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  1. i-Ram

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Any win today was going to be a good win. So I make that a good win.
  2. i-Ram

    New Contracts

    I think it evident that most of those out of contract in the summer are unlikely to be offered new contracts. But that is 5 months away. It would be great to think that we can sell (😂) or loan Anya, Butterfield, Ledley and Johnson before end of January to free up some costs to bring in a couple of really decent loan signings. If as I suspect there is no Johnson in the squad tomorrow, can only mean he has probably played his last game for the club.
  3. i-Ram

    Ashley Cole

    Was he speaking Argentinian, and prepared to back it up with PowerPoint stats?
  4. i-Ram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    In my warped world there would be 2. Davey trying to moderate Lambjock.
  5. i-Ram

    Ashley Cole

    Didn’t he shoot a trainee at Chelsea’s training ground. Perhaps he is being contracted as Perimeter Security rather than Left Back?
  6. I am a bit concerned about Lambchop. Not heard from her for a while. Was there a coded message in Bielsa’s presentation yesterday informing her to return to base? Or do we have agents that have neutralised her? This spying game is fraught with danger.
  7. i-Ram

    Craig Bryson

    I have never understood why any players get the stick they do pre-match. I thought Craig did alright last night. He wasn’t too bad against Leeds either (not many really good left backs would have stopped that cross for their first goal). He isn’t the future, and I would like a replacement now, but whilst his quality is diminishing his effort (and his love of Derby) is there for all to see. Their are actually a number of players giving it their all probably knowing that they have very uncertain futures with the club.
  8. i-Ram

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Good player is McDonald, but not Prem standard. Very similar to Thudd in a number of ways - composed, good passer, but not particularly mobile. Little point bringing in the former while we have the latter in my view. Any midfield addition has to have composure but also a good engine.
  9. i-Ram

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    Nice offer, but to be fair Waffle is not something they seem in short supply of. Like you l wish them the best in trying to improve the match day experience, as long as it is not to any counter detriment of the club and it’s supporters more generally.
  10. If you would like to give me a list of your household chattels l will try harder to make sure my insults are comprehensible for you. p.s. Next time you are at the Library you must seek out the very fine literary works of Ann Cleeves.
  11. Lamby has too much time on her hands watching day time repeats of Vera on Alibi.
  12. No, l am sure it was Boycie.
  13. You are right he has nil value in the books, but it would be useful if he could start finding the net again so he might attract some cash offers sometime over the next 18 months.
  14. You flirting? Not sure you would want to be caught in a Lambchop pincer movement.
  15. i-Ram


    All that space you left at the end of your post (major).

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