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  1. Never mind Boris - what does Donald Trump think?
  2. I was waiting for my fish chips and mushy peas in the cafe. The woman called my number, I went to the hatch. Took the plate In doing so, put my thumb in the mushy peas Not a problem just went to lick the peas off my thumb Smeared peas across the face mask I'd forgotten I was wearing 😖
  3. Can't find it now, but saw a chart earlier that mapped the current wave against wave 1 and wave 2, and they were pretty similar in terms of week by week growth rate. The point of the chart was that the hospitalisations and death rates were rising much much slower this time So it was good news in terms of that, but it did get me thinking why is the growth rate not more aggressive in this wave - given that we're told the delta variant is so much more transmissible? Genuine question - i may just have misread the figures
  4. That's a fair point - but a risky thing for the govt to explicitly push. The families of those young people who catch it and die would quite rightly feel aggrieved and could bring a case against the govt I don't think it's gone unnoticed by those in charge though, and could actually be a covert strategy already
  5. today's good news story (for anyone on here that has had a mild case of covid already) https://medicine.wustl.edu/news/good-news-mild-covid-19-induces-lasting-antibody-protection/
  6. it's needlessly divisive isn't it? on one side you have people willing to make a scene and start having a go at people not wearing masks, then you have the people like I saw last week walking maskless around the Intu intimidating people who dared to look at them. No one even spoke to them and they were picking on people saying "what you effin looking at? should I be wearing a mask like you, ya twit?" etc squaring up to people minding their own business Sadly some people just seem to want to kick off about it, when we all just need to respect each other and not make a fuss. We're British dammit! 😂
  7. can we all just take a moment to ponder the gloriously Freudian design of Jeff Bezos's rocket? I mean they all kinda look phallic anyway by design, but seriously...
  8. I think it says a lot about the current situation that even those of us like our good selves, who usually have no problem finding something to disagree about, are equally baffled by it all. The nightclub/vaxpass thing is clearly a blunt instrument to try and drive up vaccination rates amongst young adults. It's so mind-bendingly illogical in every other way. But it's a very bad move to try and coerce people into having it by threatening to remove their ability to have fun
  9. No. of cases only goes down for 2 reasons 1) the lag over the weekends in reporting results (we see that every week) 2) when we take action to break transmission (ie lockdown)
  10. We almost certainly will - because it's an highly infectious disease with an exponential growth rate. I suppose this is the moment where things get proven one way of another If we have a tenfold increase but serious illness and death remains low, then how can we justify more lockdowns? But the second the modelling on that shows the NHS being threatened again, how can we NOT?
  11. I'm currently now the only person in the house not isolating due to a covid contact. The school bubble is closed because a kid in his class had it. Mild symptoms (that any other time you would pass off as a "bit of a cold") lasted 24 hours. Child was already fine before the PCR test result came through Missus got pinged because she'd been sat in a friend's garden last week, at least 2m apart and said friend (double jabbed) has now tested positive. Again - her symptoms are so mild she nearly didn't bother getting tested, but her husband works in frontline NHS so they did it to be on the safe side It's getting a bit silly isn't it
  12. Average male life expectancy in the UK is 81 I'm 50 , so I've only got about another 7 world cups left 😲
  13. If you pay contactless using your phone, do you need to have an internet signal? That's always been a bit of a problem for me at Pride Park. 1) because you're in a concrete/metal box and 2) there are 25000+ people in the same box trying to share the same weak signal
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