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  1. If you need a break to get away, two nights free of charge in a south coast Resthome is available to you. I thought about three, but not if you drinking far too much. Don’t bring that new recipe book you’ve been working through. You need some good comfort food buddy.
  2. I think you are seriously discounting evolution. Back in the late 1900s a footballer’s body was such that they were perfectly capable of swinging their leg to take a corner without kicking the flag. Footballers are now much more muscle toned, albeit looser limbed. It seems it is impossible for them to not go arse over tit without that extra 3 inches of gained space. p.s. There are still a small few capable of hitting the ball out of the arc, but they will be the poor mites who quickly take a short corner.
  3. Come, hole, balls and bottom. You are letting your sub-conscious thoughts run free again aren’t you?
  4. That Bris Vegas knew a bit about football didn’t he 👀
  5. Why don’t they make it a new rule that the corner flag painted arcs can be extended by about 3 inches. Drives me bloody mad how many kicks are taken just outside the current allotted area.
  6. 23 pages (c350 posts) on the match day thread suggests a lot less posters are interested. Shame. Still a lot to play for this season.
  7. If you don’t like sticky fingers l would recommend neither Nando’s or one night stands as things to try.
  8. No Thorne again in the Luton squad tonight. Increasingly looking like he is struggling to compete for a place even on the bench. Anyone know if he is injured again? Maybe he’s caught nappy rash?
  9. What, he did a full 90 minutes?
  10. Not a sniff for me. It’s Armchair Facism l tell you. Not that I’d go. I am now officially housebound having been taken over by fear of being possibly stabbed by a non-knife wealding midget from Small Heath.
  11. Short arse with a flat cap minces on to the pitch, and throws a punch at Grealish and misses - funny. Short arse mincer with socks rolled down scores, and bags 3 points to put Villa in touch of the play-off places - not funny at all.
  12. I know he never takes a dump upstairs at his home, as he has a downstairs cloakroom. Anybody else got any revealing Mel insights?
  13. Slipped on the placenta and twisted his knee I heard.
  14. It’s ok the once. Don’t let it become habit forming though.
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