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  1. Use the word/phrase “anti-social”, when they mean “unsocial”. Massive difference.
  2. Whilst all decent prospects, we lack pace and penetration. Without, we will struggle against decent teams.
  3. Words fail me. How can someone arrange such a beautiful array of furniture in such a distasteful way? I feel sick
  4. Absolutely loved this bloke. Had a great life and told some amazing stories. The word "LEGEND" is so apt. Rest in Peace..
  5. about time you got him on this forum Uncle Edd. Not heard from him for a few years now.
  6. I got the right surname, hence the question mark, I think Andrew must be Spiderman then. Who knows.
  7. A bit more highbrow than the OP, but in the film (The Brothers) Grimsby, at the end, Sasha Baron Cohen and Andrew Strong (?) are lying in hospital beds recovering after sitting on rocket-bombs to save the public in the World Cup final, there's a rotating fan at the end of the bed, and when it lines up with their arses, there's a subtle noise akin to blowing into a glass bottle, didn't spot it the first time, nearly choked to death when I spotted it the second time.
  8. yeah, new sponsorship deals kicked in on July 1st. Pretty sure we (Derby) played in a new kit last week.
  9. this makes me sad for the lack of ramblur. I know he was not well, and he often said he was on borrowed time, assuming he is no longer with us.
  10. Not sure if this is already posted but baJesus, if it’s true....
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