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  1. Robert Smith of the Cure would have to come with me, and I can’t do without female company for long (and who would keep the place tidy?) so I would go for someone like Michelle Keegan who always strikes me as being a nice girl. Forum members. A little more difficult. But I think @Eddieand @Norman. Norman to keep Eddie locked up under ‘house arrest’ for the whole of the journey.
  2. ‘Annie’ Hathaway. You are such a luvvie 😘
  3. Might be able to pay a bit of tax though, or perhaps the wages next week. Maybe Keogh’s compensation falls due for settlement this month. We have no idea what financial pressures the Rams are under. In Mel we trust. How much is the metal worth in Steve Bloomer’s statue?
  4. Jesus man, are you flirting with me? You think I am going to Mars in a pressurised tin can with Boycie? 1) You must be aware of his bowel issues surely? 2) He would start fiddling with the wiring before take off. I would feel more comfortable as my 12 year old self sitting on the Jim’ll Fix It Armchair.
  5. @uttoxram75with @GboroRam as No. 2. Would be entertaining as they would clearly pack the team with left wingers and strikers.
  6. Who would want to leave the south coast for a small provincial town in the Midlands. I am happy to wait for Brighton or Southampton to come calling. Both have decent owners too 😂
  7. I almost agree. Not being able to pay up in respect of our transfer obligations is worse in my book. I understand it is alleged that we are outstanding on fees due to Peterborough, and perhaps others.
  8. I have just been on the HMRC Forum, and all they are taking about is what formation Wayne Rooney’s Derby County will play this year. A good number are going for 433 but personally I don’t think any of them have any idea whatsoever.
  9. It must be pretty bad. They sent round the Head Honcho yesterday making it clear that it was time to pay up. The guy on the right is holding a baseball bat behind her back. Nasty family, not to be messed with.
  10. This story is also in the Mail Online. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/15645989/fabian-delph-everton-wrongly-named-child-sex-offences/
  11. Nigel Clough was sacked some 9 months before Morris bought the club. Sam Rush was clearly some trickster. He managed to undertake player negotiations, agree and sign contracts, write cheques and transfer monies, and organise strange payments to the likes of Mrs Ince, all without Messrs Morris and Pearce having the slightest knowledge of what was going on. At least Morris got his day in court to expose his concealed trickery. Oh wait….
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