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  1. I think it is superb that even with all the behind the scenes nonsense that is going on Rooney has still got the squad focusing on the football side. Full credit to him and the professionalism of the players.
  2. Dear Mel Please disregard the above and hurry up and get the deal completed.. Cheers Xxxx
  3. We had a disjointed messy build up to the Rotherham game through no fault of our own compared to our opponents who had a pretty clear run and games cancelled for covid .I wasn't surprised at the result..disappointed but not surprised...the over reaction was epic.. Another few days on the club getting back to normality and we see a big improvement..we will only get better we are easily a top 6 side..
  4. Derek Hales every day of the week.. He scored 148 goals for Charlton and 4 for us
  5. Roos 4 Byrne 6 Buchanan 5 Wisdom 4 Clarke 4 Knight 5 Bielik 4 Shinnie 6 Waghorn 4 CKR 4 Jozwiak 4
  6. Of course we will stay up..100% certainty..we will survive easily we have zero percent chance of getting relegated..
  7. Bournemouth already down to 10 men might knacker them out lol
  8. My birthday today so expecting an easy win to help the celebrations along..
  9. 100% deserved..pleased for him and what a great job to land as your first in management..let's get this takeover completed and look forward to Premier league football if not next season then certainly the one after with Rooney at the helm..
  10. So it's 100% clear we are not going into administration and the deal has no issues whatsoever.. yet people would far prefer the click bait drama of impending doom..fire sales..bankruptcy.. relegation to the local post office league.. I prefer to stick to what we are being told from the club..not the equivalent of Fox News...
  11. A lot of the dire speculation is also on dodgy click bait sites..its obviously taking an age but still think this is going through..this time next year we will be billionaires Rodney.. Good times are ahead...pass the guitar... Kumbayaaaa
  12. Our record looking safer
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