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  1. Given the amount of poo that has been on that pitch over the years, there should be no need for a roof and lights to grow good grass.
  2. There is no difference between Remembrance Day and Armistice Day - they are different names that cover 11 November. I think you are getting confused with Remembrance Sunday.
  3. I recall there was much uproar on here when it was announced the Govt were allowing British Steel to go into administration. Not a word, let alone a good word, that today a deal has been done with Chinese firm Jingye who will invest £1.2bn and protect most of the jobs. Is it the Chinese investment or the good news that is putting people off?
  4. I suspect he still hasn’t lost his arm bands.
  5. I have no need to vote in the general election, I will rely on the good people of Hastings & Rye, Cheltenham and Workington to decide matters for me. By default they will also decide Brexit for me (a matter on which I thought my vote did actually count).
  6. Not as good as Westwood you say. Not a significant improvement on Roos you say, although you guess at a similar level. Not convinced we need anymore Goalkeepers you say, it being far from top priority. But you would take him without seeing the point really? Next.
  7. GStar was definitely there. Trip advisor post on morning of 1st November has this post: Very disappointing breakfast. Continental options to the fore. Waffles, my arse! Didn’t have a good old British sausage in the fridge. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the waiter, who clearly only spoke limited English and was intimidating. He kept shouting in my face “Leave means leave”.
  8. More likely a Chopper. He has preference for older bikes.
  9. Make the fat sod sweat for a few more months I would 👀
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