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  1. If you want to get your political points in Stive, perhaps the General Election thread is the place.
  2. If you want to post it to i-Ram, PO Box 2846 Brighton, l will be happy to give you a second opinion.
  3. Doesn't that flag need ironing?
  4. Don't be so hard on yourself buddy. Your opinion is of the same value as others. If you think your opinion more valid then ramit home.
  5. A mummified body. Tastefully posed, with a raunchy leather skirt and top two-piece, cheap gaudy jewellery, and what I guess were quite expensive heeled pixie boots. The boots still make me smile. I wasn't smiling back then of course. She shouldn't have mocked me. It was my first time, and l deserved more respect. She respects me now.
  6. Don't you come on here with your art and culture, and dreams of modernism. You'll get a stoning from the Philistines who read this section. Note to Mods. Please delete this post if l have crossed any line.
  7. Some people will write any old rubbish, and l will prove that again tomorrow. I am relaxed that your skin is not so thin buddy.
  8. You'll be telling me next that you thought "Top of the Pops" was live. Come on Ken, try to keep up.
  9. Where have l defended May? I am no fan, although as matters stand she does still seem to me to be the better of two poor candidates to lead us in to Brexit negotiations. My point, which l know you wish to avoid, is that a number on here do criticise her because they are prejudiced and would rather vote for a pig wearing a red rosette than be prepared to open their minds to alternative ideas. There is an abundance of dogma in this thread, some of it influenced by events of 30 years ago. There are some diehards though who still can't get past the issues of 1834 I am off to bed buddy. Sleep well.
  10. Met him just the once. He left a lasting impression.
  11. Really have no problem with anyone disagreeing with my view Uttox, and l have no problem either with Eddie's politics, nor yours whilst l am at it. I am just saying that in my view his opinion counts for little given his all too evident loathing of Tories and Remainers because it has insufficient checks and balances. I opted to make the point with Eddie because l mostly enjoy his posts, and he is a "big boy" who can look after himself. So you put your trench coat back on. Nothing going down here tonight.
  12. I really am not sure if your analogy works or not Eddie, or whether May knows what she is doing (l do have some doubts though), or how the other 27 might act when they gang up on her/us. But this rant pretty much boils down to a) a hatred of May and/or her politics and b) your utter contempt for the fact that 52% of voters decided to leave the EU. Now l am quite happy for you to continue your ranting because l find it all very amusing, but there must be others like me who totally disregard the comments you make on this subject because of the obvious prejudices you hold.
  13. The Tories do appear to be making a bit of a pigs ear of scaring a lot of their core vote. What l say next is not defending them, but just to point out how difficult it is to formulate essential policy without making yourself unpopular. Politicians of all persuasion have to start making difficult decisions regarding a number of areas (NHS, state pensions, seasonal allowances, care home provision, etc.) as a result of the hugely improving mortality rates. For too long the funding of commitments has been kicked into the long grass, and it can't go one - it is well past the point of affordability. It will not happen in my lifetime but really there does need to be some consensus agreement from all the main parties as to how to tackle and fund 'aging population issues', making some elements of the pathway to change non-political. As matters stand any approach by any party attempting to bite the bullet on really important matters is effectively only serving to run the very real risk of making themselves unelectable.
  14. The irony is that she is far from being the sharpest pencil in the box.
  15. Just think how life could have been different if you had instead read about the Adventures of Peter Rabbit