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  1. Force Majeure is defined in the EFL Rules as follows: "For the purposes of this Regulation 12, a ‘Force Majeure’ event shall be an event that, having regard to all of the circumstances, was caused by and resulted directly from circumstances, other than normal business risks, over which the Club and/or Group Undertaking (as the case may be) could not reasonably be expected to have control and its Officials had used all due diligence to avoid the happening of that event" As I say there is no question that COVID fits that description. Oh and if you are listening to Maguire podcasts, he is an EFL stooge. Do not believe a word that he says.
  2. There is no question on the second point.. COVID is definitely a force majeure event as it is described in EFL Rules. Also I think Derby will show that administration would not have happened if not for covid. Whether Derby/ Mel Morris did enough to prevent admin happening is another more difficult issue I think.
  3. I mentioned the Parliamentary review of football governance. Does that count?
  4. You'll never beat Ryan Allsop. (unless you are Salford)
  5. We didn't have a choice did we? I guess both are on more than the wages cap imposed on us by EFL... and hard to argue with that cap now we are in admin.
  6. Whatever our points deduction ends up being we need to be winning games like this one and against Swans. Well done to Rams for competing with both hands and both legs tied behind the back though.
  7. I think its self justification by EFL. They know after the Parliamntary review they are under threat of losing their powers. "Shocked "we are trying to get the 12 points back? Maybe they are shocked we got 14 of them back on the pitch too, that might spoil their day as well.
  8. Efl’s problems are not really comparable with Parliament v Supreme Court. More like the GMC looking after the interest of Doctors, and supposedly regulating them at the same time. So Dr shipman gets under the radar. Efl being a regulator and also acting in the interests of Gibson and all the rival clubs just does not work. Especially when they are also supposed to be acting in the interests of Derby … as a founder member! in such a hopelessly conflicted position . Efl should be bending over backwards not only to be independent but also to be seen to be independent . yet almost every action they do screams they are not independent . Saying they are “shocked” that Derby has appealed against the 12 point deduction is not the words of an independent body . Efl is just not fit for purpose … I hope their last act is not to kill off the Rams in an act of spite.
  9. The weird thing is the reason it has taken so long is that the issues are so marginal. Birmingham’s breach was just blatant, Sheffield wednesday’s only marginally less so once it was realised the stadium sale had been backdated. the amortisation thing was much more marginal and subjective (at best) which is why it dragged on so long. far from that being our fault, the fact that efl’s case against us was less clear cut is what made it drag out so long. same with the COVID issue that I think is a very balanced argument and could go either way.
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