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  1. Steven? No way, they’ll be in danger of improving. They do better with nasty gaffers.
  2. For months after my last dog Honey went to sleep, any time i dropped a bit of food on the floor, I’d instinctively call her name!
  3. Been through it twice. My childhood dog when i was 17. Then a dog I got when I was 19 was put to sleep 14 years later. Still dream about both and just cuddling or walking one or the other. Not had the right circumstances to have another for last 12 years so try and babysit a friend’s little Frenchie called Patrick. Love him too.
  4. It’s weird that. I watched some really harrowing documentaries. They were brilliant but not “entertainment” in that you’ll recommend them and say “ooh watch this… you’ll love it”. I found the documentary on Amy Winehouse truly heartbreaking but an amazing watch. Same with a documentary series on Netflix about The Vietnam War. 18hours worth of brutal eye opening stuff. Documentary on the Nazi killing squads Einzatzgruppen or similar. Amazing but tough.
  5. Oh god. so sorry 😢
  6. I remember when I was the owner of the Holiday Plans thread 😞 Anyway, June 2021's cancelled holiday to Crete for the Euros was delayed til next July due to Amber list quarantine nonsense. Thinking about December winter sun when the world cup is on, maybe Tenerife for a week, a couple of weeks before Christmas 2022. Might be a golfing holiday to Spain or Portugal in either May or October.
  7. I binged this on Saturday and Sunday too. I guessed one of the supposed twists, when one of the message came through. No spoilers. I give it a Branko Strupar/10
  8. Kettle of fish? Novel way of cooking them. Is there a residual after taste with your pg tips?
  9. If the two car parks are not owned/managed by the same company, just pay it. Save the hassle. I’d deduct the money from Lady Badger’s wine budget.
  10. Loved his acting. https://apple.news/AmtokIF19Ra-rKFPPRmQ7nQ had a better career than I was aware of. This is a good time to once again recommend Hap & Leonard (Prime). RIP
  11. Just a thought. I’ve only ever eaten Macklin Street chips when drunk cos its next to a taxi base! I’ve probably not been drunk in Derby since 2013! So the chips maybe horrible anyway! 😂
  12. 20 years ago, I was seconded to Ellesmere Port to help launch a Vauxhall project. At lunchtime I found a chippy and asked for “Pea Mix”, thinking that far north, they’d understand the code. But no, after being asked “what’s one of those lar?”, I said “chips with Peas on top”…. “Chips wi peanuts??” was the response. Eventually I got my chips and peas, they were the dry marowfat processed peas like mucker had 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  13. 🤷🏻‍♂️ what do you want from us Dan? can anyone deliver some chips to B4’s house?
  14. I was a dog owner twice, about 20 years total. I never sniffed any of the other dogs I met’s bums and I certainly never encouraged any other dogs I met to sniff my bum! I don’t think it’s cute. I didn’t mind when my own dog sniffed me though.
  15. I might donate when able to, but only if there’s assurances that the funds are going towards fish and gravy.
  16. You’re never alone though so show it to whoever you’re with! It’s not complicated.
  17. I remember the debut one. Just wondering.
  18. Does anyone know the last time an England wicket keeper scored a ton+ batting?
  19. You can still pay as the rate you paid their wages. Ie monthly.
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