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  1. Mark Francois claims for his confectionery. Of which there’s almost certainly a lot. A lot more than those kids have.
  2. It's people not holding their nerve and panicking
  3. Or perhaps people are just fed up with all the whining
  4. Roos - 5 Byrne - 6 Buchanan - 6 Wisdom - 6 Davies - 6 Clarke - 6 Shinnie - 6 Knight - 6 Jozwiak - 7 Waghorn - 7 Lawrence - 7
  5. Getting there. A couple of weeks ago we couldn't buy a shot on goal. Tonight we created a lot of chances. Next - putting some away.
  6. Look at Bobby D. Can we bring him on in the second half?
  7. Here's the quality of MP voting to deny kids in poverty a meal: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/tory-mp-claimed-pound5822-expenses-to-heat-stables-at-his-second-home-03xlxmrkhg5 Had to repay it after he got caught.
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