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  1. I’ve got a 8 pack in the fridge. I’m scared to drink them cos my head went last time I drank alcohol.
  2. Should be out in Stalis right now watching the football with a frosted beer glass full of pils. I could have been out in Albufeira right now watching the football with a cold beer. instead, on the sofa with a can of coke zero and a bag of pork scratchings. Damn you Grant Shapps you Bamford.
  3. Would you ever consider charging to 100%?
  4. https://apple.news/AL_1lAMFlTCu-gY9NYYUjiQ I think it would work on me!
  5. He isn’t rubbish, he just isn’t a consistent performer at his best. The best version of him is one of the best players at this level, but let’s not have ideas above our station, if he was consistently at his best, he’d be far too good for us. we are what we are, he is what he is, we are a match. if you think Derby are too good for Lawrence, you need to put down the crack-pipe and get real.
  6. Come to Butlins 80s weekender with me 😂
  7. Yeah there was. Hojberg took it. Saved
  8. Oh do keep up! Recommended this at least 2 years ago! gripping stuff tho!
  9. Couple of episodes into Big Sky on Disney/Star. It’s got Lagertha (Katherine Winnick 🥰😍😘) from Vikings in. it’s decent so far, couple of sisters on a road trip through Montana disappear. That’s all I’m going to tell ya.
  10. As long as you don’t blow a fuse.
  11. The same pattern happened last year without a vaccine.
  12. Why not ask why they’re not being vaccinated? I’m vaccinated, but don’t believe a word they’re saying. Everything we were spoonfed about the vaccine is not true now. What’s the point of the vaccine? It doesn’t work enough.
  13. My biological sperm donor was a sweaty apparently! Kirkcaldy I believe. Mother doesn’t speak nicely of him and the bloke I called “dad” for 44 years is fine by me.
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