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  1. Really? I've missed any discussion on that point - assumed it was a given Normally it applies when 1) the event was the cause of the inability to perform normal business; 2) the non-performance of business was due to circumstances beyond their control; and 3) there were no reasonable steps that they could have taken to avoid or mitigate the event or its consequences. Surely the first pandemic in 100 years that meant we had no ticket revenue for 12 months counts on all 3?
  2. I'm just teasing you - it's quite sweet how you keep chipping up to stick up for Max by personally attacking me, and a tad ironic given the topic is about a gay superman 🤣
  3. None of the above. We're just having a debate on a forum What are you up to? Trying to intimidate me? Should I be scared at lights out?
  4. Absolutely not. I don't think he is homophobic or bigoted in the slightest. I know exactly what his problem is, because he's explained it at length. I'm surprised you've not clocked it yourself - it's pretty obvious if you've been reading carefully enough
  5. Are you willing to accept that there is likely to be an overlap? Probably a venn diagram of a) fans who aren't bothered in the least, plus b) fans who are unhappy because they don't want to read about gays, and c) fans that are unhappy because they consider their "loyalty has been discarded". And probably another subset of d) fans who are b) but pretending to be c) because "you can't say anything any more without being called a bigot 🤣
  6. Aside from the original posters "far right are going to implode" comment being tongue-in-cheek, are you actually sure that there is the animosity there amongst devotees that you speak of? I've not seen any at all, all I have seen is people like yourself weighing in on the argument whilst admitting that "it doesn't bother me personally, all I am saying is that here are some lengthy reasons as to why i think it's bad" I suppose I struggle to understand why you'd choose a hill to die on for something you don't care about And for the record - no I don't like Doctor Who and the fact that you misremembered me being a fan is by far the most offensive thing you have said to me on here 🤣
  7. I still can't tell if you think people being cancelled for having views that people don't like is good or bad
  8. and on the flipside - no one in the real world without a chip on their shoulder can hear the phrase "white saviour" without being triggered... even if I take your point at face value, that " by 'reinventing' existing IPs and dramatically changing the content of storylines the existing fanbase enjoys, generally leads to a disgruntled audience followed by cancellation" I still don't really get what you're so bothered about If anything, you're normally defending the rights to freedom of expression of those being "cancelled" for daring to say what they want to say. Honestly, does it matter if they lose some readers? It's up to them right? They aren't hurting anyone or impinging on anyone's rights It just comes across as you're saying it's bad and arguing that - on that basis - they shouldn't do it. You might want to defend that point - because personally that's what we're getting from your posts It surely can't be difficult for "defenders of free speech" to understand why people might suspect them of being you know..."a bit right wing" when they defending the rights of Yaxley-Lennon, Farage, Laurence Fox etc to have free speech on things like immigration - but then switch sides when someone as harmless as a sci-fi comic writer reveals a character to be gay, or a trans person wanting to simply live their life in peace asks to be referred to as him/her/they whatever
  9. So the agenda is to update the character for a new audience and time - clearly laid out, like you said. Which is what you suggest they should be doing The fact that you still refer to it as "overly PC content" is a bit of a giveaway though. Put it this way - if a gay writer had been forced by his publishing house to make his lead gay character straight because "we don't want to hijack our existing audience by dramatically changing it to be something other than what they originally wanted" - would you have written multiple lengthy posts defending his right to freedom of expression?
  10. It's a fair point - at that age I used to skip past the Mary-Jane stuff in Spider-man because it was boring. My youngest enjoyed Solo at the cinema but his one criticism was that there was "too much kissing" 🤣
  11. That one always gets the Grannies going at a wedding disco. On second thoughts - let's not encourage him
  12. Well the thread was nice while it lasted and everyone was taking it at face value and being inclusive about a publishing company's right to reflect the world around us through realistic character development If you see an "agenda" then the problem is between yourself and your own prejudice. Note that no one will accurately explain what they perceive the "agenda" to be - as to do so would be veering into hate speech And sure, if some comic book guys don't like it they can stop buying it - that's how a free market works. But again, they have to justify to themselves exactly what it is about a character being gay that they "don't like".
  13. except for THAT guy on the internet who isn't too busy enjoying his own life to tell everyone all the many imagined reasons as to why a comic is wrong to their develop characters in a way he doesn't agree with And then doubles down when no one takes him seriously I'd rather be the "modern left" than be THAT guy
  14. This is very true - growing up we had a male couple lived across the road, who my parents were friendly with. I never occurred to me as a kid that they were gay, as it was never mentioned and there were no openly gay relationships in popular culture that allowed me to connect the dots. It was only a few years ago when I thought about them and it was so obvious. I asked my parents if they had realised they were a couple and they said "well of course but it was illegal, so they couldn't ever admit it to anyone" I guess some of the older generations want to go back to that era of just never mentioning it
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