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  1. Gordon Hill. I simply couldn’t understand why we’d let him through the door.
  2. That does make him look a bit crap.
  3. No! Whatever next? You'll be telling me he has terrible taste in art.
  4. But he's poo isn't he? I'm sure I read that somewhere.
  5. Viewed by whom? I am very interested in your use of these terms 'un-American' and 'un-British'. Surely in a country built on dissent, ideas that go against the grain are the most 'American' thing possible. The land of the free cannot be truly so if people are not free to be American. The right in the US has a long tradition of hamstringing those who do not toe-the-line. It starts with 'un-American' and proceeds to ostracism, restraint of trade and so on. What is it that's going on with these 4 elected representatives?
  6. No. I had you down as a patriot and an advocate of free speech. If free speech is a part of what it is to be British, describing someone's opinions as un-British, would be un-British.
  7. Presumably, you wouldn't view it that way.
  8. Now you mention it I can see nothing else. 😊
  9. Not just at first glance. I still can’t tell what it’s intended to be.
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