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  1. Hopefully Brum might feel they have nothing to play for when we get to that game..
  2. We could ask him to play for us?
  3. Solid first half..if they play the same way 2nd half we will win this..
  4. Be nice to get a ref that let's the game flow while picking up on all the fouls and game incidents correctly..
  5. If Rotherham have an allergic reaction to teams beginning with B they have had it 😁
  6. Huddersfield are in big danger as well - right in the mix
  7. I think the Blackburn game is a tough one but really think we will turn over Preston..
  8. Blackburn and Barnsley have a massive part to play in who goes down..
  9. Coventry - Barnsley(H) Stoke(A) Preston(H) Huddersfield(A) Millwall(H) Brum - Rotherham(A) Florest(H) Derby(A) Cardiff(H) Blackburn(A) Huddersfield - Florest(A) Barnsley(H) Blackburn(A) Coventry(H) Reading(A) Derby - Blackburn(A) Preston(A) Brum(H) Swansea(A) Sheff Weds(H) Rotherham - Brum(H) Boro(H) Barnsley(A) Brentford(A) Blackburn(H) Luton(A) Cardiff(A)
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