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  1. 😂 Regular posters will know that l am only a plastic half fan, and that my 3 games this season only took me the geographic reach of 1 hour from my home. It was an acknowledgement that I didn’t deserve much from yesterday’s lottery. Glad you got your ticket buddy. Have a top day. COYR!
  2. Did the hard miles to Brighton, Southampton and Reading away this season - how many on here can match that for dedication 😂 - but no joy today. I have an iron in the fire (not a euphemism) but if anyone finds they have a ticket or two available please let me know. Even if I can’t be arsed to get off my sofa next Monday, I can always make a good mark-up. You seen them prices on the web!
  3. The downs and ups of it all. What a day. Went through the lottery of general sale, internet and phones, but with no joy. The despair of it. Then I get a PM from a member saying they can get me a ticket. The Joy, the absolute joy of it. @AmericanRam you are an absolute legend.
  4. Someone posted this earlier; hope it helps. Just be patient until the club publicises the information!!!
  5. If AngieRam, B4 and DarkfruitsRam get tickets, and l have to watch this game on the sofa I am going to be livid, bloody livid.
  6. Keogh all over the place for that goal. Gave Roos no chance in my view.
  7. Perhaps he is more hurt than injured. All you nasty posters on here; you know who you are!
  8. You haven’t lost your pet Hamster have you?
  9. Craig David tickets available are they? l could go if it was a Monday But l am having a drink on Tuesday Hoping to make love on Wednesday Getting my breath back on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and just planning to chill come Sunday.
  10. Might seem a bit harsh but very few of his Prem purchases have really made their mark. Probably did need a freshen up, but not an easy job this for anyone following him in.
  11. I cant tell you the number of times I have been outed, and taken a beating, for my alleged support of Corinthian Casuals.
  12. Nugent imo played ok first half - pretty much did the job expected of him. Duane Holmes took a few risks in midfield and was our only second line of attack. As l said before kick off we need Mount, Lawrence and Wilson on the front foot. They haven’t been. Whether that is tactical I don’t know but those 3 have got to do a lot more with the ball second half. One goal win will be fine. Leeds don’t look that great in front of goal.
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