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  1. Hopefully, by next Saturday Birmingham will be demob happy.
  2. I really hate that I just cheered a goal by another team. Thanks Wayne.
  3. That is what to say if it's actually a draw. In the meantime let's hope Birmingham score
  4. They'd certainly take a draw at the moment
  5. They might also think that a win here makes them safe.
  6. But we are hoping other teams slip up. If Rotherham don't slip up, they will overtake us.
  7. The advantage of playing first over the weekend is that if you get some points it can have a demoralising effect on the other teams. If, on the other hand, you turn in yet another egregious surrender, it energises the other teams.
  8. I think our only chance is that the 3 teams below us stay below us. That seems increasingly unlikely almost by the minute. I can't see us overtaking anyone.
  9. We won't win any. The team is made of jelly, the manager is a chicken, the club is doomed
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