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  1. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Not sure l agree. You are only a bit fact if you have Syphillis. You are massively fact if you have AIDS.
  2. George Thorne

    Just logged on as my son said George had gone off in a coffin. Can anyone confirm?
  3. derby need to fight

    In summary, you consider the players losers, slow, lacking fight or spirit, not fit to wear the shirt, and nowhere as good as former players. I hope they are reading, as this should galvanise them
  4. Bristol City v Derby County

    Ah, but you have sexual allure Archram
  5. Chris Martin

    My problem with Chris is that l don't really like him, even when he was banging in 20 goals a season. It is clearly a harsh stance to take as l have never met him, and l suspect he is a really nice guy. Even though he is 'one of us', it is his onfield persona that grates with me. A good Championship striker, but l fear only really useful if the team is set-up to play totally to his strengths. Perhaps telling that Winnall was the first forward substitute against Hull. I wish him well, and will cheer him on when l can be arsed to go and watch a game live, but sorry he doesn't really do it for me.
  6. Joe Ledley

    Step away from the Moonshine.
  7. Barnsley v Derby County

    It seems clear to me that Rowett had little interest progressing in the EFL Cup, but would have taken the win if it had come along. He clearly has a first 11 in mind now, and this was an opportunity for everyone else to stake a claim to be in the first 18, and for some to get some competitive game time under their belts. Rowett was being fair to the squad giving them all chances, but over the coming weeks (injuries permitting) we will see a pretty settled 18. The fact that Thorne made it to the end of the game is a huge plus point that seems to be being lost tonight.
  8. Barnsley v Derby County

    I am sorry to interrupt this woefest, but might someone just let me know how Thorne and Bird played? Thanks awfully.
  9. Are we security conscious supporters?

  10. Members who don't post - Why?

    Isn't DEL short for delete on a PC 😆
  11. Derby County v Hull City

    We are all of course entitled to an opinion. My opinion is you should change your name to one_cell.
  12. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    I understand that the contract was completely double-Dutch to him, and he is much more comfortable corresponding in single-Dutch.
  13. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    You are wrong as l will be shouting the lads on, but l will be watching using a medium that suits my personal circumstances.
  14. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    You were right then, as l am no blind faither. Neither am l a cheerleader for Morris. The club have made a big mistake, no argument, but the huge number of posters on here taking this opportunity to deride the club leads me to question their support and backbone.
  15. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Just spent a good 45 minutes reading through this thread. Makes me pretty happy l don't sit in the stands with a great many of the posters, and enormously grateful that l will never find myself in the trenches with them.

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