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  1. Well I don’t think you are a Ernie Hunt 👍
  2. If anybody needs lottery numbers, Sky Sports Super 6 predictions, or the expected winners at the Doncaster Horse meet this weekend, please PM me.
  3. Thanks for making it interesting Wayne. Good to see a few new players being given their chance. We will win. We will outMcCarthy them you watch. Get into them. Get into them.
  4. I watched on the Sunday. I would have celebrated victory with a crate of Davenports, but aged 8 there were some difficulties on agreeing payment arrangements. Settled for a Vimto instead in my Grandad’s half pint tankard.
  5. i-Ram

    Craig Bryson

    I can’t be arsed, but might someone have a look on here https://www.weareperth.co.uk/wapforum/index.php to see what ValleySaint has to say about Bryso not playing.
  6. Always happy to be reprimanded by Gillian Anderson. This guy too.
  7. Really glad my mum doesn’t go to Iceland.
  8. 352 for me for this one. Be happy with a point, and delighted with a poohoused 1 nil victory. Roos, Byrne, Edmundson, Wisdom, Clarke, Buchanan, Bird, Knight (or Shinnie or even Banigimene), Sibley, Kaz and Gregory
  9. Watched the game late ‘as live’ as I had a drink or two in the garden with my neighbour. Didn’t see the Kaz goal coming, but that was some strike. Wasnt going to post, until I saw a few posters having a go at Bird. He was the only midfielder in our team with any composure. 20 years old everyone remember, he provided essential protection and control making up for some manic running around and miss passing by both Shinnie and Knight, and he really didn’t have any great wide supply outlet with Waghorn and Jozwiak. Bird, Kaz and Clarke would be the only ones starting tonight who should be thi
  10. Pretty fair analysis. Martin hasn’t been at it since 2016. I hoped he properly mugged Bristol with his contract. Pleased CKR has been rewarded with the year extension. A proper centre forward.
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