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  1. We still look very disjointed far from the finished article..waghorn got to be off pens...thats 4 points gone..
  2. Remember watching us early last season we looked disjointed and Wilson looked lightweight and out of his depth..so I am hoping give it a month and the team will start picking itself and new players properly bed inand adapt to the new style ..
  3. Member 2,713 2,705 posts Report post Posted 3 minutes ago 6 minutes ago, Harrowram said: We could play all night and we still won't score. Wilson and Mount are sorely missed. Dowell isn't in the same class as Mount. Dowell isnt the same class as me..
  4. Just read the first 20 pages - are we 6-0 down ?
  5. Ridiculous to suggest it impacts anyone - gamblers dont ever say if it wasnt for that advert I would never have bet on this that or the other. Anyway gotta dash..in the casino just put the mortgage on 32 red on the roulette..
  6. Car in the UK before moving to Canada was BMW 530e...loved it.. In Canada just bought a Kia Telluride..the roads are so bad 😂😂
  7. Derby win 2-0 FGS Lawrence
  8. Put it where Mount did...never gets saved.
  9. Just moved to Canada after living in Poole in the UK for many years. Do we have much of a base over here? Good news from a TV perspective is they have DAZN here that shows the Championship.
  10. Only goaless game..time fir us to nick one
  11. They will all drop plenty of points..sheff utd were unmentioned start of last season..Norwich were not that touted up either. Remember when we were stuffed by Leeds people were saying Leeds would run away with the league...was never going to happen it is just so competitive.
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