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  1. Mmmmh. Play a couple of games in June, get injured, with no contract protection come 1 July. OR. Sit on arse last few days of June, and remain wrapped in cotton wool until the new window opens when you can sign a bumper 3 or 4 year contract, for which the purchasing club can load the wages as their is no fee.
  2. Which football fans are being picked on, and why? Surely you aren’t going to defend the Spurs fan who urinated next to a police memorial?
  3. Poor deflection? Ha. I would remind you that your original point was: “the poor black lad can't change his skin colour and because of instutional racism is always going to find it harder to get that job”. A sweeping generalisation, which you cannot possibly evidence, but I would say is statistically and anecdotally untrue. To suggest every employer will take a white candidate rather than a better black candidate makes you, in my opinion, part of the problem. Why exaggerate the position. Does it make you feel good or superior? There are no doubt some employers who might racially discrimi
  4. I don’t know why our ‘ultras’ sing a song about him 20 years after he kicked a ball in earnest.
  5. Enjoy it for what is is Norm. The Gastropubs of Derbyshire will soon be open again, and Stephen, Nigel, Julian and Crispin will have much to agree upon, being able to pat each other’s backs over a nice glass of Chardonnay, and a platter of charcuterie and artisan cheese.
  6. If only that was the reason. Now come on, fill me in on your experiences of racism in the Allenton job market.
  7. Not sure why @SchtivePesley why the quote didn’t come through - I was challenging the statement: The big difference is skin colour though - a poor white lad from Allenton can put on a suit, cover up his tats and learn to speak nicely. He might well get that job that lifts him out of the poverty trap. The poor black lad can't change his skin colour and because of instutional racism is always going to find it harder to get that job.
  8. Is this fact or just a sweeping ‘woke’ generalisation? What actual experience or evidence have you got to support this comment? Reading the Guardian or some on-trend website doesn’t count.
  9. Sasha posted it in this thread about 3 hours ago. A Talksport production. Just checked and it is still there. Would be interested on your viewpoint 👍
  10. Thanks for the reply. I watched the Talkshyte video above earlier. Clearly the interviewer was trying to goad the activist and probably appeal to the white van man audience and there wasn’t a great deal of balance to the 25 minute debate, but the activist representing the BML movement did the cause no good in my opinion. He was a fool. The BLM movement, and for what worth I wish it was the BAMELM movement, really need some prominent patronage with the media and politicians to start getting some traction. The protests I think also are, or will become, counter productive. That would be a great
  11. It seems to me that the viewpoints of @Needlesh and @Jourdan are not too dissimilar. The language is a little different, but that can be expected because of inequalities. One is an English teacher. You have opted not to respond to Jourdan’s posts to date, neither @Eddie. I genuinely would also like to learn your take on his comments. As for the last line of the quote above, I don’t think Needlesh was saying he personally couldn’t conceive of a sinlgle measure to advance racial equality. He was calling out Eddie as a soundbite generator and asking him “What more can we do to advance r
  12. @Angry Ram Get yerself a broker and rant down the blower at him.
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