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  1. I didn't look into who owned it, so thanks for that. Sounds like my suspicions about it being hijacked for the wrong reasons might not be too far off .The Donate Now button should have been a clue
  2. Reading the "about" section of that website made me feel a bit better about the "shock horror" messaging of the tweet. It's clearly a broad church movement that recognises it has to be about balance, and more accountability for the way govt are handling things. But I do worry that it's just going to get hijacked by the anti-lockdown brigade who will use any weapon they can to try and justify their refusal to comply
  3. Indeed - the messaging around the timing of rule changes has been all over the place from the start. Remember the one that came in on the Monday but was announced on the previous Thursday with the caveat "please don't use this weekend as a last hurrah" - cue the whole country spending the weekend in the pub The Covid testing for all incoming travellers though - why are we only doing this now? It was being suggested at least 6 months ago as an effective strategy for limiting inbound cases, but we kept being told it was impractical because of the amount of tourist traffic we get. This
  4. Fair enough, but it seems rather paranoid. Nothing that hasn't been done with good intentions, but also nothing that indicates the good intentions may be somehow heading towards "evil" If anything we saw last week how easily "evil" happens when we turn a blind eye to things in the name of "freedom"
  5. I prefer to think of it as the world becoming more aware that words and actions have consequences. And private companies realising that they have a duty to act in the best interests of the society.
  6. Where does big tech come into that news article? Can't tell if you're against the idea of private companies reserving the right to refuse the business of people who deliberately endanger the safety of their staff - or you're pointing out the frustrating antagonistic clickbait disparity in the headline which says "WILL have their accounts closed" against the actual quote in the article that says "COULD have their accounts closed"
  7. I have to believe that we will get back to where we were (for my own sanity) but I think it will take a long time. Even seeing crowds or strangers shaking hands on TV shows gives me a vaguely uncomfortable feeling these days. I always make Mrs Pesley a photobook for her birthday of the best bits from the previous year. Started doing the 2020 book last night and I can't even describe the emotions I went through, watching the year unfold. It really hit me what an extraordinary time we're living through - and how strong we've all been. Even though we probably don't feel like we have been.
  8. Haha I just saw a news alert on my phone saying the same thing. On the Daily Record website Looked at the link and it's owned by the same media group that do the DET website, so it's similar tactics - making up news out of non-news to get people looking at the website and harvesting ad revenue. Pathetic
  9. Thing is - even if I agree with you (and I do on that last sentence) - it's no reason to not follow the rules In these 2 scenarios - tell me which one results in the fewest covid cases... 1. "I don't agree with the way the government are handling this therefore I'm not following the rules that apply to me" 2. "I don't agree with the way the government are handling this but I begrudglingly accept i have to follow the rules that apply to me"
  10. Also I should add - this is true, but it is still possible to transmit outdoors. It's not zero risk How many times have you been walking outside and been able to smell someones fag or vape smoke? It's the same thing - people's exhalations forming aerosol droplets suspended in the air. If you can inhale the smoke particles, you can inhale the virus
  11. That's one way to look at it, but in a more positive spin, maybe people are starting to understand the differences between essential and non-essential travel and the impact that all has on the spread of this godforsaken virus that we ALL want to be rid of. We've taken to just walking the dog on the parks we can reaonably reach by foot - and not driving across town to a different park just because we feel like it. I'm not scared to do so - I just understand why it's best for everyone if we all do our bit.
  12. I do have to say that my local park has been a lot quieter since the stories in the news about the police fining those two people at Foremark. So it is having the desired affect. People gobbing off about it on social media are just a sideshow
  13. Yep - this. And the fact they then went straight to the media. Attention seekers
  14. Pretty sure the covid act says that anyone who can't work because of the restrictions has the right to request that their employer puts them on furlough.
  15. eh? I know you like a graph, but do you really think the big long dip in the middle here is not because we had a 3 month lockdown? and the little dip in early December is not because of the 2nd lockdown? And all the times it's been rising exponentially are because we haven't been controlling the virus through lockdown Do you really think the graph would have looked the same (or better?) without the lockdowns?
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