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Terry Hall RIP


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A man with a lot of talent and more than a few demons.

Weird thing was hearing their popularity boost in the twilight years of their career. One of the few ska bands I could listen to, if they are pigeon holed as that? Unsure as they were generational and and just a bit before my gig days, just remember a student mate I roomed with, never stopped playing their ruddy music and confess it was catchy.


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I'm so glad I got to see the Specials in Leeds Millenium Square,  it was the final day of the football season Newcastle had been relegated much the delight and of the Leeds fans Terry says “I’m going to do a new song I’ve written this afternoon it’s called let’s all laugh at Shearer” the crowd loved that but he followed it up saying ”and then there’s another song I’ve written Thank you very much for Cantona”, some of the Leeds fans took the hump and started coining him, the stopped when he threatened to walk off stage.


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Gutted. I'm not old enough to have been around when Terry Hall was performing the first time around, but he was still fantastic in 2009 when I saw them at V Festival.

Some very special songs that really seem to capture the mood of the nation at the time. For Ghost Town to still be relevant, now more so than ever, is testament to Terry and The Specials.

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For a short while I wanted to be Terry Hall. He struck me as being supercool, at a time when punk was dying away. His death makes me, and no doubt others of our age, reflect on mortality. He was right to sing

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think  
Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink  
The years go by, as quickly as you wink  
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think


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I am, and never have been, a "music buff".

Usually when seeing a thread of this ilk, I have to blindly click on the thread, and then maybe, at a push, think "Ah right... That's who they are on about!"

When I saw this title, not only did I immediately recognise the name, I could even picture the face, reel off a few song titles, and name his bands (Well, only The Specials and Fun Boy Three, to be fair).

For me to be capable of that pretty much sums up his standing in the wider echelons of the music world, I'd say... certainly from "Our era".


Sad news indeed... but forever tinged with some wonderful memories, so thanks a million, Mr Hall. 

May you rest in eternal peace, sir.

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Very sad to hear this.

I went to see The Specials with Madness and The Selector on the 2Tone tour at Sheffield Top Rank in 1979.

The Specials came on late and I only got to see a couple of songs before I had to duck off to catch a bus back to Matlock!

Weirdly, we went to see Gary Delaney at the Quad in Plymouth on Sunday. His support act who was about my age was wearing a 2Tone t-shirt with the original label on it. I thought at the time 'that's cool' and now it feels spooky unless he knew somehow.

Their first track was never bettered in my opinion

n 1

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