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  1. What’s wrong with driving share prices and paying dividends? That's what pays our pensions.
  2. Hoops 3. Rams 5. Yeah baby. Marriott to start the fun and games.
  3. Disappointed with the phone number being 020 8749 9547. You would have thought they might have had a Batmobile.
  4. We are going to lose, but one day 2 - 1 to the Rams has to work. 2 - 1 to the Rams it is Mozza and Waghorn will put us on our way.
  5. Correct terminology. The BBC Derby Sports team have a vacancy that you might be interested in.
  6. Quite interesting I thought that Craig Forsyth was also suggesting that Bogle wasn’t doing his job in the player interview he did after the match. Unusual for a teammate that. Perhaps young Jayden does need a good shake for his own good.
  7. Porn Mags discarded on country roads and lanes.
  8. Who would be Cocu - unless we win he is on a hiding to nothing from far too many on here (and in the crowd). It is a must win match obviously because of the chance to ‘welcome’ Manure in the next round, but this should normally be a game to allow a few to stake their claim to a position over the coming weeks - Knight, Shinnie, Marriott and perhaps Sibley (or Huddlestone if fit) have good cases for being given a chance against Northampton. Not sure beating Stoke 4-0 has actually done him any favours.
  9. My wife came back from Waitrose today and said she could find no Feta cheese. Not sure I can take much more of this.
  10. I like the idea. If Hepburn-Murphy passes to Hector-Ingram it will sound on commentary like we have quickly strung 3 passes together in the final third of the pitch.
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