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  1. problem is, this just highlights using more players.
  2. I have this one and an oversized black one at home. Not detracting from your minging mug, what are you doing with the Austin Maestro?
  3. bit too classy for Bris.
  4. ooh, you've got loads to get through. Boardwalk Empire The Wire Man in the High Castle Peaky Blinders Black Mirror Sons of Anarchy Line of Duty Luther Vikings Bosch Jessica Jones Ripper Street off the top of my head.
  5. speculation, and I repeat 'speculation' is that this guy has been outed as a suspect.
  6. I often wonder if jobseekers cash was exchanged for paid bills, and compulsory vocational skills training, but leaving no cash for fags and booze, that would be a positive or negative. Sadly for every dozen workshy layabouts, there's an unscrupulous greedy employer willing to capitalise on desperation of those wanting to work.
  7. Like I say, we are going to be borrowing anyway, so the choice is borrow to line the pockets of the elite or borrow securing free education, healthcare and rights.
  8. it's probably only essential as a result of their cruel and self-serving policies over the last few years. If they didn't need to cream something off the top of everything for their old dorm mates, then the policies wouldn't need to be so misleading. Robbing the poor to pay the rich and all that!
  9. pretty simple formula:- Conservative voter = looking after number one Labour voter = prepared for short term pain for the greater good.
  10. nah, don't worry pops. Just means you didn't see the other 15 films that are virtually identical that were released in the last 5 years!
  11. I also watched Suicide Squad last night. 4/10. Predictable, formulaic, immature. Just a carbon copy of about 3 films released every year now under the quickeningly tiresome 'comic-book heroes' genre. I cannot separate one from another once I've slept, they all merge into one. Had this been released 5 years ago, I might have enjoyed it!
  12. she's quite clearly a puppet, the worry is who is pulling her strings and who do they care about?
  13. even if Labour couldn't find the money to fund this, I'd rather the deficit increase doing the right thing, and not increase making rich people richer on the sly.
  14. I basically think that if you don't vote for either of the main 2, you're wasting your vote. As much as I would want something totally different to both, I have to select that one that reflects my outlook closest. I am old enough to remember all the good and bad over the last 30+ years, and I can also see through all the propaganda both parties spew out. Personally, neither of the parties will be able to fund their manifestos without increasing tax or increasing the deficit, so I then have a multiple choice: Would I rather a) vote for a party that serves it's connections, sponsors, partners, business interests whilst deficit grows? or b) vote for a party that wants to improve the very basic standard of life for those really at the bottom of the social scale whilst deficit grows? It really is that simple to me. Silly things like not being able to see roadsigns cos hedges aren't being trimmed annoy me. My mate being a teacher but working for an academy, and having hardly any rights annoys me. Nurses not being considered as important as bank managers annoys me. Employee rights slowly vanishing concerns me. All of these seem worse over the last few years than ever for me. At the same time, Tory landlords making millions off renting out London properties, whilst voting in favour of landlords and not tenants really annoys me, even though I never go near London! So simply, I want this government out of power.