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  1. Disgraceful display - from most of the players but especially from the manager. Tactically inept, hopelessly out of his depth, simply shocking. That's a quote from a PNE fan on their forum about his team. Most of them say similar. Get scoring a few goals and we'll overtake them no problem - they're desperate.
  2. I don't recall any great clamour for Jim Smith to be replaced (apart from Barnsley away, early in the 95/96 season). If there was, it was only the inevitable knee jerk as we were down in the relegation zone.
  3. I don't know why the Derby fan on there bothers to engage with them. They have a completely one-eyed view of the issues and any polite discourse is interrupted at regular intervals by Mr Ploppy's Tourettes-outbursts whenever an update emerges that suggests DCFC aren't going quietly. Bristol Courts must have an easy life, since their rantings infer that anybody accused of breaking the law shouldn't contest the accusations and should simply present themselves for sentencing.
  4. I didn't see anything in that Percy article that hadn't already been reported. It suggests he has no inside knowledge on this and has simply done the kind of "state of play" summary that anyone else could have done.
  5. A psychologist would have a field day with that thread on OTIB. It's certainly not driven by any actual loss that their club has experienced. The fact that they've been a dull, mid-table team for years has nothing to do with anything DCFC has done.
  6. Well, they should have done more to prevent the pandemic reaching the UK then, shouldn't they?
  7. He doesn't help himself If does have the bottle to come up to Pride Park, I can see him going home in a bin.
  8. There were no "headline" transfers out in 2019/20, but we received around £1.3M upfront for Liam Delap, £200k-ish for Luke Thomas and supposedly picked up anything between £6-7M via Lampard compensation and play-off final loser's gate receipts. So the upfront fee for Bielik was potentially more than covered. We also had much cheaper loans-in that season than 2018/19, and reduced the wage bill considerably as 35 players of various ages and status were either released/transferred (23) or loaned out (12) either for the whole season (eg : Carson) or half a season (eg : Bennett). As a net result, I don't think it would be hard to make a case for saying that, after failing to win promotion at the last gasp, the club took steps to cut their cloth accordingly, whilst securing one quality young player as an investment (which he surely would have been but fur two unfortunate injuries?)
  9. I think he went to the Gemini Sauna and is still upset that they didn't actually have any twins available.
  10. The latest news seems to have boiled some serious p*** down in the Slavery Capital of Britain. Mr Ploppy has gone all Angela Rayner : They are a scummy club though, I am starting to wonder at what point clubs can look seriously at their League membership let's say, I've never known a Championship regular to act like this for as long with such misplaced indignation. Scum. He's even attributing the actions of the Administrators to DCFC, as if the old regime are still in charge. Insane. 😂
  11. Some of the fees listed (both in and out) are clearly nonsense. In many cases, they've listed the headline "maximum possible" fee including add-ons - Bielik £10m, Hughes £8m, Johnson £6m, Buttercup £5m and so on. About a year ago, Ryan Conway tweeted that Derby's net spend since 2015/16 was approximately £22m, which seems a much more reliable estimate i.e c. £3.65m per season average. It's the wages that put our FFP position at risk.
  12. Yes, that's kind-of what I meant : we've signed fewer players than we've released in the last 2 seasons and have a +ve transfer balance. It's one reason why I think Wycombe are on dodgy ground if they try to sue us - their gripe should be with the EFL, not us.
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