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  1. I guess I was more thinking that his representatives aren't daft and they will have hedged his bets contractually, so that if he does get stuck managing a league one team in administration and wants to walk away to a club in a better situation then he will be guaranteed certain "settlements"
  2. Still a bit baffled as to why we announced Rooney as permanent manager - didnt he say he had been given certain assurances that the takeover was in place I'm sure someone like WR won't be talking about handshakes or verbal agreements here - it'd be a contractual assurance. Remains to be seen what happens with WR if the takeover doesn't happen.
  3. Come on at least play the game and find my original post to quote back at me...because I'm pretty sure I never claimed they were my friends!
  4. Being the kind-hearted chap I am, I've got a bag of this and happy to share with anyone who needs a pinch when reading any of G Star's future tales
  5. Looks like a good concept, although a shame it's mainly US-based stories (as US media is a total bin fire) UK-centric version would be good. Although I suspect it would be used more to illustrate how biased towards the right-wing our papers are, rather than people using it to get a more balanced view of news !
  6. said with no irony whatsoever...
  7. Good job we normally finish games so strongly....erm
  8. Just ignore it mate - the same people who will continually claim that you can't trust the mainstream media, and you can't trust the "official narrative" and you can't trust the government, and implore you to do your own research - as soon as you get some concrete information directly from someone that you know and trust on the front line....all you get is ...."I don't believe you" haha
  9. Maybe - as they will assume that the majority of people who have switched to home working will be saving massively on commuting (not me - i commuted by bike anyway) As it stands we actually get a tax break from the govt for home working, to compensate for heating bills etc although it's not much I imagine some people with basic internet connections will have struggled and had to upgrade to be able to manage permanent WFH It also remains to be seen how it effects offshoring of roles to cheap locations - as it's another argument for doing it, if the person can be at home doing it,
  10. Personally I'm OK with the concept as I have largey worked from home for the past few years anyway and have a home office - but yeah, there are plenty of people who are less than happy at the idea of it being made a permanent thing. My main personal concern is that it will transpire over time to have strings attached, or be used to justify no pay rises or bonuses
  11. We just had our email from HR informing us that we are all about to be asked to sign a contract change to make us permanent home workers so that they can close all the offices. Big long-lasting changes ahead for a lot of people
  12. Have not read this one in detail but saw the BBC alert flash up saying 1 in 10 - either way it's 10% or 12.5% of people. Weren't herd immunity stats talking about 80% would need to have immunity? That feels a long way off and is relying on the vaccination program being a success. Although it's clear we were never going to reach herd immunity without a vaccination, so I guess we can finally ignore the fringe scientists who were trying to tell us all that we had nearly reached herd immunity last September...
  13. One of my old college friends is now an NHS community physio (specialising in the elderly) in Lincolnshire. She says the hospitals are now just discharging dying covid patients back into the community to free up bed space for people that they actually stand a chance of saving. So, as a physio she is being diverted to doing palliative care for patients dying at home. It's a nightmare situation, really horrible but what choice do they have? Yet some people still prefer to believe misinformation about the hospitals being empty as some sort of conspiracy. They clearly haven't been directly affecte
  14. So it's not swamped because of covid admissions?
  15. This is a good question - i know someone who is flying in from South Africa, and they are travelling from the airport to isolate in an airbnb that they have booked, but it's quite a long way from the airport and they have to get their by public transport as they have no other means
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