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  1. My own patent method, that rarely fails, is that if the points gap is larger than the number of games a team has left, they won't overtake the team above them. Villa are 4 points behind Watford with 3 games to play. Therefore, they won't make it.
  2. I must confess that I can't resist a giggle when a commentator says, 'come from behind'.
  3. terrific stuff. I'm so happy that test cricket is back.
  4. Could there be someone who is willing to pay as much as 200 grand for Malone? Apart from Derby, obviously.
  5. That's like saying WWE is competitive; it's the rest of the world that's fixed.
  6. Strictly speaking, your neighbour's grandmother would be a new keeper.
  7. If I turn over and watch the cricket, will it change anything?
  8. Hamer has gifted this to them. I'm effing mad. I usually hate blaming individuals for defeats but Hamer, ducking Hamer, just don't come back.
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