean, the third coming and that he has some responsibility in pitch side coaching, whiteboard planning, picking the team, and pre-match and half-time rallying sppeches. He has, as you say, been employed as an advisor to the board with some technical responsibilities to ensure that new owners are given some guidance, and appropriate strategies are considered and implemented.
  5. Or, he might be expected to do the job that he has been asked to do.
  6. You really could say the above about any manager. Even Rowett jumped ship for what he thought was a ‘bigger’ club. There is no great job security for any Manager in the Championship, so I don’t think we should demand unstinting loyalty from the next man in the management seat.
  7. It all comes down to the definition of owe I guess. I don’t doubt he has put in upward of £150m into the club, but nobody put a gun to his head. He decided to buy (speculatively) and then go on a splurge, and pretty much afterwards his losses have been created because of high and unsustainable wage costs on increasingly poor or underperforming employees. I would say Mel is owed nothing, although I hope he recoups his original investment. If he gets the £60m being suggested I hope he goes and we see a more competent management team at the top in years to come.
  8. Chris Evans was our last Technical Director, when Mac2 was around for his 6 months. He had no in put in training. Evans would have been considered the lower of those two in my opinion. See further comments below. We don’t know all the detail, but the DCFC statement was reasonably clear that his is principally an advisory role supporting the board (new board). I really don’t think he will be taking any training sessions, although he will of course make himself available to the manager/coaches. My understanding is that most recently he has completed a Football Administration qualifica
  9. He is not Director of Football. His principal role is to offer advice and support to the new incoming owner. His role may be temporary.
  10. Is one of those Spongebob? Other than that I am really struggling with your response I am afraid. Nonetheless I will give you a like as usually I find your posts either amusing or informative (and occasionally both).
  11. Thank you @Davidfor your acknowledgement. I am really enjoying the positive attention you have been giving me in recent days. You make an old man very happy. I wonder what AmericanRam is up to these days?
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