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  1. Saw Oasis supporting BMX Bandits at the Wherehouse in Derby - November 1993 They were shocking, a really poor Beatles/T-Rex plodding rock band, and the short arse singer was doing ridiculous fake swagger totally nicked from Ian Brown. Then they did a song that was basically The New Seekers "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" - awful We were laughing at how naff they were, and what on earth were Creation Records doing signing this bunch of unoriginal, cliched nobodies. They may have sold millions of records since but I stand by my initial impression. Most over-rated band ever
  2. Its worse than that though isn't it, because it doesn't actually matter if you choose not to visit the content - it gets pushed on you from all angles and you get sucked in anyway. It's all consuming if you're not careful To me the most important lesson to teach future generations is not critical thinking - because in an era of widespread misinformation you can't trust most of what you read anyway. So critical thinking too often leads people down youtube rabbit holes. The important lesson to teach people is that just because the internet gives you an instant voice it doesn't always mean y
  3. Cheers for the link - a good chat, and as a fellow baldie I feel your pain when it comes to Zoom backdrops making your head look like a weird ever-changing shape!
  4. Sorry Texas - i didn't mean to belittle your opinion, it was meant tongue in cheek if anything, as I saw the news article about Sweden and remembered the argument from a couple of months back. As with almost everything about this god forsaken pandemic, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Right now I'm feeling very optimistic that the UK is finally reaping the benefit of the hellish lockdowns we've been through. Huge amounts of people vaccinated and infections/deaths/hospitalisations driven right down. You say you'd still rather be in Sweden's shoes - I disagree. I don't hold it against you, a
  5. How is it going for "no lockdown Sweden" @TexasRam? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/13/sweden-has-highest-new-covid-cases-per-person-in-europe
  6. Same here - but now I'm aware of it, the idea of dcfcfans leader boards seems quite fun Funniest member (number of laughing emojis/number of posts) Most annoying member (number of angry emojis/number of posts) Most lovable member (number of heart emojis/number of posts) Most agreeable member (number of cheers/number of posts) Member most likely to make you cry etc
  7. So it looks like we're agreeing that there is a time and a place for attempts at humour, and we have to make an effort to understand the audience, and respect the fact that some audience members may find the joke hurtful or upsetting I therefore declare reports of the death of comedy to be greatly exaggerated
  8. At least yesterday's events have taught us that those who sought to defend the right to joke about anything have discovered that there is indeed a line. You can't tell jokes that are disrespectful to the dead Weird huh?
  9. I gave up on cubase years ago for similar reasons. I use Reaper now as it's free and got a much more active user community, regular updates and loads of help online. They haven't gone down the Cubase route of making constant drastic changes to the GUI
  10. The only thing I paid cash for recently was also in a car park! 😲
  11. In the news today I see they are talking about a booster in October to deal with variants. Good that they can tweak the vaccine so quickly, and seems to indicate that it's going to end up an annual jab like the flu jab We'll end up a nation of pin cushions at this rate
  12. I love the way it dawns on everyone that they should perhaps start backing up a bit
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