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  1. My wife just used my Derby Towel.....

    Milleniumram, please. Credit me with a little more decorum than that.
  2. My wife just used my Derby Towel.....

    Can I have it?
  3. Paul Clement

    His ideas are probably too advanced for English players. English players seem to want blood and thunder speeches. Overseas players want technical insight.
  4. Glenn Whelan - signed for Villa

    Not that interesting. It's a short opinion piece based on a player's limited game time this season.
  5. Bristol City v Derby County

    Is that the strongest bench we've ever had?
  6. Derbyshire Cricket 2017

    Speaking as a Warwickshire man, this season has been a bloody nightmare. I'm glad Derbyshire's has been slightly better.
  7. Is Max Bird.....

    He was born in 2000, so not in this century.
  8. U23's v Swansea

    Zap! Kapow!
  9. U23's v Swansea

    You reply to yourself?
  10. DIY Jobs that do your head in

    All of them. Like jogging, DIY is best left to those that get some sort of weird pleasure from getting shitted up and knackered lifting s**** etc and making a big effing mess in the process.
  11. Loan watch

    Thank God for Wikipedia
  12. Colin Gibon

  13. Hurricane Irma

    I have a question re tourists who go on holiday in the Caribbean in September. Don't they know anything about the place they are going to? Do they do any background reading - look it up on Wikipedia, that sort of thing?
  14. Derby County v Hull City

    In the league cup. 1-0 down from the first leg.
  15. Derby County v Hull City


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