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  1. Point Break was my favourite film for a few years when i was about 17 ish
  2. Simple advice. Get the actual Ram. I got a design of a Ram about 20 years ago. Had to get it covered up. It looked like a moose or a rabbit with a dodgy ear, depending on your angle. I’ve since just had a basic Ram, traced from a tea coaster!
  3. I’ve spend two hours searching Prime for IMDB and no success 😞
  4. I shouldn’t have to. Every time i mention a worthy TV show, i mention where to find it.
  5. Try this then https://apple.news/AGH_WErWsQV-4nphqHKfbpQ
  6. Mostyn6

    Darren Moore

    Bit harsh on the caretaker, assuming the caretaker wanted the job.
  7. This was a farce before VAR even got involved!
  8. of course it is, accidental collisions can, and most often are punishable because someone is out of control or reckless. He was recklessly out of control when sliding across the floor, and had his studs been up high, and made contact, it's irrelevant whether intent was there, he'd have seen red.
  9. cheap imitations will not be tolerated. Not fit to lace @sage girdle.
  10. found Zante to be full of gangs when I was there. Was lively, but always the vibe that at any moment, someone wired on heavily cut cocaine was about to bottle someone for looking at them the wrong way. There seemed to be no "holiday mood" there that you get in many resorts. Where everyone just wants to laugh and have good times.
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