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  1. No worries mate. These kind of threads I think become a love and hate opportunity, and Radiohead probably slit the love/hate divide pretty equally. I think each of the band are technically good, in fact a couple are outstanding musicians, and they continue to experiment with their music each album. (in 1990 they were still known as On a Friday I think - about 91/92 they changed their name to Radiohead) Like Paul Heaton too 👍
  2. i-Ram


    There is a third. The UK is an island and can’t easily escape the virus. I am taking a dinghy from Littlehampton to France, and then onto Spain by container transfer.
  3. Didn’t come back immediately as I went for a walk. Your remarks in my view are political, but that doesn’t matter as long as they are in the right thread. Plenty of time for political views, of all persuasion, that way I might forms a balanced opinion on matters. Nothing entrenched about me. As for you continuing to bash the Government for keeping you in the house for 10 weeks why do you keep perpetuating that myth? You have had the same freedoms as everyone else over the same period. You could of gone out of the house for exercise for an hour. You could have done essential shopping, or gone the Chemist, etc. Whilst you were strongly advised to remain in the house because of pre-existing medical conditions that put you at more danger to the virus, no one told you to not leave your house (and to keep bleating about it). Glad you are making your first steps out, but give it a bit of a rest that you are some modern day Steve McQueen.
  4. i-Ram


    @Eddie, you may perhaps be slipping into political dialogue again. Not sure, but I thought I should highlight just in case that @GboroRam is on duty today.
  5. Thanks @Boycie. I hope you are safe to go back trainspotting soon 🤞
  6. @angieram I would suggest your niece asks the police to get involved if that is as it seems blocking a public highway ( Highways Act 1980 ) Make a play in particular that emergency service vehicles like ambulances and fire engines need access at all times.
  7. i-Ram

    Ex Rams

    The return of the Jedi. Sounds exciting.
  8. I will study some videos on Scouse Assertiveness
  9. Running a quiz on this forum with 11 people has to be more difficult than than applying self distancing rules for 15 primary school children in a phone box.
  10. i-Ram


    That’s a library image. Eddie has lost weight and is lot less hairy these days.
  11. Looking forward to catching up later with everyone who wants to participate. Might have a good number this week it would seem. Quiz could involve up to 60 questions, depends how much you are enjoying it, and I am proposing we get that going at 5.10/5.15 which gives everyone running a bit late some chance to fully participate, and those who are super keen and are in the room at 5.00 some minutes to have a chat, organise yourselves, etc. A CALCULATOR IS RECOMMENDED for one round, but not absolutely essential. It might be useful also for you to think which one of these rounds might suit you best to score points (as this week I am proposing that there is a Joker Card which you can use to double your points in one particular round). Subject rounds: Memorable Football Games, Conundrums, Beat the Intro, Spain, Trains and stuff, Numbers, ‘Grim” things, Nigel Clough, Music Lyrics, and ‘general’ General Knowledge.
  12. David, DAVID, get downstairs. You’re never make anything of yourself sitting on the computer in your bedroom all day.
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