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  1. Fletcher obviously holding out for a deep fried mars bar..
  2. Donkey of a player.. No thanks.
  3. Cracking player for us wish him all the best for his future but was the right time I think..
  4. sheff weds have a 12 point deduction for next season but still expecting us to get nothing..
  5. He was on holiday on the Isle of Wight where our scouts were looking for overseas talent.
  6. Yeah I thought it was more handy for highlighting how we beat in in spells but also how far we miss it by on our shudderingly bad runs..
  7. Champions or relegated? You decide ....
  8. Cheers for the spot I obviously had a bout of Premier League itis...so the mythical 2 points a game has continued to elude us..Although hitting that more regularly in one or more of those sectors would certainly help - looks like the best we managed was twice in 13-14.
  9. This graphic simply shows the same data as above but this time broken down to average points per game in each of the 4 segments, and also average points per game for the season. since returning to the Championship we have managed to average over 2 points per game 3 times.
  10. This graphic shows our performance broken down into 4 season segments. First 8 games (can we get off to a flyer?) Last 8 games (we need a strong finish) Other 15 games in first half Other 15 games in 2nd half Read into it what you will, but we have had the odd shocking start and/or shocking finish to seasons 😄
  11. This view splits all the seasons in half to see where we have improved or weakened away. As you can see, we had the joint second weakest first half season since we rejoined the Championshipbut the second strongest second half. Looked like we were on for a new second half record but for the weak finish to the season. After 7 consecutive seasons where we scored less points in the second half we broke that run with a 12 point difference.
  12. With our last day win we managed to equal our performance of 2011-12 and kept 4 other worse seasons behind us (since we returned to the Championship).
  13. Florest forum is comedy gold.. One fella.. Been a great season to finish joint 6th... Joint 6th 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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