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  1. Nugent has to start

    I really can't believe anyone doesn't think Nugent is a superior footballer to Martin.
  2. tom huddlestone a great weapion

    Russell can't do anything easily. I am sure he would shin a bag of sand.
  3. Who the hell are...

    Dead good to dead wood in weeks on here. Enjoy your honeymoon Tom, Andre and Curtis.
  4. Jackson Irvine

    You overlook the significant contribution of our generous benefactor. No true strategy and even less patience. I think, hope, he is learning.
  5. Would you be happy if...

    And that is fine Sparkle - looking back and forming (and voicing) an opinion at that point is reasonable, but even after 10 games l don't think this season there is a case to be knee-jerk. Rowett needs time. He inherited a totally unbalanced squad, and l will not be persuaded that either Hughes or Ince wanted another year in the Championship. I wonder how many on here who have posted on this thread so far will be thinking on the 15th November how dissapointing Christmas has been
  6. Would you be happy if...

    Still 40 days to go before the transfer window closes; really no point having all this negativity. l am pretty certain in my own mind that Rowett knows what we need, and he is working his nuts off to deliver.
  7. Forum Introductions

    Remind me where you buy your favourite poncey beer from - might it be from somewhere south of where you reside
  8. Forum Introductions

    We need only Southerners on here
  9. Pre Season Woosah's

    I thought Weimann did well tonight, and probably is doing more than any of our current widemen. Really don't get this Bennett hype, and then there is Russell. Getting one very decent wideman in is essential. I think David nailed it earlier. We are all being given the opportunity to see the build-up to the season warts and all, and many at this stage are perhaps being too analytical. Fluidity will hopefully come over the next couple of games as more work is done on finesse rather than fitness.
  10. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Supposedly he tried to Benz it according to Edwortthy. The ball boy would have needed a Mercedes to fetch the ball after that effort.
  11. Jon Toral

    I am amused by your suggestion that Russell has a brain. Did he go to Oz in the close season? Almost as funny as Rangers Fans stirring up a "lightweight' storm about an Arsenal midfielder.
  12. Jota

    Isn't their head coach a thick Brummie? I want something more substantive than this before l cancel my subscription to Tena Men.
  13. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    No, and don't let the coach driver turn out your pockets for you.
  14. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Mother, you're good.

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