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  1. He was a legend of championship manager games back in the day.. Made Messi look like a pub league player..
  2. I thought said said in the rules if the league it's cancelled the season is null and void. You would hope the EFL would have rules covering this but such a tinpot organisation who knows. Thing is watching a news item in Canada this top virus expert was suggesting this will roll on for 9 months to a year so when will things restart?
  3. The club would take promotion every day of the week.. Would be able to strengthen in those key areas with real quality and let these young players prove just how good they are going to be..
  4. Can't believe we would need 23.. But we are getting 27 anyway so it's a moot point..
  5. Was 45/1 and 125/1 before the game so going in the right direction..
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