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  1. Mostyn6

    Forum Issues

    @David can we un-Dutch the site now please? The honeymoon period is long over.
  2. Mostyn6


    what did you do to him? Quick... tell him he's a good boy (what did you do to her? Quick... tell her she's a good girl) Looks like you've taken a treat or toy away from him/her. You meany!
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/10/16/efl-step-investigation-Derby-sheffield-wednesday-reading-stadium/?li_source=LI&li_medium=li-recommendation-widget and on it goes....
  4. who? me? Not really. Just passing on my opinion, as is the basis and purpose of the forum. Your comment is neither constructive nor contributory, please try saying something more meaningful.
  5. I wonder if he has one of those serviced appartments in Allestree. Lots of Derby players and managers lived there over the years. My mother used to run it.
  6. they are very lucky boys, and will think so when they get home and cry. But when they're doing their 8 hours community service and have to rely on lifts, they'll soon forget how lucky they are. I remember a mate getting done for driving whilst disqualified, and worried about prison, ended up getting community service and being all happy, until about the 3rd Sunday when he didn't want to get out of bed!
  7. not excusing or suggesting this is the truth in this case, but I know hardcore drinkers who chunder at the sniff of Jagermeister!
  8. if you feel this, then you've probably only enjoyed 4 seasons of football in your entire life.
  9. Is this statement your real opinion? Seriously? The last 5 years have been the best group of 5 seasons in my life time for entertainment and competitive football. 2014 - play-off final - best football this century 2015 - top for most of the season, fell out of play-offs due to injuries at end 2016 - top at Boxing Day - play off Semis under Wassall 2017 - how many managers? bound to fail - flirted with play-offs, unable to sustain after crap start 2018 - play off semi 2019 - play off final You pick any other group of 5-6 seasons in the last 50yrs and it will be nothing like as entertaining and competitive as the group of seasons above.
  10. Mostyn6


    Where are the saddles?
  11. Can I add Rory Delap’s throw ins? we at Derby NEVER benefited once positively from a Delap long throw, in fact, I seem to recall flidding out at every game cos he couldn’t even find a team mate with a throw, let alone create a problem for the opposition! We could’ve had a team full of 8ft tall basketball players and it would’ve made no difference to how poo his throws were for us.... couple of seasons later, at Stoke, they’re known as a dangerous weapon!
  12. Whilst they were Pickering's millions, not Maxwell's, it was an entertaining time at the BBG. We had some great games and atmospheres around that 1992 time.
  13. That’s annoying, could swear i typed his name!
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