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  1. There are plenty of solutions. Just not any that the UK government wants to do in order to live up to its international treaty obligations. Much better to pander to a tiny group of people that would much rather we all live in the 17th century.
  2. I like that. Never been a great fan of Martin but that might just work.
  3. Don't forget the blue passports, which we could have had all along anyway.
  4. So you weren’t joking before?
  5. The same ones that faked the moon landings?
  6. If things get really bad, he can hole up in his father-in-law's castle.
  7. Too many people are angry. Too full of hate. It will take at least a generation.
  8. He was a vocal supporter of May. That's all it takes.
  9. So you don't recognise those concerns I listed or the need to address them? I don't want to be continually told to not be afraid or to grasp the nettle, take the opportunity etc etc. What do people who advocate no deal care about the concerns of people who don't want it? Is the talk about unity and bringing the country together just a bunch of glib soundbites?
  10. and we looked pretty good up to that point too
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