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  1. Surely you can't be suggesting that it's not true? Anyway, where was Raheem Sterling in all of this?
  2. Which one of those in the street photos is supposed to be Jack Grealish?
  3. It's disappointing to discover you didn't turn over a bank or some other blag and hot-tail it to Spain as a fugitive from justice to buy a villa
  4. Steve McClaren and George Thorne. Swoon.
  5. Torrid abandoning their ‘principles’ and havering over justifying govt spending is quite a site to behold. all hail the market but not all the time. and it’s the left who are the hypocrites
  6. Blimey. Some people just have no bloody finesse.
  7. Got a bit of a double here: Archie cost £60,000. Also got to be our worst sale. £25,000 plus John Middleton. They saw us coming.
  8. I love quizzes. Is it Losotho? That would really mess up the massive trade deal we've got lined up with them.
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