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  1. Saying stupid things that shock grown-ups is a natural part of most people's formative years. Who amongst us has never ever said anything to ingratiate ourselves with a peer group or to deliberately piss someone off? Along with playing football, smoking fags and being scared of girls, it was a cornerstone of growing up round our way.
  2. Not really. There's also being a kid.
  3. A colleague and I were discussing the Euro qualification thing the other day and we came up with a list of 15 or so countries that have no chance of qualifying. One of them just beat Scotland 3-0.
  4. It's just an extension of the existing contract as far as I can tell.
  5. All the other ones are complete dumps.
  6. Millwall's display puts out spineless display against Brighton into perspective.
  7. Well, Curtis Davies is entitled to believe whatever the hell he likes. 😀
  8. Same thing happened to Liverpool this season. Came back to blow a 7-point lead over Man City.
  9. They've scored nearly as many as us and let fewer in.
  10. This is what can happen against premier league opposition when you don't go out on to the pitch believing you've already lost. Even if they get hammered in the second half, Swansea have won a lot of respect.
  11. I simply don't understand the attraction of Dubai. A tasteless artificial hell-hole. Why not go to a proper city?
  12. Doesn't that go against one of the important principles of the game - that the whole of the ball should be over the line? As long as part of the ball breaks the plane of the line, it is in.
  13. I don’t get any of that from that piece.
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