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  1. Oh dear. That does, however, appear to be a woman, dead centre behind that bloke's arm. Nobody over 30 or under 20, though.
  2. Me, though I wouldn't say I was lurking
  3. Is there a kind if apartheid in the Mulberry Tap in Stockton Heath then?
  4. I think the issue is that UEFA has decided to hold a final (that it alone has the choice of, not the vagiaries of a draw) in a place that has a recent history of bloody conflict with its neighbour over what is still a disputed territory. The two countries are not exactly chummy. Bergkamp was just afraid of flying, not what might happen to him once he got there.
  5. Or at least hold a major European final in Europe.
  6. Too quick, too slow. You can’t please everybody.
  7. I thought it was really well done.
  8. We live in this kind of country: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1129458/stamford-model-railway-exhibition-vandals-destruction But also this one: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48332649
  9. Malone dances like he runs. Like a beetle stuck on its back.
  10. The guardian is about as paranoid about anything on the left that doesn't fit its ideal as it is about the right. I'm not really sure what you mean by 'progressive' but in my mind it's not the same as 'hard left'. 'Progressive' is a pejorative term used by the right in the USA, which also has a somewhat skittish notion of what 'hard left' is. And I will restate what I said earlier - Labour can select the candidates it wants but they still have to get elected.
  11. Very few people listen to content these days (I'm not sure people ever did, to be frank). The assumption that the 'elite' all think the same way is one fostered by people like Farage, who regularly refers to the 'elite' in a way that simply reminds us that this privately-educated boor has tried desperately to be one for decades and he's simply bitter at being excluded.
  12. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Rupert Murdoch? Mark Zuckerberg? Google? Hardly at the vanguard of the revolution. I am really not sure what 'control of Labour' means. The Labour Party is, and has always been, a broad church of the left, driven by policy created at conference and more importantly, subject to the will of the electorate.
  13. Can we get promoted but not have to play Man city?
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