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  1. pretty sure it was Valentines Day. I was gutted I didn't get a kiss of Mel.
  2. Eddie Lewis and Gary Teale, maybe even Candido Costa, would get in this team. Morten Bisgaard and Marco Reich would be superstars in the current team!
  3. Unless Benkovic was in Clare Ince's dossier, I don't want him here
  4. subjective. As a %, I would suggest that Thorne was a more consistent and effective performer for Derby than Bryson.
  5. I'm interested if you can name a better midfielder in a Derby shirt than Thorne that has played in this century/millenium. It's easy saying 50 years, but all your better midfielders were in the first half of that 50 years, when the game was different and it's now seen through hazy rose-tinted nostalgic sentimental memory.
  6. the final league table the season before Thorne joined
  7. just started watching Justified on Amazon. Pretty good to be honest.
  8. not you, you're the size of a borrower aren't you?
  9. For brief moment, I thought that was a meal!!
  10. must cost a fortune to feed!
  11. seen Micky Flanagan a few times and he's brilliant. Bit left-field is Jonathan Pie, very clever and entertaining as a spoof political reporter. Was disappointed with Sean Lock. When I saw Frankie Boyle, I came away thinking he wasn't a decent human.
  12. I often think about this. My philosophies and outlook on life are a quantum leap from those of the people who surrounded me. I resent going to a rubbish school, I resent having alcoholic father, I resent having no real positive influence on me. Such is that I only began properly living when I got to 30. Before that I lived a nothingness life, in the pub, earning beer tokens, not having holidays or driving etc. I never knew people who spoke about holidays and sport etc. I've have loads of advice, but if you pin me to 1 per section, it'd be:- When you were starting senior school - don't be embarrassed to follow a talent. There's nothing "gay" about being musically talented or athletic, do not let those who don't have talent make you bury your own talent for fear of being ostracised. When you're an adult, most of those people you go to school with won't matter in your life. Then another piece when you turned 21 - try and secure a career that doesn't have a limited amount of growth, Don't go into something like caring, no matter how noble, it will never pay. What decisions you make career wise (and pensions/mortgages etc) will sort you out when you get to 40s. Then one final piece when you turn 40 - I'd like to think most people won't have many decisions that they need to make at 40. I would say, be as fit and active as you can, try and do something at least 4 times a week.
  13. he "taught" art and sculpture I think, not sure he was an actual contracted full-term teacher, at least I hope not. Absolutely delusional cretin (him, not you)
  14. just try and do something daily for an hour, for a couple of weeks, that will sort you right out. Along with eating at set times. Won't sort your anxiety but will improve your mood, which will improve your sleep.
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