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  1. AndyinLiverpool

    Chas Hodges has died

    One thing I learned today is that in the early 60s he was in a band with Ritchie Blackmore.
  2. AndyinLiverpool

    Oktoberfest 2019

    Or a pole?
  3. AndyinLiverpool

    EU Nations league

    England had 12 matches between October 1965 and the start of the world cup - 9 friendlies (including a tour of Scandinavia) and 3 Home Internationals.
  4. AndyinLiverpool


    Which, clearly, he didn't.
  5. AndyinLiverpool


    We all have to stick to the rules. It makes everything better.
  6. AndyinLiverpool


    Banning people or deleting posts of people who disagree you is a cry baby thing to do. It also shows a paucity of debating skills to shut down debate rather than engage with it. And I don’t think anyone should take lectures from you on criticising people for who they are. You are one of the worst for that. I’ve probably broken the rules with this, so I’ll expect a ban rather than a refutation.
  7. AndyinLiverpool


    That suggests those that took part in the politics threads had no interaction with the football ones. Secondly, we have threads on other clubs, other sports which also aren’t in you stated remit. Surely they should go too. I also wonder whether you would go out with friends with a list of proscribed topics. I certainly wouldn’t. I’ve always looked at the forum as a community. Clearly I got that wrong.
  8. AndyinLiverpool


    Indeed. The problem is that without the banality of threads about watches and people's tea, there would be virtually nothing left. All that would remain are the threads filled with tactical geniuses hoping to be proved wrong. The cry-baby ban-everything-I don't agree-with attitude has permeated through to laws that criminalise whatever one person finds 'offensive' and now we are all compliant in perpetuating that on this forum.
  9. AndyinLiverpool


    Personally, I don't blame Pete for this. The forum has become more sanitised and, as a consequence, less interesting. In the past I have taken breaks when things got a bit too visceral but I knew I could come back when it all calmed down and I could get back involved in discussions with people I didn't agree with (including Pete). I think that's gone now and if I did take another break I would wonder what there was to come back to. It's just got a bit dull.
  10. AndyinLiverpool

    EU Nations league

    The friendlies that England have had over the last couple of years or so have been against France, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Italy. Qualifying against Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, Scotland. It's not the friendlies that are the problem.
  11. AndyinLiverpool

    Best vegetables

    Had some gorgeous watercress the other day.
  12. AndyinLiverpool

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    6/1 doesn't sound like a bad punt. Are you sure it's not 6/1 on?
  13. AndyinLiverpool

    England Cricket 2018

    shambles Relying on the bowlers to get us out of a mess. Again.
  14. AndyinLiverpool

    Post Your Kitchen Gadgets

    Hang on. There are ways of cooking other than frying or baking?
  15. AndyinLiverpool

    Fish in the night

    Fish out of Marillion. Uuuuuuuuugly

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