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  1. Excalibur. Not seen it for years. Completely over the top. Nicol Williamson really giving it some as Merlin and Patrick Stewart does a lot of shouting. Even the dismembering of assorted pawns manages to look camp. It's difficult not to see it as a remake of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I even found myself saying, 'It's only a model' and singing, 'we dance when e'er we're able,' at various points. The armour is very shiny indeed. 5/10
  2. AndyinLiverpool


    Do we reallyneed a third Richard Keogh thread?
  3. Ah crap. Can't we just give them the points and be done with it?
  4. Roos - 5 Byrne- 5 Buchanan -3 Wisdom - 3 Clarke - 3 Knight - 3 Bielik - 4 Shinnie - 3 Waghorn - 3 CKR - 4 Jozwiak - 3
  5. Performances like that certainly make it easier to lose players.
  6. We've ducked up against all the teams near the bottom. You don't stay up when you do that. Not only do we lack skill, I think our players might be genuinely stupid, even by footballer standards.
  7. We have a midfield of runners. We need somebody with more finesse that Shinnie and Knight. There's only room for one of them.
  8. Don't spoil it. Someone was bound to come on here and get into a big flap about Marshall being sold.
  9. Where's the creativity? Where are the goals coming from? I can't believe x has kept his place. etc
  10. I had a zoom meeting this morning with people in Thailand, complete with the sound of tropical birds in the background.
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