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  1. As far as I'm concerned that's it.. Case closed. They have been punished by the club they have been punished by the courts. I am sure the club will be keeping a close eye on them and I am also certain the club would have made it clear there will be no second chances if they reoffend. As far as I am concerned they are Derby County players and will get my full support as soon as they step out on the pitch. Interesting comments by Tom on his increasing dependance on alcohol. Wonder if the club knew and, if so, was he getting support?
  2. Please be a multi trillionaire who has a dream of taking one of the founding clubs to become the biggest team in world football...
  3. Love his attitude.. Going to the manager to ask what he needs to do to improve and get a chance.. Just the type of model pro we need in there..
  4. Our board accepting Clough and Taylor's resignations..
  5. Yani P


    Must admit so many responses on these endless topics smack of the modern day epidemic of social media moral outrage. I take a very simplistic view - they have broken the law, they will be dealt with by the courts.. Probably fines, bans some form of community service. Derby County will impose their own sanctions on the individuals concerned and will make these public at the appropriate time. In the meantime the club has decided they should carry on with the job they are paid for. There is nothing morally wrong with this whatsoever. As has been said many times.. Drink driving is a stupid reckless dangerous thing. My brother was in a car with 4 friends and got hit head on by a drunk who was on the wrong side of a dual carriageway. His best friend in the front passenger seat was killed instantly.. 17 years old. Another friend of mine was drunk.. Fell asleep in the front seat of his mates car.. His mate then decided to drive home drunk and put my friend through the windscreen he was scarred for life. Horrible stories I'm sure many on here have many more. But I Don't hate Lawrence or Bennett or Keogh.. I don't know them. All I know is the courts and club will deal with the facts and take appropriate action and that is good enough for me.
  6. I would have no issue with them playing for us again. I think what they did was a disgrace to our club showed no respect and zero regard for others safety. But they will be punished for that.. The same as anyone else in this country. Then they will be punished by Derby County for the numerous club rules broken. If after that the club feel they are still the right players to pull on the shirt I would respect that decision and support them whenever they stepped out onto the pitch in our colours. Wouldn't take away what I personally thought about their earlier behaviour.. But punishments would have been served.
  7. Club has done nothing wrong.. Just the shameful behaviour of a few adults that should know better and can repent at leisure..
  8. The club has nothing to be ashamed of. The rules are in place a very small group of idiots chose to ignore them. It's shocking that one was the club captain. It was shocking that any of them thought this was the right thing to do. Cocu has the task of pulling it quickly back together through no fault of his own. We will all still be here.. It's our club.. These idiots have shamed us as much as the club we love.
  9. Not sure why there is a need to deflect away from the simple facts of what has been done.. What gets me the most is looking at it from a footballing perspective do any of these players who stayed late getting pi**ed give a toss about our club?? We have had a shocking start just above the relegation zone.. These so called professionals think the best way to deal with that is to break every club protocol in existence.. Just beggars belief to me..
  10. What can you say.. They are a disgrace to our club.. Should be ashamed of themselves.. Only good thing that happened was they didn't kill someone.. It's impossible to even try and contemplate what they were thinking..
  11. That was hilarious.. We were dire but never gave up and fair play the drobe...
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