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  1. Mindhunter - great show on Netflix. Just watching season 2 now
  2. Mostyn6


    So... I had Patrick from Friday lunchtime until about 8pm last night, and now I've given him back, I'm absolutely crushed lol. Due to work commitments and living in a first floor flat, alone, it would be cruel to own a dog. I leave at 5am and sometimes don't get home until 6:30-7:00pm. But weekends are generally fine. So I didn't want this puppy to think I was boring, and that's a lot of pressure to put on oneself. It's like a middle-age man trying to impress his kids and act cool! So I've lived in and around Sinfn for 12 years and only just discovered that there is a "Nature Reserve" at Sinfin Moor, and I took Patrick there 5 times! I let him lead the way each time and decide which path to take. He's only 9 months old and likes to sniff everything, so it takes ages to walk 100yds! lol. I really enjoyed my time with him, I am a massive lover of dogs and as said frequently, I prefer them to humans, by a long way, and Patrick is easily one of my most favouritest living things! I spent most of the weekend laughing at him and play-fighting with him. he is obsessed with ears though. He's pulled the ears off all his teddys and bunnies and always nibbles my ears when play fighting. Anyway, he's with his grandma now cos I had to go back and do responsible things like Work! My life feels empty again and I can focus on booing Keogh!
  3. I replaced Bertha, my BMW E46 320D tourer, which was getting about 48mpg, with Loretta, a BMW X3 2.5i petrol, simply cos it had a panoramic sunroof. Now..... I work in the Automotive industry and know all about which cars people should and shouldn't buy, and I would tell everyone not to bother with my X3 as it's thirsty on fuel, but did I give myself that advice? God no! I'm getting 25.9mpg and filling up twice a week! She's a lovely drive though
  4. Mostyn6


    been puppysitting Patrick this weekend. Going to hate giving him back 🥺
  5. I couldn’t swallow pills so practiced on baked beans. True story.
  6. I'm a little bit disappointed that we've not signed an unknown from Europe. It's almost as if we haven't employed foreign coaches. We have 2 dutch players, but they were already here and one is a GK! The other hasn't really got the technique you'd associate with Dutch players. I imagine scouting has changed so much so that the big clubs have already hoovered up the young talent and there isn't much left for a club like Derby, but I miss the days of signing a player I've never heard of from mainland Europe!
  7. but at the moment Saints are paying all of that and not playing him, maybe they send him to Derby and only pay £95k and we pay the £5k!
  8. I did hear a whisper, but not enough to start a thread, that we were getting Fraser Forster last week, not from a reliable (for gossip) source*, so I forgot all about it until I saw @Rampage just ask for a 6'5" bruiser! *source is very reliable in real terms as he's one of my best mates. He was also given some cryptic information he couldn't decipher which was ultimately Wayne Rooney!!
  9. we don't have enough dutch players imo
  10. Mostyn6

    Jordon Ibe

    My opinion is that Bennett has a lot going for him and needs a good solid run in the team to master how to put his qualities into effect, a bit like Dean Sturridge did under Smith/McClaren. I'm not convinced by Josefzoon, but still hold hope that he has something there, technically however, he looks quite average, his control isn't that good and his kicking/striking/passing technique looks quite weak to me. Bennett on the other hand looks technically excellent with the ball at his feet, although the other night, he did have one bounce off both ankles and to an opponent! He very rarely misplaces a pass, and has power running with the ball. His striking technique is very good too. I think had it been switched, Bennett starting, he'd have done a lot more offensively than Josefzoon, he's a very positive player.
  11. Mostyn6

    Jordon Ibe

    He was put on to help Bogle defend, which he did admirably.
  12. well, law of averages say we will lose a couple of games this season. Let it be Fulham!
  13. Why isn't Carson in contention? Is he injured? what if he doesn't leave? As for playing Fulham, Clarke will have Mitrovic in his pocket 😄
  14. we don't need a GK, we need fans to stop reacting as if the goalkeeper we have does things (mistakes) that every other goalkeeper in the history of goalkeeping hasn't done!
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