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  1. Not made for the more ‘portly’ fan amongst us i see. Will do awfully in replica sales. It’ll be that figure-hugging, I’ll look like i was poured into it! 😂 won’t someone please think of the chubbers!
  2. You gonna reschedule? Or take the refund?
  3. Same. Well my flight out to Crete on 12th June is cancelled. No mention of my flight back on 26th!!
  4. Send that report into Nicholson at the DET. Football reporting journalism at its finest be in display, or summat.
  5. Mostyn6


    you're building it quicker than I'm building the real ones at the moment!
  6. Watched that one a couple of hours ago. Choked me up a bit when the plot is revealed. As for our Sheridan, yep, she’s got something about her.
  7. watching Inside Number 9, absolute genius. Nobody ever recommended this to my memory, which is surprising!
  8. Nope. I’m angry at the selfish entitlement shown. I’m cooped up in a flat with no garden. He’s probably got an acre as a garden. Personally think that those who’ve been cooped up for so long and clearly don’t have CV, should be allowed to socialise with others the same. But am obeying the rules until that is allowed. idiots like Walker will make it worse before it gets better.
  9. Mostyn6


    that bit should be blurred now.
  10. I'm sure people will do their best to try and make it a special day for you, I hope this is the case, and I hope you realise the efforts made as it can be disheartening to put a lot of effort in and know that the person is still sad. AS for your grandparents, I am deeply sympathetic to you, I lost two in quick succession a few years back, and yes, it emphasises my point, I'd give almost anything to do something as simply as drop my grandad off at the places he liked to go fishing, or nip around my nana's house for tea and toast. Neither option is available now, but when they were, I took them for granted and didn't truly appreciate them. Anyway, it's very easy to focus on the negative things at the moment as routine and normality has been crushed. Hope we have some positive stuff from you soon B4. Please be well.
  11. All I can say mate is treasure the time with your family. Some of us don't get any time with our living relatives, not to mention our lost ones. Something as simple as a family meal may not sound exciting to you B4, but trust me, don't take that for granted. I would rather have a cooked meal around the table with my mother, grandmother, brother and a few aunts and uncles than any Derby County game or going out for a meal. I guess isolation effects me differently because I live alone. The other thing to think of B4, how epic it will be when life gets back to normal and you get to catch up on all the fun. When is your birthday B4?
  12. Mostyn6


    Me and my "crew" are on the whole, like most people, struggling. This was suggested on Thursday. I finished editing today, and I have to say, I am quite pleased with it. I am in it 3 times, none of them flattering but made to amuse each other. Decided to let it go public cos it worked better than anyone imagined. Feel free to give it a thumbs up on Youtube, if you enjoy it. I will say though, it was made to entertain each other, there are provocative clips, albeit no filth is contained 🙂 Enjoy
  13. I'm pretty sure you have to furlough your whole business to be able to claim the 80%
  14. I reckon i have a pic of it somewhere.
  15. One of @wixman1884 designs back in 2008 on the DET sites. Was hilarious 😂
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