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  1. I reckon you should baste that in goose fat before putting it in.
  2. so, @David, I've somehow aligned my upgrade time with the launch of the 12. Was looking at committing to the upgrade, and in fact, have gone as far as adding the phone and plan to "my basket", and then closed the window before buying. I've got a mint condition XS that's just 2 years old and lived in protective cases all that time. What does the 12 do that the XS can't? What is the real term difference between the 12, 12pro and 12mini?
  3. having watched about 50 episodes of A Place in the Sun since Covid lockdown furlough redundancy times, I've settled for Albufeira, Algarve. Years ago, I might have said a secluded villa on a remote Greek Island, but I've since realised that I'm a social creature and need to be around people. So I'd buy a nice townhouse or villa in the Algarve, all year round sunshine, lots of golf courses to fill the days, and plenty of nightlife if I want to get smashed!
  4. I had the very first model, paid about £2300 for it. They ironed out this issue since then. I just picked the Sony cos of the frequency/fluidity of a moving golf ball or football when had a demo. I wouldn't worry about screenburn now. But even still, mine was replaced for free as I was paying Currys £6 a month for Whatever Happens.
  5. I had the 55" B series at end of 2016. Was a beautiful TV, but I got screenburn, oddly enough from the Yellow ticker on Sky Sports news. Had to take it back to Currys, ended up gettting a replacement and picked the Sony OLED instead. LG had some great features, certainly the inbuilt browser was better than the Sony one. I could watch RamsTV friendlies directly on it. The picture in picture and split screen were better.
  6. Its called Universal Credit nowadays. not sure what the rest of your post is about
  7. “Hungarian Syphillis” will have seen you off wayyyyyyy before.
  8. Nonsense. Had zero transfer window. Had none of “his own” players.
  9. At one stage, my cashout was £90, needing Walsall winner. Within 30 seconds, Burton equalised and Plymouth conceded and it was down to £7! 😔 too slow.
  10. Well, funny you say that darling. You know those long toilet breaks your missus has? Have you noticed they correlate directly with my posts? 😘
  11. the tactical change by F*rest has been nullified by a Curtis Davies defensive master-class.
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